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What most reflects your style? Is it your home, your wardrobe, or perhaps a combination of the two? We chatted with Amie to get her take on style, fashion and a little bit about her journey into the beautiful world of interiors.


Amie Corley WHERE DO YOU FIND MOST OF YOUR INSPIRATION FOR THE ROOMS YOU DESIGN? I get inspired from the simplest things. Art, color, fashion, kid’s books and traveling. Honestly, it all usually starts with the color palette and a favorite fabric or wallpaper. I pull color schemes from what’s right outside my window and I love trying unexpected color combinations. I have two little kids, so I don’t travel as much as I used to. But it’s amazing what a change of scenery does to

get the creative juices flowing. Now I have to rely on my quick weekend trips home to New Orleans for a change of scenery, but I always come back with a new perspective and some great ideas. Just driving around the Garden District looking at the architecture is enough to get me excited. I think it’s such a beautiful city and I’m glad that I’ve got lots of reasons to go back every couple of months.

DID YOU ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU WANTED TO BE A DESIGNER? No! I am actually a big science nerd and have a master’s degree in tropical medicine from Tulane. I thought I wanted to live in Africa and cure malaria. Then I met my husband and he said, “No way!” Instead I moved with him to Chicago so that he could finish his emergency medicine residency and I somehow fell 28

into working at Barneys. The rest is history. I fell in love with fashion first. It’s a little tough not to fall hard when you’re working at Barneys. After a few years in Chicago, we moved to his hometown of St. Louis and bought a century old home that was a major fixerupper. I became a tad bit obsessed with

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