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How to Keep a Tenant’s Personal Information Safe

Use an Online Screening Service ď‚— They can provide basic or comprehensive reports to

ensure that a tenant can pay rent ď‚— Keeps their personal information safe and secure

without the hassle of paper applications

Tenant Responsibility  The tenant inputs their personal information and

submits it for checking  Tenant doesn’t have to write it all down and worry

about the paper application being seen or lost

Communication with Tenants ď‚— When communication

via mail or electronically, include as little sensitive information as possible ď‚— Put outgoing mail

directly into secure collection boxes

Social Security Numbers ď‚— Do not list SSN unless it is absolutely essential

ď‚— Keep documents with SSN secure and out of sight

Employees  Make wise hiring decisions to prevent employee theft

or leaks  Limit the number of employees who have access to

tenants’ personal information

Computer Protection ď‚— Keep electronic devices

safe by password protecting all files ď‚— Use up-to-date virus

protection software

Releasing Information  Personal information should be released only to

those authorized by the individual  Never release information via phone, mail, or

electronically unless receiver’s identity has been confirmed

Proper Disposal ď‚— Identity thieves target

trash ď‚— Shred any paperwork

that contains personal information when discarding

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How to keep a tenant’s personal information safe  

This presentation focuses on the importance of keeping a tenant's personal information safe in today's ever changing economy. With the adva...

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