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dare by Gwen Madiba

Spring/Summer Collection


dare Dare is a brand for every woman who dares to take chances, to live, to do what she wants when she wants it, to wear whatever she likes, however she wants it with pride, love and great confidence. It is for the woman of power and the powerful women; the ones who dare to take action on their goals and dreams regardless of the circumstances. The woman who dares to create the circumstances that will allow her to achieve greatness while inspiring others. The role model who became “it” by the opportunities she created and embraced. The woman who understands that the only thing that can ever stop her in this life is herself. She who transformed the hurt, the pain, the failures into victories. She who holds the future proudly and “fiercefully” in her soft hands while gracing through “les aleas de la vie” with the greatest calm and confidence. She who DARES!


the womyn who gives life

Amari the great strength

Yair the bold

Jelani the powerful

Emeka the sucessful

Kellan the powerful

Elewa the very intelligent

Imena the dream

Imani the believer

Adouma la belle

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S/S 2013 Collection