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82 JULY 2013

Jono Bak 1991- 2013

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Welcome to Hot Village, or should I say ‘welcome back’? In the last eight years HVM has brought the Village’s customers and business owners everything - from news and insights to offers and features. It has also provided ‘tourists’ with a handy pocket guide to all our facilities, contacts and events. Of course, these days any news, gossip or information usually hits Facebook even before it actually happens and the ‘need’ for a printed medium seemed to be diminishing. That is unless you are of an older, more traditional generation, you are early for that hook-up or meeting in your favourite Village bar and want a ‘prop’ or distraction, or you simply regard printed media as a more legitimate and trustworthy platform. Either way, in the year that HVM has been on hiatus, it has been missed. So, here’s the deal. HVM has always been a sideline for its Editor, whether it was Frank and

the Off-Licence or Haydn and AXM. The same is true for me with my entertaining, as HVM can carry its own publishing costs by taking payments from Village businesses in return for advertising space. The more advertisements and events that the Village submit, the cheaper those costs will become for everybody. I suppose what I’m saying is that this is not a money spinner. It’s a service that I believe should be in circulation. In addition, it is important that every business, group, minority and Village patron be allowed coverage should they want it, and I encourage you all to contact us here at HVM if you have a story or an article you think would be of interest to the area. Pride is upon us and rather than reboot Hot Village with a mad busy bumper Pride issue, we decided to push one out for July to give us time to get used to publishing, and to make initial contact with the Village businesses and managers. This ‘shakedown’ issue will cover such things as the Sparkle celebration and the recent Albert Kennedy Trust Purple Weekend. I constantly hear people talk about the changes that the Village is going through. Despite only being

here for the last six years, I have seen them too, but also observed everyone adapting and adjusting to those changes. There have been many job offers made to me over those years, both in other areas of the UK and abroad. I may be biased, and this runs a risk of sounding a little cheesy, but I truly believe that Manchester has the best Gay community when it comes to cooperation and friendship. I could not be happier than to be a part of that. The Village is very much alive! Finally, speaking of friendship - as you read this, we will have already put to rest one of our own, Jono Bak, who passed away last month. To some of us he was a friend and to others he was a colleague. Either way, the public outpouring of empathy was fantastic to see and a great reminder of just how close our community can be. I dedicate this issue to the Memory of Jono. See page 13 for a special message from his mother. Enjoy July, and let’s collectively keep our fingers crossed for some good weather. Love,

Misty x


The Queens of Pop YouTube Channel only appeared in the January of this year - but with over a MILLION YouTube hits under their belts, and live engagements coming in thick and fast, QoP are proving that they are more than just a flash in the pan. Brothers James and Ged Weir gave us a bit more of an insight into the men behind the weaves... Since finding success on the Cabaret Circuit as Queens of Pop, have you given up your day jobs?


Yes we have now given up our day jobs and we are now full time Queens of Pop all day everyday and we love it. We both worked full time jobs until very recently but as soon as we started performing our live shows things got a little bit crazy. We now spend our time writing new songs and sketches as well as creating our videos and constantly updating and reworking our live show. We have got to meet so many fabulous people over the last few weeks and we are having so much fun. It’s been hard

adjusting to not working a 9 to 5 job but we are doing something we have always wanted to do so we both decided to take the plunge and get on with it. You are a double act, but is it equal collaboration behind the scenes or is one of you particularly the lyricist/costume master etc? We are brothers so we share a very similar and strange sense of humour (thanks Dad) so sitting down and coming up with the idea of who we are going to do or what we are going to write about comes pretty naturally. One of us does the music and the other writes most of the lyrics but from start to finish it’s pretty much a joint effort, kind

of an extremely glamorous family business I suppose. We work together on everything from the lyrics, the video shoot, costumes and marketing so we really are a double act.

I now hear the lyrics of your Whole Again parody being sung around the Village more than Atomic Kitten’s ever were. Do you feel a lot of pressure on you to have another hit that’s as catchy?

Where has the best audience that you’ve had to date been?

No, I think all our songs are catchy and they’re all funny. The Atomic Kitten song is about Kerry Katona and love her or hate her she is very

That is a hard question. Every show we have done has been so different. Our very first show at VIA Manchester was amazing. It was packed! The noise that came back from the crowd was deafening but to be honest that happens everywhere we go. We go on stage a little bit nervous and everyone sings our lyrics word for word which feels amazing. It’s a very strange feeling when hundreds of people sing back lyrics that we wrote together in our little studio. Every audience we’ve had so far has been great. Everywhere we have played has been full and I mean really full of people who know every single word, every single dance routine and every single joke it’s crazy. Our Twitter and Facebook fans turn up everywhere we go and we love our groupies they are as messed up as we are. Speaking of which we need more followers so find us on Twitter: @queensofpoptv

famous, end of. Everyone knows who she is and what she has been through so everyone could identify with the lyrics. It’s natural for people to compare our new songs to the Atomic Kitten song as out of all our videos it’s had the most hits so far but the feedback we get on the other songs has been fantastic too. You’re always gonna get the haters but we never set out to please everybody all of the time and we will always perform the Kitten’s track live as it pays the bills and as you know “we’ve all had money troubles at some point”. What has been crazy is seeing drag queens dress up and parody us, that’s a very unusual sensation and people expect us to be pissed off about it but we love it. Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.


We notice that Kerry Katona now follows you on Twitter. Have you had any comments, either negative or positive, from those who you are parodying (or their legal representatives)? When we first posted the Kitten video we were contacted by Kerry’s manager. He did say that if we didn’t take the video off YouTube lawyers would be involved. We decided to ignore it and promote the video even harder. We now work with Bold

new sketches for our live theatre shows and they’re based around the characters from our videos as well as some new stars. We have wrote some very funny sketches for the Kardashians and Tulisa too which we will be filming and performing very soon. As far as the pop videos go we will be keeping that a secret for now. Are you going to have to tone your act down when performing at Manchester Pride, or will you be given a post-watershed slot?

#IRREWEAVEABLE management who also represent Ms Katona so I guess they got over it and saw the funny side. We have had some amazing comments from Jenny Frost, H from Steps, Pam Ann, Holly Johnson and now even Charlotte from Geordie Shore follows us on Twitter. We are not too sure how Taylor and Beyonce feel about it but we really hope they have seen their video. Any hints to your fans as to what your next parody is going to be? We are currently working on some


No, we don’t tone it down this is what we do and how we do it. We will be after the watershed in Manchester but we don’t ever change the lyrics, there’s no point cos the audience would sing the proper words anyway. Which one of you is the biggest Diva? We’re not really divas to be honest. We work with each other and we are brothers so having a diva strop with each other would be pointless. We know how we

want things to sound and look and we are not scared of asking for what we want to make the show or video or song right. But our feet are firmly on the ground, as long as all the brown m&m’s have been taken out of the swan shaped crystal bowl backstage and we are fanned down by boys with beards in their underwear then we are

happy, we don’t ask for much! Which of today’s popstars do you think would be awful without their autotune? Most of them probably but as Frankie from the Saturdays once said, why bark yourself when you work with a pack of dogs!

The Exchange Marc Duffy gives Hot Village a brief introduction to Gaydio’s live discussion show The Exchange... Everybody loves a good chin wag (converstation to those non-Mancunians)! Whether it be about the weather, your next door neighbour or which housemate will win Big Brother, we all get a thrill from chatting with our friends. That’s what we do each weekday night on The Exchange. We’re Gaydio’s local discussion programme for the north west... a cross between, some say, Question Time and Loose Women, where we discuss the news stories of the day and give our tuppence worth (opinions), sparking some interesting and lively debates. And no two programmes are ever the same. Sure we talk about the pressing news that affects LGBT people, such as same-sex marriage, homophobic bullying in schools and the ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood. But we also tackle the light hearted stories

Live in 5, 4, 3...

of the day, from the world’s largest beefburger to how many council workmen it takes to change a light bulb! Over the last three years, I must have heard them all! We have a fantastic team of regular panelists and presenters ready to get on their soapbox about a particular issue. Occasionally, we like to get some big names into the studio to get their opinion on the hot topics, including friends of the show, Loose Women stars Denise Welch and Coleen Nolan. We’re also here for LGBT community groups to promote their activities, and you’ll often find some of our team out and about reporting on what’s happening in the Gay Village. Couple all this together with some great music from the 80s, 90s and now, The Exchange is a perfect accompaniment to your evening. We are live across the north west every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm on Gaydio in Manchester (88.4FM) or through our website



This dreadful and tragic incident has at least opened my eyes and taught me a few lessons, and I truly hope that it does the same for you too. The first, and overwhelming thing I’ve learnt is how many friends my son had. He was very obviously well respected and loved by those in and around his life, and the support and help we as a family have received has been very touching, and is something I will never forget. The tributes and comments people have made about Jonathan have melted my heart whilst also making me incredibly proud of my boy. We loved him deeply, and it’s good to know that an awful lot of others did too. Jonathan was a very frequent visitor, and of course also worked in The Village, and over the past few weeks I have used Facebook as a sort of window into that world, and therefore into his world. I have learnt about the excesses that seem to permeate it, with people generally overdoing it. Be that drinking far too much, to the extreme of some taking things to keep themselves going, and then taking something else to shut themselves down afterwards. It’s always far too easy to get swept away in the lifestyle and atmosphere I suppose.

So as a grieving and heartbroken mother who has now lost her son to that excessiveness, can I please ask that all his friends, those that loved him, and all the other Village users, learn from our loss, and take a break every now and again to recharge your batteries. Look around at your friends and loved ones and give them any support they may need from time to time, as we all need looking after and caring for sometimes. Let’s hope no other mother has too endure the pain of another wasted life to what is supposed to be simply having a good time. The loss of my son will change our family’s life forever, and we will never recover from this. But the response from the people of The Village has made this difficult time a little more bearable. The pride I have in my son will continue for the rest of my life, and knowing that he was so highly thought of and loved by so many, is a comfort and a testament to the type of person he was, and for me always will be. He was kind, generous, loving and nice, and I can’t thank enough all his friends, who it seems are exactly the same.

- Amanda Coughlan Thank you to Tony Woof for the use of the photo of Jono


A Village In Purple

@villagebakers /villagebakers

The Village Bakers are an LGBT social group with the aim to Bake it! Bring it! Share it! within Manchester’s Gay Village. Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, the Village Bakers was formed in November 2012 by a group of friends meeting and sharing homemade cake and lots of glasses of wine. Since then, the group has grown in popularity with over 500 followers on Facebook and Twitter... The Village Bakers are taking the Manchester’s Gay Village by storm!! As the youngest LGBT social group in Manchester they have already achieved great things without using botox!! Village Bakers has supported many charities and organisations and already contributed to The George House Trust Mobile Bake Sale raising in excess of £500, supported the launch of UK’s first LGBT retail network - Checkout - producing rainbow inspired cakes. They have also supported Sparkle, a UK transgender festival with a sparkle

cake pop giveaway and running a baking masterclass. Regular foodie evenings are also organised including a fabulous tapas night to bring people together and inspire foodie interests. One of the highlights of the Manchester Fringe calendar is the first annual ‘Great Village Bake Off”, camptastic baking event bringing Manchester’s Gay Village together to help raise money for Manchester Pride. Individuals and organisations can enter their tartiest tarts, firmest buns, best rainbow cake or campest cupcakes to be judged by our celebrity guest panel. Everyone is encouraged to enter regardless of your baking ability, don’t worry if you are used to a soggy bottom or your dough not rising, you’ll still be welcome at The Great Village Bake Off! There will be a variety of wonderful baking inspired prizes for you to win across the different categories. In true Village Bakers tradition of sharing, all entries will be available to sample once judging has taken place. So grab your rolling pin, prove that bread, and squeeze your buns. The Village Bakers are looking forward to judging your entry!

Enter at:


The National Transgender Celebration is back!

Sparkle 12th - 14th July

Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July sees Sparkle back in the Village for our ninth fabulous year! We attract trans visitors from all over the UK, and in fact the world, so it’s a great weekend to meet some interesting people and join in the trans-celebrations. Sparkle in the Park (in Sackville Gardens) is free, open to all and includes live music on stage all afternoon. We kick off at 12 noon on Saturday with a walk along Canal Street and our very first proper opening ceremony - so

why not come along and join in the fun? There is plenty to do in the park all afternoon, with trade and info stands, bar and food. We have some great performers on stage, including the Supreme Fabulettes all the way from Madame JoJo’s in London and of course, the Miss Sparkle pageant at 5.45pm. - Bella Jay (Sparkle event director)


Q&A with the Legend that is: Manchester born and bred, Roxy Hart was lucky to have lived and worked through the halcyon days of Manchester’s formative gay scene and has worked with some fantastic artists over the years. Starred in Queer as Folk as the Drag Karaoke Hostess and also appeared alongside Charles Dance in the legendary period drama, The Jewel in the Crown. “I fine tuned my skills by going on the old club circuit and was a part of Twos Harmony Drag Cabaret Duo. Created the Roxy Hart Act and joined up with Just Uz to extensively tour the Far East. I returned to Manchester and worked with the wonderful Margaret and Harry Davis at the New Union. Stayed there for over 15 years and became well known for my Shirley Bassey act. Moved to Blackpool in 2003 to front Roxy’s Bar on Queen Street, part of Basil Newbys Blackpool Empire. This year we celebrate 10 years of Roxy’s being open and will be my 40th year in the business. As


Roxy Hart

the old saying goes….. a fine tune is played on an old fiddle!” You’re a generation ahead of me, and I remember you well from Canal Street when I was sneaking down there back when I was a twink. What was your first memory of Manchester’s gay scene? My first venture onto Manchester’s Gay scene was at the fabulous “Picador” club, owned and worked by the Cream of Manchester Foo Foo Lamarr. This was situated at Shude Hill, which is now Victoria Station. My great friend, Solitaire, and myself enjoyed fantastic nights dancing along to Frank Lamar singing Mac the Knife and listening to him tell his amazing tales of Manchester. Back in those days, Drag Queens started work earlier and had often finished by 11pm. These days we are generally just beginning work at 11pm. What are your thoughts on this change? It’s very sad, because in them days we didn’t have all the

technology that you have today. The pubs would open 11am3pm and then reopen at 5.30pm until 11pm. People came out to socialise and meet up with other people and not sit on their own tapping away on a smart phone like today. People met in groups and everyone knew everyone and chatted together. I never used to notice anyone getting drunk and falling about, unlike today, and you would never have heard the word Amphetamines in those happy days. I look back at the acts that I enjoyed as a young boy on the scene, and they gave me the inspiration to start doing what I do now (Chris D’Bray, Petra, yourself). Who did you enjoy seeing when you first started in the business? When I started working as a Barman in Brighton aged 19, I used to watch Dave Lynn and Paul Ashford. Paul was the first Shirley Bassey impersonator I ever saw. Brighton was a shock to me as you could watch a proper staged drag show with curtains opening and lighting. When I worked the circuit in London at the beginning of the 70’s, the Black Cap in Camden Town was my venue of choice. Mark Fleming, Mrs Shufflewick,

