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71 AUGUST 2011


ICON BAR Bright new venue opens in the village

PRIDE Announce another headline performer

THE PHANTOM A mysterious new writer speaks out

PICS OF YOU! Loads of you come out and enjoy the sunshine



We chat to the legend that is Peggy Wessex!


Inside... 10 A NEW STAR IS BORN! Icon Bar opens its doors. 14 BARMAN OF THE MONTH Say hello to Junior from G-A-Y. 22 THE ONLY WAY IS WESSEX! Peggy Wessex, the legendary drag host speaks out!

39 THE PHANTOM COLUMN The mysterious writer strikes!

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Chris Hague

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Well hello everyone! Welcome to the latest issue of Hot Village, the only magazine that brings you everything that’s hot and happening in and around Manchester’s World famous Gay Village.

people it attracts but also in the choice of venues on offer.

You only need to look at last months issue to see that the village is still very much a fun, vibrant, exciting place to be for the younger generation. One of the village’s greatest attributes in my opinion is its diversity, not only in the

In addition to the two stalwarts of Canal Street - Taurus and Velvet, venues such as Eagle Bar, The Molly House, Icon bar, Tribeca, Nossa Casa and the soon to be open Richmond Street Tea Rooms

Yes Canal Street may resemble the gold mile at Blackpool sometimes on a Saturday night, but is this We have had a fantastic response to really such a bad thing? We live in our new look, thank you to everyone a commercially competitive world for your words of encouragement and many of the businesses on and support. The village has taken Canal Street have invested heavily some knocks lately and there are and need to see a return on their always those eager to criticise and investment. hark back to ‘how it used to be’, but times have changed, people have The village isn’t just about Canal moved on and today we see very Street though, there are a much a new generation of gays, number of fantastic venues on the lesbians and bisexual people all using surrounding streets that help to the village to socialise and have fun. make up our wonderful village.

Fresh, vibrant, colourful new website online at:


“Our village really offers something for everyone and we should be proud of what we have achieved”. all offer sanctuary from the mayhem of energetic youth and cater superbly for the more discerning clientele and certain age. Our village really offers something for everyone and we should be proud of what we have achieved. With our 21st Pride just around the corner I think we should all just take a moment to ponder and wonder at just how far we have come.

Icon bar on Richmond Street. Right, well with all that for you to get stuck in to, I should shut up and sign off. We will be back next month with our fabulous bumper Pride issue. Have fun boys and girls! Catch you soon

Fraxnxk x

Anyway back to matters in hand, we have yet another fabulous issue for you this month crammed with loads of pictures of people out and about enjoying the day time sunshine across the village, a cheeky interview with the outrageous Peggy Wessex, a superb competition to win VIP Gaydar Lounge tickets at Federation, some very sexy boys in their pants and a feature on the village’s newest venue, the fabulous

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| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: MONDAY

AXM: “DoubleEnder”. Misty Chance on the decks with her unique style of banter and all the latest and most popular chart and pop tunes. FREE ENTRY for members and BOGOF till 1am. The perfect start to your week and open till 5am. BAA BAR: “Battery Lickers”. Retro electro tunes. £2 Bottle & Shooter. CHURCHILLS: “Fab & Glam”. With DJ Sparkles & Trixie Cannon. Karaoke - Cabaret - Kamp Games with cash up for grabs. 8pm - 2am. Free admission and drink promos throughout the night. COYOTES: £2 drink offers available all day, every day on pints of Carling, Carlsberg, Fosters and Strongbow. Bottles of Corona, Budweiser, Carlsberg, WKD and Smirnoff Ice. (except 10pm-Close Friday, Saturday & Bank Holiday weekends). CRUNCH: Everyday Upper Crunch  their little hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails, and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily. Crunch & Under Crunch - Members until early July get selected drinks for £1.50 CRUZ 101: “Now That’s What I Call Disco Inferno”. Mondays at Cruz 101 have always been the place to go and dust off your dancing shoes, and the best just got better... with £1 entry all night - making it the cheapest club

entry price in the village, and bottles of Carlsberg & VS and selected shots all just £1 each. There are few reasons to stay at home, and NOW there is one less. Each and every Monday, Disco Inferno’s very own Deano will feature a different mega star of the dance floor, from Madonna to Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys to ABBA. Check out their website for this weeks feature. G-A-Y: No need to say any more than all drinks are just £1.50 MANTO: “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with the biggest collection of all the latest chart music and everything else with fantastic offers also available at the bar. REM BAR: “Bottle Bonanza”. 2 for £5 on selected bottled beers. THOMPSONS ARMS: Miss Thunderpussy’s “Play Your Cards Right” with FREE drinks and BIG cash prizes to give away! Plus DJ Paul with all your favourite tunes! Open ‘til the early hours! TRIBECA: “Quiz Night”. Tribeca’s famous and challenging quiz night. VIA: “Karaoke”. With Smilie Steve.





Exclusive Review


is Born! Icon Bar as it’s now called is fresh, sparkly and glamorous. It’s pretty obvious from the minute you walk in the place that they have spent a lot of time and effort on the look and design of the venue, right down to the artwork on the walls, the modern furniture, and the graphics However Richmond Street is playing on the screens. And it all undergoing a bit of a transformation works surprisingly well. To quote a of late, with The Molly House up line from Dr Who it appears to be and running, a new venue opening “bigger on the inside”. further up the street soon, and now a new operator in the old Parlour Bar. And they’ve managed to create quite a transformation! With the demise of Parlour Bar on Richmond Street few could have been blamed for thinking it was no great loss to The Village, after all what could anyone possibly achieve in that small dingy little bar situated on a dark back street?


Speciality Drinks Available The range of drinks on offer is very large and varied, and ranges from the usual products right up to their well thought out wine list and back bar top of the range spirits, all of which you can enjoy whilst wearing a feather boa or top hat which the management will happily adorn you in... well it is all based around famous Icons after all.

A Worthy Destination! With weekly quiz nights and an off the wall camp & funny bingo night (that is destined to become a Village must not miss event), it’s not surprising that Icon Bar has already built a regular clientele that keep the place looking busy, upbeat and vibrant. So pop into the new ‘star in the village’ and become an icon for the night.

Discover Icon Bar Online For more information on Icon Bar, you can visit their website at www. or join them on Facebook. Just search Icon Bar Manchester. EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: ICON BAR MANCHESTER 11

| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: TUESDAY

AXM: “S.A.S (Student & Sexy)”. Foam parties, Bucking Broncos, Underwear specials and a whole lot more make this the best and cheapest place to be on a Tuesday. Full of students enjoying the pop cheesy tunes of Paul McAvoy and the BOGOF till 1am. S.A.S. ‘The elite force in student clubbing’. FREE ENTRY for members and open till 5am. BAA BAR: “Inked”. For an alternative night out on a Tuesday away from all the cheesy pop on offer, make sure you pay a visit to Baa Bar as Inked is serving up a dose of alternative music and Rock. CHURCHILLS: “Kash Karaoke”. With DJ Sparkles 8pm - 2am. £30 cash prizes to be won. Free admission. CRUNCH: Everyday Upper Crunch  their little hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails, and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily. Crunch & Under Crunch - Members until early July get selected drinks for £1.50 G-A-Y: “Pre-Poptastic”. Bingo where you can win £200 and with a G-A-Y stamp you get £1 off in Poptastic. Plus all drinks just £1.50 tonight! MANTO: “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with the biggest collection of all the latest chart music and everything else with fantastic offers also available at the bar. THE NEW UNION: “Karaoke”. £30

cash Prize Karaoke with Carl from 9pm. POPTASTIC: Without a doubt the best student party night and the only place to go on a Tuesday! THOMPSONS ARMS: DJ Russ with all your requests - you choose the music!  Open ‘til the early hours! TRIBECA: “Tasty”. Another great start should be had at Tribeca or stay all night and have a ball.

Penny Crayon

An amazingly talented hostess throughout the Gay Village who can be seen entertaining at Poptastic, Cruz 101 & AXM


When did you first realise? I’ve always known. I was born this way! J Who did you first come out to? I came out to most of my family at once. How did you tell your parents? I announced my sexuality via a karaoke machine at my grandads 60th birthday. This is actually true! Also the first time I consumed alcohol. I was 13 years old.




AGE: 22 years old STARSIGN: Pisces VENUE: G-A-Y


Lost your innocence at? 14 (Active innocence), 15 (Passive innocence). With? Was it good? Back in the day when I was vunerable, I had no taste in men. I was 14 and I remember him not to be very attractive at all. The sex was lame too. It was cold, windy and on Southport beach front! Have you ever been caught having sex? Many times. First time being with my first boyfriend ‘Kenny’ (and) my mum walked in. The next day she gave me the ‘talk’. Best sex you’ve had? Honestly? I was around 16 and he was around 45. My first real muscle mary! It was one to remember!!

Worst sex you’ve had? On a boat in Brighton. It ended ‘fishy’. That’s all I am going to say.

When did you last have sex and who was it with? I never reveal a dirty little secret.

Ideal first date? I’m not a typical kid. My ideal date has nothing to do with restaurants or cinemas. At the end of the day it should be always and only be about a personal connection you have with another. No matter where you are.

Last CD you bought? Born This Way! GaGa is my Jesus, so don’t judge!

Worst date? Let’s just say I went to church. I got paid for that one though!

Ideal fantasy celebrity shag? Paul McAvoy (Village DJ). Editor: “You’ve already had him!”

Ideal night out? An ideal night out is one which will turn into several nights to remember with my friends. I love my friends!

What would you change if you were Prime Minister? There would be no war on my part. If we ever had a World War 3, I would encourage my people to sing, dance and throw glitter!

Most embarrassing drunken story? Back in my hustle days I got very drunk with a client at his house. Once we started doing the dirty, his boyfriend got home and I spent the entire night hiding in the en suite. Bad times! What underwear do you have on? When did you last change them? White tight boxers with a dragon and red metal diamond studs. I changed this afternoon.

When did you last cry? It’s very hard to make me cry but I gushed a few tears the other day whilst watching United 93.

Tell us a secret nobody knows about you? I often dance a lot with my dog, who else am I going to dance with?! Three words to describe you? Creative. Tragic and God-like. Many thanks, and remember our readers will know if your lying J

What do you think?

Let us know on our Facebook page.


| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | HOT VILLAGE: COMPETITION



The guys at and Federation are giving away 4 pairs of VIP tickets to the huge Federation Out Of Africa event at Manchester’s largest venue The Academy on Oxford Road. The Gaydar VIP lounge will be your chance to get away and take a breather from the packed out dance floor, complete with comfy chill-out area to rest those dancing feet, and you can refuel yourself at the lounges own private bar and toilet facilities, check out the awesome stage shows and soak up the atmosphere on the huge balcony with spectacular views of the dance floor, plus a fast track entry into the event via the guest list so no need to queue dear! All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is email with the answer to the following question: What birthday will Manchester Pride be celebrating this year?, and what page numbers in this Hot Village issue are the 2 huge Manchester Pride Federation events advertised on? Email your answers over to us, and you could be celebrating one of the biggest Manchester events in true style with - Good luck!





| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: WEDNESDAY

AXM: “Blankety Blank”. The villages most talked about gameshow and cabaret night with Misty Chance gives everyone the chance to win a huge cash jackpot. A damn good laugh and lots of money to be won. BOGOF till 1am. FREE ENTRY for members and open till 5am. BAA BAR: Blaque Ivory is here with drag and tunes all night long. BELINDA SCANDAL’S SHOWBAR: “Free & E-Zee Night”. With, yes you’ve guessed it, Belinda Scandal. Everyone is welcome to join the fun. CHURCHILLS: “Cabaret Night”. With Veronyka Kastle, Trixie Cannon and the gorgeous boys Danny & Aaron. Music from DJ Oggie. 9pm - 2am with free admission and drink offers available. CRUNCH: Everyday Upper Crunch  their little hidden treasure serves a wide range of premium spirits, cocktails, and wines. Full table service. Open from 5pm daily. Crunch & Under Crunch - Members until early July get selected drinks for £1.50 CRUZ 101: “Pink Wii Wednesday”. Pink Wednesdays just got Wii more fun. The Pink Wii challenge is open to all to show off your skills. The winner of each game will receive a prize point token and as they say points make prizes! Plus great drink promotions. A mixed

bag of pop, chart disco to get you in the mood. Check out the Wednesday page on their website for vouchers to make your pink pounds go that bit further! EAGLE: “Back to the Eighties”. Classic anthems thru to 3am. Special promos for guys in gear. G-A-Y: All drinks only £1.50 today! ICON: “Big Fat Weekly Quiz”. It’s an interactive quiz which is a bit more hands on and less boring than quizzes done before! MANTO: “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with the biggest collection of all the latest chart music and everything else with fantastic offers also available at the bar. THE NEW UNION: “Play Your Cards Right & Cabaret Show”. With Marc & the stage team from 9pm onwards. REM BAR: “Dare to Bare”. Weekly amateur Strip Night from 9pm (cash prizes for entrants & winners). TRIBECA: “Mojito Madness”. Mojitos only £3 from 8pm until late. THOMPSONS ARMS: DJ Russ with all your requests - you choose the music!  Open ‘til the early hours! VIA: “Karaoke”. With Smilie Steve.




Exclusive Interview



You have been a stalwart and a bit of an institution in The Village now for a number of years (cough, cough). What changes have you seen, both good and bad, in The Village as a whole? Yes I have worked Manchester’s Gay Village for 20 years this year, I have done 19 Gay Prides and this will be my 20th one! I started out very young!! I have seen bars come and go, but I think the village has now reached a turning point again where people want more than just a gay bar and want entertaining again. It’s nice to see certain venues fighting back and stopping the rougher straight element from entering

the bars. The village will always be Gay, no matter what happens. Your ‘take no prisoners’ style of entertainment has sometimes been criticised as offensive or a bit too personal and rude. Is this something that bothers you, or just a lack of a sense of humour in some? Yes I have been criticised for being rude and offensive. Even been accused of being racist! Thats just Gays, they can be fickle but if you are good at what you do the majority will like you. It’s a tough business and I have been around too long to let a few miserable queens worry

"...if you are good at what you do the majority will like you...".

Well here’s a controversial one for you then... Who’s the better crowd to perform to, Leeds Scene or Manchester Scene? Manchester!! CLOSED!!! LOL.

me. Whenever or wherever I work in the Gay Village, it is busy, so I think I must be doing something right! Are there any areas that are off limits? There are subjects that are off limits, but even then if said in fun and in the right way people will laugh at themselves. I try not to take the piss too much out of fat people! That’s about it!! Everyone else gets it. Black, White, Able Bodied, Disabled, but it’s all good fun!

And what is your idea of a good night out? My idea of a good night out would be going to watch the different cabaret acts around the village, I like to be entertained!! What’s the point of just standing in a bar with nowt going on?! Might as well be at home. There is some fabulous talent in the village and I personally don’t think most of them get the credit they should do! Also, best part of the night is getting away from Darren Hutton before he gets too pissed and spills drink down my t-shirt! LOL. I said I would mention him!! What are you off to do now? I’m off to get pissed! See you all soon and have a fab Gay Pride!


| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ||| | | | | HOT VILLAGE: COMPETITION

LOOK OUT FOR SIGNS & MORE FOR A Denmark Street in Altrincham, Bang & Olufsen in Deansgate CHANCE TO or a nice Danish pastry in your local café. There are so many WIN A TRIP TO Scandinavian references in Manchester these days that you may be forgiven for thinking you’re actually in Denmark.


Well those terribly nice people at VisitDenmark are giving you the opportunity to win a city break for two to Denmark’s capital To enter, head over to: Copenhagen to enjoy one of www. Europe’s hippest destinations .com known for its cool interior design, fashion and modern architecture. and register your Facebook (or Foursquare) details – then when you’re out in Manchester and spot any connection to Denmark (e.g. a street, a pub name) simply check-in on your phone. The entrant with most valid check-ins wins. Easy! Or ‘let’ as they say in Denmark! !



| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | MANCHESTER PRIDE

Manchester Pride is thrilled to announce its latest headlining act to Hot Village this month – the fabulous and gorgeous

Pixiett Lo (UH OH, UH OH) We will all have to Turn It Up this August over the Manchester Pride ‘Big Weekend’ (Friday 26 – Monday 29 August) as the feisty pop-star takes over the Gaydar Main Arena to perform some of her biggest and best hits. Pixie first stormed into the UK charts in 2009 where both debut single ‘Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)’ and follow-up release ‘Boys and Girls’ both reached the top spot of #1. Her following three hits – including soulful ballad ‘Cry Me Out’ – achieved Top 20 success. Since, Pixie has made film and


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ||| | | | | MANCHESTER PRIDE

television appearances, been credited as a fashion icon to many young girls and even a guest judge on hit TV show ‘The X-Factor’! With new single ‘All About Tonight’ set for release at the start of September, this is the perfect time to welcome the gorgeous Pixie Lott back to the UK charts whilst Manchester Pride celebrate it’s ‘Loud & Proud’ 21st Birthday! Alongside Pixie will be Aussie ‘trolley-dolly’ Pam Ann; on the back of their recent Eurovision success, UK boy band Blue and, on the brink of launching their eighth studio album, the most successful female act of the 21st century the Sugababes. Other acts that will be featuring over the ‘Big Weekend’ include new girl band Soundgirl, fresh from supporting Justin Bieber on his UK tour, the fantastic Patrick Wolf and Manchester favourites Heather Peace and Bruno Langley. There will be a mixture of acts for all at this year’s event, with music from the likes of Cosmo Jarvis, Santiago

Street Machine, Twenty Twenty, Toyah Wilcox, Denise Black and the Loose Screw, Rowetta, Hazel Deal, Bucks Fizz, Horse, Angie Brown, Rubika and Zukas Fontaine. Jackie Crozier, festival director at Manchester Pride said: “We are over the moon that Pixie Lott will be headlining Manchester Pride this year. She is fresh, fun and talented – keeping very much in line with our ‘Loud & Proud’ mantra for 2011. In addition to Pixie, the other acts we have just announced are all brilliant. We have a real range to the talent this year, all who represent the ‘Best of British’ parade theme. We are definitely set for a very exciting 21st Birthday party this year...” Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend takes place from Friday 26 – Monday 29 August, and tickets are now on sale. For more information, visit: Alternatively, follow us on Twitter: @ ManchesterPride We know we can’t wait...



| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: THURSDAY

AXM: “Hard Kandy”. DJ DanLisa provides the fans of AXM with an alternative sound remixing all your favourite tunes up harder and faster. It’s fast become a very busy night in the week and the BOGOF till 1am and cheap drinks after really gets you in an early weekend mood. Open till 5am. BAA BAR: Ria Enders is here with a bit of Drag, Tunes & Games all mixed in. BELINDA SCANDAL’S SHOWBAR: “Funtime Showtime”. Another top scandelous night with Belinda. CHURCHILLS: “Krazy Karaoke”. With Tactless Trish from 9pm until 2am. Free admission. COYOTES: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month “Karaoke” with Lady Heidi. 9pm until 1am, with £2 Drinks all night. Then every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month “Fun Quiz” Win Free Drinks with Mel & Tom 9pm until Midnight, with £2 Drinks all night! CRUNCH: “Under Crunch”. DJ White is playing all your favourite tunes old and new and getting you in the mood for the weekend ahead! From 10pm til 2:30am. CRUZ 101: “Back2Back”. Poptastic’s unique blend of pop, disco & r’n’b with John Hamilton on the Cruz floor while the deathly Rob James plays funky house in Sub. Drinks offers: Premium Doubles - Smirnoff,

Bells, Courvoisier, Gordons and Bacardi with postmix £4.00, Double Smirbull £4.50, Carlsberg & VS Tropical, Cherry or Dandelion & Burdock bottles just £1.00 EAGLE: “Discos Revenge”. 70s toons all night long. G-A-Y: All drinks only £1.50 today! MANTO: “Now thats what I call the 90s” DJ Bbe D plays classics 90s hits from pop to old skool. Plus they have selected drinks on offer from only 90p all night! THE NEW UNION: £30 prize Karaoke with Carl from 9pm. REM BAR: “Score @ REM”. Back to what its great at, the REM presents its weekly sportswear fetish night tonight from 8pm - Sponsored by LockerGear. THOMPSONS ARMS: Miss Thunderpussy’s “Live&Loud” stage show!  With a Sexy Male Stripper at midnight and DJ Paul finishing up with the music you love!  Open ‘til the early hours! VIA: Drag host and legend Lee Star.



OUT ON 19th AUGUST Celebrating 21 years of Manchester Pride, we will be out there, loud and proud with a special edition for you! To advertise email:








| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: FRIDAY

AXM: “Penny’s Pic ‘n’ Mix”. A star studded night of the best of local drag entertainment and riotous behaviour. Very funny and down right rude! Not for the feint hearted. Followed by “Remix” downstairs taking you thru till 7am with the hottest music and hotter punters. BOGOF till 1am and discounted entry all night for members. BAA BAR: Gone camping; chart and cheese. After 8pm £3 Bottle & Shooter. BELINDA SCANDAL’S SHOWBAR: “Fantastique”. All live Vegas style show with Belinda and her boys. CHURCHILLS: “Fruity”. With DJ Big & Daft. 80’s, 90’s and chart music. Playing all your requests 9pm - 3am with free admission. COYOTES: 1st Friday of the month: “Camp Friday”. A night of Pop, Cheese,

Charts & 80s music. 2nd Friday of the month: “Candy”. R’n’B, Bashment & Old Skool Classics. 3rd Friday of the month: “Back To The Future”. 90’s to Now Classic Dance Anthems. 4th Friday of the Month: ‘Frisky’. A night for the Singles with a SHAG TAG theme. Dance, Funky House, Floor Fillers & Dance Anthems. CRUNCH: “Exposed”. With DJ Just James in Under Crunch playing out electro, dub, vocal house, future pop and chart until 4am in the morning. CRUZ 101: “Big Gay Friday”. The only place to kick off the weekend - guaranteed packed out every week and absolutely guaranteed attitude free fun filled clubbing for Manchester. Miss Cara kicks open the doors every week with Manchester’s very own superstar DJ’s Darren Leasley & Spook on the main floor with tunes you will never hear anywhere else. 4th Friday of the month gets a special outing for classic

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ||| | | | | Find us:



NEW UNION: Chart, camp, dance & R’n’B with Nash from 8pm. TAURUS: Wind down after a long hard week at work with food and cocktail happy hour 4pm until 7pm. THOMPSONS ARMS: BIG Weekend party nights with 2 floors of fun and DJ Paul’s fantasic mix of music!  Open ‘til 4am! TRIBECA: Let the weekend begin with a special DJ playing from 9pm. VELVET: Turning up the heat at the weekends with resident DJs playin’ some seriously cool tunes. VIA: Lee Star’s Pop Classics in the main area and in the basement is Andy Mac and guest DJ’s with the best House & Dance trance with Rob James digging deep and tunes for you to party the night away too! dusting off the best of vocal trance. Drinks offers: Premium Doubles - Smirnoff, Bells, Courvoisier, Gordons & Bacardi with postmix £4.00, Double Smirbull £4.50, Carlsberg & VS Tropical, Cherry or Dandelion & Burdock bottles only £1.90 EAGLE: Resident DJ Jay, plays his unique mix of funky house, and vocal electro till the early hours. G-A-Y: All drinks only £2 until 9pm. MANTO: DJ Bbe D from 9pm! With pop, chart and dance music. 2 cocktails from £5.50 (new cocktail & shooter menu now available) plus bottle of wine £6.95, selected bottles £1.50/ £2 with shooter!




When Hot Village approached me and asked me if I would write a column I thought ‘what a great opportunity to try and bring some common sense back to the world’, as lately it seems as if everything has gone stark raving mad.

So let’s start with The News of the World. Aint it funny how it’s the same people now jumping up and down screaming their tits off who up to last month were dashing out every Sunday to buy a copy so they could see who was shagging who, who’s on the fiddle this week, and which footballer has been caught playing away from home. Stick a pic of Katie Price, Ryan Giggs or a drug addled Kerry Katona on the front cover and they fly off the shelves. Put Saint Diana on there and the circulation doubles, (she’s dead people, get over it). But for gods sake don’t tell us how you found out all that information, as we might then be forced to hop on the latest bandwagon and call for your execution immediately. So the ‘Common Sense O’meter’, which I have copyrighted by the way, says... Don’t buy the bloody newspaper in the first place. Jesus it ain’t rocket science to realise that they only print that shit because people keep buying that shit.

And on the subject of people having their dirty secrets and little wars publicised, why on earth do all you gays insist on broadcasting every part of your life on Facebook? It’s like an episode of Jeremy Kyle on there most days, only with terrible spelling and atrocious grammar. Do people not have private lives anymore? And what the fuck makes you think I give a shit that your boyfriend was caught in a cubicle with one of your so called mates? Or that last night you got so ketamined off ya face that you lost your mobile phone, again? Let’s be honest you’ll be back in love with someone else within 5 days, and we all know your gonna be equally off your face next week to lose mobile number 9. So save your self pitying Facebook rants and cries for sympathy for your fag hag, cause as we all know, that’s what they’re there for! Anyway I’ll be back next month to help you poor sad souls bring a bit more Common Sense into your lives. Yours,

The Phantom




| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: SATURDAY

AXM: “Starstruck Karaoke”. Whether you sound like Ricki Martin, or Ricky Gervais it’s time to get on stage and strut your stuff. Toni Lee hosts and encourages the good and the bloody terrible from 9pm. Then move downstairs for “Playboiz” with all the newest pop and commercial hits right through till 7am. BOGOF till 1am. BAA BAR: “Shameless”. Commercial chart and house from 8pm onwards. £3 Bottle & Shooter offer available. BELINDA SCANDAL’S SHOWBAR: “Retrospect”. All live vocal show + male strippers at midnight! CHURCHILLS: Wynnie la Freak’s teatime sing-a-long karaoke from 5pm until 9pm then its THE BIG ONE... your ultimate party night starts and

ends here with DJ Oggie from 9pm until 4am. Requests can be made to the box and its free admission. COYOTES: From 9pm until 4am they have Pop, Chart, Old Skool, Dance Anthems & Floor Fillers with Resident DJ’s Lady Heidi, Carly T, Steffi-B & L’WREN. CRUNCH: Camp as tits “Saturgays” with Kampari from 10pm, playing pop, cheese, chart & chart remixes from the 80’s, 90’s 00’s and today. Open till 4am. CRUZ 101: “Experts In Pop”. The Ultimate Saturday night out in Manchester’s Gay Village. DJ’s on rotation, Almighty Donald, Rob James & Tony Woof, playing the best pop, disco, dance in Cruz. Downstairs in Sub is Manchester’s brand new Gay House night “Aftershock”. Join DJ’s on rotation Nik Denton, Gregg Holden, Ross Homson, DJ Dusty and more for an uplifting way to party. From 12am until 5:30am. Drinks offers: Premium Doubles with postmix £4.00, Double Smirbull £4.50, Carlsberg & VS Tropical, Cherry or D & B bottles only £1.90 EAGLE: Drinks promo’s and progressive electro tracks thru till 6am. G-A-Y: All drinks only £2 until 9pm. MANTO: DJ Tin Tin is in the house with a load of pop and dance tunes to get the party started. Every 1st Saturday of the month it’s retro specials from the legendary Dylan Jeffers (bring on the piano house).

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The organic boys take over from 1am and take things dirty with upfront house. Drink offers include Double Vodka & Red Bull from £3.95, X3 Jagerbulls £7.95, Double-Up for £1.20, Shooters £1, Selected bottles £2. NEW UNION: Rare mixes, chart & camp with DJ Marc from 7pm until late. POPTASTIC: Legendary student night with two rooms to choose from. One playing commercial pop and cheese and the other for all you indie kids! Always mega busy and loads of cheap drinks available. Located in Club AlterEgo on Princess Street. THOMPSONS ARMS: BIG Weekend party nights with 2 floors of fun and DJ Paul’s fantasic mix of music!  Open ‘til 4am! TRIBECA: “The Big Night Out”. With DJ L’WREN playing all your favourite tunes. VIA: Deano with his POP and Chart in the main area and Rick Parker is downstairs in the basement with the latest and best House and Dance tunes.


Afterhours Clubbing

Here are some of the best Afterhours Clubbing in the Gay Village on a Saturday! DRAMA QUEEN: Cruz 101 is open till 6am every Saturday. Pop/Disco/Dance and R’n’B anthems. Sub 101 hosts the Gay house night “Aftershock” with guest DJ’s on rotation. MORNING GLORY: Adrenalin fuelled bouncy house downstairs and uplifting vocal house upstairs in Queer. Entrance via Richmond St. 3am until 10am. PLAYBOIZ: AXM as they say is “where everyone ends up anyway!” Open until 7am on Sunday morning, its late night clubbing with a twist. Top tunes and all your favourites remixed and belted out until the dawn. It’s a fab mix of modern, chessy and camp tunes! A great way to end your Saturday night out.

| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | LISTINGS: SUNDAY

AXM: Absolutely THE only way to end your weekend with the now infamous “Sugar Pops”. John Hamilton holds court and does what only he can do... entertain, upset, shock and tickle ya fancy from 11pm till 5am. This village legend ensures that AXM is the only place to spend your Sunday night. It’s busy, it’s cheap and it’s hilarious! FREE ENTRY for members and BOGOF till 1am and cheap drinks after! BAA BAR: “The Night With No Name”. With £2 Bottle & Shooter and great tunes. BELINDA SCANDAL’S SHOWBAR: “Songs of Praise”. Non-stop fun and cabaret from 2pm until 10pm. CHURCHILLS: Afternoon karaoke tea party with DJ Oggie from 4pm until midnight. Music through till 2am with DJ Sparkles on the decks. With free admission it can only be Churchills on a Sunday. CRUNCH: Not for the feint hearted, Ivory brings you “Final Destination” in Under Crunch for those of you who want to beat weekend death and get every last minute out of the weekend. CRUZ 101: “Sunday Night Screamers”. Only £1 admission with drinks from £1 keeps everyone screaming all night long as DJ Spook plays a mixed bag of pop, dance and house music for your pleasure.

EDEN: “Cross the Bridge and Sample the Delights”. Sunday lunch served all day from 12 noon. Open Mic Nights on the first Sunday of the month plus Quiz Night on the last Sunday of every month. G-A-Y: All drinks only £1.50 today. ICON: “Iconic Bingo”. The campest evening in the village with a lotto machine worth seeing and a cash jackpot from 4pm. MANTO: “Be Your Own DJ”. Juke box available with the biggest collection of music. NEW UNION: Karaoke with Marc from 5pm, full drag cabaret show from 9pm. NEW YORK NEW YORK: Sambuca Sundays, one of the busiest venues on a Sunday, starting mid afternoon till very late and always packed to capacity. No doubt Tracey will be about with a bottle of Sambuca in her hand! REM BAR: “Sunday Best”. From 5pm with live entertainment every week. THOMPSONS ARMS: Round the weekend off with another Sexy Male Stripper at midnight and DJ Paul finishing the week with the best music in town! Open ‘til the early hours! TRIBECA: “Sunday Service”. With DJ VEBA and special guests ending the weekend with your favourite classics! VELVET: Perfect for a chilled drink inside a gorgeous, decadent bar and restaurant. VIA: Karaoke with Gizell & Susie Q.



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COME TO DADDY: A new night being held at New York New York on Bloom Street. The perfect night for all of you who love bears. Cubs galore at this event! For more info, visit their website below.

ALERT @ LEGENDS: On the 4th Friday of every month. For all those who like things a bit kinkier head on over to “Alert” for this strict © Mish Mash dress code night. For more information MISH MASH CABARET: on what goes on, visit their website. Regularly holding a monthly show at the original KRO bar on Oxford Road in Manchester (opposite the Contact Theatre) every 3rd Thursday of the month. It starts at 8pm and it only costs £5 students / £6 non students on the door. For more info go to...

BOLLOX @ LEGENDS: On the 3rd Friday of every month. Manchester’s busiest alternative music and entertainment night for gayers who are bored with what the Canal Street mafia have to offer. For more information, visit their website.

VIA: The last Sunday of the month see’s the UK’s best drag king, Valentino King take to the stage on Canal Street.

© Sarah Craig


||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| FROM SANKEYS


by Mixmag readers and boasts state of the art sound and lighting. With Federation’s spectacular production, the hottest DJ’s and Brace yourselves as Federation entertainers there really is no brings Sankey’s to it’s knees and better perfect blow out to your Big Manchester Pride to a sizzling Manchester Pride weekend. climax with a very special Bank Join us on the dance floor, but holiday event. don’t leave it too long this event is expected to sellout! As a fitting finale to your Big Pride Weekend, we’re going Tickets are £18.00 which includes underground...hanging up our a donation to Manchester Pride tassles n tutus and feather boas, and are on sale from 1st July opting for a more nitty gritty online at or in undergound vibe. Manchester at Clone Zone, Taurus, Manto, Velvet, Village Off License We present three rooms of music and Spar (Oxford Road/Piccadilly all with that synonymous Federtaion Approach & Piccadilly Gardens) soundtrack: Get down and dirty and Fibre in Leeds. under the lasers with bass thumpin chunky, upfront house in the main Federation Manchester Pride room, for sheer hands in the air Joint tickets for both Out of hedonism the massive success Africa 27/08/11 & Sankeys with of Federation Classics returns to Pride 28/08/11 Priced £30 and Spektrum upstairs, whilst those limited to 100 from Clone Zone who like to chill and relax, join us in Manchester and the bar for a cool mix of New York style Electronic Disco or on our very Federation at Sankeys own private beach out on the huge Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August outdoor terrace. 11PM - 5AM Sankeys has been voted the @ Sankeys, Beehive Mills, Radium number one club in the world Street, Manchester M4 6AY.


||| 20% OFF @ CZ MANCHESTER 36-38 Sackville Street, M1 3WA


| | | | ||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | HOT VILLAGE: CONTACTS


1. The New Union 111 Princess St, M1 6JB T: 0161 228 1492 2. G-A-Y 63 Richmond St, M1 3WD T: 0161 237 9725 3. Manto 46 Canal St, M1 3WD T: 0161 236 2667 4. Eden Amazon House, M1 3PJ T: 0161 237 9853 5. Villagio 44 Canal St, M1 3WD T: 0161 244 5222 6.Tonic 34 Canal St, M1 3WD T: 0161 236 5757 7. The REM 33 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 236 1311 8. VIA 28 Canal St, M1 3EZ T: 0161 236 6523 9. Crunch 10 Canal St, M1 3EZ T: 0161 236 0446 10. View 40 Chorlton St, M1 3HW T: 0161 236 9033 11. Churchills 37 Chorlton St, M1 3HN T: 0161 236 5529

12. Queer 4 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 228 1360 13. Velvet 2 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 236 9003 14. Taurus 1 Canal St, M1 3HE T: 0161 236 4593 15. Icon Bar Richmond St, M1 3NB T: Not Applicable 16. Coyotes 14 Chorlton St, M1 3HW T: 0161 236 4007 17. Paddy’s Goose 29 Bloom St, M1 3JE T: 0161 236 9709 18. Baa Bar 27 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 247 7997 19. Company Bar 28 Richomnd St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 9329 20. The Molly House 26 Richmond St, M1 3NB T: 0161 237 9329 21. Napoleons 33 Bloom St, M1 3LY T: 0161 236 8800 22. Thompsons Arms 21 Sackville St, M1 3LZ T: 0161 228 3012

23. New York, New York 94 Bloom St, M1 3LY T: 0161 236 6556 24. AXM 100 Bloom Street, M1 3LY T: 0161 228 7474 25. Club Alter Ego 105 Princess St, M1 6DD T: 0161 236 9266 26. Vanilla 39 Richmond St, M1 3WB T: 0161 657 8890 27. Cruz 101 101 Princess St, M1 6DD T: 0161 950 0101 28. Nossa Casa 46 Sackville St, M1 3WF T: 0161 923 6846 29. Tribeca 50 Sackville St, M1 3WF T: 0161 236 8300 30. Eagle Bar 15 Bloom St, M1 3HZ T: 0161 228 6669 31. Essential 8 Minshull Street, M1 3EF T: 0161 236 0077 32. The Outpost 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW T: 0161 236 5400 33. Legends 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW T: 0161 236 5400 34. Monroes 38 London Rd, M1 2PF T: 0161 236 0564 35. Hotel International 34 London Rd, M1 2PF T: 0161 236 1010 OTHER BUSINESSES A. Clone Zone 0161 236 1398 B. H2O Sauna 0161 236 3876 C. Funky Crop Shop 0161 237 1032 D. Village Off Licence 0161 236 1788 E. Pure Tanning 0161 236 1788 F. Olive Deli 0161 236 2360

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