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Dr. Natasha Kassam & Dr. Kate Smith of 8 Hearts Health & Wellness

About Dr. Natasha Kassam & Dr. Kate Smith

Co-founders of 8 Hearts Health & Wellness, Dr. Kassam and Dr. Smith met while completing their doctorate program. They became instant friends and study partners, later working together as colleagues at a natural medicine clinic. Sharing a passion for their work and a dedication to their patients, it felt only natural to embark on creating a wellness center together. Named 8 Hearts after the letter 8 which means infinity and the heart which represents love, these are the principles on which they have founded their practice. Dr. Natasha Kassam: “ There is a moment when a patient chooses transformation in their life and for their health, their eyes light up with the knowledge of their empowerment to make changes that have a positive effect. This is what makes my work rewarding.” Dr. Kate Smith: “I hope to share with patients an education on their health and the possibilities. It goes back to 8 Hearts; a client has access to all the layers of their health and well-being which includes emotional, mental and physical well-being.”

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