Regina Fong and the Disappointed Sisters were regular acts there. Diana Dors was great to work with and she would speak about her life and could really work and control a crowd. We constantly hear ‘’the good old days’’ and ‘’it’s not like it used to be’’ when we talk about Canal Street. I had only just come out when the street was apparently in its heyday, what was it that made it so great back then? Back then, people went to about 4 bars – The New Union, New York, Hollywood Show bar with Julia Grant and the Metz which Frank Lamarr was a partner in and was a great place to take a date too. Back at the start, Canal Street didn’t even have a name. It was just about going out on the gay scene and you tended to go on a the circuit to The New Union followed by Rembrandt, Thomson’s and then down to the New Y o r k . After the bars had

closed you went off to Napoleons and had to prove your age to Ernie the Doorman who made sure you were over 21 years old. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen the Street go through in the last 15 years? From the old brown buildings in my day the street setting is now like a Parisian Boulevard with all the beautiful lighting in the trees and Alfresco eating and drinking along the canal side. Most of the buildings on Canal Street were restaurants which have now changed over to bar/restaurants. The recent influx of students in Central Manchester has also helped to revive the area, along with Queer as Folk being aired on TV. QAF particularly resulted in a huge change to the dynamics of the area. Buildings were smartened up and breweries started investing more money into their venues and the building facades. Obviously, the straight crowd were intrigued and fascinated by what they saw on QAF and flocked in their thousands to see what it was all about….. and have stayed. You predominantly work on the Blackpool scene these days, how does it differ from Manchester’s gay scene?


With Blackpool being a coastal seaside resort, once the world famous illuminations are switched off in November, it can become a bit of a ghost town in the week. This is not the case in Manchester and the pink pound never sleeps there. Luckily in Blackpool, people still come out to socialise together and catch-up with what’s going on and you always know you will see Drag Queens working in the venues. From what I’ve seen, the crowd do seem to be younger in Manchester. When I come over to visit you at ROXYS, I know that I’m going hear camp songs that I know all the words to. There are very few venues which play those classics on Canal Street these days, and it seems to have been replaced with all this modern RnB and rap stuff. What do you think about today’s music, and why do think the ‘camp’ has largely gone missing? I’ve always played camp classics from the very start and found that people like to sing-along to the memories of their past. Even though in Roxy’s I play chart tunes, it’s about creating the right balance between old and new while still keeping the party atmosphere alive. I never play rap

as it would clear the floor and kill the atmosphere and generally the chart tracks I do play have a pop vibe to them or a flavour of past hits. Every now and again you pop over to the Village to do a Turn and people love it. If you had a ‘ROXYS’ on Canal Street as opposed to Blackpool, would you have to do anything differently for a Manchester audience? I would love to be on Canal Street again as I have many great memories of my time there. Roxy’s in Blackpool is a gay friendly venue with punters aged from 18 to 80 who have a huge range of musical tastes. At the weekend, we predominantly cater for the groups who want to enjoy a great party atmosphere before going onto the clubs. A lot of my Blackpool customers are from Manchester and still request the old stuff when they stay over for a few days. I would adjust and finetune things but not change the basic party format. I was once advising a lad who wanted to start doing Drag, and I brought up Shirley Bassey - to which he replied ‘Shirley who?’. I gave him up as a lost cause of course, pointed him in the direction

of Sequin Queen and withdrew my assistance. Do you have any advice for the next generation of Drag Queens? If it was me, I would concentrate on doing routines on today’s stars while incorporating a few of the classics from yesteryear. Pack your bags and get out on the club circuit, learn your trade and earn your stripes. Make mistakes but learn from them and gain as much experience as you can of working a crowd. Go out and watch other working drag cabaret artists and learn from them and see if you would be able to improve on anything. Anyone can look good in drag but you’ve only got 10 seconds to win over a crowd. If you are going to be a Drag DJ then learn which tracks can fill a floor and which can empty them. To end on a positive note, what’s the best thing about Manchester’s Gay Village? With Manchester, the Gay Village is all in one self-contained area and everything is within close walking distance … which works. You also have great transport links to bring the punters in.


Up4AMeet comes to axm 2-4th August - so

Nikki Grahame As a Drag Queen, I have a persona that I can drop out of with the removal of my costume. As you are famous for just being ‘yourself’, do you feel that there is pressure on you to constantly perform as the Nikki that people feel they know from your Big Brother highlights? Definitely not. I think that was clear when I went back into Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. I didn’t have a single strop. I’ve grown up a lot since then and always maintain my honestly. If I feel like acting in a certain way then I will. Here in the Gay Village we have a lot of “One-Upmanship”. Some take drastic steps in what they feel is self-improvement. Your body issues have been well documented, and from your experience, is there any advice you can give those gays aspiring to a potentially impossible selfimage? I have learnt that it’s not what’s outside that’s important. It sounds like a cliché but happiness outweighs size, weight etc. outside and that’s something that comes from inside.


Just as in the Village, one minute you’re hot, the next you’re not. In the fickle world of celebrity, have you ever felt the apparent stigma of being a ‘Reality Television Star’, and snubbed by celebrities who feel they’re better than you having found fame through other avenues? Yes. Ricky Gervais. The Village is a hotbed of gossip and rumour, as is celebrity in the press. What’s the most peculiar thing that you’ve seen or heard about yourself? I was compared to Vanessa Phelps… Finally, have you ever shared a same sex kiss where alcohol wasn’t involved…? Yeah. Loads of times!

we grabbed a quick word with two of its stars...

Lloyd Daniels Can you give your gay fans and followers just a little bit of hope have you never kissed any of your male friends even when blind drunk? (And how many drinks would that take, please.) I kissed my friend Jay for a joke once. We were about thirteen and were absolutely wrecked. He’s straight. I’ve kissed loads of my male friends – when you’re on a night out it’s kinda like a greeting where you end up missing the cheek! Haha. You’re performing here in Manchester in a gay venue, and most of the audience will be paying attention to one particular part of your body... Is there any part of your body that you’re happy for the attention to be taken off of? No… ;) I’m quite happy for the attention to be anywhere! As a Drag Queen I have worked with many strippers, and seen their pe-show ‘preparation’ before they are stage ready. Do you have a pre-show ritual, or do you go on ‘au naturel’? Not really. I just like to relax and

build myself up ready to go on. I kinda enjoy the nervous feeling. While performing at AXM you will be using my brand-new dressing room, which is yet to be decorated. If I were to leave a tray of poster paint on the side, what are the chances that you would leave your bum print on the wall for me? I probably wouldn’t mind doing something like that, as long as you’re willing to clean my cheeks afterwards?! If you were gay, and you were on Grindr, what would you put on your profile to attract the attention of other users? (I’m looking for tips). I’d just write ‘Up4aMeet?’ and hope for the best! (See what I did there?) For further info and tickets:


Celebration and Fundraiser for Jono Bak @ Crunch

As Hot Village gets a reboot and long overdue revitalisation let’s look back at the Village as it was when the magazine first hit the bars. The Village was a very different place back then, I had arrived in Manchester 7 years earlier to the madness that was “Queer as Folk”. Over the next couple of years, bars clubs and restaurants came and went. Then in July 2005 a magazine hit the streets. Hot Village was born giving revellers a comprehensive guide to where was hot and where was not.

Tales From The Teeth is a column belonging to the Legendary Nana. Somewhere for her to unlock her jaws and expose the youth to tales of her younger days. Is it fact? Is it fiction? Only the teeth know for sure...

Prague 5 closed its doors and was reborn as View Bar with the accent on good food and a party atmosphere with popular tunes played by some of the Village’s best DJs. A month earlier saw another eatery open at the other end of Canal Street, Villagio, still popular today with wholesome Italian dishes served all day. Where Crunch is now was the original home of AXM Bar at that time affiliated with AXM Magazine. AXM is still with us today although in another building not 5 minutes walk from its birthplace. Since then the Village has grown with the times to include our own Gay radio station. Yes, Gaydio and the Village grew up alongside our own magazine, with Hot Village covering a lot of its events., including the massive event that was Europride and the first Gay Games held in the Village. Don’t forget the Sparkle Weekend, promoting the diversity of Gay life and culture. So as Hot Village undergoes a rebirth we look to the future and the endless possibilities and opportunities that await us. Raise a glass to the continued success of both the magazine and the Village - long may they continue to grow together.


Village Manchester Football VILLAGE MANCHESTER FOOTBALL CLUB ClubWIN winsTHE IGLFA European Cup CUP IGLFA EUROPEAN Village Manchester Football Club, Manchester’s gay-friendly football team, claimed their first international trophy on 14th June, winning the IGLFA European Cup in Dublin. The inaugural European Cup tournament was held in Manchester in 2011 but the host team suffered a heart-breaking defeat in the final, losing on penalties to the ever-dominant Stonewall FC. This time there was sweet revenge as Village beat the London team 1-0 in a tense semifinal. The final was played against Dublin Devils and, although there was lots of support for the home team, Village ran out 2-1 winners to claim their first international cup in the team’s 17 year history.

Jason McAuley, the club manager, “We’ve been waiting a long time for this triumph. Having experienced the pain of defeat in three previous finals it makes it all the sweeter, especially defeating Stonewall who have set the bar in gay football for such a long time.” “All of the boys deserve a lot of credit for the effort they put in. Playing four games of football in 32 hours is extremely demanding but the determination and discipline they showed was outstanding.” The football club has grown from strength to strength in recent years and now has over 40 players making up two teams who feature in local Sunday leagues during the domestic season. Although originally an exclusively-gay team, VMFC now includes several straight players as the club continues to promote inclusivity in football at the grass-roots level. You can find out more about the team by visiting and find out more details on the tournament at:


MCR CANALSIDERS MCR Canalsiders Amateur Rugby League Club, were formed in early 2013. With the purpose of bringing the great game of Rugby League to all aspects of our LGBT Community. Being involved either through playing or supporting Rugby League is a great way to get fit, meet new friends as well as enhancing your social circle. We are looking for players, supporters and volunteers to join us. More details at www.canalsiders. Since we started the club, we have been delighted at the fantastic reception that we have had from all aspects of the Rugby League family. Gareth Thomas, MCR Canalsiders patron, said “ It’s great to see the world’s first LGBT Rugby League club starting up and providing new opportunities for people to take part in sport.” We plan to have men and women’s full contact, so a chance to tackle away!!!! As well as a mixed Touch/ Tag team, which is the same sport, but without the tackles. Both are fast paced and really enjoyable games. Touch Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, so there are lots of opportunities to play and take part in tournaments and competitions already. We plan on starting to play competitive

contact Rugby League in 2014.

