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78 MARCH 2012



Former Pride Festival Director Jackie Crozier becomes an Ambassador


A new dating expert answers some of your questions

Spring into the Village! A new season brings lots of new events at your favourite venues!




Hello everybody!

That’s me (right) with my good friend Dan having a sherry or two in Icon Bar on Richmond Street.

Well this is my first edition as Editor of Hot Village magazine and I have to say I’m very excited but it would be remise of me and the rest of the team not to send out a huge THANK YOU to Frank Quinn for the amazing work he has done with the magazine over the past seven years. We all wish you continued success Frank and we will no doubt pop in to the Village Off-Licence soon for our regular sunbed top-ups and cigarettes and a good old chinwag too!

been to at least once turns sweet sixteen. Jon and Colin and the rest of the Poptastic crew want to do something special, so they’ve decided to have two parties this year! I for one will probably be at both of them and not remember either of them the next morning!! I’d like to congratulate Jon and the team on succeeding where so many haven’t and for giving the village a night worth going out too whether you’re young or old(er)!

So, finally Spring is here and just like the plants in your garden, it looks like the Gay Village is beginning to bloom beautifully as well. For many of your favourite venues are launching new events to entice you from just having a beer in the back yard to having several with them instead.

It’s also fantastic to see another new addition to the scene with Foo Foos having just opened on Bloom Street and the place looks amazing. If you haven’t visited it yet, it’s well worth a look.

It looks like it’s working too as many of you venture out to watch the diverse and colourful cabaret entertainment being put on at The Rembrandt, The New Union, Belinda’s Showbar, Churchills and AXM Club to name but a few. What’s great to see is it’s new faces to many. Big names like Titti la Camp, Drag With No Name, Dave Lynn and I have to say it’s absolutely wonderful to have the legendary Roxy Hart back in the village again! It’s been far too long Roxy!! It really feels like the Gay Village of old, with something for everyone to come and enjoy - so get your gladrags on and head out to see what’s on offer. If you need any insight, then make sure you check out our website at or search for Hot Village Magazine on Facebook and Twitter! There’s plenty to celebrate too this month as Poptastic, the club night that everyone must have

As ever, the village does its bit for various charities throughout the year and it’s great news to hear that former Manchester Pride Festival Director, Jackie Crozier has begun to help the work of Outpost as an Ambassador along with the many others she supports. There is more on this in this on page 20. Also Icon bar, Crunch, New York New York, AXM Club and more have been fundraising for good causes. So there seems to be a lot of optimism in the air and it’s great to see. Let’s keep it up! So, I will say bye for now and roll on next month already! Message me anytime! Much love to all...

Chris Email:

Inside this issue... 4

THE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND Club Federation plans on delivering oneoff special events every Bank Holiday.


G-A-Y Manchester Kissathon charity fundraiser



It’s Dan from The Thompsons Arms.



Legendary student club night Poptastic turns the age of consent this April.

20 27

New York New York Tracey’s 50th Birthday special


Jonathan Hughes & Paul McAvoy COVER IMAGE:

Roxy Hart at Churchills INDEX IMAGES:

G-A-Y & New York New York WEBSITE: EMAIL:


0161 792 69 49

or email:


Jackie Crozier supoorts Outpost charity.



New feature with letters from people with relationship questions and answers.




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Federation Article

The Sound of the


Club Federation is back bigger and better than before... Federation Underground… Federation this year plans on delivering special one off events every Bank Holiday Sunday each with a distinct flavour and style at a different venue! Kicking off the Easter holidays Federation returns to the legendary Sankeys. Federation is taking you to Underground NYC, so all aboard the express train to a night of pure hedonistic excess and a nitty gritty underground vibe like only Federation can. Sankeys will again host three rooms of music... We invite you to get down and dirty under the lasers with bass thumpin, chunky upfront house in the main room with DJs Gregg Holden, Jason Guy & Nik Denton. For sheer ‘hands in the air’ hedonism, DJs Dylan Jeffers & Lee Yeomans bring back the Federation Classics to Spektrum upstairs, whilst those who like to chill and relax join us in the bar for a cool mix of New York style Electronic Disco with DJ Trafford Lovething or on our very own private beach out on the huge outdoor terrace. Tickets are available online from www. Plus, there is also...

AfterFed... This year the Federation DJs are teaming up with the Aftershock residents to create


AfterFed the best Afterhours since the legendary Manto Breakfast Club. So head on over straight after Federation to Sub101 the villages best little underground venue the perfect setting for part two of a night of nitty gritty shenanigans hosted by Manchester two most loved events. Exclusive joint tickets that get you into both Federation & AfterFed are available from Clone Zone, Cruz101 and online from ticketweb priced £17!

Next Event... On Bank Holiday Sunday 6th May Federation present Menage A Trois @Factory (Formally Paradise Factory). This event is not to be missed and will hold a lot of nostalgia as Paradise Factory was the gay mecca for Manchester clubbing in the golden age of clubbing and has not held a gay event since it’s breathe taking refurbishment where the club was guttered, redefined and updated with all the latest in sound and lighting. Not only that but with three rooms of music Federation will be giving you a brand new sound to one of the floor – We here at Bent can’t wait for this. For more info go to www.clubfederation. com or search for the official club federation facebook group.




| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: MONDAY

AXM CLUB “Win £100”. Get yourself to G-A-Y and buy a £1.50 drink and get a raffle ticket, then join Misty Chance at 2am for the draw! 5 chances to win or it rolls over! FREE ENTRY for members and BOGOF till 1am. The perfect start to your week and open till 5am. BAA BAR Each and every Monday, Disco Inferno’s “Eccentric Electric!” Join DJ Ryan for very own Deano will feature a different a night of retro electro tunes! 2 for 1 mega star of the dance floor from cocktails until 8pm! Free Entry! Madonna to Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys CHURCHILLS to ABBA. Check out their website for this “Fab & Glam” with DJ Katy Kay, ex-Funny weeks feature. Girl hosts Kamp games, Twister, Play G-A-Y Your Cards Rite. Happy hour is all night, No need to say any more than all the selected bottle drinks £1.50 and House drinks are just £1.50 (see AXM Club). Shots only £1 each. MANTO COYOTES “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available £2 drink offers available all day, every with up-to-date music for all. Offers day on pints of Carling, Carlsberg, include bottles from £1.50. £2 with a Fosters and Strongbow. Also on bottles shooter and 2 cocktails for just £5.50. of Corona, Budweiser, Carlsberg, WKD and Smirnoff Ice (except from 10pm REM BAR until close on Friday, Saturday and Bak Guys only booze and cruise night at the legendary venue on Canal Street. Holiday weekends). CRUNCH Everyday Upper Crunch, their hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily. CRUZ 101 “Now That’s What I Call Disco Inferno”. Mondays at Cruz 101 have always been the place to go and dust off your dancing shoes and the best just got better! With £1 entry all night making it the cheapest club entry price in the village and bottles of Carlsberg & VS and selected shots all just £1 each. There are few reasons to stay at home and NOW there is one less.

THOMPSONS ARMS Miss Thunderpussy’s “Play Your Cards Right” with FREE drinks and BIG cash prizes to give-away! Plus DJ Paul with all your favourite tunes! Open til late. TRIBECA “Quiz Night”. Tribeca’s famous and challenging quiz will keep you guessing! VIA “Karaoke” with Smilie Steve tonight!


For your peace of mind 0161 264 4707


| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: TUESDAY

AXM CLUB “S.A.S (Student & Sexy)”. One of the best and cheapest events to be at on a Tuesday. With all your cheesy pop tunes from DJ Paul McAvoy, this sure is the ‘Elite Force in Student Clubbing!’ Top that off with BOGOF on drinks ALL night and FREE ENTRY for members until 5am.

POPTASTIC Without a doubt the best student party night and the only place to go on a Tuesday night to dance, pull and more!

BAA BAR Join Misty Chance for “double D’s” a night full of double offers and double the fun! £2.50 Double Vodka NRG & £1.50 Double Shooters! Free Entry.

THOMPSONS ARMS DJ Russ takes the helm tonight playing out all your favourite tunes on request - so come and choose the music! Open until the early hours of the morning!

REM BAR Once again it’s a guys only booze and cruise night down at Rem Bar.

CHURCHILLS “Kamp Karaoke”. Hosted by Katy Kay from 9pm and Happy hour offers run throughout the night. CRUNCH Everyday Upper Crunch, their hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily. G-A-Y “Pre-Poptastic”. Bingo where you can win £200 and with a G-A-Y stamp you get £1 off your entry in to Poptastic. Plus all drinks are just £1.50 tonight! ICON BAR “Village Staff Night”. Everyone from Crunch to Cruz 101 pop in on Tuesdays for our staff night with camp videos on screen, Gay Lotto and drinks from £1.50! MANTO “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with up-to-date music for all. Offers include bottles from £1.50. £2 with a shooter and 2 cocktails for just £5.50. NEW UNION “Karaoke”. £30 cash prize to be won with DJ Carl on the decks from 9pm.



This legendary leading lady really needs no introduction and has made a welcomed return to the Gay Village at Churchills on Canal Street



When did you first realise? I came out and faced up to being gay at 18 but there’s stuff that I can look back on in my head that tells me I always kinda knew. When I was about 7 or 8, me and the 2 lads that lived next door (who were about the same age) had an interesting game we used to play where we’d kiss each others bits through the fence, so I kinda discovered the concept of glory holes long before I knew what one was. Haha! I have no idea how we started that game, but they’ve both turned out straight, and I’ve never bought it up in conversation since.

Who did you first come out to? My Auntie. I came out before I’d slept with anyone, and her reaction was “If you haven’t slept with a man or a woman, how do you know you’re gay?”, so I just turned it around back at her and said “How did you know you’re straight?”.

The one you all chose on Facebook was...

How did you tell your parents?


Lost your innocence at?

NAME: Dan Lawrence Age: 31 years old Starsign: Gemini Venue: The Thompsons Arms

It was with a lad called Chris and it was crap. Lol. My straight friends had paired me off with him in a “He’s gay, you’re gay, so you must both like each other” kinda way. We got drunk, one thing led to another, and I woke up the next day wanting to chew my arm off to get away.

The Quick Fire Round

Have you ever been caught having sex and was it anywhere strange?



I didn’t get chance to tell them because my sister fell out with me over something, so outed me to them to get back at me. Their reaction was pretty tough to deal with at the time to be fair and some pretty horrid things were said. There used to be a small town mentality in my family in general whereby anything different must be wrong, but my parents are fine with me now. I guess people change through experience. I was 18. I was a late starter, but I’ve definately made up for that since though. Haha!

Who with and was it any good?

Not yet, but there’s a first time for everything!

Best sex you’ve had? There’s been several equally good times in my life so far when I’ve had sex and it’s had a big wow factor. I think the best sex is when you’re deeply in love with someone and you really connect and know how to push each others buttons.

Worst sex you’ve had? I had a threesome with 2 guys years ago, and it was a classic case of fancying one of them but not the other. The one was 19 and the other one was 40. I only agreed to it cause I fancied the younger guy. Anyway, we got back to their house, me and the younger guy started getting it on first, then the older guy took his trousers off and all I could do was try my best not to laugh because he had the smallest cock I’ve ever seen!! It was the size of a little finger and that was hard!! I’m really not a size queen, but that was just a bit too freaky for me, so I got dressed and left straight away. Poor sod! Lol!

Ideal first date? Anything with a bit of thought and planning behind it. I always seem to be the one that ends up arranging dates, so usually it’s a nice dinner somewhere, followed by several glasses of wine to calm my nerves. I get really nervous around people sometimes when I like them and always worry I’m gonna do something really stupid & show myself up.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? The worst one I’ve ever been on was with a girl before I came out as being gay. I met her at my 18th birthday party through a friend. All that night, I’d really wanted to just grab the mic off the DJ and announce my gayness to all my family in one go, but instead I chickened out, and ended up snogging the face off this really tall, leggy girl that looked like Penny Crayon as a cover up. We arranged to meet up a few days later in the local pub, and the first thing I did as soon as I walked through the door was tell her I was gay and she stood no chance. She started crying her eyes out and I felt a bit guilty for that.

What’s your ideal night out? Lots of drinks, good company and good music.

What’s your most drunken story?


Just before Christmas I was drunk in Icon Bar, and my friend Carl was getting waxed for charity, so I decided I’d up the ante a bit and said if everyone could raise at least another £50 for George House Trust, I’d get my ass waxed. They raised about another £85, so I kept my promise and got it done. I was that pissed I didn’t feel it, but the whole bar got to see my bumhole. Haha! (Continues >>>)

I was pretty embarrassed the next day. Not good, but it was for a worthy cause. It’s the one and only time in life I’ll ever use my bum to make money anyway! Lol!

What underwear do you have on right now, and when did you change them? Red Calvin Kleins with the wide waistband. Fresh on this morning, as usual.

When did you last have sex, and who was it with? Far too long ago. Lol. The lad I’m seeing lives in Wigan and works nights and I usually do days now, so it’s a bit difficult getting to see each other as often as we’d like at the moment.

What was the last album you either bought or downloaded? Adele - 21. I love Adele, she’s amazing.

When did you last cry, and why?

When my house got broken into on New Years Eve while I was out working at Thompsons. I wasn’t insured, so lost everything. They even took the food out of my cupboards and fridge. I was gutted, but with a bit of hard work and determination, I’ve replaced everything already. It takes a lot to keep me down. It’s just made me more determined to turn this year around in my favour.

Who’s your fantasy celebrity shag? Tom Daley, so back off bitches, he’s mine first!! Lol!

What would you change if you were prime minister for the day? I’d try and find a solution to world poverty.

Tell us a secret nobody knows... If I told you, it would defeat the object of it being a secret!

What 3 words describe you best? Dizzy, Friendly & Fun.

Many thanks Dan, and congrats on being the first Barman of the Month to be chosen by people via our Facebook page and remember our readers will know if you are lying!



Two Parties


Poptastic Article



Legendary club night reaches the age of consent! Our old motto (nearly as old as Mr. Poptastic himself, ‘John Hamilton’) ‘They said it would never work’ becomes sweeter every year; and how sweeter can it get than that of an innocent sixteen year old! Every year we see our LGBT students come and go – although, for the most, continuing to come until old age! It’s because of this why we feel like mothers not only to our related family, but to our poptastic family too: a little like the Queen and her loyal subjects. So how are we celebrating our ‘coming of age’ Birthday? Like HRH herself, with a double party. We will be giving away free entry to anyone over 34 years old who can prove their age on Sat 28th April; although please note bus passes and/or cave drawings are not acceptable. This year we are looking back over time and focusing on what really makes Poptastic a truly ‘one-off’ experience. Saturday 28th April ‘One Foot in the (G)RAVE’ will focus on music of the last 16 years and getting back to our grass roots. Where as Tuesday 1st May ‘Back to the Future’ will focus on what’s to come in the future. As we all know, things need modernising, they need to move with the times and they need to be updated – all except those things which are timeless: so down with the ‘boom boom pow’ and away with the ‘Hi-NRG’ – we’re staying exactly the same, camp as Christmas, although with a slight twist.


Old meets new with the return of ‘SHAGTAGS’ and an all new ‘UV Glow experience in the Indie Room’ will ad some extra fun to your night out. For both events, the ‘Pop Room’ will be converted into a white palace; a clean crisp and Immaculate Conception. The ‘Indie Room’ will be converted into a UV Glow experience; showing up the stains of cheeky Vimtos past and present. On Saturday 28th April, We are pleased to welcome back Poptastic’s first DJ, Jeff Smith who will be playing alongside our regular DJ Si Parker in the Indie Room, with a special appearance from Mr. Poptastic himself on the decks with resident pop princess Penny Crayon in the Pop Room. On Tuesday, expect a re-run of Saturday’s antics with our Tuesday line-up of DJ Puff Punk in the Indie Room, and Jon Hamilton in the Pop Room; with special guest appearance and LIVE PA. As it’s Poptastic’s 16th Birthday, we’d like you all to join in the celebrations and it’s only fair you get to share in the presents to. Entry prices will remain the same with no increase: accompanied by our £1.50 drinks and shots from 50p! So you can celebrate our 16th BIRTHDAY! Come Early! - Late entry not guaranteed. Queue jump for members. Poptastic at Club Alter Ego, Princess Street, Manchester.

| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: WEDNESDAY

AXM CLUB “Blankety Blank”. The village’s most talked about gameshow and cabaret night with Misty Chance & Nanna, giving you the chance to win a huge cash jackpot. A damn good laugh and money to be won. BOGOF on drinks till 1am. Free entry for members. Open 11pm - 5am.

EAGLE “Back to the Eighties”. Classic anthems through to 3am. Special promos for guys in gear! Plus free entry.

CRUNCH Everyday Upper Crunch, their hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily.

“retroREM” with live DJ spinning gay classics and HiNRG hits and monthly special acts on stage making this a great alternative in the village for men!

G-A-Y No need to say any more than all the drinks are just £1.50. Go say hi!

ICON BAR BAA BAR “Baa Pop!”. Request your own tunes and “Big Fat Weekly Quiz” with our Paula and get free shooters in return! It couldn’t be the icon gals. Whatever the topic, from the camp to the outrageous, tonight will simpler! Free entry and £1 shooters. not only test your knowledge but give BELINDA SCANDAL’S you a right old giggle too! Fun starts ar “Scandalous Karaoke” with yes you’ve 9pm down at Icon Bar. Come join them! guessed it, Belinda Scandal. Everyone MANTO can join the fun from 7pm onwards. “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available CHURCHILLS with up-to-date music for all. Offers “Campness at its Peak!” With DJ Matty include bottles from £1.50. £2 with a Hall (Butch) bringing the original shooter and 2 cocktails for just £5.50. campness from Blackpool to our village! Plus 1st Wed of each month features NEW UNION original leading lady back in town... Miss “Play Your Cards Right” with DJ Marc and Roxy Hart. So don’t miss out on a fantastic the stage team for fun & cabaret at 9pm. night at Churchills any night of the week. REM BAR

THOMPSONS ARMS DJ Russ with all your requests whenever you want them - you choose the music! “Pink Wii Wednesday”. Wednesdays Open until the early hours! Free entry! just got a Wii more fun! The Pink Wii Challenge is open to all to show off VIA your skills. The winner of each game will “Karaoke” with Smilie Steve tonight! receive a prize point token and as they say points make prizes! Plus great drink promotions. A mixed bag of pop, chart, disco to get you in the mood. Check out the Wednesday page on their website for vouchers to make your pink pounds go that little bit further! CRUZ 101




Charity Feature

The Lady Rock of


Former Pride Director becomes new Ambassador... Outpost, a charity that supports young LGBT homeless people, have just named Jackie Crozier as their newest ambassador. Founded in direct response to a young girl who faced remaining in a homophobic and hostile environments or moving to the streets, Outpost has since come a long way since it was established in 1995 in the North East of England. Outpost is a unique organisation in the North East with eight furnished bedsits, a referral scheme in a city centre location of Newcastle. However, with twenty five homeless LGBT youths for each flat vacancy, the organisation is in desperate want of development. Jackie Crozier, founder and director of LadyRock Festival, is the organisation’s latest ambassador. It is hoped that Crozier’s wealth of experience in the charity and fundraising sectors and national recognition in the press, for both herself as an individual and for her dedicated work to the LGBT community, can help raise the profile of and develop further what Outpost does. Wendy Hodgson, Service Manager at Outpost says, “We are so pleased and excited that Jackie Crozier has agreed to join The Outpost Housing Project as a National Ambassador. We know that Jackie has already made, and continues to make, a huge contribution to the LGBT community, and it is an honour to have gained her recognition and support for


our work. We hope that Jackie will be able to encourage others to support us, and with her knowledge and success of fundraising, and events management, we are confident that with Jackie’s help, we will be able to raise awareness of our charity to a more national basis.” Crozier is currently working with organisations including Oxfam and Alzheimer’s Society, and has held previous posts at charities Marie Curie and Manchester Pride. Jackie said: “This is a cause I feel fully committed to and passionate about. What Outpost does as an organisation is truly very special. People forget that some young LGBT people don’t only face prejudice but also run the risk of being thrown out of their own homes. In some cases, individuals are forced to leave due to fear of their own safety. I could not possibly imagine feeling the streets would be safer for me than my own home; it’s shocking. I am thrilled to bring to Outpost my contacts, experience and name – in the hope that we can raise awareness of what a fantastic organisation it is, and develop it into a bigger and more powerful force to make sure young LGBT people do not have to live on the streets.” To find out more about Outpost please see: The LadyRock Festival takes place on Saturday 26 May at Manchester Rugby Club, For more information please visit:


| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: THURSDAY

AXM CLUB “Hard Kandy”. DJ DanLisa provides the fans of AXM Club with an alternative sound remixing all your favourite tunes up harder. It’s fast become a very busy night in the week and the BOGOF on drinks till 1am and cheap drinks after gets you in the mood! Open till 5am!

Smirbull £4.50, Carlsberg & VS Tropical, Cherry or Dandelion & Burdock bottles only £1.00 each. EAGLE “Disco’s Revenge” with 70’s choons all night long down in Eagle Bar.

G-A-Y No need to say any more than all the BAA BAR drinks are just £1.50. Go say hi! It’s Thurs-Gay with DJ Heidi throwing out the latest mixes! £1 shooters and £1.50 ICON BAR “The Thursday Club”. Icon Bar kicks bottle and shooter! Free Entry! off the night’s party in the village for BELINDA SCANDAL’S all those that are part of the Thursday “Camp Bingo”. Another top night with Club, with fantastic offers available Belinda Scandal and the team behind the throughout the night! If you’re not part bar from 7pm onwards. of the club, don’t worry come on down and join them! We’ll have a gay old time! CHURCHILLS “Krazy Karaoke” with Tactless Trish from MANTO 9pm until 2am. With free admission. “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with up-to-date music for all. Offers COYOTES include bottles from £1.50. £2 with a 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month shooter and 2 cocktails for just £5.50. “Karaoke” with Lady Heidi. 9pm until 1am with £2 drinks all night. Then every NEW UNION 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month “Fun Come and join Carl with his Karaoke Quiz”. Win free drinks with Mel & Tom night and win £30 from 9pm! from 9pm until Midnight plus £2 drinks REM BAR all night long too! “One For The Lads” down at REM Bar. A guys only midweek booze and cruise CRUNCH “Under Crunch”. DJ White playing all night with special weekly themes. The your favourite tunes old and new and REM is back for all the hard men out! getting you in the mood for the weekend THOMPSONS ARMS ahead from 10pm until 2.30am. Miss Thunderpussy is back with her fabulous “Live&Loud” stage show. The CRUZ 101 Thompsons Arms will be throbbing “Back2Back” is Poptastic’s unique blend tonight with a sexy male stripper at of pop, disco & r’n’b with John Hamilton Midnight and then DJ Paul finishes you & Penny Crayon on the Cruz floor while off with the music that you love until the the deathly Rob James plays funky house very early hours of the morning! in Sub. Drink offers: Premium Doubles VIA - Smirnoff, Bells, Courvoiser, Gordons & Bacardi with postmix £4.00, Double Drag host and legend Lee Star Live!


You’ve been


IS THIS YOU? If this is you featured above then you’ve won our monthly competition! All you have to do is email to collect your prize which is 1 month free tanning and a £25 alcohol voucher at the Village Off-licence.





| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: FRIDAY

AXM CLUB “Penny’s Kaaoke”. Now you get a double dose of karaoke over the weekend at AXM Club upstairs in the Starlight Bar. Bound to be some bloody awful singing to laugh at so join the Poptastic hostess with the mostest (tracks)! Plus “Remix” in the main club taking you through till 7am with DJs DanLisa & D-Lux playing the hottest tracks for the hottest clubbers in town! BOGOF on drinks till 1am. Discounted entry all night for members. Keep your eyes on special AXM Mobile App promos too! BAA BAR All new monthly line up from our gay men’s night “Brokeback” to our lesbian night “Wet”. Visit facebook/baa.sackville for more info. Free Entry! BELINDA SCANDAL’S “Friday Party Night” with live drag shows on stage from 7pm - don’t miss it!!

CHURCHILLS “Fruity” with DJ Oggie and his teatime karaoke from 5pm. Happy hour promotions run until 8pm. Plus DJ Matty on the decks through until 3am! COYOTES 1st Friday of the month: “Camp Friday”. A night of Pop, Cheese, Chart & 80’s music. 2nd Friday: “Candy” with r’n’b, Bashment & Old Skool classics. 3rd Fri: “Back to the Future” with 90’s to Present Day Dance anthems. 4th Fri: “Frisky”. A night for singles with a SHAG TAG theme plus Dance, Funky House, Floorfillers anthems all night long here at Coyotes.

CRUNCH “Exposed” with DJ Just James in Under Crunch playing out electro, dub, vocal house, future pop and chart tunes until 4am in the morning! CRUZ 101 “Big Gay Friday”. The only place to kick off the weekend - guaranteed packed out every week and absolutely guaranteed attitude free fun filled clubbing for Manchester. Miss Cara kicks open the doors every week with Manchester’s very own superstar DJs Darren Leasley and Spook on the main floor with tunes you will never hear anywhere else. 4th Friday of the month gets a special outing for classic Trance with Rob James digging deep and dusting off the best of vocal trance. Drink offers available. EAGLE Resident DJ Jay plays his unique mix of funky house and vocal electro until the early hours of the morning.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ||| | | | | Find us:



NEW UNION Chart, camp, dance and r’n’b music with DJ Paul Nash from 8pm. REM BAR “Lads Night Out” with a resident DJ on the decks. A guys only weekend bash with classic vids on show! This night is also on a Saturday night too at REM Bar, so get a double dose of hot men action! THOMPSONS ARMS The BIG Weekend party nights with two floors of fun and DJ Paul’s fantastic mix of music! Open until 4am. TRIBECA Let the weekend begin with a special DJ playing at Tribeca from 9pm till late. VELVET Turning up the heat at the weekends with Velvet resident DJs playing some seriously cool tunes!! VIA G-A-Y Come on every body, get on down to Lee Star’s “Pop Classics” in the main area G-A-Y, a great place to socialise, chat with and in the basement is Andy Mac and guest DJs with the best House and Dance friends and its £2 drinks all day long! tunes for you to party the night away too! ICON BAR Misty Chance presents “Deal or No Deal” giving you the lucky chance to win up to £250 cash! All you have to do is turn up on the night. With a wonderful mix of cabaret and show tunes, this is one of the best place to go to enjoy a Friday night out! Great offers available too! MANTO Join DJ Jane Dalton for their brand new Friday night event “LIKE Fridays!” With some great offers you’re bound to ‘like’ including Cocktails only £2, bottles £1.50 or £2 with a shooter and Wine only £6.95 a bottle! So what’s not to ‘LIKE’!!




| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: SATURDAY

AXM CLUB “Starstruck Karaoke”. Whether you sound like Ricki Martin or Ricky Gervais it’s time to get on stage and strut your stuff. Toni Lee hosts and encourages the good and the bloody terrible from 9pm until 3am. Meanwhile from 11pm, DJ D-Lux starts of “Playboiz” with all the newest pop and commercial hits played out on request until 7am. Toni Lee switches it up at 3am whilst DJ Dazz from Cruz 101 plays your harder remixed tunes upstairs in “After Glow”. Discounted entry for members and BOGOF on drinks until 1am! BAA BAR Free Entry and £1 Shooters all night. Open until 3am! £3 bottle and shooter! BELINDA SCANDAL’S “Showtime Spectacular” with live drag shows, karaoke and games from 7pm!

CRUZ 101 “Experts in Pop”. The Ultimate Saturday night out in Manchester’s Gay Village. DJs on rotation, Almighty Donald, Rob James & Tony Woof playing the best pop, disco & dance in Cruz 101. Downstairs in Sub is brand new Gay House night “Aftershock”. Join DJs Nik Denton, Gregg Holden, Ross Homson, DJ Dusty and more for an uplifting way to party from 11pm until 5.30am. Drinks offers available all night check the bars for more information. EAGLE Drink promotions and progressive electro tracks played until 6am in the morning! G-A-Y A great night out on a Saturday!

CHURCHILLS Wynnie la Freak’s team-time sing-a-long karaoke from 5pm until 9pm then it’s the BIG ONE... your ultimate party night starts and ends here with DJ Oggie until 4am. COYOTES From 9pm until 4am Coyotes play out pop, chart, old skool, dance anthems and floorfillers all night with resident DJs Lady Heidi, Carly T, Steffi-B and L’WREN. CRUNCH Camp as tits it’s “Saturgays” with Kampari from 10pm - 4am playing pop, cheese, chart and remixes from the 80’s till now.

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ICON BAR Join Stuart, Aaron, Paul and Bjorn and DJ Martin for fun and frolics down at Icon Bar until late. A great place to socialise with friends and make new ones instantly. A great atmosphere from a new player in the village! Free entry all night long!


Afterhours Clubbing

MANTO DJ Tin Tin is in the house with all the latest chart/mixes.with the Organic boys who take-over at 1am and making it dirty with the best upfront house tunes. Drink offers include Double Vodka & Red Bull from £3.95, x3 Jagerbombs for Here are some of the best Afterhours only £7.95 or you can just Double-up for an extra £1.20. Plus shooters £1 and Clubbing in the Gay Village on a selected bottles only £2 each. Saturday night / Sunday morning! NEW UNION DRAMA QUEEN: Rare mixes, chart and camp tunes with DJ Cruz 101 is open till 6am every Saturday. Marc from 7pm until late. POPTASTIC Legendary student night with two rooms to choose from. One playing commercial pop and cheese and the other for all you indie kids! Always mega busy and loads of cheap drinks available. Located in Club Alter Ego on Princess Street. THOMPSONS ARMS The BIG Weekend Party continues with two floors of fun and DJ Paul’s fantastic mix of music! Open until 4am. TRIBECA “The Big Night Out”. With Coyotes DJ L’WREN stepping in as usual and playing all your favourite tunes! VIA Deano with his POP and Chart in the main area. Polari is located downstairs and is a great place to meet new people and chat with friends. Much more going on too!

Pop/Disco/Dance and R’n’B anthems. Sub 101 hosts the Gay house night “Aftershock” with guest DJ’s on rotation. MORNING GLORY: Adrenalin fuelled bouncy house downstairs and uplifting vocal house upstairs in Queer. Entrance via Richmond St. 3am until 10am. PLAYBOIZ: AXM as they say is “where everyone ends up anyway!” Open until 7am on Sunday morning, its late night clubbing with a twist. Top tunes and all your favourites remixed and belted out until the dawn. It’s a fab mix of modern, chessy and camp tunes! A great way to end your Saturday night out.



New Feature

Gay Dating Expert, is run by the Dating Coaches, Jonathan Welford & Rob Hardy from LifeWith, giving sensible, practical advice in the minefield of dating and relationships

Dear GDE

Dear GDE I’ve been very stupid, I’ve been with my partner, monogamously, for four blissful years and he’s excellent, loving, caring and supportive. He had to go on a course out of town with work, I got it into my head that he was having an affair because he didn’t phone or email me for 3 days. I got so upset I went online and arranged to meet a guy and we had sex. It turns out that my partner was on a stress and time management weekend course and they were told the moment they arrived they had to hand in your laptop and phone and do one of these team building exercises in the woods away from all distractions. My partner didn’t know the details of the course as they were told that most attendees have tried to hide their phones etc. The guy I had sex with keeps phoning and texting me and I now feel really guilty. What should I do?

Aaron It does sound as though you need to be on a stress and anger management course yourself. Sometimes a small doubt can work itself up into a massive solid truth in your head in no time whatsoever. You can’t change what’s happened, but you’re in control of the way forward. Tell this casual encounter in no uncertain terms that it was a one-off event and to stop phoning and texting you - that’ll be sufficient for all but the most persistent pesterers. Be firm and direct with him - no need to go into any details explaining the back story, just keep it short and bring it to a clear and final end. For you to be so insecure that you felt you had to do this just because you didn’t get a phone call for three days, it may be worth considering some form of therapy for your own anxieties. Whether or not you tell your partner is entirely your call - only you know whether your relationship is strong enough to survive the shock. Whatever you decide, the deeper issue for you to consider is the strength of your emotional coping mechanisms.



I’ve met a gorgeous guy on line, he’s everything I could dream off, we spend hours texting, emailing and phoning each other and I think he could be the one. The key problem is that he lives two thousand miles away. He says he has feelings for me and thinks I could be the one and we’ve discussed what type of house we’ll have, and talked about getting a dog and all those lovely things. I love him already, but we’ve not met. He’s said I should get on a plane and move out to be with him, I am sorely tempted to do so. I am in a job that’s going nowhere, my life has been empty for so long and I want a change. Shall I just follow my heart and go for it?

