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Julius Caesar: Dramatic Reading Project Assignment: Memorize 8 – 12 lines from Julius Caesar. You might want to do more than 12 lines, but 8 – 12 is the minimum requirement. Recite these lines to the class. When finished reciting lines to class, spend half a minute to a minute explaining what the lines said and what they achieve in the play. • • •

Memorize your lines and recite them clearly and with some emotion. You do not need to act, but your hands and face should be moving and showing the character’s emotion. Explain what the lines mean. Do a quick translation after reading the lines. Explain the importance of these lines. o You might explain the importance of these lines to plot development, theme development, character development, conflict, suspense, irony, foreshadowing, and so on. o You might explain the importance of these lines to our current society, to universal themes that are illustrated in other pieces of art. ƒ I am looking to see that you have thought carefully about these lines and that you have a basic understanding of the entire play. Turn in a half-page typed paper, which explains which lines you have chosen and their importance.

*You may have one 3x5 index card with keywords for your introduction and conclusion. This index card must be turned in with your paper. Grading Rubric: Memorization Grade: Grade C – (8 – 12 lines) Grade B – (12 – 14 lines) Grade A – (15 or more lines) Delivery Grade: Students will be graded on the following: • Introduction (When you stand in front of the class, introduce the part of the play that the lines come from and the character who will be speaking. Leave about a 5 second pause and then recite your lines. If you are presenting a few different sections then you must also provide transitions between each.) • Volume (not only should every one hear you, but also you should effectively change your volume for emphasis.) • Rate (make sure that your speed of delivery is consistent with the tone of your lines.) • Eye Contact (make sure you provide eye contact with the audience, especially in the short explanation that follows your lines) • Posture (make sure to move body only when necessary to the lines) • Gestures (make sure your hand and arm movement is consistent with the lines you have chosen. Use hands to emphasize points.) • Conclusion (Explain the lines and the importance of the lines.)


Grading Rubric: Julius Caesar: Dramatic Reading Project Memorization Grade: Grade C – (8 – 12 lines) Grade B – (12 – 14 lines) Grade A – (15...