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Hot Village

Issue 56 20th December 2009

Your Pocket Guide to What’s Hot in Gay Manchester


The Lowdown

Velvet The Review

Nik Denton The Interview

Issue 56 20th December 2009

Hello “Gayers”, As I sit here writing the introduction, to this Hot Village, it’s less than two weeks to Christmas and I haven’t bought a single present - nightmare!! Every year I say I will be more organised, do it all early and avoid the nightmare of Market Street or the Trafford Centre, but no, here I am yet again facing the daunting prospect of last minute Christmas shopping. Anyway, enough of my moaning! I hope you’re all alot more organised than me and looking forward too a nice long festive break. As usual your favourite village venues are pulling out all the stops to ensure you have the best possible festive fun, with loads of great drink offers, live cabaret, great DJs and some fantastic party nights ahead. Always here to help you through the party, Hot Village has searched the listings and created our top list of New Year’s events. It’s fair to say that Boxing Day is shaping up to be another amazing night and obviously New Year’s Eve will be one to remember, well if you can remember anything at all when you eventually wake up on New Year’s Day that is? In this issue, you will also find a food review of Velvet, an up close and personal interview with Nik Denton and Super trampette Miss Cara provides us with some of her highlights of 2009. Whatever you decide to do, have a fantastic time and try to retain at least a little bit of dignity! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!! Lots of Love Frank & Gareth x


Come and be social.. Village Drinks is one of the leading social networking events for gay professionals. Membership is free and it’s their mission to connect like-minded professionals everywhere and to enrich our lives in as many fun and interesting ways that they can. January’s New Year Village Drinks event will be held in the new VIP bar at Lammar’s on Thursday 28th January. There will be a welcome drink on arrival and you will have the great company of over 100 gay professionals to network with. Celebrate the start of 2010 in style with Village Drinks!

Cover Image: Editor: Frank Quinn Contributors: Gareth Williams, Photography: Sam Milford, Paul Mcavoy (The Gay Village Online) & Gareth Williams. Hot Village, 60 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ Web: Email: Advertising: 0161 235 7271 DISCALIMER: © 2009. Hot Village is published by Hot Village Ltd. Hot Village retains copyright. All rights recognised. We cannot accept responsibility for any unsolicited text, photographs or illustrations. Views expressed by individual contributors are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher. The mention appearance of likeness of any person or organisation in articles or advertising in Hot Village is not to be taken as an indication of sexuality or lifestyle.


Nik Denton: The Interview In a year of ups and downs, twists and turns and many changes to many of our lifestyles, Manchester Gay scene seems to have walked the 12 months of 2009 with its head held high and in places seems to have embraced change like it was something purchased in one of our favourite designer stores. There’s no question that in a year when recession took a bite into our lifestyles that our social lives and weekend routines have changed some what. Our choice of club, bar and general social habits have changed begging the question of what will next year have in store? So as we come to the end of the

year and a decade we caught up with DJ, Promoter and record label manager Nik Denton for a chat about his year, to look forward at 2010 and to talk about those all important festive parties that you lot are gagging to get out to. This is the first time we have chatted to you for a long time Nik. HV: What have you been up to? Nik: Overall I’ve had my head down and have been concentrating on keeping everything going. Organic has been keeping me busy and on my toes all year because we have moved home a few times. I seem to have been busier this year than

any other with my DJing schedule which is a bit of a surprise because I thought the recession would impact the number of gigs I would play. So I feel really lucky. I’ve also been working hard to keep the record labels ticking over. Illegal downloader’s are making record label owners jobs very hard in the current climate. If people don’t have money to buy records then of course they look to other ways of getting their music. So I’ve been working hard on the labels this year. HV: Do you think Manchester Gay Scene has changed much through the past 12 months and through the recession? Nik: Some parts have changed and others don’t seem to have changed much at all. As with most people I’ve been going out a little less and I think it’s obvious that businesses can’t be complacent about numbers anymore. People don’t have the money to go out all the time. I think everyone has had to work a lot harder this year to get people out and the village is no different to the rest of the country.

I will say though that when you compare the village with what is going on in the rest of the UK we don’t have boarded up windows and empty buildings. So it’s looking good. I’m not sure if that’s got a lot to do with drink prices and food promo’s but everyone seems to be doing ok and staying open. HV: And how do things in the Village compare with a decade ago in 2000? Nik: That was a year before I landed in Manchester but even in the 9 years of me living here things have changed quite a bit. Clubbing seems to have gone full circle because people like smaller environments to club in again. Freakshow @ No.1 is the best example I can find. When you go there is feels similar to the old Paradise Factory days. I used to go when Id visit Manchester and of course when it reopened for a while and like back then people have less

Nik Denton: The Interview cont: money so they seem to be really HV: You are a resident for pushing the boat out on the nights Freakshow can you tell us a bit they are able to afford to get out. about how it’s going? Nik: It’s going very well. It seems HV: Your club night Organic has to have put some definition on moved several times this year. Saturday night clubbing again. You Has this been because of the get a crowd of people who want to recession? go out to listen to good music in Nik: Not really. When we left an environment that will inevitably Manto it was because it closed have a good atmosphere. Its all for a few days and we didn’t want about the music and an up for it to lose a weekend of business crowd. And of course the Organic so we looked at Alter Ego as a crowd now have somewhere to go replacement venue and it ended beforehand. up being our new home long term through the summer. Alter Ego is a wicked venue however HV: Where has Nik Denton spent Organic works better on Canal St his time socialising this year? which is why we moved back to Nik: Are there any particular Audio/Spirit from our 3rd Birthday venues you like to head to in the in September. The move has Village? proved very successful. We have If I go out for a drink I always head a really good consistent crowd. to Velvet first. I love Velvet Bar. I The moving around has been had the bar for my 30th Birthday frustrating at times but I like to there back in January, so says it all. think we have settled now!

HV: What has been your highlight of 2009? Nik: Probably my Birthday party actually. I had all but a couple of my friends there, everyone I know and love from the village and January is normally boring so I think everyone was pleased to have a reason to go out. It was a cool night and got very messy. If I had to choose a clubbing highlight it would have to be Organic v Trade at Pride or the launch night of Freakshow. But then there is Fed @ Ritz too! Too many highlights! HV: Let’s chat NYE. What is Nik Denton getting up to? Nik: I’m in London and then straight up the motorway for my set at Federation @ The Ritz which is always amazing. I’m then playing 2 after parties this year, Freakshow and Organic. Organic is going on extra late until midday and I can’t

wait because we’ve never done that before. It’s where I’m going to end my night and it’s where I’m hopefully going to get a bit tipsy for the first time all night. The DJ line up for Organic is amazing as we have DJS playing from all over the gay scene. Its looks set to be a wicked event. The whole venue is open for the first time and we are working with Bounce Therapy. We’ve called the night PANDOARS BOX and will be decking the club out. I’m most looking fwd to our drag queens doing karaoke as they are hilarious at the best of times! What will your midnight track be this year? I’m in my car at midnight so whatever it is will be for me and my boyfriend’s ears only! But I have loads of wicked tracks for me sets when I get back to Manchester. So what does Nik Denton have in store for us all in 2010? Well in January there will be the release of my new house single “Freakshow” which I’m really excited about. I’ve not had a house single out for ages so it’s something I’m looking fwd to. After a bit of a rest up in January

Nik Denton: The Interview cont: I’ll be getting back to working on If you want to catch Nik Denton Organic and my day job for my playing you can find him at the business. I’ve got a few ideas following events: about other things I want to do next year but you’ll have to wait Right Royal Sound of Organic and see. @ Audio The biggest thing for me next year (Boxing day afterhours) though is getting back on air with Federation @ The Ritz (NYE) my show for Gaydio when it goes Freakshow @ No.1 Club live. It’s been a long time coming (NYE After-hours) but I can assure you it will be Organic & Bounce Therapy worth the wait. I’m going o throw pres PANDORAS BOX myself at the show and make sure (NYE After-hours) its worth switching on for each and @ Freakshow throughout and every show. January

. . . . .

HV: Any predications for 2010 in clubland? Nik: More change I think. And an even better Organic. lol

BOXING DAY ROUND UP... Over the last few years Boxing day night has become something of an institution around the village as legions of up for it gay boys and girls escape from the clutches of the family bosom and get back to what they do best and thats party! Here are our Hot Village Highlights of what’s going on to help you plan your nite! AXM: Open on both floors from 10pm till 7am with B.O.G.O.F till 1am!. (Also open on christmas day with free entry 10pm/7am) BAA BAR: Open from 6pm till 4am!! Dance off that christmas dinner well into the early hours with Monica and the girls. COYOTES: Open from 1pm till 4am with resident Dj’s and 2 drinks 4 £5. CRUNCH: Open from 11am till mega late with some great drinks offers to help you wash down those turkey sandwiches!! CRUZ 101: Miss Cara presides over the biggest boxing day bash in the village with the latest dance, pop and chart tunes upstairs & bouncy house & vocal trance downstairs in Sub. 11pm till 4 am

ESSENTIAL: Boxing Day Bender, 11pm till 6am. FREAKSHOW: @ No 1 Club Boxing Day all nighter, 11pm till stupidly late. MORNING GLORY: Christmas Special 4am till 10am. ORGANIC: Boxing Day Freakshow the after party. 3am till 8am in AUDIO @ SPIRIT with Nik Denton,Gregg Holden and others. SPIRIT: Get into the boxing day “SPIRIT” with free shot giveaways plenty of prizes all topped off with sexy bar boyz and delicious dancers. Lounge bar 9pm/4am. VANILLA: Go wild at the Vanilla boxing day bash. 7pm till late with 32 drinks promos and 50p crimbo shots!! DJ Merry spins the best tunes from 2009!! VIA: 12hr, Boxing Day Spectacular open from 2pm till 2am. With full menu on offer in the restaurant and usual sat night line up of DJs. VIEW: Boxing Day Cracker, loads of free giveaways in the massive balloon drop and the lovely Chardonnay on the door!! open from 9pm till 4am. Check individual websites for your favourite bars not covered here!


AXM: 12 hrs of Festive Frolics. Open on both floors from 9pm till 9am with free entry until midnight so get in early and save your drinks money!! BAA BAR: open from 3pm till 4am with all the usual great drinks promos its gonna be rammed and with a Scottish “lezzer” running the place its gonna get messy. CRUNCH: Open on both floors from 11am till 6am for 19hrs of NYE partying! CRUZ 101: The New Years Eve Ball, join Miss Cara and the team for the party of the year open from 10.30pm till 6am adv tickets £9 b4

21st dec £10 thereafter!! COYOTES: NEW YEARS EVE TOGA PARTY Open from 7pm/4am with £5 entry! ESSENTIAL: Cirque d’Essential Open 10pm /6am adv tickets £10 @ Clonezone. FEDERATION: 10pm till 4am back in their ancestral home at The RITZ its gonna be rammed with some seriously hot guys all up for some serious sexy celebrations! FREAKSHOW: @ No 1 Club One off after hours special following on from FED open from 4am till freakishly late its gonna get very messy!

NEW YEARS EVE ROUND UP... MORNING GLORY: NYE special 4am till 10am Guaranteed to be rammed! NEW YORK NEW YORK: Its gonna be one hell of a party with Tracey and the team pulling out all the stops to guaranteee you have one hell of a night to remember!! Check out the fabulous brand new cocktail bar for something a little different! ORGANIC: PANDORAS BOX Audio Room (above Spirit) Billed as the biggest afterhours event in the gay village on NYE 2009 open from 2am till 12noon on new yrs day featuring the Organic and Bounce therapy residents and very special guests. SPIRIT: NEW YEARS EVE BALL Free glass of bubbly for first 200 guests with sexy bar boyz & dancers. Lounge bar open 9pm /4am and the Audio Room 9pm/2am. VANILLA: R U ready 4 the biggest CLIMAX of the year? Wanna party with 500 hot “lezzers” all up for one hell of a good time??? then head over to Sub At CRUZ for the new years eve special CLIMAX party with DJ Furey playin the best from 2009!!

VIA: TUTTI FRUTTI NEW YEARS PARTY Where the party is with your host RUSTY SPRINGFLAPS and DJs Savage & Aitch open from 8pm till 4am!!! VIEW: See in 2010 at Canal St’s No 1 party venue!! With midnight balloon drop with loads of giveaways and prizes and a midnight cannon volley!! open from 9pm till 5am with DJ martin and guests mashin up the very best floorfillers n camp pop!! NEW YRS DAY BACK2 BACK SPECIAL POPTASTIC & CRUZ: Bringing you the VILLAGE RECOVERY PARTY 11 pm till 5am for the hardcore party goers out there! Please check individual websites for details of your favourite venues not included!!


Hot Village

2 Canal St, Hot Village Rating: 8/10

Food Reviews:

Welcome to the first Hot Village and sure enough by the time our Restaurant Review. appetisers arrived at 6pm every table was full. What’s more the This month the spotlight falls on whole place buzzed with that Velvet, one of the village’s most fabulous chatty afterwork vibe loved eateries, serving an extensive you usually only get on a Friday selection of delightful dishes evening. Not bad for 6pm on a inspired from across the globe, in miserable rainy mon evening in truly sumptuous surroundings. December. Could this be a pleasant We headed down straight from indicator as to the quality of the the office one Monday evening food we’re about to be served? to find the restaurant to be a little As we were dining before 7pm we quiet, but fear not by the time we took full advantage of the Velvet had decided what to order the “Meal Deal” which offers any two place was starting to fill up nicely courses for £12.95. Definately a

risotto and the 10oz gammon steak. I chose the risotto which was again very nice with a generous amount of wild mushrooms infused with a rich creamy sauce and lashings of freshly shaved parmesan on top, I chose to have it with chicken which really made the dish in my opinion. Gareth went for the gammon which was not for the faint hearted the steak came accompanied with a flat mushroom, fried egg and a very generous portion of chips. The gammon was perfectly cooked as was the fried egg, there were definately no complaints. I could have gladly thrown in the Hot Village top tip for ridiculously towel at this point as I was feeling good value for money and clearly comfortably full, however as we a very popular offer. were carrying out a review on To start with we chose the garlic our readers behalfs, it would have chilli king prawns served with been unprofessional, if not rude of crusty bread and the duck spring us not to sample the dessert menu. rolls with a mango salsa both of After much deliberation and arm which were beautifully presented twisting I eventually chose the and absolutely delicious, the king chocolate selva, which can only be prawns had the edge for me, described as a chocolate sensation plump and succulent with just the clearly sent from heaven. It’s right amount of garlic and chilli in somewhat difficult to describe the sauce. but I would say its kinda like a For our mains we decided to go chocolate parcel with a sponge for wild mushroom and parmesan base filled with chocolate mouse

and whipped cream. Then topped off with a lovely little pot of berry coulis and fresh pouring cream. Simply delicious melt in the mouth chocolate heaven, just dont think about the calories and you will be fine. Our second choice of dessert was somewhat more traditional a delicious slab of moist rich carrot cake served with choice of fresh pouring cream or a choice of ice cream, Garerth was clearly feeling festive and opted for the christmas pudding flavoured ice cream which he assures me was very nice indeed. Unfortunately the carrot cake itself was not quite as moist as he had hoped which was a little dissapointing but the ice cream more than made up for this

small hic up in an other wise very pleasant dining experience. At £4.50 each the desserts were perfectly priced to bring the overall meal in at well under £20 per head and in my opinion very good value indeed. Since the opening of Velvet Hotel earlier this year the restaurant is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a choice of continental or full english breakfast served from 7am till 11am each morning and a very attractive two course set lunch deal offer for £9.95 and obviously the evening meal deal from 4pm till 7pm throughout the week (now extended till 10pm on mondays).


