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Advanced Décor by Valorie Hart

A few years ago street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen decided to create and dedicate the blog Advanced Style to people looking fabulous. To make it stand out from the plethora of other street style blogs, Cohen decided he’d photograph style mavens over the age of 60. He started a movement some call the audacity of age. Debra Rapoport, who has become a fixture on Ari’s blog, is a visual artist involved in transforming everyday materials into unique creations such as pieces of art, dolls, hats or objects of adornment. She also states she has been involved in “dressing up” as a personal statement since she was three years old. With a focus on fashion and interiors in this issue, I asked Debra to share with us her perspective about the relationship of fashion and interior decoration.

Valorie: Do you see a connection between fashion and home décor? Debra: Absolutely! Both are all about color, texture and placement. This is how I work when I apply textiles and clothing to my body. It is the same approach with things in my environment, many of which are things made by me or found.

Q: As a “Style Maven” or fashionista, does your home reflect your fashion sense and style? A: Yes, because I apply things to my body the same way I place them around the house. It is with the same vision and aesthetic that I collect for both.

Q: Do you use fashion accessories to decorate your home with? If so, how do you incorporate them?

A: Many of the things I wear, such as necklaces and textiles, get hung on the walls. Many of the materials I use in my artwork are also ones I use in the embellishments I make to wear; a lot of textile, paper, found objects and recycled materials.

Q: You explain your fashion point of view as “thrifted and gifted.” Are your furnishings also thrifted and gifted?

A: 90 percent of the clothing I wear is “thrifted and gifted.” The same can be said of my furnishings. Of course, I only acquire things that appeal to my aesthetic and lifestyle. Occasionally, if I get something that doesn’t work I pass it on! 90

House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue

House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue