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The key to the success of this project was listening very closely to the design requests for the new residence, rather than relying on the preferences Amanda was familiar with from the treatment of the family’s previous home. Additionally, as with all Amanda’s projects, respecting the “bones” of the home is a vital component of her approach to design. Doing so here required the occasional education on why certain solutions worked better than others, with the clean and modern architecture of these new spaces. When the luster of a traditional crystal chandelier was desired for the dining room, a modern take on this fixture embracing a streamlined design was the effective solution. The suggestion for the silk and wool rug that now sits under the table was also initially met with resistance. But once it was brought into the room, it was clearly the right decision. The subtle colors and sheen bring the elements of the room together in an understated manner.

“I like to pay particular attention to the bones of a home. Doing this helps bring out their best qualities!” 75

House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue