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GENOVA Spring 2019




Charles E. Daniel Center for Building, Research and Urban Studies 3

Students Graduate: Kari Morgan Kaitlyn Salvia Undergraduate: Jenna Arndt Taylor Beck Morgan Clark Ethan Curtis Tate Deluccia Isabel Korn Angela Nessel Daphne Noegel Devon O’Geary Heath Roberts April Simms Kendall Wilbanks


Undergraduate: (L.Arch) Olivia Etheredge Liz Tuffnell Katia Olmstead Hannah Rudman

Professor in Residence Henrique Houayek*

Administrator Silvia Siboldi Carroll

Faculty Saverio Fera Giuditta Poletti Luca Rocco Danilo Vespier

Staff: Cristina Lagomarsino Lucia Ruggiero

* Family Kelly Houayek Helena Houayek

Students, Faculty, Staff with CAF Members and Friends of the Villa at the Villa Party March 17, 2019 5

This book is dedicated to the Daniel family and all the donors, and friends of the Villa for their generous support over the years. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Forrester Little & Associates Architects CU & RW Oakley Mr. Frederick George “Fritz� Roth Mrs. Jeanne G. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jameson, Jr. Mr. Raymond Stainback, Thompson Ventulett Stainback & Associates


DA Gardner Mr. William Pelham, Pelham Architects, LLC Mr. David Olesker, for the Anne Landsman Isenburger Memorial Fellowship Dr. Cesare Fera, in memoriam Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Powell Mrs. Mary F. Powell

Table of Contents Living at the Villa and the Study Abroad Experience


Field Studies: Sketches


Historical Romanesque Churches


First Group Trip


Independant Travel


Second Group Trip


Italian Rationalism


Research and Theory Seminar


Studio Projects






Antinori Winery





Kaitlyn Salvia, Graduate Architecture Italy has been full of surprises and unspeakable beauty at every turn. It has been a blessing and a dream come true to be able to see so many of the architects and architecture I studied in undergrad. Being able to run my hands along the edges of the pond in the Brion Cemetary, a project I studied in depth for my thesis in undergrad, was such a humbling experiance. After this trip I feel like a majority of my bucklist is checked off. Pictures don’t even compare to all the beauty that is truely within each shot. This semesters studio project gave me a unqiue opportunity to work along side accomplished professors who encouraged me to immerse myself in my project and its culture while learning new skill sets. I will really miss our weekly adventures with Giuditta and interesting train rides. Silvia has been like a mother to me in not only how helpful and resourceful she is, but she’s also a great listener. Most of all, words cannot describe how meaninful it was to be able to visit Palermo, Sicily, the birthplace of my family. I am so thankful for these past four months and will carry these memories with me for years to come! Until next time italy. Cioa!

April Simms, Undergraduate Architecture Silvia, Cristinia, and Lucia are some of the hardest working women I have ever met. Also, Italian oranges are significantly better than American oranges.


Taylor Beck, Undergraduate architecture Coming to the villa this past January I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but if I’m being honest I don’t think any of us here really did. Needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised with my time here at the villa. Being able to study abroad this past semester has truly been an opening experiencing. Life at the villa has been nothing full of new adventures, an abundance of knowledge, and countless memories. The villa brought me new friends, who quickly became family, and made this an experience one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity that I was given to come to Genova and make it my new home away from home.

Kari Morgan, Graduate Architecture The cities and the countryside were more wonderful and beautiful than I’d ever dreamed. After dreaming about it for 15 years, it was hard to believe I had finally made it. The view every day of the Mediterranean was incredible; I did a lot of crying here, especially in Firenze, but they were always happy tears!

Olivia Etheredge, Undergraduate landscape architecture The time I’ve spent in Italy has left me with some of the best memories and friendships. My time at the villa has allowed me to see so many amazing places and things. I’ve learned more in these four months than I ever could have imagined, and I’m so grateful to have had this experience.

Living at the Villa and the Study Abroad Experience Angela Nessel, Undergraduate Architecture Studying abroad in Genova has truly been one of the greatest experiences that I will have in my life. Now that it is coming to an end, I understand how fortunate I am to have been given this opportunity. The friendships I have made will be life long, the places I have traveled will always be remembered, and the knowledge I have gained will be of great value in my future. I am thankful for the experiences that I will carry for the rest of my life.

Liz Tuffnell, Undergraduate Landscape Architecture I will never forget my time at the villa. I am so thankful for all the memories I have made here and the incredible people I got to become so close with. Genoa will always hold a special place in my heart!

Ethan Curtis, Undergraduate Architecture Listen man, since the day I was offered an opportunity to study abroad, in Genova especially, everyone always said that it would undoubtably be one of the greatest experiences of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I was always eager and excited to study in Italy, but after a year of hearing this repeatedly I started to question if it would live up to the hype. Coming to the bittersweet end of my semester here, it’s safe to say the adventures and great times I’ve endured have by far exceeded my expectations and are sure to leave me with long lasting memories. Thanks to the friends I knew before coming abroad, the ones I’ve made throughout the semester, and the best studio professor I’ve had during my time at Clemson, my study abroad experience is one that I will truly cherish forever.

Jenna Arndt, Undergraduate Architecture Living at the Villa this semester has truly been the most incredible experience. Getting the chance to travel all over Europe and enjoy so many new places and cultures is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I have always known I wanted to travel and being able to do so is a dream come true. I am so grateful for all of the incredible memories I have made abroad and for the friends that have come along the way. I am also so thankful for our professors and everything they have done for me. And also for Helena. And Pizza. While this is my first trip abroad, I hope it will not be my last! Via Piaggio 14 for life!



Villa Lecture Series



Field Studies: Sketches On Drawing: Design as an aesthetic practice Henrique Houayek

The Field Studies class has a premise of learning by the encounter and live experiences. Class takes advantage of the unique opportunity and experience students have to attend the Genoa Villa. The purpose of this course is to develop and practice a way of seeing and analyzing the built environment. Explicit in this process is the graphic transformation of that environment onto the two dimensional page. This act is a remarkable process and warrants careful consideration for its usefulness as an analytical tool. The learning process arrives from walking and visiting Genoa and other Italian cities and graphically register these experiences as an architect. Analytical inquiry through drawing can have the reciprocal effect of interpreting the subject and, through the drawing itself, it can also illustrate the process of how the subject is revealed. Simply stated, these analysis drawings are “working drawings”. That is to say, they “work” at providing insightful information and reveal otherwise hidden information about the subject rather than only depicting a landscape scene. Moving beyond a topical tourist photographing, this class focused on strong observation and extensive drawings as a way to record, and memorize interesting architecture and urban moments, as a way to increase the students design repertoire and to become more comfortable in developing and explaining graphically design intents. The unique character and advantage of the “field sketch” is to allow a concentrated amount of time to focus your attention onto a specific place or building in order to discover, analyze and record its complexities. Drawing in the field should be more incisive and exploratory than producing only accurate renderings of a given “scene”.


Isabel Korn

Devon O’Geary

Heath Roberts Taylor Beck

Morgan Clark 16

Jenna Arndt

Olivia Etheredge

Liz Tuffnell

The Villa

Daphne Noegel

Tate Deluccia

Kendall Wilbanks


Port Top: Daphne Noegel Left Botom: Daphne Noegel Bottom Middle: Taylor Beck Bottom Right: Tate Deluccia



Daphne Noegel

Tate Deluccia

Heath Roberts

Heath Roberts 19

Katia Olmstead


Morgan Clark

Tate Deluccia

Daphne Noegel

Tate Deluccia


Genova Significant Buildings: Heath Roberts


Tate Deluccia

Katia Olmstead 22

Liz Tuffnell


Top: Tate Deluccia Bottom: Isabel Korn


Taylor Beck


Jenna Arndt

Katia Olmstead



Top Right: Heath Roberts Bottom Right: Kaitlyn Salvia Left Bottom: Kendall Wilbanks


Six Romanesques Churches Churches are among the most spectacular architecture works of the medieval city; its trace and position of its buildings represent principle functions of communal life and civic unity. In this drawing exercise students are encourage to experience Genova’s medieval city and understand its architectural structure, scale, orientation and architecture. As part of our study of Genova’s historical center and its historical typologies this semester, students will be requested to produce a poster with a set of accurate representations of the façade for six different Romanesque churches from the City which represent the evolution of the church design from the 600’s to the 1200’s. All Elevations are in a 1/50 metric Scale. • Chiesa di Santo Stefano • Chiesa di Sant’Agostino • Chiesa di San Matteo • Chiesa di San Donato • Chiesa di Santa Maria di Castello • Chiesa di San Cosimo


7 1 6

5 2 4 9 3

8 11

Geoffrey Powell Jacob Eller 27

Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Taylor Beck Devon O’Geary Liz Tuffnell 28

Chiesa di Sant’Agostino

Kaitlyn Salvia Olivia Etheredge Katia Olmstead 29

Chiesa di San Matteo

Morgan Clark Tate Deluccia Daphne Noegel 30

Chiesa di San Donato

Hannah Rudman Heath Roberts Kari Morgan 31

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Castello

Isabel Korn April Simms Kendall Wilbanks 32

Chiesa di San Cosimo

Jenna Arndt Ethan Curtis Angela Nessel 33

Duomo Jenna Arndt Galleria Dell’Academia Right Top: Kendall Wilbanks Right Middle: Jenna Arndt Right Bottom: Jenna Arndt



First Group Trip

Piazzale Michelangelo Morgan Clark

Santa Maria del Fiore Left: Kendall Wilbanks Right: Taylor Beck


Santa Maria Fiore Window Heath Roberts

Santo Spirito Alter Heath Roberts


San Lorenzo Daphne Noegel

Santo Spirito Devon O’Geary

San Miniato Daphne Noegel

Santa Maria Novella Hannah Rudman

Santa Maria del Fiore Right: Tate Deluccia Middle: Heath Roberts Left: Isabela Korn Left bottom: Kaitlyn Salvia


First Group Trip


Museum Delle Opera del Duomo Left: Tate Deluccia


Marino Marini Museum Bottom Top: April Simms Bottom: Kaitlyn Salvia


First Group Trip

Boboli Gardens Top: Isabel Korn Firenze Hillside Bottom: Olivia Etheredge



First Group Trip

Top Left: Tate Deluccia Top Right: Tate Deluccia Bottom Left: Isabel Korn Bottom Right: Devon O’Geary



Right: Heath Roberts Top Left: Jenna Arndt Middle Left: Jenna Arndt Bottom Left: Kendal Wilbanks Bottom Middle: Taylor Beck Bottom Right: Liz Tuffnell

First Group Trip


Right: Tate Deluccia Top Left: Taylor Beck Bottom Left: Jenna Arndt Bottom Middle: Kendall Wilbanks Bottom Right: Angela Nessel


Roman Coloseum Right: Taylor Beck Left: Heath Roberts Bottom Left: Ethan Curtis Bottom Middle: Angela Nessel Bottom Right: Daphne Noegel


First Group Trip


Maxxi Museum Top Right: Heath Roberts Ara Pacis Museum Top Left: Morgan Clark Auditorium Parco della Musica Bottom Left: Taylor Beck Bottom Middle: Angela Nessel 44


First Group Trip

Vatican Museum Top Left: Morgan Clark Top Right: Devon O’Geary Bottom Left: Liz Tuffnell Bottom Right: Olivia Etheredge




Independent Travel

Stonehenge April Simms 47


Independent Travel

Westminster Abbey Top Left: April Simms Tower Bridge London Top Right: April Simms London Eye Middle Left: Kendall Wilbanks The Monument MIddle Right: Kendall Wilbanks


Tower of London Bottom Left: Kaitlyn Salvia


Independent Travel

Zaha Hadid Transport Museum, Galsgow Scott Monument, Edinburgh Bottom Middle: Kendall Wilbanks Top Left: Kendall Wilbanks Middle Left: Kendall Wilbanks Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh Top Right: Kaitlyn Salvia Bottom Right: Kaitlyn Salvia Galsgow Cathedral Top Right: Isabel Korn


Castle Lanzarote Jenna Arndt

Angela Nessel


Taylor Beck

Casa Aitonita, Lanzarote Ethan Curtis

Casa Aitonita, Lanzarote Taylor Beck


Iglesia De San Manuel, San Benito Top Left:Taylor Beck Bottom Left: Taylor Beck Bottom Middle: Taylor Beck Bottom Right: Jenna Arndt

Independent Travel

City Hall, Madrid Jenna Arndt


Top left: Barcelona Cathedral Top Right: La Sagrada Familia Bottom Left: Barcelona Winery Bottom Middle: Barcelona Park Guell Lizard Bottom right: Casa Mila Garage Door Tate Deluccia


La Sagrada Familia Top Right: Daphne Noegel


Independent Travel

Catalunya Museum Bottom: Daphne Noegel Arc de Triomf Top Left: Katia Olmstead


Pompeii: Morgan Clark

Milan Katia Olmstead 54

Dublin Mall: Isabel Korn


Independent Travel

Interlaken: Daphne Noegel

Interlaken: Daphne Noegel

Toulouse: Tate Deluccia


Cantina Antinori Left: Morgan Clark RIght: Heath Roberts



Independent Travel

Dublin, Ireland Top left: Kaitlyn Salvia Animals Owls: Kendall Wilbanks Cow: Isabel Korn Peacock: Taylor Beck Bird: Devon O’Geary


Karlsplatz Jenna Arndt Liz Tuffnell

Cupid and Psyche Statue Belvedere Museum Kendall Wilbanks 58

Secession Kendall Wilbanks April Simms


Second Group Trip

Secession Top Left: Kari Morgan Top Right: Isabel Korn Bottom Left: Daphne Noegel Bottom Right: Taylor Beck


Pestaule Monument Kaitlyn Salvia


Karlskirche Daphne Noegel

Getreidemarkt Street Morgan Clark

Vienna Cathedral Top Left: Tate Deluccia Top Right: Morgan Clark Bottom Right: Heath Roberts


Second Group Trip

Michaelerplats Bank by Adolf Loos Bottom Left: Isabel Korn 61

Verona Gates Top Left: Daphne Noegel Arena Top Right: Morgan Clark Castelvecchio Middle Left: Liz Tuffnell

Castelvecchio Window Bottom Left: Taylor Beck


Castelvecchio Stairs Detail Devon O’Geary


Second Group Trip

Castelvecchio Stair Detail Heath Roberts

Castelvecchio Morgan Clark

Castelvecchio Heath Roberts


Top Left: Tate Deluccia Bottom Left: Isabel Korn Bottom Right: Taylor Beck


Gipsoteca Canova

Second Group Trip

Top Left: April Simms Top Right: Heath Roberts


Villa Rotonda Top Left: Kendall Wilbanks Top Right: Liz Tuffnell Bottom Left: Daphne Noegel Bottom Right: Liz Tuffnell


Vicenza and Palladio

Second Group Trip

Villa Emo detail Jenna Arndt

Details Left: Kari Morgan Right: Isabel Korn

Villa Emo Morgan Clark

Villa Foscari Greenhouse Daphne Noegel

Palazzo del Capitaniato Liz Tuffnell


Brion Chapel Heath Roberts Ethan Curtis


Detail Olivia Etheredge

Stair Detail Kaitlyn Salvia

Detail Kaitlyn Salvia

Chapel Entrance Isabel Korn

Corner Details April Simms

Brion Cemetary

Second Group Trip

Top: Kendall Wilbanks Bottom Left: Liz Tuffnell Bottom Middle: Liz Tuffnell Bottom Right: Morgan Clark


Olivetti Store Top Left: Jenna Arndt Top Middle: Taylor Beck Top Right: Tate Deluccia Bottom Left: Taylor Beck Bottom Right: Heath Roberts



Second Group Trip

Right: Tate Deluccia Top Left: Daphne Noegel Top Middle: Jenna Arndt Bottom Left: Taylor Beck


Italian Rationalism

Saverio Fera

The purpose of this course is introduce to foreign students to a part of the Italian history of architecture. This history is part of the genealogy of many contemporary Italian architects. The seminar will be based on a series of lectures depicting the Italian architectural environment of the first half of the XX century. A specific bibliography will be given during the lectures. As part of your study of Modern Italian Architecture (MIA)this semester, studentswill be requested to produce a poster with aset of accurate representationsof the axonsforsix different building from the Italian production of the Twenties and Thirties.



Casa del Fascio, Como Giuseppe Terragni, 1932 Ethan Curtis and Angela Nessel 74

Asilo Sant’Elia, Como Giusepe Terragni, 1937 April Simms and Kendall Wilbanks


Danteum, Roma Giuseppe Terragni, 1938 Morgan Clark and Tate Deluccia

76 Giuseppe Terragni

Central Termica, Angiolo Mazzoni de Grande, 1932-34 Isabel Korn and Devon O’Geary


Palazzo Postal, Roma Adalberto Libera, 1933 Jenna Arndt and Daphne Noegel 78

Palazzo Delle Arte, Milano Giovanni Muzio, 1933 Taylor Beck and Heath Roberts 79

Design Seminar

Danilo Vespier

The course will be based on a series of lectures with projections of slides, dealing with main topics of the design process focusing primarily within the context of Italy and Europe. Some cases study will be analyzed giving to the students some references and bibliography, lecture by lecture. Students are expected to take a mid-semester test based on topics illustrated during the lectures, the given references and reading assignment. The final exam will consist of a graphic presentation with sections in scale 1:50. To be presented in a latter date. The purpose of this course is to show and analyze different architectural experiences with the intent to highlight different steps and specific aspects of the design process. Project is not just a composition of spaces and volumes, driven only by a personal skill and creativity or a self-referential gesture, but is the result of an articulate multidisciplinary design research, made to respond to different needs and specific contextual situations. Each project has its own “story�, for this reason there are not ready-made solutions for design. Architects need to be critical, always ready to check and revise their own work. They need to be curious, in order to learn and take advantage of all the disciplines that can improve the design process. Architects need finally to be always conscious of their big responsibility for the physical and social impact of their actions.



Studio Projects

Henrique Houayek Luca Rocco Danilo Vespier Piccola Galeria di Rubens a Genova One interesting historical and cultural occurrence in Genova was the visit of the Flemish painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens in 1604. Impressed by the development of the city at its “Siglos de Oro”, (Golden Cycle) with its new Architecture, Rubens worked on a publication containing prints from drawings of the Strata Nuova Palazzos, to become a portfolio and architecture repertoire to be reproduced for future palace projects around Europe. Published in 1622 this book contains the number of prints with plans, sections, and elevations from a significant number of city buildings, today its original is reduced to a small number of copies and are not open to the public. The challenge this semester is to understand the context of the city and this historical fact and develop a gallery/museum/exhibit space which will celebrate the artists view of Genova and contain all original prints from Rubens Palace Portfolio. This Semester project must be conceptualized and designed in a way as to create an interesting and important public and private space which to regenerate a leftover part of the city and create a new urban space for Genova. The area of intervention for this studio is situated at Genova’s Piazza Dante, set exactly at the border wall between the old medieval city and its expansion from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The context of this area includes the historical Porta Soprana, the original east city wall entrance, the Sant’Andrea cloister, the Casa di Colombo, a house attributed to be lived by Columbus himself and in opposite side the Torre Piacentini, an 120 meter high tower built in the late 1930’s and changing significantly the urban scale of the area.



Jenna Arndt Daphne Noegel





Morgan Clark Tate Deluccia





Heath Roberts Hannah Rudman L.A.





Kari Morgan M.A. Isabel Korn





Kendall Wilbanks April Simms





Devon O’Geary Taylor Beck





Ethan Curtis Katia Olmstead L.A.









LEVEL 29 m LEVEL 22 m

Kaitlyn Salvia M.A. Olivia Etheredge L.A.






Angela Nessel LIz Tuffnell L.A.





Traveling is vital to oneself’s education because it helps release you from the feelings that your own customs are at the center of the universe. It connects you to a greater sense of the world and a greater sense of purpose as architect and as citizen.

This book has been produced during the Fall 2018 semester by Henrique Houayek, Professor in Residence and Kaitlyn Salvia, Teaching Assistant. It is a sample of the students’ experiences and their work produced while living at the Villa with a selection of over 250 hand drawings with multiple medias, as well as the projects developed for Studio. 120


The Charles E. Daniel Center for Building, Research and Urban Studies was founded in 1972 by Harlan Ewart McLure and Cesare Fera as one of the first architecture programs in the US to establish a satellite program in Europe. Since its creation, the Genova program has served as a home for Clemson University, captivating and inspiring countless architecture students. The program balances studio experience with studies of Italian architecture, contemporary design, urban practices, culture and field sketching. Students spend about a third of the 15-week semester traveling around Italy and Europe. A resident professor from Clemson is assisted by Italian professors who also practice architecture in Genoa. Visiting critics and lecturers from Italy and Europe come to the center on a regular basis to lecture and critique student work. This book was organized by Henrique Houayek, Professor in Residence and presents the work produced during the Spring 2019 semester with particular emphasis on students’ sketches, field studies and studio work.


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