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Emerson Fry

The designs of Emerson Fry have a timeless style and quality that defy being categorized into a niche geared towards only women of a certain age group. I can imagine a jacket, blouse and skirt or dress from this line hanging in my closest or the closet of a woman twenty years younger. I’m also certain we’d both reach for them often as favorite go-to pieces. Dressed, we’d leave the house feeling current with an elegance and ease that comes from wearing clothes one knows suits them well. 32

When asked to describe the woman who wears her line, what Emerson imagines their lifestyle to be and how that plays into the designs, she shares, “The woman who wears our line is someone who appreciates things of value. She’s busy and leads a very full life, so is drawn to clothing that is easy to put on with a pair of slingbacks or trainers and looks great to go. She is someone who considers the details of things and makes choices based on quality over quantity.”

House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue