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For the Teacher: Herb- Infused Olive Oil Ingredients: 1 bottle high quality olive oil 3-4 dried organic rosemary stems or other favorite herb (if starting with fresh herbs, wash then dry with a towel and leave out to completely dry for several days prior to use) 1 large canning jar 1 large hermetic glass bottle Preparation: Heat olive oil in a small sauce pan on the stove over low heat. The idea is to gently warm the oil while filling your canning jar with several stems of dried rosemary. When the oil is warm, pour it over the herbs to fill the canning jar. Seal tightly and store in a cool dry place for one week. Remove herbs and strain the oil through a fine sieve. Transfer infused oil into the glass bottle through a funnel and you are ready to share your gift. Assembly: Pair your rosemary olive oil with an attractive bag of gourmet pasta. Garnish the gift with a fresh bouquet of the same herb that flavors the oil.

Note: Infused olive oil should be used within two months, so it is best to gift small quantities and let your lucky recipient know. 111

House of Fifty Holiday 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Holiday 2012 Issue

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