Keifer Whoa there, calm down a little. It’s great that you feel in love and uplifted, but you have not met this guy. Do NOT just pack up and move until you’ve met the guy. I had a pal who did just what you’re proposing. He was chatting to a guy in Paris for months, but when he arrived with all his worldly possessions the Frenchman didn’t live where he said he did, and when he tried to contact him all his numbers, email addresses and profiles had disappeared. It turned out that someone had played a rather nasty prank on him. I am not saying that this guy could not be your forever man, but it’s prudent to meet him first before making any big decisions. You can feel an instant compatibility with a guy - when I met my now husband I knew instantly that he was the one, and him me. Within a year we were married, but we had met in real life. Have your romance, get to know him in real life, book a holiday to go and see him on his home turf, and visa versa. It’s important that you see each other in your natural environments rather than getting carried away with future plans. Like a holiday romance, it’s perfect when you are away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but when you take it out of that little bubble it may not survive.

Dear GDE

Dear GDE

I don’t feel I fit in. I came out at a very early age (for the time), did the whole disco dancing, thin and camp thing; toyed with the muscle man look; then evolved into a bear. I just change my look to fit in, but I don’t feel as though I am fitting in anywhere. I feel as though I’m just following everyone else and doing what I think is expected of me. I don’t particularly like clubs, I can’t stand being drunk and I am totally sick of going to every event which is banded around as the ‘must go to’ event. I’ve dated guys, and have guys asking me out all the time, but apart from the occasion sexual itch I scratch I don’t feel emotionally connected to any of them. I just don’t feel fulfilled at all. The only think I am excelling at is work, I’m regularly achieving and getting promotions, pay rises and bonuses. I enjoy my work but outside of work it is so unfulfilling. What should I do?

I’ve been single for so many years, I’ve just had a catalogue of disasters and keep dating the wrong guys. I’m on a host of dating websites and it just seems the same guys are on them all. My friends are all in relationships and I now feel like an outsider. Any tips on what I should do to improve this situation?

Sam Time to take stock of your life. I know it sounds hokey, but write down a list of all the good things (you made a good start in your email). From the way you describe your situation it seems you are existing to please other people and to fit in - fitting in is fine, but not at the expense of your happiness. You don’t necessarily have to break away and become a hermit, or an eccentric - human contact is vital for living a wholesome live - but you can start to create your own life constructed from your own desires and interests, and you will fill far more fulfilled. Set yourself some shortterm goals, things you’d like to achieve for you. This can be something simple like cooking a new meal, or visiting a place you’ve never been to before. List five short-term goals and use that as a foundation to move forward on. With a few wins under your belt, gear it up a little and set some medium-term, and ultimately long-term, goals.

You can email any questions through to Follow us on Facebook GayDatingExpert Twitter: @GayDateExpert

Simon Okay, it’s time to change your approach. Delete every single dating profile you have, keep the photos you want and treat yourself to a dating detox. One of my coaching books “30 Day Dating Detox” gives a step by step plan on how to do it. I’ve popped one over in the post to you. However the nuts and bolts of it is that you need to stop focusing on what you haven’t got and start focusing on what you have and build from that. Do new things, experience new activities and work on developing friendships rather than looking for relationship. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Start afresh and give yourself a 30 day dating holiday. Then, refreshed and recharged, with a whole host of new experiences, start back into the dating world. It’s important to use your 30 days constructively and do new things, not just kick around on the internet or watch TV. Dear GDE I discovered my partner of fifteen years has been having an affair with a man from the gym. I’ve not told him I know yet, what should I do? My whole life is based around us being a couple, we have a home, cars and long term retirement plan all planned out. I feel devastated that my life is crumbling around me, we made a conscious decision that he would have the career and I would look after the house etc, so I earn very little in a small office job.

Anonymous Firstly, how do you know he’s having an affair if he’s not told you directly? What has happened is understandably a shock and a surprise, but you seem more concerned about your lifestyle and possibility of losing your financial cushion, rather than the affair. You have to ask yourself how do you feel about him being unfaithful? Put the finances to one side and think about the affair - are you particularly upset? Set aside some time to spend with your partner, perhaps a weekend away where you can discuss your relationship, future plans and past successes you’ve achieved together.

Dear GDE I have walked into the bathroom a few times to find my boyfriend masturbating. What should I do? Chris B


Registered Charity No. 1093815

• Do you have a spare room? • Do you live in Manchester? • Do you have the time to support a young person in your home?

If so contact AKT for more information on: or call the office on 0161 228 3308

| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: SUNDAY

AXM CLUB Absolutely the only way to end your weekend with the now infamous “Sugar Pops”. Revamped with a fantastic new look the team entertain, upset, shock and tickle ya fancy from 11pm until 5am. With special guest performers each month too. BOGOF on drinks till 1am and cheap drinks after. Plus free entry for members! So end the week in style! BAA BAR Emily mixes pop, chart and old skool.

G-A-Y No need to say any more than all the drinks are just £1.50. So pop on in! ICON BAR “Iconic Bingo”. The campest evening in the village with a lotto machine worth seeing! Plus there are prizes galore to be won from drinks to cash. So come on in for a good old Sunday knees-up at Icon.

MANTO “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with up-to-date music for all. Offers BELINDA SCANDAL’S include bottles from £1.50. £2 with a “Songs of Praise”. Non-stop fun and shooter and 2 cocktails for just £5.50. cabaret from 2pm until 10pm with NEW UNION Belinda Scandal and the team. Karaoke with DJ Marc from 5pm then CHURCHILLS join the New Union cast for a fantastic Afternoon Karaoke Tea Party with DJ display of cabaret featuring very special Oggie from 4pm until Midnight. Music guests periodically from 9pm onwards. through till 2am with DJ Matty on the decks and with free admission, it can NEW YORK NEW YORK only be Churchills in your mind as the It’s Tracey’s legendary “Sambuca place to go on a Sunday. Sundays”. One of the busiest venues today in the village, starting midCRUNCH afternoon until very late and always Not for the faint hearted, Ivory brings packed to capacity especially when you “Final Destination” in Under Crunch Peggy is on in the venue! for those of you who want to beat the weekend to death and get every last REM BAR minute from it! “Sunday Best”. Another fantastic village venues pulling out all the stops with big CRUZ 101 drag acts live on stage from 5pm! “Sunday Night Screamers”. Only £1 THOMPSONS ARMS admission and with drinks from £1, tonight keeps everyone screaming with Round off the weekend with another joy! DJ Spook plays out a mixed bag of sexy male stripper at Midnight and DJ pop, dance and house music for your Paul finishes off the week with the best music in town. Open until very late. Cruz 101 clubbing pleasure. TRIBECA EDEN “Sunday Service” with DJ VEBA. “Cross the Bridge and Sample the Delights”. Sunday lunch served all day. VIA Plus Quiz night on the 1st & last Sunday. Karaoke with Gizell & Susie Q.

