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Mayme’s love of color and pattern extends to her wardrobe. She enjoys a large closet with more custom cabinetry built by Jack Proctor. There is a big storage space behind the hanging clothes to house seasonal clothing, so once winter arrives out will come clothing that is a little more somber featuring black and grays. “I love to paper most any surface, as you can see, but especially closets. They can be really special spaces if you let them and a stripe in a closet is perfect. The pattern doesn’t fight with the clothing yet has a little something going on.” The floors throughout the upper level of the home are another surface she has chosen to cover with stripes. “I adore painted floors, I painted the foyer floors in black and white checks and the floors upstairs in a tan and ivory stripe. Because this is an old neighborhood with mature trees the rooms can get dark, so the light floors help illuminate the 60

upper rooms.” One of the family’s favorite retreats in the house is the master bedroom. “You feel like you are in a birdhouse with the huge oak as a canopy over the house. When I lie in bed I’m among the leaves.” Mayme enjoys grabbing the New York Times on a Sunday morning, getting a steaming cup of coffee and crawling back in bed to read. Add in the kids, piling in to watch TV, and you have a perfect early morning.

House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue