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‘ M Y N E IG H B O U R H O O D ’ O N L I N E – T H E N E X T B IG T HIN G I N SO C I AL N E T W O R K IN G Learn how online social media is exploring new concepts like ‘my neighbourhood’ networks and neighbourhood advertise r c lassifieds.

The existing popular social networking websites help on line users connect with what can be called the virtual neighbours. People, who might be located miles away and some you might have never met, are a part of such networks. How about joining networks that constitute of individuals from your own neighbourhood? If you don’t know already, such networks have already registered their presence in the countries like the USA and Australia.

What are the aspects that make them different from the platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn? Why should you join a network of real neighbours? Here are some exciting aspects of the up and coming social neighbourhood networks.

Just to Socialize People who love to socialize in real often complain of lack of opportunities w ith the famous social networking websites. With a ‘my ne ighbourhood’ network you can connect to the like- minded people within the convenient geographical reach. This new way of socializing is not limited to any age bracket and can bring back the reduced charm of meeting in real.

Sharing Developments and Ne ws Residents of the same locality or area are often unaware about the new developments in their own neighbourhoods. From sharing updates about community events to monitoring crimes and other signif icant developments can be much easier by being a part of one such network. It is like creating a neighbourhood portal and that too without being extremely formal.

Creating Local Listings

Neighbourhood networks on the internet allow posting local classifieds in a number of categories. For example, you can generate better responses and that too from people in your local area by posting about items you wish to buy, sell or rent. Another good example would be that of lost and found section that can be utilized on these networks for the obvious purposes.

Local Advertisement Space Businesses in the local zone can also join these networks and advertise their products and services to the intended audiences. Rather than searching on the web, you can refer to the advertiser classifieds on these networks to locate the existing businesses in your own area. This can help you maintain useful listings about the entire suburb as well.

Opinions, Recommendations a nd More People are habitual of taking reviews and recommendations from various people about almost everything. In the real world, you can approach a limited number of local residents and neighbours. However, the social neighbourhood networks can help you ask for unlimited opinions from uncountable local knowledgeable residents.

My neighbourhood online networks are definitely the next level of socializing promising loads of potential benefits.


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‘My Neighbourhood’ Online – The Next Big Thing in Social Networking  
‘My Neighbourhood’ Online – The Next Big Thing in Social Networking  

Learn how online social media is exploring new concepts like ‘my neighbourhood’ networks and neighbourhood local classifieds. Please Contact...