As part of MCR Pride Fringe 2013, Canalsiders are delighted to be working with both Manchester and Leeds Prides to create possibly the world’s first inter-Pride sporting event. On 9th August 2013, before and at half time at the Salford City Reds v Leeds Rhinos, Super League match, the two Pride teams will compete in a game of Touch Rugby League to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of Rugby League as well as Salford being awarded the 2013 Pride Cup from current holders Leeds. We are looking at getting as many LGBT friends, family and colleagues as possible at the match, which is being held at Salford Stadium from 6pm. We have a special Pride ticket offer, with tickets at just £10.00 for a first ever Manchester Pride sporting event and a great Super League game. We also have packages for businesses and group sales. More details from pridecup@, please quote PC2013 when requesting tickets. 28


BIG PURPLE WEEKENDER 28th - 30th June 2013



BIG PURPLE WEEKENDER 28th - 30th June 2013


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Belinda Scandal gets off ^ The ‘Special’ bus arrives in the Village ^

^ Penny Crayon’s Footwear < Coleen McColon - Down she goes!

Bofathretender Month


Ross Preston

Age: 20

Starsign: Leo

How long have you used the Gay Village? For drinks? Probs about two years. For everything else... No comment. Where do you like to drink when you are not working? G-A-Y... Sad, I know. Other than that, the lovely AXM and Cruz. What’s the best thing about working in the Village? No comment. Who was the first person you came out to? My best friend at high-school, Lauren. Are you still in contact with your first ever boyfriend/ girlfriend? No way, the restraining order says we can’t be.

Bar: G-A-Y

What went wrong? No comment. When was the last time you had sex? This morning. Who was it with? Myself. When did you last cry? I don’t think I can cry to be honest. When I try, puffs of dust come out... Heartless so’n’so. What is your most embarrassing drunken story? I’d come out to my mum and dad a week before, and I got so drunk I thought it was a good idea to bring a guy home and wake my mum and dad up at 5am to tell them about it... Whilst he was in the bathroom... They weren’t really feeling the “High Five Moment”. What would be your ideal first date? Any date with Louis Smith would be ideal for me :)


Manchester Pride 2013 Ticket Launch at New York New York 25th April 2013

Male 33 Years Old Manchester

GOD COMPLEX Since acquiring the Hot Village name I’ve been getting inundated with requests from friends asking, ‘’Can you put me in the magazine?’’. Generally it’s just been my attention-seeking mates asking for shout-outs that probably wouldn’t interest anyone but themselves, but ya know what? The beauty of being Editor is that you can do pretty much anything you want, so I’ve created my own little page that I can use to indulge. Expect some weird things in MY SPACE. ADW A little personal note to one of my friends Aaron Doyle Wilkinson who has recently taken the position of Manager at Icon bar, one of my locals. He’s doing


a great job up to press and I just want to say good luck. I love going in there and he’s really pulling out all the stops. I bet Rita’s is losing a fortune since he became such a busy boy. ;) CHERYL ROLEY POLE Remember Cheryl Roley Pole who entered my Drag Idol competition last year, well she’s opening her own website. I don’t know what’s going to be on it, but as my mother said to my dad before she decided to divorce him, ‘’Ship up or ship out’’, so show us what ya got lady! All eyes on you. Check it out guys. WELCOME BRENDA And finally, there is a new Queen on the block, coming to you from Liverpool weekly. Pop in to Churchills on a Wednesday night (before Blankety Blank...) to say hello to Brenda!

LISTINGS MONDAY AXM Carry On Clubbing! The crazy week of fun begins with DJ D-Lux. BOGOF drinks until Midnight. BaaBar Jurassic Attack Dizco: DJ Faux Zoo is on the decks to deliver an eclectic mix of electro, dance, and chart house to bleed your ears into a frenzy of amazingness. If you’re an electro fan your 100% guaranteed to like what you hear or your money back. Churchills DJ Folly’s reunion, Happy Hours all night till we close. Company Bar 5pm to 2am - Happy Hour until Midnight. Cruz101 11pm to 5am. £2 admission - free passouts! Students FREE with ID all night. Most Bank Holidays £3. 1234 Select Menu : £1 - Select Shot Range : £2 - Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer) : £3 - Double Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer) : £4 - Premium Spirits + Mixer. *** £1.90 DRINKS *** VS and Fosters bottles.

Eagle Bar ‘Happy Mondays’ The clock stops every Monday in Eagle from 5pm3am, and its happy hour prices all night long! Oscars Closed. Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 1 - 7pm (full food menu available and specials board). Thompsons Level 1: Ultimate pop with DJ Paul S, Video DJ, all classic pop. Level 2: Gay Gordons Scottish dancing from 7pm.

View Chill out with a bottle of wine, only £6.95.

