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Top Quality Advantage House Painters Services We provide a service for customers that want their paint job done right the first time from start to finish. While painting can be a simple thing to do there are numerous reasons to hire a painting contractor. Selecting the right contractor is important and we feel there are very few painting contractors around that can provide the same level of service you will receive from our team! EXTERIOR PAINTING From garage door painting, wood or aluminum siding painting, to difficult to access 3rd story dormer painting, big or small at Advantage we paint them all! (There is literally no job to big or small that we will not take on). We have the manpower and knowhow to get your job done no matter what kind of painting is involved. We break our detailed quotes into options for customers depending on budget, so you can prioritize a portion of a project or do the entire project. This could entail different coating options on various areas of your home, or breaking down a quote by each side of the house, or by level, whatever the case may be we want to take care of your project and are flexible in breaking down the quote to meet your needs.


Advantage is here to take on a wide array of your interior painting needs. We will paint one bedroom or your entire house. No matter what the project you can expect a quality paint job from our friendly knowledgeable team. A quality paint job consists of many things in our mind and this section will take you through our process. CARPENTRY REPAIRS Although we are a painting company, we are competent with various carpentry repairs. With exterior projects we often run into damaged wood, cedar shakes that are loose, deck boards that are unsafe etc. Whatever the case may be we can usually repair it for you so that the surface we are painting or staining is in good repair and will actually hold paint. If we come across an issue during the project which can happen commonly when dealing with areas at heights that have not been addressed in years, (like soffits on a 3rd story dormer for example). We will inform you of the issue and give you the option of bringing in a carpenter or price out the cost for us to repair the area while we are already doing the other work. In most cases we can handle these types of repairs, but if it is significant or has structural ramifications, we recommend calling in a professional carpenter and we can advise a reliable carpenter we have worked with in the past if need be.

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