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Samoa & Vanuatu

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Samoa Map

Saleaula Sasina Falealupo Tufutafoe

Manase Asau



SAVAI’I Faiaai


Satuiatua Maota Airstrip Taga

Salelologa Wharf Tafua Peninsula

Faleolo International Airport

Apolima Island

Mulifanua Wharf Apolimu-uta Manono-uta

Saleimoa Faleula Faleasiu



APIA Vailele



Malololelei Falelatai







Tiavea Samusu Fanuatapu Island Saleilua Lotofaga Lepa Namua Island Tafatafa Matatufu Vavau Lalomanu Nuutele Island Nuulua Island Nuusafee Island


Torres Islands

Banks Islands

Vanuatu Map

Champagne Beach




Luganville Pentecost








TANNA Front Cover: © Return to Paradise Resort

Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu New Boeing 737-800NG Air Vanuatu passengers experience the Melanesian friendliness and warmth the moment you step on board any of our flights. Our NiVanuatu cabin crew will greet you with the friendliest smiles in the Pacific. We invite you to experience our full service Economy Class: inflight entertainment, meals and bar service ~ a perfect way to start your visit to the Vanuatu Islands.

Our New LED overhead screens will provide you with the most up to date flight timings plus general information on the Islands of Vanuatu. WiFi Entertainment straight to your phone or tablet with over 16 shows and 6 radio programs. We love kids or “Pikinini” as we call them. On board our services to/from Australia and New Zealand we have special meals and entertainment for kids.

Relax as we fly you to the happiest Country in the World, our home Vanuatu. Our new Boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior and Streaming WiFi Entertainment has taken to the skies, so welkam on board. Calm colours combined with the Boeing Sky Interior all provide for a comfortable journey to and from our island Paradise.

Air Vanuatu operates three times a week to/from Auckland to Vanuatu. Flying time between Auckland and Port Vila is approximately 3 hours 15 minutes.

We offer 170 leather seats in a 3 x 3 configuration in economy class and 2 x 2 in business class. Our spacious & private business class cabin has 8 seats, attended by two crew members. Our Business Class passengers enjoy the finest dining in the South West Pacific skies, with our 5 course lunch and dinner service. Keep your wallet in your pocket! Baggage, meals, drinks, QF frequent flyer points and streaming WiFi entertainment is all included in your fare.

While in Vanuatu, take time to explore the outer islands. Air Vanuatu offers an extensive range of domestic flights to 29 airports around many of the outer islands. Head south, from Port Vila to the mighty Yasur volcano on Tanna or go north to the crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches of Santo. If you’re in Vanuatu from the months of April to June, you might want to head up to Pentecost for the Nagol or Land Dive. “Your Vanuatu experience starts with us. Discover what matters”

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6 Tips for planning your Samoa & Vanuatu Holiday

Experience Samoa


Upolu Accommodation Upolu Sightseeing

Experience Savai’i


Return to Paradise Resort © Samoa Tourism

Savai’i Accommodation & Sightseeing

Beach Fales


Beach Fale Survival Kit & Beach Fale Accommodation

Experience Vanuatu


Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation Port Vila Sightseeing

Experience Espiritu Santo

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Espiritu Santo Accommodation & Sightseeing

Experience Tanna


Tanna Accommodation & Sightseeing

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General Information Accommodation Ratings To assist with the selection of your accommodation we have created our own rating system allowing you to compare each property. These are personal ratings offered by our people from their own experience and should therefore be used as a guide only. These ratings may alter throughout the year due to a change of circumstances. Basic accommodation often with shared facilities and based more around an authentic local experience. Properties in this category have a limited range of facilities and services. Standard rooms, clean and comfortable usually with basic furnishings and private ensuites. Typically most properties would include a restaurant and bar but have a limited range of other guest facilities and services. Moderate accommodation with a reasonable range of rooms facilities and good level of comfort usually with a wide range of recreational and leisure activities available for guest enjoyment. Superior accommodation offering exceptional level of comfort in rooms with quality furnishings and fixtures. There tends to be greater attention to personalized service and strong focus on quality food and beverages. First Class accommodation, there resorts have a reputation built on quality and exclusivity and offer the very best services with detailed focus on high customer satisfaction and are usually located in prime locations. A half star is noted when the level of service and facilities falls between two grades. Grading accommodation can be quite subjective and generally speaking the standard and services will be in line with the price paid. Please check with your Travel Consultant to ensure you get the accommodation that best fits your needs. Child Policy: Please note bedding configuration varies between properties and in some cases with different room types within a property. Some hotels also offer family bonuses and specials. Your Travel Consultant will help you choose the hotel to best suit you and your family Look out for our "gems" of information scattered throughout our Samoa & Vanuatu brochure.


6 TIPS for your

Samoa & Vanuatu


© Samoa Tourism

Hire a car and explore!

Sleep in a fale on the beach

Snorkels and Flippers

To make the most of Samoa, hire a car. Book return airport transfers beforehand and aim to pick up your rental car on the second or third day, this’ll ensure you aren’t driving at night on arrival. Samoa is left-hand drive and roads are well maintained, but be prepared to pay tolls or fees when you venture off the main road and keep an eye out for chickens, pigs, dogs and livestock.

For a memorable Samoan experience, spend at least one night in a traditional beach fale. These thatched abodes are opensided and fairly rustic in their aesthetics and amenities, but they front the shoreline and provide an idyllic beach base.

Upolu’s Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is one of the safest and most impressive of Samoa’s snorkelling locations. Costing approximately five Tala to enter, and conveniently close to downtown Apia, there are changing facilities, public toilets and a few beach fales providing shade.

Both Upolu and Savai’i can be explored by car, and with each island boasting scores of white sand beaches, it’s not unusual to find your own secluded cove. Head to the South Coast of Upolu for long stretches of perfectly pristine coastline called Lalomanu. Take plenty of cash as there are few ATMs and if you’re taking your car over to Savai’i, book in advance – ferry spaces are limited.


Owned by local families; envisage yourself as a guest in someone else’s home, with facilities that can be relatively basic and bathrooms that are usually communal. It's a good idea to take your own snacks, towels and toilet paper. Be aware it is common for local dogs to visit in the dead of the night. They’re harmless, but if you’ve left food or shoes outside, they will probably run off with them!

Swim out 100 metres and you’ll be rewarded with a relatively abrupt drop-off, replete with marine life. To avoid getting grazed by rocks and coral, it’s best to visit Palolo Deep Marine at high tide and if you can, take your own snorkel and flippers. There is much less coral off the island of Savai'i but day trips will take you exactly where you need to be for good snorkelling.

© Samoa Tourism

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Cool off in the Blue Holes

Fishing & Diving

Visit Mount Yasur Vanuatu's Volcano

Fancy swimming in a glistening sea of sapphires? You can in Santo - Vanuatu’s largest island.

Like fish? Get amongst it with Vanuatu’s unparalleled fishing and diving opportunities. For the avid fisherman, Vanuatu’s Pacific waters attract a year-round supply of diverse fish species, from blue marlin to black marlin and some of the largest yellowfin and dog tooth tuna you could throw your rod at. Boasting some of the best reef and deep sea fishing in the South Pacific, the most opportune times to visit are March through to November.

For the adrenaline junkies, Mount Yasur is one of the most active volcanoes in the world – and one you can simply walk up to and peer into a magnificently fiery mouth. If you dare. This (very) active volcano resides on the south-east tip of Tanna Island and sits 361 metres high. You can ascend the hot-headed beast in roughly 45 minutes but we recommend you do so with a guide on account of the projectiles magma, toxic gas and frequent avalanches.

For divers, there are ample reefs, wrecks, caves and swim-throughs. Big Blue is Vanuatu’s only PADI 5-star Instructor Development Dive Resort located on the seawall in Port Vila; they’ll accommodate both beginners and veterans alike. Most dive sites are all within half an hour of Port Vila, while in Santo, there lies the wreck of President Coolidge - a 21,936 ton luxury liner. As the largest most accessible wreck dive in the world, it’s not to be missed.

This one doesn’t come without risks, expect violent explosions and regular bouts of ground shaking, but fear not, there’s a daily danger rating ranked between 0 and 4; anything above 2 and the area is closed. Don’t be disheartened, even on days when it’s open, the volcano shudders with shooting debris and a deafening roar. Visit Yasur for a spectacular sunrise, or just after sunset when its mesmerising lava glows in the darkness.

The Nanda Blue Hole is a naturally forming lake with water the deepest shade of royal blue. Surrounded by lush tropical forest, the dark blue colouring is created from layers of limestone and coral and although it’s dark, once you’re in, the water’s perfectly clear. Forgive the relatively basic changing facilities and cool off from Vanuatu’s high temperatures. There are rope swings to throw yourself off and a bungalow, bar, boardwalk and small picnic area; not bad for a very reasonable $7 NZD per person, which includes a complimentary coconut!





© Samoa Tourism Apia A p Observatory

Pilot Point Vaiala Beach Vai Apia


1 So ogi

Small wonder that famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson chose

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

Mulin M ul ulinuu


Flea Market Mark Ma Marke


Town Clo To ock


Savalalo S Saleufi f M e Market Fugalei ug l

Matautu-uta t ta Police o e Station ati

Mulivai u

Place ce

Leone one n


Passenger and Vehicle Ferry Faleolo International Airport Mulifanua Wharf 2

Saleimoa leim F leu Fale eula ula Vaaaitele


Fale Faleasiu


Satapuala Apolimu-uta Manono-uta


V Vailele


Solosolo solo


F Fa Falefa


Fa Falelatai tai

UPOLU Lefaga a


Saanapu an napu

Tiav Tiavea 4


Samusu a Saleilua Tafatafa

Nuusafee Island


Uafa fato

Ma n Maninoa Matatu Matatufu at

L Lotofaga

10 7 Vavau


Lepa p 6 Lalomanu nu

to spend the last few years of his life in Samoa: with its lush rainforest blanketing volcanic peaks, its sparkling white beaches, stunning waterfalls and warm, welcoming locals, this destination truly is a visitor’s Treasure Island. Actually, to be strictly accurate, Samoa is not one but 10 islands, two large ones and eight islets, each offering amazingly distinct environments for visitors to explore. This Pacific paradise has avoided the negative impacts of rampant tourism that have tarnished some destinations. Samoa remains unspoilt and there are endless kilometres of deserted beaches, enough to ensure you can find your own private tropical heaven. And just as the countryside and beaches have remained largely untouched by time, the same is true of the Samoan way of life. The country boasts a Pacific culture stretching back 3000 years and it’s based around a traditional life centred on the family and respect for elders. Communities are headed by chiefs, known as matai, and Samoans are predominantly Christians – there are more churches here than in the whole of Rome.

Upolu Accommodation

Deluxe Room

Amanaki Hotel


This family-run hotel is ideal for a holiday that won’t break the bank. It is centrally located and a great option for those that want to be near the hustle and bustle of Apia Township. The accommodation is simple but comfortable, stylish, spacious and air conditioned, each with a balcony. The rooms on the first and second level have the added bonus of ocean views from the balcony. There’s an inviting swimming pool, and the seafood at Amanaki’s restaurant is an attraction in its own right, caught by the hotel’s own fishing boats and famously fresh. There’s plenty of other good food on offer too, including top-class vegetarian fare and also traditional Samoan dishes. Arguably some of the best food and drinks on offer and at very reasonable prices. Wireless high-speed internet is available and central Apia is an easy walk away.

Superior Oceanfront Fale

Le Vasa Resort


Fall in love with this unique and secluded resort. Le Vasa, invites you to breathe in fresh Pacific air, as you relax in a prime oceanfront fales or villas. Le Vasa features classic Samoan architecture, with accommodation that blends vibrant colourful ocean-inspired décor and set in lush gardens to bring your dream island paradise to life. Discover the natural beauty of Samoan waters by snorkelling or diving. Hop on a romantic picnic getaway on your own private island, sip Champagne on a sunset cruise, or indulge in an exotic cocktail poolside and dine under the stars at Cocolini’s by the sea – the possibilities at Le Vasa are endless. With your stay, you’ll experience the true Samoan culture, husk a coconut, and witness exquisite traditional Samoan dance. If you have the desire to explore further afield, experience one of the island tours. Located close to the airport and the port to Savai’i, it is the perfect place to treat yourself to an island journey. Rest easy knowing that this will be one of life’s most memorable getaways.

Try the Poke (raw fish) at the restaurant - ask for it to be spiced with hot Samoan chillies! It's the best on the island

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel


Accommodation in Apia doesn’t get better than this. Just a hop, skip and jump away from the waterfront and a short stroll from colourful downtown Apia, the location is ideal from which to explore the delights of Samoa. With buffet breakfast included and so many restaurants within walking distance – your hardest decision of the day may be where to dine. Tanoa is a popular choice for the business traveller as it’s so close to the central business district. We also recommend it as a good combo option if your itinerary involves heading to the outer island of Savai’i. That way you can experience both the hustle and bustle of city life as well as get that beach fix. If you want to venture further afield to explore we suggest taking a short five minute taxi ride to Paolo Deep to enjoy fabulous snorkelling. The Wednesday night Fiafia (local feast and cultural show) is also worth sampling.

Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa


There’s no forgetting you’re staying in Samoa at this Samoan inspired resort that embodies all that is wonderful about the culture of the destination. The décor has a more traditional Samoan feel to it which makes it unique and its south coast location is second to none, boasting amazing sunrise and sunset views. There are a variety of accommodation options on offer ranging from the popular Coco and Treehouse Suites and the One and Two Bedroom Beach Fales just steps from the water’s edge to the Royal Beach Villas that are popular with family groups. The Overwater Fales are a recent addition to the property and are a great option for honeymooners or couples looking for a bit of luxury. Coconut’s offer free snorkel gear, kayaks and stand up paddle boards, so get exploring! We recommend kayaking into the neighbouring mangrove estuary for a peaceful natural excursion. Another bonus that makes this resort special is they include a mini bar (local beer, wine, bottled water, soda) restocked daily for your pleasure – Enjoy!


Upolu Accommodation Saletoga Beach Bungalows & Hotel


Saletoga Beach Bungalows & Hotel offers exceptional value accommodation, located on the South Coast of Upolu and just steps away from a beautiful golden sandy beach and warm tropical waters. The property is unique in that it is the only 3-star property located on the South Coast which offers conference facilities as well as access to many of its sister property – Saletoga Sands Resort & Spa’s 4-star facilities. Saletoga Beach Bungalows and hotel is in prime location for access to some of Samoa’s most beautiful natural attractions, To Sua Trench, Sopoaga Water Falls, Piula Cave Pool and many more. Spend the day at the beach or indulge in the great value for money restaurant and bar. This beachfront hotel is ideal for a family holiday, group stay, reunion, conference, wedding celebration or even a romantic getaway.

Aga Reef Resort


If you’re looking for a secluded unspoilt hideaway somewhere in the Pacific this little gem is sure to impress. Nestled between a glorious tropical backdrop and shimmering ocean, this resort is a stylish mix of private Waterfront Villas and comfortable hotel rooms all offering contemporary décor with stylish amenities and all airconditioned with your comfort in mind. The hotel rooms interconnect and are especially good for families while the larger standalone Waterfront Villas are the perfect accommodation for a romantic getaway. If luxury is what you’re after then the exclusive VIP Villa with its very own private plunge pool on the deck is sure to appeal! Whatever the style of accommodation, you’re sure to find the right fit for you or the family. The stunning Lalomanu Beach, is only a 5 minute drive away and the popular swimming spot, To Sua Trench 12 minutes away. The resort restaurant Tualupete offers a great menu selection and with an adjoining large deck and spectacular ocean views provides the perfect setting to enjoy alfresco dining. Aga Reef Resort is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy a tropical escape in peaceful and secluded surrounds.

Saletoga Sands Resort & Spa


A serious slice of Samoan paradise, this boutique resort will meet your highest expectations. It is upmarket but affordable, and in a magnificent location. The beach is on your doorstep, with views across a wide blue lagoon to distant breakers on the reef. Tropical gardens, chic villa accommodation and award-winning service are all part of this perfect picture. The villas themselves reflect Samoa’s outdoor lifestyle with the focus on super-comfortable, secluded beach living. Each has a hand-made thatched roof and a well-furnished verandah. Bathrooms are really special, opening on to private internal courtyards, with the option of indoor or outdoor showering. You might not want to spend a moment away from this lovely resort and there’s plenty to do here, including free kayaking, daily cultural activities, a spa and gym, but there’s also a lot to see nearby with the benefit of on-site car rental available to guests.

Beachfront Villa


Upolu Accommodation 8

Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa The marvellous thing about Sinalei is that it offers much more than superb service, fantastic food and great accommodation. The staff have retained everything that is good about the real spirit of the Samoan people and their culture, and Kiwis who have experienced the warmth of a Sinalei welcome return every year for more.

The resort and spa comprises just 29 villas which are scattered thoughtfully across 33 acres of proudly maintained lush seaside gardens. Whether you choose a Garden View Villa or a villa with a view of the gorgeous turqoise lagoon, the simple elegance and Samoan flair which has gone into the design of each villa will leave you feeling relaxed and truly inspired. One thing’s for sure is this is a South Pacific favourite – whether you’re here for a getaway, a romantic escape or just some downtime, you’ll be sad to leave and wishing you stayed longer.

Taumeasina Island Resort


Located just 45 minutes from the Faleolo International Airport and connected to the mainland of Upolu by a 90 metre causeway, Taumeasina offers easy access to sightseeing, shopping and entertainment yet allows you to relax and retreat on your own tropical island paradise while enjoying breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean, and the majestic scenic mountains of Upolu. Choose from the beautifully appointed Ocean View Hotel Rooms or fully self-contained spacious Two and Three-bedroom Waterfront Villas – ideal for families or friends travelling together. Whilst staying at the resort your choices are endless; enjoy great dining from a mouth-watering selection of menu options, superb service and first class facilities. There is a great range of activities including cascading swimming pools, tennis court, fitness centre, snorkelling, kayaking, catamarans, a childrens' playground and weekly cultural shows. Alternatively, retreat to Fofo Spa & Sauna and indulge in a selection of relaxing treatments using local and international beauty products, or sit back and soak up the white sandy beaches. Taumeasina specialise in weddings and offer some great package options or can tailor-make your dream ceremony. The staff are attentive and aim to ensure you have a holiday experience that exceeds expectations. Ocean View Hotel Room

Seabreeze Resort


You’ll arrive as a guest and feel like part of the family by the time you leave this resort, as Chris, Wendy and the extended team work hard to add so much to the whole Seabreeze experience; ensuring a memorable holiday. This boutique Polynesian inspired beachfront resort on the south eastern coast of Upolu ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for the ultimate in romance, rest and relaxation. The eleven villas, catering exclusively for adults, are air-conditioned and feature unique lava rock bathrooms. Each villa has pristine ocean, lagoon and pool views and features your own thatched pavilion or courtyard; ideal for serious relaxation or to enjoy a beverage from your complimentary á la carte mini bar (replenished daily with items consumed). Start your day with the included á la carte breakfast then, if you can be tempted to leave the comfort of your villa you are sure to find a range of activities that will keep you occupied throughout your day. The award winning Waterfront Restaurant and Bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meal plans are also available. For that special occasion stay in the Honeymoon Pointhouse situated on the clifftop. You'll have uninterrupted seaviews and ultimate privacy

Beachfront Villa


Upolu Accommodation Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows


Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows is located on Main Beach Road right on the waterfront in the heart of Apia. It is one of the most famous hotels in the South Pacific and has been around since 1933. The hotel has just undergone a complete refurbishment. This has transformed it from faded glory to absolutely outstanding. All historic features have been restored, excellent new amenities added, and Aggie’s original grand atmosphere is now wholly re-established. Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows offers total comfort from guest rooms to bungalows and suites, with everything you need to feel right at home. This hotel is top of the class and perfect for anyone wanting luxury coupled with the romance of a golden, bygone age.

Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Resort


If you want to be wowed by world-class luxury and stunning design features, this is the place for you. Built in a long, curving arc to echo the shape of its beach, it offers privacy and peace within very easy reach of the international airport. Complimentary activities and amenities include tennis, use of equipment for some non-motorised water sports and the hotel’s swimming pool is a stunner. There’s an excellent restaurant in the main hotel building, a super-stylish lobby bar, poolside bar, fitness centre and luxurious day spa providing a wide selection of restorative treatments. And a plus for parents is the complimentary kids’ club which offers some serious fun, ranging from crab racing and umu making to culture. The little ones won’t want to be anywhere else! Apia is around 45 minutes away, and you might also want to island hop during your stay, ferries leave nearby Mulifanua wharf.


Upolu Accommodation

Return to Paradise Resort


The name says it all! The resort has a dream-like setting by a famous beach and coral lagoon – a location chosen many years ago for a romantic film starring the legendary Gary Cooper. The resort was planned to blend into the area’s natural beauty and provide top standards of accommodation and service. Rooms feature hand-carved poles and mouldings, hand-smoothed marble tiles and luxurious silks. Each has a private balcony, deck or verandah, angled to catch every one of those stunning South Seas sunsets. The resort was selected for MasterChef 2014 and the main restaurant, Paradise Kitchen has international chefs and has won the 2016 Prime Ministers cup award for culinary excellence – best new dish. The “Gary Cooper Lounge” is a fully air-conditioned meeting/board/function room. Two of the three bars also serve food and there is a wide range of leisurely activities to enjoy including snorkelling, weekly cultural evenings, a traditional village walk, and star gazing – just to name a few. There is also an 18-hole golf course 30 minutes away, picturesque villages and caves to explore. Apia is 40 lazy minutes away, while the airport is 20 minutes.

Beachfront Units

The area around Return to Paradise is home to some of Samoa’s most ancient banyan trees; you’ll see them towering above the rainforest canopy. There are mineral pools, masses of lush gardens, and a lagoon teeming with colourful reef fish. The sands are silvery, the water is warm, and the service is superb; yes, this resort wants its guests to experience true tropical heaven. And the name of that romantic old Gary Cooper film? ‘Return to Paradise’, of course.

There are a multitude of activities at this resort, but one thing not to miss is the guided snorkelling tour to see the colourful giant clams


Upolu Sightseeing

© Samoa Tourism

Falefa Falls & Piula Cave Pools Two very different destinations, but both featuring water: Falefa Falls with its 10 metre drop into the ocean, and tranquil Piula Cave Pool which runs beneath the oldest Methodist church in Samoa. Your route takes you along Upolu’s scenic north east coast to the falls, with photo stops at villages. Continue to Piula, where you’ll have the chance to swim. The freshwater pool is formed by a spring flowing through lava – and if you fancy a saltwater dip too, the sea is right next door. Take your snorkel and mask, there are fascinating fish!

Apia Township & Surrounds This half day tour is ideal for a ‘short and sweet’ intro to Upolu and will give you the chance to learn a few points of interest about Samoa. You’ll drive past places of historic and scenic interest including Mulinu’u, the sacred burial grounds of the chiefly families of Samoa.

Manono Island Full Day tour

Enjoy true Samoan village life! Upon reaching Manono Island your Samoan host family welcomes you to their home where you’ll learn about their Aleipata Districts & To Sua Trench culture, etiquette and customs before walking This scenic tour along the north east of Upolu through the provides a panorama of views including the traditional family impressive Falefa Falls. Along the way you will pass village to check through lush green forests, waterfalls, plantations and out the kitchen traditional Samoan villages. En route, stop for a swim where everyday at the cooking is done To Sua on the open fire. Trench. After a lunch which will leave you looking for the nearest hammock, you may choose a leisurely walk through the plantations where the food crops are grown before finishing off with a swim at a nearby beach.


Fugalei Market & Papase’ea Sliding Rock Tour Better taken in the afternoon, this tour gives you the chance to meet the locals at the colourful food and handicraft market which is open daily. Be sure to stock up on fresh fruit like pawpaw or a bunch of sweet ladyfinger bananas to snack on during your day. Upon leaving the markets the tour takes the scenic route to Vaimoso-uta before delivering you to Papase’ea for a swim and slide.



© Le Lagoto Resort & Spa

For a taste of the true Samoa you must visit Savai’i, Samoa’s largest island. It's like travelling back in time to the way Samoa was many years ago and is the cultural experience you have yearned for. With a population of 42,000 Savai’i is the third largest Polynesian island after Tahiti and is well known for its gentle traditional way of life, pristine scenery and archaeological sites. Here you can live like a local while at the same time savouring the island’s stunning natural attractions. Get high on a rainforest canopy boardwalk or if you’re a keen diver, take the opportunity to go scuba diving. Samoa boasts more than 200 types of coral so what better way to spend your time than swimming lazily through the delightfully turquoise waters. Savai’i is an island of incredible contrasts – follow the lava tube trail, or blow away the cobwebs by taking an invigorating hike around the easily accessible volcanic crater on the Tafua Peninsula. Cool off afterwards by relaxing in the shade of a palm tree on a nearby white sand beach.

Sasina Falealupo Tufutafoe













Satuiatua Maota Airstrip Taga

Passenger and Vehicle Ferry



Tafua Peninsula Apolima Island

Getting to Savai’i is easy, just a 90 minute ferry ride from Mulifanua Wharf in Upolu. A well paved road encircles the island making it very easy to explore, just jump in your rental car and go!


Sava’i Accommodation & Sightseeing

Stevenson’s at Manase


Named after the famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, and with a range of accommodation styles from the open sided beach fales, ideal for that true Samoan experience, to the beachfront villas and suites with private ensuites just steps away from the water’s edge, you’re sure to find the right fit. There’s good snorkelling directly in front of the resort, the lagoon is ideal for safe swimming and kayaking at high tide and you’ll enjoy good fishing off the nearby reef.

Le Lagoto Resort & Spa In Samoan, ‘Lagoto’ means sunset, and sunsets don’t get any better than the ones you will experience here. Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular visitor to Samoa, the friendly staff at this little gem are always on hand to give advice on things to do and see in order to get the most out of your stay. Alternatively, you may choose to just relax around the pool and enjoy a perfectly blended cocktail or some great food from the restaurant. One thing’s for sure – you’ll be wishing you had stayed longer.

Savai’i Lagoon Resort


It’s not hard to feel the beach is exclusively yours at this small, 10 bungalow, beachfront resort. Whether you fill your days with swimming, snorkelling or kayaking in the sheltered lagoon, exploring the island, taking a cruise on the glass bottom boat or simply laying back on your sun lounger, you‘ll be rejuvenated and relaxed here.


Amoa Resort

Formerly Siufaga Beach Resort, Amoa Resort recently reopened in 2015 after extensive renovations to its lobby and restaurant areas. This beautiful resort is located only 20 minutes from Salelologa Wharf and is across the road from one of Samoa’s most breathtaking lagoons.

Fishing charters also operate from Savai’i Lagoon. With every bungalow having cooking facilities, you can choose to stay in or dine out after enjoying a piña colada or ice cold Vailima beer at the bar whilst watching the sunset.

Set in lush tropical gardens the property offers private bungalows and villas and a great level of comfort. Enjoy delicious Pacific cuisine from the resorts new restaurant or enjoy a swim in the resort swimming pool with swim up bar.

Afu Aau Waterfalls *

Alofaaga Blowholes *

This spectacular waterfall in South-eastern Savai’i, plunges from the rainforest deep into a fresh-water swimming pool. Access is on a dirt road which is maintained by the local village.

These impressive blowholes in the village of Taga on the south west coast can provide you with hours of fun! They pump the ocean swell through the side of a cliff, into a cavity and propel a roaring jet of water hundreds of feet into the air - the sheer power is absolutely unbelievable!


The pool is very deep but gets shallow towards the outer rim. The waterfall eventually flows into three other smaller separate falls offering a truly enchanting experience for visitors. Entrance fees are collected at the Samoan fale about 650 metres from the main road. Park your car here and enjoy the 10 minute walk to the pool and waterfall. There are no lifeguards here, so take extra precaution when swimming.

They are particularly worth watching when the locals throw coconuts into the holes and these are blasted effortlessly into the air. Best viewed in swimwear as you’re guaranteed to get wet and a waterproof camera is a must-bring item for this attraction.

Dive sites the wreck, Juno and the Coral Gardens are just out from this resort


* These tours are paid direct

Beach Fales A beach fale experience is for the adventurous, who are happy just to pack a lavalava and a toothbrush. After all, you won’t need much more. Exchange the usual hotel experience for the more modest facilities of a traditional opensided fale (with pull down blinds for added privacy). Share a bowl of kava with hospitable locals and get amongst their everyday life. If you break into a sweat with the absence of air-conditioning make the most of the clear crisp waters within steps of your fale.


Your Beach Fale Survival Kit ••

Respect your hosts as you are essentially a guest in their home.


As you are totally responsible for your belongings, including your passport, you’ll need to take a lockable bag or padlock.


Take a torch as there may not be a reading lamp and it will be handy to guide you to the communal bathroom in the darkness of night.


Take your own towel for showering and to use at the beach.


Bring your shoes into your fale at night so local dogs don’t run off with them!


Take a basic supply of bottled water, beer and snacks as your hosts may run out of these.


If you have food or medical issues, let your hosts know before you arrive.


Pack a toilet roll – after all you don’t want to be caught in the middle of the night! Hand sanitizer is also good to have handy.


With any food supplies keep them well sealed away from any unwanted four-legged visitors at night.


While it’s great to be lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of waves, earplugs are a must just in case you’re unlucky with barking dogs, crowing roosters or partying guests.


A lavalava (Samoan sarong) is handy to have close by – they not only look good but are cool, handy for lying on the beach and when wrapped, provide instant modesty.

Remember above all, pack your sense of adventure and enjoy legendary Samoan hospitality.

Taufua Beach Fales, Upolu

Litia Sini Beach Fales, Upolu

Tanu Beach Fales, Savai’i

Postcard perfect location on stunning Lalomanu Beach where you’ll enjoy legendary hospitality in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. From traditional open-sided fales and private closed fales on a beach to the private oceanview fales on a clifftop location – there’ll be one for you. The beachfront restaurant where hearty meals are served in family style allows you to share experiences with other guests. To get the most out of your holiday, your hosts, the Taufua family are always on hand to give advice.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Samoa on Upolu’s south eastern coast, Lalolmanu Beach is home to Litia Sini Beach Fales. The fales, all dotted along the beach, are just steps back from the lagoon that offers all day, every day swimming and great snorkelling – or simply relax with a good book on the gorgeous white sand. This is the perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday with plenty of opportunities for you to engage in village activities nearby.

Live the life of a local and become part of the high chief’s family from the time you arrive at Tanu Beach, where the emphasis is on true Samoan hospitality. Experience the simple pleasures of life and enjoy one of Savai’i’s most pristine beaches. Your accommodation is in a traditional style Samoan fale with no walls (just pull down blinds for added privacy) and you will be armed only with a mattress, sheet, pillows and mozzie net to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Life doesn’t get more liberating than this!













Nguna una Island Isla 7


Moso Island d





Pele Island Ru



Havannah Hav Harbour

Lelepa Island and

Epule River Mele ele Cascade Waterfalls ter


Port P or Vila


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Iririki Island

Eton on Beach

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ariety, vibrancy, volcanoes − these words are synonymous with Vanuatu. This necklace of lush islands in the South Pacific is a potpourri of cultures offering travellers a captivating and divergent choice of experiences. Vanuatu is a pulsating destination that has embraced the best features lingering from its colonial past and melded them with the Melanesian characteristics of outstanding friendliness and hospitality to make it a unique destination. It surely leads the cuisine stakes of any island nation – Vanuatu’s rich volcanic soil and year-round rain have helped give the country’s Santo beef a worldwide reputation for quality. And the coffee grown on the island of Tanna has gained distinction around the globe. While relaxation and dining are a prerequisite of most island holidays, a visit to Vanuatu certainly does not have to be sedentary. Vanuatu boasts some of the best diving sites in the world, with opportunities to explore both pristine coral reefs and wartime wrecks, making this destination a magnet for both scuba divers and snorkellers. And if you want to keep your feet dry but still hanker for excitement, Vanuatu has some of the world’s most active and exciting volcanoes, many of them easily accessible to visitors.

Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation

Coconut Palms Resort


This value for money resort has everything at your doorstep. It boasts a great location with easy access to the downtown markets and a five minute walk to the town centre. The buses also stop right outside, are easy to use and come by regularly. Offering a range of basic accommodation to suit most types of travellers, from rooms with shared facilities to full facility apartments, you’re sure to find the right fit. The resort has a swimming pool in tropical gardens, restaurant and bar, tour desk, free WiFi in the public areas and nightly activities such as trivia nights, live music and Kava story nights, so lots to keep you entertained. If your holiday includes a Saturday you’ll be lucky enough to see the fire show, which is on every week at 7.30pm and it’s free! A relaxed no fuss atmosphere and warm hospitality are assured during your stay here.


Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Hideaway Island is located on a small coral atoll with a wide range of accommodation to suit including rooms offering shared facilities. Just 15 minutes from Port Vila and then a 5 minute boat trip, the resort is within a marine reserve. If you get excited about Nemos (clown fish) then this is the place for you to visit. There are sections of this reef that are absolutely bursting with fish life and snorkelling is easy for the kids too as it’s just off the beach. There is a fully equipped 5-star PADI dive shop on site and they are excellent at customising trips to suit. Enjoy the Melanesian feast on a Thursday night, where you can try an array of authentic dishes while being serenaded by the band. We also recommend the village walk on Tuesdays, the locals are proud of their island and love interacting with the guests. Hideaway is a no fuss place with a low key vibe and is highly recommended if you like to dive, swim, snorkel or just laze the day away. Mail a postcard home to family and friends from the world's only underwater post office

Arrival Area

Sunset Bungalows Resort


Set on the edge of a peaceful lagoon, yet just a 7 minute drive from downtown Port Vila means you can enjoy the peace and quiet of this boutique, adults-only resort and still easily experience all that Port Vila has to offer with sightseeing, activities, restaurants and shopping. The resort offers high quality, modern facilities with every room enjoying fantastic views of the lagoon. Suspended over the water’s edge, Bungalow ATE, the resort’s lounge, bar and restaurant, offers an affordable menu to suit all tastes. Sunset Bungalows Resort is an intimate property, providing a highly personalised service for its guests.

Mangoes Resort


Leave the kids at home and enjoy your Vanuatu experience from this popular resort designed exclusively for adults. This peaceful abode is ideal for a relaxing getaway, but is also a great place from which to base yourselves and explore the city of Port Vila and its surrounding attractions as it is still centrally located. There are a range of accommodation options to suit your needs, however we recommend a room on the lagoon side where the views are sensational. Or for something extra special why not treat yourselves and upgrade to a room with a private plunge pool. Be sure to take advantage of the daily happy hour from 5-6pm and sample some of the delicious cocktails on offer. We also hear the Santo beef is delectable so if this is on the restaurant menu, you must give it a try.


Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation

1 Bedroom Apartment

Poppy’s on the Lagoon


This is your ‘home away from home’ style resort where you can be as self-sufficient as you want as all accommodation features a kitchen or kitchenette. Guests can choose from studio rooms and adult-only bungalows through to two and three bedroom apartments which are great for families and suites or villas. For couples wanting something special, we recommend upgrading to a Beachfront Spa Bungalow as these are more quiet, private and romantic.

Enjoy the open-air restaurant or a BBQ where you can mingle with family, friends and guests. Relish in the daily happy hour or simply take a moment to soak up the ambiance of this idyllic retreat. Sipping on a cocktail while watching the sunset across the lagoon is the perfect way to end the day.


For some of the finest views in Vanuatu look no further than Grand Hotel and Casino. It is located right on the water with a breath-taking outlook to Iririki Island and the harbour. With a relaxed yet sophisticated waterfront setting, this hotel is only a 10 minute drive from the airport and conveniently walking distance into town. Shopping, markets, restaurants and bars are right on your doorstep. Indulge with a refreshing drink poolside while you take in the amazing Vanuatu sunset. Dine alfresco or head into Crystals Restaurant for a great range of menu options. The Grand is also a good option to stay before going to the islands of Santo or Tanna due to its central location.



With its stunning hilltop location overlooking Erakor Lagoon, and an easy 10 minute walk to downtown Port Vila, The Terraces is Vanuatu’s newest apartment-style boutique resort. The resort contains a combination of generously sized Studios to self-contained One and Two Bedroom Apartments.

Poppy’s is located in a tropical setting on a hill which slopes down toward tranquil Erakor lagoon. There is a local village right next door, so you will often hear the children laughing and singing throughout their day, don’t be shy to say hello.

Grand Hotel and Casino

The Terraces Boutique Apartments

With your very own private plunge pool (in the One and Two Bedroom Apartments) the stylish main resort pool and access to the delightful restaurant and bar at the adjoining Mangoes, you don’t have to venture too far to cool down – be it a refreshing freshwater swim or mouthwatering cocktail. The active traveller might like to enjoy a game of tennis or work out in the on-site gymnasium, then to finish a relaxing in room massage. This is a fantastic Port Vila option for those looking for spacious accommodation.

Valé Valé Beachfront Villas


Private, luxury, boutique accommodation – Absolute beachfront! The stunning villas are located on a calm water bay which is perfect for snorkelling and kayaking. Marine life is abundant with a turtle sanctuary and resident dugongs. The fully self-contained villas are located only 10 minutes from the capital Port Vila and have close proximity to restaurants with regular transport available at your front door. Casual meals are also available to be served on your private deck which also has a plunge pool. Valé Valé comprises of five 2 bedroom and three 1 bedroom villas and each villa is furnished and fitted to a superior standard.

Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation 9

Breakas Beach Resort If you are looking for a place to truly unwind and relax with total peace and quiet, a stay at the adults-only Breakas Beach Resort is sure to foot the bill. This is a great place to head for a romantic getaway.

