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Government and You Year Level: 9 SOSE Outcome Levels: 5 Author: Emerita Distor Position: Teacher School: Beenleigh State High School This unit was written and designed with our Year 9 students in mind. However, core activities and strategies can be modified to best suit your own classroom situation and your school’s available resources. The layout of worksheets were metamorphoses of the ones I came across from different sources and may also be converted to suit units of other Key Learning Areas. Extension activities are also included to cater and engage those enthusiastic learners in our classrooms. With good intentions and degree of success, I have likewise taken on board some of Gardner’s and Bloom’s cognitive and intellectual callisthenics while preparing all activities. The lesson plan matrix format for this unit was first developed by teachers from my previous school, North Mackay High. I find the format very effective and user-friendly and for that reason I am very grateful to the practicality and dedication of my former cohort. Thankfully, the same qualities are not difficult to find in state-run schools. My colleagues in the Social Science Department in Beenleigh State High are equally passionate about unit development and their support and feedback have been helpful in creating this SOSE unit kit.