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N OW T H E Y WA N T TO BAN S ECTIO N 2 1! The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and


Local Government, James Brokenshire, announced in April proposals for the Government is to abolish section 21.

By Charlotte Fantelli Award Winning Entrepreneur and Owner of Branded Studios

Section 21 (Form 6a) – (recently updated and must be used from 1st June 2019) is more commonly used when a landlord requires a rental property back. This is because it is guaranteed, and you do not need to

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give a reason. The Section 8 notice can be used but has many loop- holes and does not guarantee the property back. In my 30 years’ experience within the industry, I can honestly say the main reason for issuing a section 21 notice to a tenant is due to rent arrears. In fact, the

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Government’s own figures from English Housing Survey 2016/17 shows that 90% of tenancies are ended by the tenant and in most cases of tenancies being ended by landlords was solely down to rental arrears. Scotland have already banned our equivalent Section 21 (Section 33) in December 2017 and we seem to be following their suit in many ways. With all the legislations being thrown at us, it is

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easy to throw your arms up and say, ‘what next?’. My suggestion is to hang back and wait. I believe there will still be a way to regain the property if the tenant is in arrears, you need to move back in or you need to sell. Have a good week, Sharon Remember a good letting agent is worth every penny when you know you can sleep peacefully at night.

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