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Starting An Account with HouseMasters

Step 1.

Creating an Account • 1. Click the “Sign up Free” account located at the top right corner of HouseMasters’ home page.

• This will take you to your personal information page.

Step 2.

Entering Your Information •

This part can be done in minutes and gets your account started.

When you select “Realtor” a list of brokerages will appear in a drop down menu for you to choose from.

For Social pages, go to any of the social media sites you use, and right click your mouse on the web address from the top of your browser. Then select copy. Now right click and select paste in the appropriate social media address URL box like the one shown here and an icon representing the social media site will appear on your profile.

Step 3.

Features to tweak your Account

• After your contact information is entered you will see these options on the top of your page. From here you can adjust your contact information, add a social page or change your password or membership level. Everyone starts at the “Free Stuff” level and at any time you can choose to upgrade to take advantage of HouseMasters’ personal promotion options.

Step 4. More Options In the same menu options you can also: 1.

View your properties and adjust property information at any time.


If your using the Ultimate Level membership, you can select a Target Neighbourhood. When any property is viewed by a user in your target neighbourhood, your name and contact info will appear in a small group as an available Buyer Representative for that property.


Create a personal profile page that is available right from HouseMasters home page with your contact info, properties, social media pages and more.


Post all of your properties and open houses.

Adding Properties •

Adding a property on HouseMasters is very simple. Simply add all the standard criteria to your listing, photos and videos.

• •

Adding property photos is also very simple.

1. First go to

2. Your computers options for locations will appear. Select the photos you wish to use. Always choose the main picture first. Quick Tip-For importing more than one picture hold done the Ctrl button , left click all the photos you’re bringing into HouseMasters all at once.

3. Your photos will listed and ready for uploading to HouseMasters. Now click Super Fast Importing!

Click select files

Adding a Video •


You can add a video to your property as long as you have the Embed Code. If you’re using a virtual tour company, ask them for a copy of the embed code and they can share this information with you. If you have YouTube video, an embed code is provided for every video. At the end of each video you will see:

First Click Share

2 • •

Once you click Embed the information that is highlighted will appear. Copy and paste this information into the embed box on HouseMasters

Adding a Video • On your properties listing information you can see the spot to insert the embed code.

• Once you press save the video, pictures and information will appear on HouseMasters.

Advanced Options HouseMasters has options for users to search open houses. Every property posted has a spot to add open houses. Step 1- login to your account and select My Properties.

Step 2- Select the property you wish to add the open house to. And select the edit button.

Adding an Open House Next, the open house section is located right at the top of the information. 1. Once clicked the pop-up will allow you to see a calendar to select the date. 2. The time section will have a similar pop-up to select the time. 3. Click on the Mark as Open House *If you’re only having 1 open house you can insert a message in the Open House Date 2 box. Example- First 500 get in free!

Using the Virtual Sold Sign • A Virtual Sold Sign is just like putting a sold sticker on your lawn sign for everyone to see. Since more people will be viewing your property on-line, the virtual sold sticker has more viewers than a traditional lawn sign. • Plus, we reward your hard work with our HousePoints system. Using the virtual sold sticker gains you points for Agent rankings. Our top ten Agents are showed off to the world.

Applying the Virtual Sold Sign is Easy 1. Log into your account.

2. Click on My Properties. 3. Choose the property and select the edit button 4. Once inside the properties information you will see a check-box called – 5. Check the box and a sold sign will appear on your Listing for 10 days and the property will be removed.

Thanks for Choosing HouseMasters • If you need help at anytime, we are here to support you and your business. Feel free to email us at anytime.

Starting an Account on HouseMasters  

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