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Here you will find a brief list of some events taking place in and around the village this coming Easter. There are many more, so keep up-to-date via our website, Facebook & Twitter pages.


ICON BAR EASTER SPECIALS 6 - 8 APRIL 2012 Friday: Egg-spect the un-eggspected, with DJ Martin T. Saturday: Eggstreamly Fabulous, with DJ Martin T. Sunday: Egg or No Egg Bingo and Kamp Showtunes.

AXM CLUB UV GLOW PARTY 6 - 8 APRIL 2012 Don’t get dressy, let’s get messy this Easter as AXM Club puts on a UV Glow party. Decorated and kitted out with enough cannons to probably be seen from space, the sexy bar staff will be covered in body paint and hot pants and the same is expected from its customers. Usual door prices apply as do discounts - MANTO there is NO increases at AXM Club! EASTER WEEKEND 5 - 8 APRIL 2012 Thursday, Friday and Saturday events as usual then join them on Sunday for a Bunny and Beaver special with one off DJ set from Baby Jane playing her unique electro style. ESSENTIAL BEYOND @ ESSENTIAL 8 APRIL 2012 The UK’s Biggest Gay Clubbing brand returns to Manchester. Doors open at Midnight this Easter Sunday and the club has been turned around for just one night! With London DJ’s ALAN K, D’JOHNNY & guests playing House downstairs in the Main Arena right through till 5am.

Watch out for our Bunny and Beaver in the street with giveaways and more. The fun kicks of from 9 till super late! Normal offers apply including bottles for £1.50/£2 with shooter and 2 cocktails for £5.50 and more!

Upstairs in the Pop Lounge (Studio) NEW YORK NEW YORK Nicksy and co bring you pop and chart PEGGY’S EASTER SPECIAL 8 APRIL 2012 tunes. £8.00 entry on the night. Peggy Wessex is BACK for Easter at New York New York. Expect the usual S**ts and giggles in a packed house of entertainment. Make sure you get there early or you’ll be watching it through a window!! Show starts at 5pm until late.




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1. The New Union

13. Velvet

25. Club Alter Ego

2. G-A-Y

14. Taurus

26. Vanilla

3. Manto

15. Icon Bar

27. Cruz 101

4. Eden

16. Coyotes

28. Nossa Casa

5. Villagio

17. Paddy’s Goose

29. Tribeca

6. Richmond Tea Rooms

18. Baa Bar

30. Eagle Bar

7. REM Bar/Belinda’s

19. Company Bar

31. Essential

8. VIA / Polari

20. The Molly House

32. The Outpost

9. Crunch

21. Napoleons

33. Legends

10. View

22. Thompsons Arms

34. Monroes

11. Churchills

23. New York, New York

35. Hotel International

12. Queer

24. AXM Club

35. Foo Foos Bar

111 Princess St, M1 6JB T: 0161 228 1492 63 Richmond St, M1 3WD T: 0161 237 9725 46 Canal St, M1 3WD T: 0161 236 2667 Amazon House, M1 3PJ T: 0161 237 9853 44 Canal St, M1 3WD T: 0161 244 5222 Richmond St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 9667

33 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 236 1311 28 Canal St, M1 3EZ T: 0161 236 6523 10 Canal St, M1 3EZ T: 0161 236 0446

40 Chorlton St, M1 3HW T: 0161 236 9033 37 Chorlton St, M1 3HN T: 0161 236 5529 4 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 228 1360

2 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 236 9003 1 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 236 4593 Richmond St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 3000 14 Chorlton St, M1 3HW T: 0161 236 4007 29 Bloom St, M1 3JE T: 0161 236 9709

27 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 247 7997 28 Richomnd St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 9329 26 Richmond St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 9329 33 Bloom St, M1 3LY T: 0161 236 8800 21 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 228 3012 94 Bloom St, M1 3LY T: 0161 236 6556

100 Bloom Street, M1 3LY T: 0161 228 7474

105 Princess St, M1 6DD T: 0161 236 9266 39 Richmond St, M1 3WB T: 0161 657 8890 101 Princess St, M1 6DD T: 0161 950 0101 46 Sackville St, M1 3WF T: 0161 923 6846 50 Sackville St, M1 3WF T: 0161 236 8300 15 Bloom St, M1 3HZ T: 0161 228 6669 8 Minshull Street, M1 3EF T: 0161 236 0077 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW T: 0161 236 5400 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW T: 0161 236 5400 38 London Rd, M1 2PF T: 0161 236 0564 34 London Rd, M1 2PF T: 0161 236 1010 51 Bloom St, M1 3LY T: 0161 425 6408

Other Businesses A. Clone Zone 0161 236 1398

B. H2O Sauna

0161 236 3876

C. Funky Crop Shop

0161 237 1032

D. Bloom St Off-Licence/ Pure Tanning 0161 236 1788

F. Olive Deli

0161 236 2360

Hot Village 78 - March 2012