LISTINGS continued TUESDAY AXM It’s BOGOF on drinks all night, with free entry before 12 and free entry for students all night. DJ Paul S taking you through till 4.30am. BaaBar Pop Noodle is Baa Bar’s newest night hosted by Sunday Service’s DJ Danny C, and literally anything goes. A mixed bag of Pop, Rock, Chart, RnB & 90s classics . Til’ 2am. Churchills DJ Oggies Kamp Karaoke, Happy Hour prices all night, Sexy Steph welcomes all our Girls! Company Bar 5pm to 3am - Happy Hour until 10pm.

Oscars The Piano Lounge at Oscars with Ciaron Kendall from 8.30pm. Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 1pm - 7pm. (full food menu available and specials board). Pasta Tuesdays: buy one get one free on our special pasta dish. Thompsons Level 1: DJ Damo playing Pop and Chart Level 2: Manchester Prairie Dogs from 7pm.

View Downtime. Top drink offers from £1.

Crunch Pre-Pay: we pay your entry into Poptastic!

WEDNESDAY AXM Misty Chance’s Blankety Blank. Your chance to win up to £1000. Drag Cabaret from Misty and Nana. DJ D-Lux on the decks. Free entry until Midnight.

BaaBar With DJ Faux Zoo brings the Zoo man back for his second instalment of the week with amazing indie, electro & mashing up your requests too he’s definitely brings sexy back to wild Wednesdays. ‘Til 2am.

LISTINGS continued WEDNESDAY continued Churchills DJ Miss Brenda playin all your camptastic tracks, “Selected £2 drinks till close” cheap cocktails for our Sparkle Girls. Company Bar 5pm to 3am - Happy Hour until 10pm. Cruz101 Rob James plays pop and chart music all night. 12am to 5am. £2 entry all night long! 1234 Select Menu: £1 - Select Shot Range: £2 - Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer): £3 - Double Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer) : £4 - Premium Spirits + Mixer. *** £1.90 DRINKS *** VS & Fosters bottles Napoleons An evening of transgendered entertainment. Two floors open.

Eagle Bar ‘Countdown to the 80s’ - 80s anthems all night through till morning, and BOGOF promo’s on all pints and house spirits every time you hear the Countdown theme tune. Oscars All your favourite Showtunes on screen. Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 1pm - 7pm. (full food menu available and specials board). Thompsons DJ Damo playing Pop and Chart. View Detention with Nana: Join Madame Aries for Camp Classics from 8pm.

THURSDAY AXM Hard Kandy: your ultimate alternative with DJ DanLisa. BOGOF drinks til’ Midnight.

BaaBar Anthems with DJ Lady Heidi brings you the fabulous sound of the 80s, 90s and naughty’s with all the biggest Anthems and coolest choons and maybe a little sprinkle of cheese but only a sprinkle. Til’ 2am.

LISTINGS continued THURSDAY continued Churchills Misty Chance hosts the Misty Cam with karaoke, (your “chance” of 3 minutes of fame !!) Happy Hours. Claim your free shot if you “give us one”! Company Bar 5pm to 4am - Happy Hour until 10pm. Coyotes Misbehavin: DJ Stacy Bee is Misbehavin every Thursday night 10 - 2! Crunch DJ Keith Edwards mixing up what ever you want. Cruz101 Cruz and Poptastic unite to bring you Back2Back. What is in the balloon’s this week? Come find out as we drop balloons from the Cruz sky! John Hamilton and Rob James bring you Poptastic’s brand of cheesy pop Back2Back with 90’s dance classics. 11pm to 5.15am - £3 entry before 2am, £5 after. *** £1.90 DRINKS *** VS and Fosters bottles , House shots £1.50 or four for £5 includes Sambuxo, MesserSchmidt, Cactus Jacks, Wild Shots. Red Square Vodka and mixer for £2.

Oscars All your favourite Showtunes on screen. Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 12 - 8pm. (full food menu available and specials board). Steak Night. Buy a steak and get a dessert or small glass of house wine free! Richmond Tea Rooms Live music every Thursday from 8.30pm in The Lodge and a free mini pizza with every bottle of Wine purchased before 10pm. Thompsons Live and Loud with Tiara Thunderpussy. Strippers and international guest Cabaret. View Disco Inferno with DJ Marc. Your disco needs you from 9pm. Camp, cheese and pop.

LISTINGS continued FRIDAY AXM Two floors of entertainment. DJ DanLisa in the main room, and Nana with her Karaoke upstairs in the Starlight Lounge. BOGOF drinks until Midnight. BaaBar Thank Baa Bar It’s Friday is hosted every week by Village veteran Paul McAvoy, and brings you the ever so lovely mix of chart, cheese & banter to make you thank Baa Bar It’s Friday. ‘Til 3am. Churchills Start the weekend here...DJ Matty with the campest music & cheeky banter, house shots @ £1.50. Open till 3am.

Cruz101 Will you become Miss Cara’s next drag doll? Every Friday our very own glamour puss Miss Cara invites you to rummage in her box as she makes suggestions!!! Intrigued? With DJ Spook and Darren Leasley. 11pm to 6am - £2 admission before 1am, £5 entry for members £6 guests. Fosters and VS bottles £1.90, Premium doubles £4.20 and Double Smirbull £4.80.

