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Q: I enjoy seeing the shoes and strong yet simple pieces of jewelry alongside the clothing. Tell us about these pieces. I’ve read the shoes are your designs and are produced in Portugal. How is designing a pair of shoes different than a garment? A: Thank you! Designing shoes is another lengthy process in a business of lengthy processes. But it is also one of the most satisfying because when you obsess over beautifully shaped and made heels the way I do, it is very satisfying to see the designs come to life. We went to painstaking efforts to secure relationships with the best producers in Europe so that our shoes are absolutely the highest quality on the market. They are made the way shoes should be made, the leather warms and molds to the foot, the lasts are leather and the craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful. Each stiletto or slingback or slide is a little work of art. Q: What is your take on trends in fashion. How much do they influence your designs and what is your opinion on the pace trends come and go in fashion? A: For us we’re thinking long term value versus short term trend. What does a woman really need and what things are really going to have a place in her life that will enhance it long term. But you know, there are always those fun little things to pick up each season that are just totally inconsequential beyond that moment in time. When we offer those pieces they’re at a “just for fun” price point - because they’re supposed to be just that.

A: I’m ready to go shopping! Where can your designs be purchased? Q: We sell almost exclusively online and predominantly through our own site. We do have select wholesale relationships but we don’t actively seek them out. We favor this approach, which keeps us in control of our distribution and connected with our customers. For us this is the only way. Q: Can you talk a little more about price point and your focus on quality? A: When we started out it was very important to me that if a woman loves our jacket, she can have the jacket. Meaning, we focused on keeping our price points at an accessible level. It’s one of the driving factors of why we did not wholesale in the beginning, it would have doubled the cost of our garments for buyers. Keeping pricing right has been an enormous challenge as we focus on fine craftsmanship; our fabrics come from the finest Italian mills and we pay attention to small details in the garment like exquisite little buttons and beautiful hardware. We work with luxury producers who make some of the most expensive lines and we could easily have gone that luxury route. But I don’t want to exclude women from our customer based just because they might not have all the money in the world. Keeping costs in control has been a constant struggle and continues to be. The line is very expensive to produce given the quality of everything involved.





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