The Melanesian inspired and award winning bungalows (known locally as farés) either open directly onto the white sand or are only a few steps away from the beach and situated in a garden of tropical foliage. Enjoy the luxury of the open-air coral bathrooms and the calming tropical breeze from your balcony, which features a table and chairs. In addition, each faré has a refrigerator as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The private beach is protected by its own coral reef, which has fantastic snorkelling and when you’ve finished exploring, take a seat around the pool for a shamelessly romantic meal. Make sure your stay includes a Wednesday night when the Melanesian feast offers a real taste of local food and tradition – just go easy on the Kava! Killer seafood platters! Try the coconut crab with garlic and ginger sauce, it's messy but worth the effort

Nasama Resort


Nasama Resort is located on the south east corner of Efate Island, just 10 minutes from Port Vila centre. This beachfront resort offers topquality self-contained accommodation; Choose from serviced Beachview Studios, Oceanfront Suites or Seaview Two Bedroom apartments. All apartments are spacious and beautifully furnished. They all have ocean views, a patio or balcony, a kitchen, air conditioning, free WiFi, TV/ Satellite, DVD player and Bluetooth speaker. There is plenty to keep guests entertained at Nasama Resort. Indulge in a massage at the beach hut, swim in the beautiful infinity pool or the ocean rock pool, sunbathe on the beach, go snorkelling or kayaking. Savour the delicious meals and drinks at Café Vila Restaurant & Bar or prepare your own meals in your apartment or at the BBQ faré. Nasama Resort is all about relaxation while on holiday but with the comforts of home.


Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation 11

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

Located just a few minutes from town with exclusive lagoon frontage, Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu truly is an oasis in Port Vila and is a popular South Pacific Resort of choice for island holiday makers. A stay here will ensure you find the perfect balance of relaxation and activity and experience a true Melanesian ‘welkam’. If you’re looking for fun and adventure or to simply relax and soak up the tropical island atmosphere, the resort's combination of fun zones and secluded quiet zones are ideal for all. This resort has something for everyone. Whether you are a couple looking for a peaceful romantic escape or a family on the perfect holiday getaway, we have everything you need to make your stay a memorable one. Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, where experiences are created and memories made. A great option for families as kids under 12 can eat free from the kids menu when dining with their parents


Warwick Le Lagon – Vanuatu The award-winning Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu is positioned in a true tropical setting at the cobalt blue waters edge of Erakor Lagoon.

Paradise doesn’t simply serve as the backdrop; it permeates every aspect of Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu. The soothing touch at Oasis Spa, the local and international flavours at Wild Ginger Restaurant & Bar, the private sanctuaries of the Luxury Villa Collection resting on the shores of the lagoon are highlights spread throughout the resort – all designed to create the most comfortable accommodations and memorable experiences possible. Resort facilities include three restaurants, two bars, three swimming pools, a spa pool and wading pool, complimentary water sports, a 12-hole golf course, two tennis courts, a gym, complimentary kids' club, and an overwater wedding deck. Located just minutes from the adventure capital of Port Vila, Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu is the ideal choice to not only experience the vibrant urban life of Vanuatu but its natural beauty as well.

Garden View Room


Port Vila & Surrounds Accommodation Iririki Island Resort & Spa


From the moment you catch the ferry over to Iririki you know you are in for a relaxing holiday. The staff are so friendly, nothing is any trouble. This is the place for that romantic “just the two of you” holiday. Experience an island vibe away from it all and yet town, with its restaurants, bars and markets, is only a 5 minute boat ride away. There is tons to do on Iririki and a lap around the island in a catamaran can be a real adventure! Snorkellers Cove is packed with loads of small fish and offers great swimming. At the end of the day happy hour at the poolside bar with a colourful cocktail watching the spectacular sunset is highly recommended, or have Asian inspired dishes and delightable beverages delivered to your game table as you play a few hands at Iririki Island Resort & Spa’s Jewel Lounge and Bar. Finish your holiday in a truly indulgent way at the brand new Iririki Spa. This luxurious day spa offers breathtaking harbour views and an extensive menu of lavish treatments - the perfect ending to a perfect holiday.

Island Fare

The Havannah Vanuatu


Setting a new standard of luxury in Vanuatu – simply stunning! A romantic getaway awaits you at this small and intimate adults-only resort. Experience the sun on your back as you lie upon white sands, indulge in gourmet local produce, sip cocktails in the lounge and watch the sun set across the Pacific. Now is your chance to escape the pressure and distraction of everyday life. After being warmly greeted in true Van style, in less than an hour you will arrive at Samoa Point, where pure white beaches and azure waters abound and your designer bungalow awaits. Individual and spacious, the rooms feature a sumptuous king-sized bed, plunge pool (Waterfront Villas only), flat screen television and iPod music dock. The Havannah offers gourmet cuisine using the freshest of local ingredients with fine wines from Australia, New Zealand and France. You can choose to dine on the beach or at the Point Restaurant, with its commanding 270 degree views over Havannah Harbour. Their local kitchen brigade has been trained to devise menus to entice you not only in the restaurant, but also on the beach or on the resort’s private jetty.


Port Vila Sightseeing

Š Vanuatu Tourism

Guided Buggy Tours An exhilarating way to discover Port Vila. These buggies enable you to explore a slice of paradise which few tourists ever see. Venture through a virtual maze of isolated forest tracks and remote villages before stopping at Tara Beach for snorkelling, kayaking and a refreshing swim.

The Big Zipline Trek This zipline course traverses back and forth across the expansive ravines. You will enjoy breath-taking views overlooking the ride line down to the clear blue waters of Mele Bay. Zip along seven ziplines with a total length of 1.3 kilometres. The last zipline takes you 300 metres across the canyon.

Coongola Cruise Cruise the tranquil waters of Havannah Harbour and sail across to Tranquility Island Resort to visit the Turtle Conservation Rookery. Afterwards head to one of several beaches for a bit of leisure snorkelling and a refreshing swim before enjoying a delicious barbeque. Fun for all age groups.

Ekasup Village Tour After a 5 minute walk through the tropical forest you are welcomed by the Chief at Ekasup Cultural Village. Providing an insight into the knowledge and culture of the Melanesian people, this tour gives you the opportunity to learn and experience their ancestors’ way of life in past centuries.

Thrilla in Vila Jet Boat Adventure Take a high speed jet boat ride on the turquoise waters of Vanuatu for a thrilling 30-minute experience full of twists, turns and splashes. Feel your heart pumping as your captain performs sideways slides, 360-degree spins and fish tails. This adventure is fun-filled for the whole family.



Espiritu Santo

Santo was the inspiration behind James Michener’s “Tales of the South

Cape Cumberland

Pacific”, giving the region an aura it’s never lost. Santo encompasses a natural beauty and still remains largely untouched and unspoilt. Champagne Beach, with its silver sand and sapphire sea, fulfils every tourist’s expectation of an island paradise. The Blue holes and underground caves are just some of the natural wonders not to be missed. Santo is a legendary destination in every way, boasting Vanuatu’s highest mountains and vast expanses of rainforest. Santo is also a dream destination for diving enthusiasts, the main attraction being the wreck of the luxury liner SS President Coolidge, which sank just off Santo in 1942 after striking a mine. Still almost intact, the liner is considered one of the best and most accessible wreck dives in the world, you can still see guns, cannons and personal supplies left by some of the soldiers. If you want to see the whole wreck it takes around 10-15 dives due to its sheer size. A bonus for divers is that close by is the aptly named Million Dollar Point, where the American forces dumped all their surplus equipment at the end of the war. In addition to these there are many other sites to explore in this underwater playground.

Cape Quiros Big Bay

Port Olry Champagne Beach

Mt Kata amtam Mt Tabwem masai mas Santo Peak a


SShark Bay

Mt Tawakola a Luganville lle

2 1

3 4

Cape Lisburn


Million Dollar Point Dive Site Tutuba Point Dive Site President Coolidge Dive Site


Espiritu Santo Accommodation & Sightseeing

Village de Santo


Situated 5 minutes from Luganville town and first stop on the road to South Santo’s Adventure Coast, the gateway to the Millennium Caves, Custom Villages and excellent diving. Boasting 17 suites, amongst tropical gardens and overlooking the pool, facilities include the Chiefs Bar, Dive storage area, hire cars and the onsite award winning Restaurant 1606.