Company Bar 5pm to 6am - Happy Hour until 10pm.

Eagle Bar ‘Countdown to the 80s’ - 80s anthems all night through till morning, and BOGOF promo’s on all pints and house spirits every time you hear the Countdown theme tune.

Coyotes Friday Friction: All your favourite tunes remixed.

Napoleons DJs playing your favourite 70s, 80s, pop and chart. Two floors open.

Crunch Disco Love: guest drag DJs every Friday.

Oscars ‘The Piano Lounge @ Oscars’ with Ciaron Kendall from 8.30pm

LISTINGS continued FRIDAY continued Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 12 - 9pm (full food menu available and specials board). Fizz on Friday - from Prosecco to Bollinger.

Thompsons Big Weekend Party. 2 Floors. Level 1: DJ Paul S Level 2: DJ Damo and Camp Classics View Fresh with Martin G. Current House, Dance and remixes. Open ‘til very late.

SATURDAY AXM Two floors of entertainment: DJ D-Lux and DJ Paul McAvoy. Toni Lee with Karaoke upstairs in the Starlight Lounge. BOGOF drinks until Midnight. BaaBar Most Wanted with DJ DanLisa by far Baa Bar’s biggest night expect a busy dance floor, cool atmosphere and the biggest and best club choons in the Village. Two floors open all night till 3am. Churchills Teatime sing a long with DJ Lady Heidi from 5pm, followed at 9pm with either DJ Oggie or Sexy Sandi Shore-(lock up your son or else she,ll have him ! Open till 3am.

Company Bar 5pm to 6am - Happy Hour until 10pm. Coyotes YOLO! You only live once! Dance, Pop, RnB and Old Skool Classics. Crunch 3 Floors! Playing commercial house in the basement with DJ Spook. Main Crunch - Campari from 9pm, Blaq Ivory 12-4am playing camp classics.

LISTINGS continued SATURDAY continued Cruz101 Drama Queen at Cruz 101 brings you the Ultimate Saturday night out in Manchester’s Gay Village. 3 of Manchester’s Best Loved DJ’s on rotation playing the best pop, disco, dance in Cruz. AfterShock residents Nik Denton, Gregg Holden, Dusty and Ross Homson play at Manchester’s biggest Gay House Night . Dance and Chart from Almighty Donald, Rob James and Flash Tony. 11pm - 6am, £3 admission before 11.30pm (No passouts until 12:30) £7 admission for members £8 guests. £5 after 3am. Fosters, Apple, Cherry and Orange VHF bottles £1.90, Premium doubles £4.20, Double Smirbull £4.80. Eagle Bar DJ Jay plays funk and electro house until morning. Happy Hour from 5pm-9pm. Napoleons DJs playing your favourite 70s, 80s, pop and chart. Two floors open.

Oscars Exclusive, sharing cocktails, wines and beers in the sun out on ‘The Boulevard @ Oscars’ from 2pm (weather permitting). Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 12 - 9pm. (Full food menu available and specials board). Relax in our sanctuary with a full food menu available and added specials. Thompsons Big Weekend Party. 2 Floors. Level 1: DJ Paul S Level 2: DJ Damo and Camp Classics. View Essential with Martin G and Guests. New, current and classics. House, Chart and Dance. Open ‘til very late.

LISTINGS continued SUNDAY AXM Sugarpops: with the fantastic, camp, and mouth on the mic DJ Paul McAvoy along with Misty Chance on stage with cabaret, entertaining you all night long. BOGOF on the bar until Midnight. BaaBar Sunday Service resident Danny C brings you the biggest and best club classics all night, mixed in with the latest chart countdown. Churchills Open from noon with Happy hours till 6pm, karaoke from 6pm with DJ Oggies Sunday session, Camp cabaret coming soon !!! Offers on bottles of House wine at the bar. Company Bar 5pm to 3am - Happy Hour til 10pm.

Cruz101 DJ Spook provides the soundtrack to end your weekend playing all your favourite Pop, Dance, Disco and RnB with the ‘Spook’ edge we all love. Village staff and students get 10% off every round! 11pm - 5am, £2 admission includes free passouts! Students FREE with ID all night. 1234 Select Menu : £1 - Select Shot Range : £2 - Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer) : £3 - Double Red Square Vodka + Mixer (add 50p for energy mixer) : £4 - Premium Spirits + Mixer. *** £1.90 DRINKS *** VS & Fosters bottles Oscars Oscars Musical Movie Matinee Film Screening at 3pm. Boulevard @ Oscars from 2pm. ‘West End and Broadway’ Live show with vocalist Paul Walker from 8.30pm. Sanctuary 11.30am - 7pm Happy Hour. Food served 12 - 7 (Full food menu available and specials board). Sunday 3-roast carvery with all the trimmings served 1 - 7pm.

LISTINGS continued SUNDAY continued Thompsons DJ Paul S, Video DJ.

View Karaoke with Misty Chance. Get a stamp at the bar for half price entry to AXM.

The Online edition of Hot Village Magazine will be updated with revised listing pages as the listings are sent through to us by the venues.

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