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VIVIENNE STRAUSS Art We Love by Janell Beals

THE PARTY Vivienne Strauss is an artist inspired by vintage fashion, classic films and her growing collection of old photographs which she rifles through from time to time, looking for the story behind the photo. An interesting face that catches her eye or a phrase heard from a movie playing in the background while she works all contribute to the imaginary characters that come to life in her paintings and collages. A self-taught artist with a degree in Philosophy, Vivienne’s work depicts feelings, thoughts and ideas that she sees as universal. These may include people who feel 108

lost in a crowd or others sitting at home with their pets, being their true selves because no one is watching. Many of her works are accompanied by a long description in lieu of a traditional title, almost becoming one line stories complete with characters. “I often fantasize about being a writer but my attention span in that area seems to be very, very short. And as for the names, I have a large collection of college yearbooks from as far back as 1928. They are a treasure trove of wonderful names and faces that find their way into my paintings.”

House of Fifty Fall 2012  
House of Fifty Fall 2012  

House of Fifty magazine Fall 2012 issue