Aore Island Resort


The Espiritu Hotel Santo


Conveniently located in the heart of Luganville, The Espiritu is a boutique hotel only steps away from cafés, shops and everything in between. Whether your holiday is for comfort or convenience the staff will ensure that your needs are looked after. Seeing the island has never been easier, reception staff can arrange rental cars, tours, transfers, massages right through to a babysitter to ensure your holiday is as worry free as possible.


Ratua Private Island


Enjoy the best of both worlds – a secluded tropical island retreat surrounded by coconut plantations, yet close to the main town of Luganville with its restaurants, shops and sightseeing tours. Your beach bungalow is nestled amongst large shade trees and faces onto a sandy coral beach where the clear blue waters are resplendent with tropical fish. There are four return ferry trips per day to the mainland, and on Fridays there’s a night ferry for those wanting to dine in town and then return to their tropical island hideaway. There’s lots to do on the island, including horse riding through a cattle plantation and visits to local villages.

Ratua Private Island is Vanuatu’s truly quintessential and untouched South Pacific experience. A unique luxury boutique eco lodge set on 146 lush acres boasting romantic 200 year old Indonesian-style villas in a serene and naturally stunning atmosphere with lagoon views and a private deck or beach. The island is surrounded by lagoons, beaches and reefs. Ratua’s overwater Sunny Spa is the perfect way to unwind and relax into your holiday and the tour desk provides easy access to all the natural wonders at your doorstep. Your stay at Ratua Private Island also directly contributes to the primary education of the children in surrounding communities. Ratua is 100% non-profit.

Champagne Beach & Blue Hole Tour

Diving in Santo

See all the colours of the rainbow! This full day tour begins with a trip to amazing Champagne Beach with its translucent water and fine white powdery sand. Spend the morning in or on the water, then spend the afternoon sunning yourself on the beach, beachcombing along the pristine shore or snoozing under the nearest shady tree. On the way home the tour stops at the Blue Hole. With its fresh water swimming pools this is a refreshing way to end the day.

Santo boasts a myriad of diving opportunities from wrecks to coral reefs for all experience levels. Most start their Santo diving on the SS President Coolidge, a wreck dive visited by divers from all over. Reef diving is spectacular at Tutuba Point and at Million Dollar Point, discover the massive collection of equipment and supplies left by the Americans after WWII. These are just a few of the dives provided all year round and are a short bus or boat ride away from the main town Luganville. There is an abundance of reefs and places of interest to dive in Santo, such as Bokissa Reef which is magnificent.



Mount Yasur Volcano © White Grass Ocean Resort

The glow emanating from Mt Yasur attracted Captain Cook to Tanna in 1774 and the classic volcano has proved a magnet for visitors to the island ever since. The pyrotechnic display at night is awe-inspiring and during the day there’s the opportunity to take a 4WD journey virtually to the rim of the world’s most accessible active volcano to view the spectacular ongoing eruptions. The ancient caves in Tanna are also something not to be missed, and people travel from all over the world to explore them. Some blue water caves have snorkel access only and some caves come with their own skeletons. Best to have an experienced guide with you to explain the history and local legends of the caves. Apart from being one of the productive islands in Vanuatu, Tanna is also one of the most traditional as custom and culture remain extremely important. In fact the island of Tanna is populated almost entirely by Melanesians. Many villages have shunned modern life, preferring to live as their ancestors have for centuries, you will see the locals in sheathes and grass skirts and they live in little thatched huts. Such a special destination, giving visitors a unique opportunity to view an ancient culture and its many colourful ceremonies.

Mt Enifiting


Mt Tangen n

Sulphur Bay

Mt Loanialu M Lenakkel Isange gel el

Ash Plain Area



Ash Plain A Area Mtt Yasur

Port Resolution

Shark Bay

Mt Tukosmera Mt Mareun n


Tanna Accommodation & Sightseeing


Friendly Beach

White Grass Ocean Resort

Nestled on the spectacular volcanic black sand beach of Lowakels Cove, you’ll find this recently rebuilt property that is friendly by name and friendly by nature.

White Grass Ocean Resort offers a relaxing haven for even the weariest traveller. Nestled into beautiful tropical gardens, each private island style bure has a terrace with ocean views.

Whilst staying at Friendly Beach you will find yourself sinking into a state of relaxation that is rare to find in the busy modern world and with no TVs, phones or internet access it’s compulsory to switch off here. With only three luxury eco villas, all made from sustainable, local materials you’ll feel like part of the family in no time.

The resort’s restaurant boasts uninterrupted views of the ocean, this is the perfect place to dine or to relax with a cocktail in hand watching the sensational sunsets.

You’re close to all the amazing activities of Tanna - Mt Yasur (one of the world’s most active volcanoes), the interesting John Frum Village, Port Resolution where James Cook anchored and the hot springs of Sulfur Bay. This small piece of paradise is tucked away in a place where time stands still and life begins.

Your days can be spent lying by the swimming pool, taking a guided snorkelling safari to turtle reef or dive at some amazing locations, this resort prides itself as ‘Vanuatu’s newest PADI dive SCUBA destination’. There are many activities to pass the time – everything from bike hire, sea kayaks, lawn tennis, pétanque, indulge in a ‘hot rock’ massage at the new Nabisa Day Spa or visit the spectacular Mt Yasur Volcano. White Grass Ocean Resort provides the perfect place to experience the real Vanuatu with its unique culture and unchanged traditions.

Tanna Volcano Safari

Custom Village

A visit to Mt Yasur, one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes located in the south east, is a once in a lifetime experience and is a must do activity for all visitors to Tanna.

Another must do activity on this amazing island is a guided tour of one of Tanna’s Custom (Kastom) Villages.

You’ll witness nature’s very own fireworks display while listening to the deep roars from within as you stand right on the crater rim. This tour will give you an entirely new meaning to the word awesome. It’s recommended this tour is done once darkness descends to get the full effect against the blackening sky – just don’t forget the camera!



You’ll travel by a 4WD safari vehicle into the forest and experience a way of life that has not changed in centuries as local village people practice the traditions and crafts of their ancestors, and you’ll see traditional custom dancing performed. You won’t be short of a souvenir as the villages have locally made authentic handicrafts available to purchase, but remember to take some cash with you.

Black Magic and Kava Tasting Tour You’ll visit the ancient village of the Warrior tribe who live in the highlands of Tanna and who have continued to live the way that their forefathers did hundreds of years ago. Experience the rituals of Black Magic and see the art of ambush, before joining the warriors and their custom dancers. Learn the traditional way of preparing kava before tasting it. The tour will give you an insight into their culture and traditions. Your adrenalin will pump and all of your senses will be aroused on this fascinating journey into the highlands of Tanna.

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Please read these booking conditions carefully CONSUMER GUARANTEES ACT The guarantees under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will apply to services supplied by us except where they are acquired, or held out as being acquired for business purposes. 1. OUR SERVICES AND OBLIGATIONS 1.1 House of Travel Ltd ('we' or 'us' as the case may be) supply services consisting of arranging and co-ordinating travel facilities and services, and making bookings and issuing vouchers to be redeemed by suppliers of travel, entertainment, and accommodation facilities or services ('Suppliers'). House of Travel Ltd is part of the House of Travel group. 1.2 We undertake to perform these services with reasonable care and skill. We will not be liable for any loss or damage which results from the act, default or omission of any person other than ourselves, our employees or agents, or any cause independent of human control. This includes (but is not limited to), loss or damage which arises directly or indirectly from any act of God, weather disruptions, dangers incidental to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of Governments or other authorities de jure or de facto, wars whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, deaths, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines or medical or customs regulations. 1.3 We are not able to exercise control over services we do not supply directly, therefore we will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from: - Any booking made directly with a service Supplier by your travel agent, or - Any services which are not directly provided by us and which are additional to those recorded in clause 1.1 above. 1.4 We will endeavour to provide the most suitable travel arrangements to meet the particular requirements you make known to us. However, travel is an individual experience, and your preferences and opinions may vary from our own. For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for your individual satisfaction. 2. SUPPLY OF TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT AND ACCOMMODATION SERVICES AND FACILITIES 2.1 When we make bookings with Suppliers, we are acting as a booking agent for such Supplier. 2.2 All travel, entertainment, and accommodation facilities or services are supplied directly to you by the Suppliers. We have no control over the facilities or services themselves, or the manner in which they are provided by the Suppliers. Therefore you should be aware of the following conditions: - We will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind which may arise from your use or consumption of, or inability to use or consume those facilities or services. - The provision of those facilities or services is subject to the terms and conditions of your contract with each Supplier. - Where for any reason, a Supplier is unable to provide particular facilities or services, then that Supplier may be entitled, under its contract with you, to substitute those services or facilities with comparable or equivalent facilities or services without incurring any liability to you. You should check your contract with each Supplier. - All facilities or services described by us are subject to availability from the Supplier. - We will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage relating to your baggage, personal possessions, health or welfare, or delays or travel disruptions unless these arise directly from the service we provide to you. 3. BUSINESS PURPOSES You agree that where our services are acquired for business purposes, or where you hold yourself out as acquiring our services for business purposes, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply to any supply of goods or services made under these conditions, and we will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage of any kind to you, including any consequential loss or damage however it may be caused. 4. INFORMATION IN THIS BROCHURE 4.1 While we attempt to ensure that the contents of this brochure are correct, accurate, and up to date at the time of printing, the contents of this brochure are drawn from information supplied to us by Suppliers. We do not have, and cannot be reasonably expected to have, personal knowledge about all of the facilities or services provided by each Supplier. 4.2 Facilities or services may change after the date of printing. We endeavour to keep travel agents informed of any changes to information in

this brochure which are brought to our attention. Prior to completing your booking, you should ask your travel agent whether they are aware of any changes to the published information. You should also make sure that if your travel agent is advised of changes which occur after booking, your travel agent is able to contact you. 4.3 Maps and Photographs: Maps are shown for general information and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, locations or services provided. Photographs may show places in the geographic area which are not included in your booking. Hotel room photographs may not be the actual room occupied. 4.4 Property Information: Descriptions featured in this brochure are drawn from information provided by our Suppliers. Any facilities or services shown are subject to change at any time. Please advise your travel agent if you have any special requirements. 4.5 Room Bedding: Prices in this brochure are based on existing bedding in the room. Requests for specific bedding arrangements must be made at the time of booking but can not be guaranteed. For example, twin share may consist of single beds or a shared double bed. 4.6 Rental Cars: We cannot guarantee to provide a particular model or colour within the car category. Availability of car categories is subject to confirmation at the time of booking. We reserve the right to substitute different models. If a vehicle is returned prior to the end of the reserved rental period or if the vehicle is picked up later than the reserved date, NO REFUND will be made for unused rental days 5. PRICES 5.1 The price indicator is provided as a guide only. It is based on low season, per adult share twin pricing unless otherwise specified and is correct at the time of printing. The actual price may differ to that indicated due to currency fluctuations, special events or peak periods. Price indicators for hotels are per adult per night for share twin in a lead-in room. Price indicators for tours are based on per adult for low season travel. Per person pricing is based in New Zealand dollars. 5.2 We will guarantee the price of the portion of the booking as processed by us, against currency fluctuation for a period of seven (7) days from the time of confirmation of the booking; note: special conditions apply for cruise bookings. It is the responsibility of your travel agent to advise you of the date of confirmation. If your booking remains unpaid after the seven (7) day guarantee period it will be subject to currency fluctuation, up to the time full payment is received by us. 5.3 Events beyond our control, such as changes to the prices of aviation fuel or changes to the cost of services or facilities may result in the prices charged to you being different from those shown in the brochure. You should check all prices with your travel agent before making reservations, and before ticketing. 5.4 Prices may also be liable to variation between the time of booking and the date of departure due to events beyond our control. Due to unforeseen events we reserve the right to vary the price up to the time of your departure. 6. HOUSE OF TRAVEL ACCOMMODATION RATINGS To assist you with the selection of your accommodation, we have created our own rating system allowing you to compare each property. These ratings are personal gradings offered by our people from their own experience and should be used as a guide only. Ratings may alter throughout the year due to change in circumstances. Assessing accommodation can be quite subjective and generally speaking the standard and service will be in line with the price paid. Please check with your House of Travel consultant to ensure you get the property that best suits your needs. 7. PAYMENT 7.1 A non-refundable deposit will be required by your travel agent and must be paid at the time of booking. This is in addition to any deposits imposed by Suppliers. 7.2 A communication charge may be made for bookings requested less than 72 hours prior to departure. 7.3 Final payment must be made in full before we can release travel documents (including tickets). 8. CANCELLATION 8.1 If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason, you must advise us in writing through your travel agent as soon as possible. 8.2 If you cancel your booking or any part of your booking, we will impose a cancellation fee in respect of each person travelling under that booking. You must also pay all cancellation fees imposed by Suppliers and

your travel agent. These cancellation fees are required to offset booking, communication, and administrative charges which have already been incurred by us, Suppliers and your travel agent. Cancellation fees imposed by Suppliers and travel agents are beyond our control and you should check with your travel agent regarding what cancellation fees may be applicable. 8.3 We strongly recommend that you insure yourself fully against cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. See Section 10. 9. RESERVATION AMENDMENTS We are happy to incorporate any reasonable amendments you request. An amendment constitutes a change to an existing booking and will attract a $25 fee per amendment prior to final payment and the issuing of the travel documents, and a $50 fee per amendment after travel documents have been issued. These fees are to cover administration and communication costs. You may also be required to pay any Supplier imposed fees. 10. INSURANCE We strongly recommend that you insure yourself fully against cancellation, loss of luggage and personal property, and medical expenses. Your travel agent will be able to provide you with further information. 11. ITEMS NOT COVERED Unless otherwise specified, the cost of airfares, meals, drinks, laundry, insurance, sightseeing, transfers, local taxes, airport departure taxes, Airline imposed insurance levies, passenger service charges and Passport or Visa application fees are not included. 12. VISAS/PASSPORTS For all holidays in this brochure you will require a valid passport. You are responsible for arranging your own passport, visa and health requirements including inoculation. You should check with your travel agent who will be able to provide you with the necessary information. 13. NON-USE OF SERVICES OR FACILITIES If, of your own choice, you decide not to use part or parts of the arranged services or facilities, you will not be entitled to a refund from us (provided we have carried out our service with reasonable skill and care and to your requirements) and you may not be entitled to a refund from any Supplier. 14. HEALTH OR DISABILITY Some Suppliers may reserve the right to refuse to carry or accommodate people who because of a health condition or disability may require services or facilities to be provided in a special manner. You should check this with your travel agent. 15. SERVICE SATISFACTION During your holiday, if you encounter any situation where the service supplied to you does not meet your satisfaction, please take the matter up with the Supplier immediately. Your contract for each service is with the Supplier. If this is not possible immediately, or if you are still dissatisfied, please contact your travel agent. Both we and your travel agent will endeavour to investigate on your behalf and to negotiate with the Supplier to resolve the matter as soon as possible, so that you continue to enjoy your journey. 16. LEGAL CLAIMS Any claims or legal action in connection with the provision of our services to you will be governed by the laws of New Zealand. Any claim or legal action against the Suppliers is likely to be subject to the terms of your contract with them, and may be governed by the laws of other countries.

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