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South Africa

Known as the “Rainbow Nation” because of its diverse population (and 11 official

Fast Facts Country name:

Republic of South Africa


55 Million




Afrikaans, English and more than 10 indigenous languages


South African Rand

Time zone:

10 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving)


Current is 220V/230V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point round-pin adaptor

Festivals and Events 2017


18 Mar

Cape Town Carnival

24 Jun

The Big Five Marathon, Entanabi Game Reserve

18 Jul

Mandela Day

06-19 Sep

Namaqualand Flower Route

24 Sep

National Braai Day

01-04 Oct

Hermanus Whale Festival

languages), South Africa is also an artist’s palette – from the blaze of colours among flower-filled meadows, to the lush green forests, the tawny-gold grasslands and the ever-changing hues of ocean blues. The assortment of landscapes provide an extraordinary variety of animal life. There’s the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) but South Africa has enhanced it to the Big Seven by adding sharks (including the great white) and whales. Count penguins, turtles and meerkats into the mix and you’ll have one remarkarble experience. South Africa is all about people too – this Zulu nation welcomes guests to watch their vivacious song and dance, admire their creations of intricate beadwork and other traditional crafts. The Xhosa people also open their land to visitors. Cape Town, with its spectacular Table Mountain, is an iconic destination, as are its nearby wineries. Johannesburg, the City of Gold, is a melting pot of cultures. Throughout the country you will find sites dating back to some of the earliest human habitation on earth, casting reminders of great historic battles including the Boer War. Whether you opt for an ultra-luxury lodge or prefer to rough it, self-drive or take a tour, South Africans everywhere will be happy to see you. If you’re lucky you may get to taste one of their legendary braais – or barbecues. Don’t miss trying their famed traditional Boerewors sausages! Although South Africa offers an abundance of activities to do year round, the best time to visit would be during winter months. South African’s take breaks over summer and school holidays, and they too like to spend their leisure time in the bush and national parks enjoying the wildlife. This can limit availability in lodges and camps over this timeframe across the nation for locals and visitors alike.

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Africa Brochure 2017  

House of Travel Africa Brochure 2017

Africa Brochure 2017  

House of Travel Africa Brochure 2017