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From caterpillar to brilliant butterfly • Helen Tidy H aving just completed a degree in Literature with In May 2008, I enrolled with LighterLife as the Open University, I knew the time had come I knew I had a lot of weight to lose and a friend to spend a little time nurturing myself. I have been a had successfully lost 6 stone with them the stay-at-home mum since adopting my two children in previous year. At my first meeting our counsellor 1994, who were then aged 20 months and 10 asked us to choose a colour that best months. It soon became clear to my husband and described how we felt. This was quite an eyeI what we had taken on. For clarity let me point out opener for me. The only colour I could think of that I love my children with a fierce and passionate was the sort of drab, grey, old underwear love. But it is fair to say that as their disabilities becomes once it's lost its elasticity and been became apparent and their challenging behaviours washed too many times. So, I decided that, once grew, I found myself consumed by their needs and I had lost the four stone I needed to, I would spend lost sight of who I was. Their disabilities are such that a day with a colour and image consultant. I have been unable to work and instead became a Consequently, in early August 2008, I was putty full-time carer. The flexibility of the Open University in the hands of my House of Colour Consultant suited me perfectly and I was able to fit in studying when she demonstrated the process of colour whenever a spare hour presented itself. analysis to our group. I instantly booked the When my eldest child started at a residential House of Colour Complete Package, timing special school the demands on me eased and my first appointment for two days after I realised that the worn-out, overweight, drudge I saw I achieved my weight-loss goal. Things were in the mirror was not who I wanted to be. I will be not looking good in my wardrobe. Nothing continuing with my studies in September 2009, this fitted me. When you consider that in four time in a 'bricks and mortar' university. I wanted to months I had dropped four dress sizes, this rediscover the real me again, before I faced walking was not surprising! I have never enjoyed into lectures with much younger fellow students. shopping so, except for a couple of essentials

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necessary for modesty's sake, I'd always resisted the urge to buy. The day before I went to my first class I could be found doing the housework in an interview suit bought eighteen years ago - that's how desperate things had become! Discovering I was a Bright Jewel Winter confirmed what I already knew. Instead of limiting myself to blacks, blues, whites and reds, I was delighted to discover a whole new palette of colours I had no idea I could wear. The Image Class that followed the Colour Analysis Class was nothing short of a revelation to me! At six foot tall I have always struggled with standing out and yearned to be shorter and more petite. My consultant gently helped me to see that the pretty, flouncy styles with the frilly-dilly details I kept choosing, looked ridiculous on me. The relaxed tailored look of the Natural Classic suited me perfectly. Interestingly, my wardrobe had been full of clothes in more romantic styles but I was never comfortable in them and so seldom wore them more than once. Armed with my newly acquired knowledge Helen Tidy before her sensational transformation and with an empty wardrobe thanks to the weight loss, I began shopping in earnest. I was on a strict budget, so chose to spend my time in charity shops and dress agencies. Designer labels no longer intimidated me because I knew which styles and which designers would work for me. So, when I found a Chanel shirt for £15 or a Karen Millen skirt for £6, I didn't hesitate to snap them up! All in all, I have managed to replace my entire wardrobe for less than £300. People have been stunned by my transformation and I feel more myself than I have ever done before. Instead of the drudge-like caterpillar I once was, I have emerged from my chrysalis a vibrant and colourful butterfly.




Helen Tidy, who has emerged from her chrysalis a vibrant and colourful butterfly


Feeling very positive! t may be all doom and gloom out there but we are feeling very positive! We know that you, our clients, have the tools to save huge Iamounts of money and still look great and feel wonderful. To learn how to become a confident and effective shopper turn to page 7. Understanding the economic benefits of looking good and learning the shopping tricks that will keep your wardrobe up-to-date, are life skills that House of Colour clients acquire as they travel through their 'journey' with us. These life skills are as vital in an economic downturn as they are in the boom times. When the job market is very competitive it really helps if you understand what your clothes say about you. If you know how to look your best and what is appropriate for the job, you have a distinct advantage over others. Is there someone you know who would benefit from this knowledge? Gift vouchers for all House of Colour classes are available from our website: And what if you have been made redundant? Now is the ideal time to start again in a satisfying new career as a House of Colour Consultant. Think about it - we'd love to talk it over with you! For an information pack on how to become a House of Colour Consultant go to: and click on the 'Career in Image' link on the Home Page. Wishing you a positive 2009! Left to right: JACKIE PERKINS, ALISON RICHES, DIANA BLAKEMAN AND HELEN VENABLES, CO-DIRECTORS, HOUSE OF COLOUR

Every month the Eyes have it in the House It's ail too easy to get stuck in a rut use the same make-up look every day. So, each month in the web shop, we will be putting together new eye make-up combinations, based on your eye colour. ne of the great benefits of understanding your own colouring is that you can combine different eyeshadows from your palette and the finished look will work for you even if it's something you've never tried before. Great for boosting your confidence levels! Go and take a look in our web shop!


K——— _

make-up combinations on the fast day of every month, so pop back to the web shop and see what's new for your eye cofourl Go to: 1

of Colour online shop - see for yourself! Mineral Eyeshadows: the perfect complement to your eye-look ur range of 28 beautiful Mineral Eyeshadows (selection shown right), from both the warm and cool palettes, is a perfect complement to the eye makeup combinations we're featuring each month in the web shop. Mineral Eyeshadows give a subtle shimmer when brushed over the brow bone or add sultry depth when used in the eyesocket and along the lash t. /» "I line.

O Brown-eyed Autumns could try the soft natural and neutral tones of 18 Oatmeal, brushed on, over the whole eye area as a base.

Or try 67 Light Peach as the highlighter, with 182 Sage Shimmer and 96 Soft Olive brushed along the lashes above and below the eyelid. A touch of

Add warm 43 Pale Tangerine to provide a soft contour with subtle, delicate definition given by 422 Deep Mushroom.

4O Olive, used wet with a fine eyeliner brush, gives depth to the lashes. Lashings of creamy Brown mascara will perfect this fabulous, warm, Autumn look.


At last, a/comfortable fit! 'Over 80% of British women are wearing the wrong size bra,' is a phrase we keep hearing as Image Consultants. This astonishing statistic is something we often have to advise our clients on. After all, there's no point in building a stylish wardrobe full of gorgeous colours, only to find nothing looks great because your bra is letting you down! So we were delighted to be introduced to Sara O'Regan, the founder of Bra Sense ( Sara has researched the bra market, both in the UK and abroad and has developed the unique Bra Sense fitting service. We're excited Bra Sense's personal fitting service measures and assesses an individual's size and fit profile, in much the same way that your House of Colour Consultant looks at each individual client. The personal fitting service takes into account the bust shape, size, shoulders and how the bust fits onto the body. A good

quality, properly-fitted bra will ensure that your clothes look expensive let alone feeling more comfortable. Ever wondered why two bras labelled the same size fit quite differently? It's a revelation! We trialled Sara's service with our Consultants and the results were amazing! In every case we looked slimmer, taller, or simply pointed in the right direction! We're delighted Sara is ready to offer her service to you, our House of Colour clients, and many Consultants have already booked events where you can have your own Bra Sense fitting where you will discover: • How to achieve the perfect fit • Why bra sizes differ • Your Bra Sense size and how this will change from brand to brand and style to style • Which styles are right for you Bra Sense will advise you on what to look for when choosing a bra, whether for sport, everyday, evening, a special occasion, following breast cancer or a mastectomy.

The wrong bra spreads and drops Margaret's bust, adding the appearance of extra weight to the body.

In the right bra her bust appears neater and the torso slimmer, while still showing of Margaret's lovely curves.

T The wrong bra makes Diana appear droopy, unfit and older.

>• In the right bra her body looks slimmer and neater and the bust has a definite uplift, taking years off her.


in the future very woman needs a handbag, don't they? So, in thinking about what gift to buy for a friend recently, I decided to buy her one. Good handbags don't come cheap though and it made me stop and think about the investment I was about to make on her behalf.


I knew that my friend was a Winter Ingenue Natural so the colour and style were easy decisions to make. Her neutral colours are: Charcoal, Silver, Indigo Navy or Burgundy, so no lack of choice for the colour of the bag. Add some texture and pretty detail and I was on the right track. Present buying is so much easier when you know the recipient's Season and Clothing Personality! Next, I considered the cost. A good handbag from a middle-market retailer costs around £150 but given the current economic downturn, I wondered if this was a realistic budget. And then I remembered my friend telling me that she had recently bought several handbags for the same amount I was considering spending on one bag. These days handbags are cheap and easy to buy and you can have one to go with every outfit.

Then I began to consider the ecological issues raised by buying cheaply and using garments or accessories as potentially disposable items. As the harsh reality of the economic downturn hits home, people are tightening their budgets and buying more cheaply. But in my experience (many years of getting it wrong!) buying cheaply often means buying twice. Do my friend's cheaper handbags make her look more .^^^^^^. Alison's grandmother's precious, brass, vintage handbag

decision became clear to me. As an Autumn I am lucky to have inherited the most unusual brass, vintage handbag, which once belonged to my grandmother (shown left). Being so special I use it with love and pride, as it carries with it so much history. If only it could tell the tales of its journeys... I wanted to give my friend the opportunity to create something for herself, as special as my grandmother's handbag is to me. When I gave my friend the vintage handbag I had chosen for her, I explained my thinking and why I had bought it. She loves it and we are now going to track its life, its journeys and the stories it might tell. One day it might even be a great talking point for her grandchildren. What this handbag won't be, is a purchase that ends up in a landfill site, with no witness to its rich history. Alison Riches YOUR CHANCE TO WIN £5O of HOUSE OF COLOUR COSMETICS To enter, answer the question below and return it to us.

