House of Fifty Fall 2012

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Interior design and fashion have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. A room can be seen borrowing a bright neon from the runway, while a jacket gets accessorized with golden buttons inspired by the alluring brass currently so popular in lighting design. Clothing and interiors push the limits of what is most creative and on trend. Here at House of Fifty, we thought it would be exciting to see three beautifully designed interiors interpreted into a collection of inspiring outfits. So we invited two of our favorite experts from each field to contribute to the fun!

St. Louis based Interior Designer Amie Corley is making a major splash in the design world these days. Bold color and graphic prints are her calling cards and there is no denying that a sense of whimsy and a fearless application of pattern make Amie’s designs stand out in a crowd. Rachel Parcell is the author of one of the fastest growing fashion blogs in the country, Pink Peonies. Thousands check in to see what Rachel is wearing each and every day. Here Rachel took inspiration from Amie’s original designs, creating one of a kind looks ranging from elegantly feminine, hip and trendy to casually chic.