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How Long is Too Long for HDMI will it Affect Efficiency? HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) has obtained high praises for years since it has changed the way we see home entertainment-and there are sufficient reasons why HDMI must have to be commended. Among the benefits of HDMI is that they have the ability to offer higher resolutions (such as 1080p), high contrast details as well as superior sound. HDMI provides great things in just one cable. The compliments for HDMI are well-deserved for it features exceptional images and sounds. Disadvantage But the same as every other form of technology, it has also acquired its share of disapproval on the way. HDMI has its restrictions in terms of length. How long you work with your HDMI cable can have an effect in the transmitting of signals from your device to your TV screen. Presently, the maximum length for HDMI cables is fifty ft. (about 15 yards). This is already a hefty length, since you can already make your HDMI devices work on a 1.5m HDMI cable. But for certain reasons, you might want to extend your cable length to more than fifty feet, then you have to take note that possible signal loss or degraded image quality might take place. Does Cost Mean much? HDMI cable cost is no issue. The quality of signal that HDMI can provide is all the same no matter if the cable is costly or not. The only setback is the length or how long you have to run your cables. In cases that you need to extend to more than twenty meters you can experience problems in transmission. Sparklies, picture distortion and also no picture display are just some of the things you might get with longer generic cables. The more costly ones, however, have thicker copper wires which lessen transmission errors, but they are also the very thing that make some HDMI cables far more expensive. If you have a generic HDMI cable longer than 50 feet / 15 meters and have a low budget then you can have these devices as your alternatives. It is advisable to know how to resolve the feasible problems when they occur specifically with your expanded cable length. •Signal Boosters - The strength of HDMI cable signal decreases as it approaches to a longer length. To boost and stabilize the signal you need the help of signal boosters. There are also cables which have built-in boosters so you don’t need to buy them individually. •Signal Restorers - Once HDMI signals weaken, you require a signal restorer to re-

synchronize incoming signals back to its original HDMI specification. You only have to place the restorer at the end of the cable and your HDMI signal will be restored. •Signal Equalizers - This device is also called signal enhancers, this device is able to eliminate undesirable noise interference without changing other features of HDMI like color. This device is likewise capable of increasing signal strength. •Signal Extenders - Just like the signal equalizer, a signal extender also helps assure durable HDMI signals even at long runs. The length of the HDMI cable can affect the signal transmission yet you can get away with this issue with the mentioned devices. Operating with HDMI cable longer than 20 meters needs you to have some of the HDMI accessories to enable you to have stronger and more stable signals so you can indulge in home entertainment at its best. hdmi cable

How Long is Too Long for HDMI will it Affect Efficiency?  

HDMI technology gives a number of benefits for us ...

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