upmarket or give off that wonderful 'dressing rich' feeling we all want to have, whatever our budget? Is she able to take her cheaper handbag anywhere and still feel comfortable that it adds to the statement she is making about herself? And what of its future? Would it quickly end up in a landfill site? Suddenly, the

In the House of Colour web shop what is the brush we recommend you use with the new mineral foundations? /Answers on a postcard please and send to: House of Colour, 28 The Avenue, Watford WD17 4AD We will draw the winning answer on 30th June 2009 Note; House of Colour staff, consultants and suppliers are exempt from the competition

EXPLORE YOUR WARDROBE FOR UNDISCOVERED TREASURES! Contact your Consultant to arrange a Wardrobe Reviev



Fabulous Fair trade buttons Injabulo sell a fabulous range of ceramic buttons from Incomparable Buttons, a small, family-run, South African business. It's so easy to revamp your wardrobe with a change of buttons! You can make a garment totally individual and give it the designer look. Buttons can make or break a garment and Incomparable's buttons are fully machine-washable and dry-cleanable. - they will really give any garment that added WOW factor! Go to: and follow the link to Incomparable Buttons.

Image matters id you know that on your Image Day, not only do you discover the best shapes and styles to suit your body's natural lines and your personality, you also learn:


How to become a confident shopper How to build a Capsule Wardrobe How to save E1,000's Where to make the best investments How to avoid 'bargains' that aren't How to love everything in your wardrobe! ^^^B^k • To understand ^\ what your clothes I say about you

Everyone said ollowing my Image consultation, I booked a Shopping Trip with my House of Colour Consultant. My aim was to buy the basics for a wardrobe designed to present the correct image of who I am to audiences at work. As with many men, I find the whole process of choosing the right clothing difficult and tiring. The choices my Consultant and I made that day were perfect! Since our Shopping Trip I have had an endless stream of compliments such as: 'Wow, look at you!' It was sobering to realise that, had I gone on the shopping trip alone, I would not have chosen 90% of the items that really suit me! I highly recommend a Shopping Trip with your Consultant. Bearing in mind the cost of the clothing and accessories we bought that day, my Consultant's relaxed and positive < presence boosted my confidence and proved to be excellent value for money. Take my advice, treat yourself!


Tom Spoors, Training Manager

Ask your Consultant for details of the MEN'S IMAGE DAY

P 4 Jfej

WOMEN'S IMAGE DAY • E12O and click on Women's Image

c o


COLOUR ANALYSIS Discover the particular blend of colours that will be in the closest harmony with your skin and hair tones to give you a renewed sense of confidence and well-being. IMAGE DAY Discover the best clothing shapes to suit your body's natural lines. Feel comfortable and look great. With the right knowledge it's easy to know how to buy well. MAKE-UP CLASS Learn the secrets of expert skincare and how to apply make-up subtly to achieve a healthier glow and a warmer smile. THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: Book Steps 1,2 and 3 for the discounted price of £225 FAST TRACK STYLE: One-to-one with a Consultant, for Men or Women £375

i^j^rtF^ft I first heard about House of Colour through work 1 colleagues who had very positive things to say about their experience - the difference was plain to see! I had also been promoted and wanted to feel more confident about myself and they way I looked. On the Colour Analysis day I could immediately see what suited me. I went straight home and reorganised my wardrobe. The Image and Style day was a real 'light bulb' moment for me. I had been trying to cover myself up, hiding behind big, baggy jumpers and dark clothes to make myself look smaller. My Consultant helped me to see that the opposite was true - I was making myself look much bigger! Re-organising my wardrobe for a second time, I realised that I had been filling it with completely the wrong clothes. I knew I was going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Seeing the difference when wearing the right styles for my shape, I just couldn't go back to ^» my old ways! Wanting to buy size 12's, not 18's I gf^fj^^ joined LighterLife to lose some weight. Wearing styles to suit my body shape, people thought I'd lost a lot more than I actually had - a real confidence booster! Now a size 1 2 , 1 have great fun shopping. I know what suits me and me look FAB! This is definitely not something I ever thought I'd say! Lucy Hancock Sultry Winter, Romantic Classic




e have some fantastic and unusual fabrics for sale, here in Watford, for making up into your own creations. To make them more accessible to you, we are booking appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am-2pm through March, April and May. Please call 01923 211 188 or email to book. If you can't travel to Watford, we can send you samples from our fabric collection based on your season and requirements. Please contact us to let us know the kind of thing you are looking for and we will do our best! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Ring your consultant to book your course or for further information STYLE DEVELOPMENT DAY £110

Learn more about the styles that suit you best with others who share your Clothing Personality. Includes necklines, patterns and fabrics, colours in combination, scarves and lipsticks, planning grid and Fashion Update. MEN'S IMAGE Learn about colour analysis, the rules of dress, budgeting, the language of clothes, authority dressing and clothing personality. All you need to know in one day.


House of Colour Chiltern Valley Rainbows End, Church Lane Chalfont St Peter, SL9 9RJ


visit our website at

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