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CONTRIBUTORS Neil Cole is an experienced church planter. He works with CMA resourcing church leaders with ministry tools to reproduce disciples, leaders and churches. He is author of Organic Church and Cultivating a Life for God.

Thomas Wynn, Jr. has pastored two institutional churches in southern Virginia. He now plants and serves simple/organic churches as an Ephesian 4 gift ministry within the Church of the Nations family of churches.

John White works with Dawn Ministries helping to develop coaching networks of church planters throughout the country. The Dawn Vision is a church (a vibrant family of Jesus) within easy access of every person in every region and people group.

Michelle Borquez is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Extraordinay Women Magazine. She also founded Christian Women in Media and Arts to empower women in the media and entertainment world.

Julie Ross has been coaching church planters for 10 years. She and her husband, Bill, lead LifePlace, which coaches emerging missional communities in the U.S. If you are interested in attending a debriefing experience or hosting one in your area contact Julie at

Frank Viola is an internationally known speaker, a house church planter, and the author of six highly acclaimed books on radical church restoration, including Rethinking the Wineskin, Who is Your Covering?, and The Untold Story of the New Testament Church. You can visit him online at

Paul Vieira is an author and lecturer, seeking to inspire believers to reflect Jesus out in the real world. Paul has much to share about knowing the times that we live in by looking back into biblical history. He has written the newly released book Jesus Has Left the Building.

John and Shirley Tasch run a ministry committed to teach, train and motivate the whole family to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for their lives. Parents highly value their work with the children at the National House Church conference.

Maurice Smith is a house church planter and leader of the Parousia Network of House and Cell Churches in Spokane, WA. He also hosts a Christian radio show.

Ross Rohde is a simple church planter and coach who has worked in Spain. He is currently coaching in the U.S. but feels God’s call to start a simple church network at Cambridge University in England.

Felicity Dale is author of Getting Started and An Army of Ordinary People. She is on the editorial board of House2House magazine.

Jim Mellon is a businessman and church planter in Central Texas. He was part of the original team that started House2House Magazine.

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House2House Issue 10  
House2House Issue 10  

Cover Story: Transitioning: Taking Church Back to Simple