The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have received £33,750 from Manchester Pride to support the free Condom and Lube Scheme! The long-running scheme, now celebrating it’s 15th year, provides free packs of condoms and lube which are distributed across hundreds of locations. If you’re out this New Year’s Eve, a pack can be picked up from most bars and clubs in the Village. Manchester Pride 2009 raised £135,000, which has been split equally between the LGF Condom and Lube Scheme, the GHT Welfare Fund, the Pride Community Grant and the Pride HIV Fund. For more information please visit

MANFEST RETURN CONFIRMED AT SATANS HOLLOW Following on from the very popular pride event over the August Bank Holiday the team At Manfest are back with a one off Winter Party. Guaranteed to raise the temperature at the end of a long hard cold month with a hard, intense,dark,dance fetish night which aims to stretch the boundaries to the extreme. Satan will undoubtedly rise again as Manfest brings the devil out in all of you in the new extended playroom now fully air conditioned and with improved cloakroom facilities. Make a note in your diaries now guys. 11pm till 6am Saturday 30th Jan. Tickets are £6 in advance from The RoB shop or Clone Zone or

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Dance yourself Dizzy...


With Strictly Come Dancing over with for another year, Hot Village thought it would give you a little heads up on where you can go to learn those moves. The Dance Emporium is the home of Manchester’s only Latin Formation Team. Based in Denton the studio is currently recruiting for a new adult latin team, so if you fancy strutting your stuff, taking up a new hobby and getting fit in the process now is your chance to do it!! The studio is proud of an enviable track record having won the national title, being crowned British Champions in both 2003 and 2004. The studio is run by the lovely Darren, its worth taking a look just to check out his fantastic perky bubble butt in those tight black trousers. There are both classes for adults and children on offer in Ballroom and Latin American Dancing covering all ability levels from absolute beginners to the more advanced. Why not have lessons in secret and amaze everyone at your next big function with your nifty new nimble foot work. If you cant make it over to Denton then Darren also runs classes at Alderly Edge every Monday night and also at The Lowry Theatre which is perfect for all the gays living on Salford Quays these days! (Check out the website for more details:

Keep Christmas Happy... With Christmas around the corner it’s a good time to consider some simple measures to prevent any nasty surprises cropping up to spoil your festive celebrations. Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police, the NHS and Greater Manchester Fire Service are launching a joint Christmas crime prevention and personal safety campaign, next week to give people the information they need to keep themselves and their property safe throughout the festivities. No one wants to be a killjoy at this time of year but there are sensible precautions you can take while out enjoying the hustle and bustle of Manchester city life over the Christmas period. If you’re at a party or out for a drink with friends, pace yourself and make sure you have made proper arrangements to get home at the end of the evening. You can still have a good time and stay safe. Manchester City Council Executive Member for Adult Service

Councillor Glynn Evans reinforced the message: “We’re not asking people not to drink but would just like them to think seriously about how much they are drinking and what risks they may be taking both in terms of health and personal safety.” Emergency services will be pulling together to make sure that the public is safe and can enjoy their Christmas shopping and the festive activities across Manchester. Neighbourhood Inspector for the city centre, Jo Marshall, said: “While officers will be out in force to ensure people are safe, we ask that shoppers, visitors and revellers take responsibility for their own actions by ensuring that personal possessions are kept under wraps and out of sight, vehicles are parked in safe places and valuables are not left on show. That way everyone can have a safe and happy Christmas, free from crime this year.”

MY YEAR IN TIGHTS... Cruz 101’s John Cooper and his alter ego Miss Cara take a look back at 2009. As we race ahead into 2010 and out of the noughties I look back on the events that made up 2009, the year that saw new venues arrive on the scene, lots of changes in the Village, cars being given away, and Manchester Pride raise record amounts of money for charity; all in the face of a global recession.

battle, Gerrard, our manager, sat down with a coffee, “17 I wonder”. That question again! As the month drew to a close we were treated to a snow fall (the only decent one of the year) that January: As the sales frenzy got turned the village as white as a under way and the decorations Dickensian Christmas card scene came down,the global hangover complete with a running snowball seemed to kick in, the Betty battle between the door team and Ford Clinic was offering some the customers! great deals so off I went because according to the politicians we February: Ahhh February, sweet were in for a bumpy ride; time February, the month of love, to hitch up our skirts and strap romance and cupid. I begged and ourselves in. We sat down in the pleaded with my admirers to take office and surveyed the year ahead, it easy on the postman’s back and “What can you do at 17?” seemed not send the Valentine’s cards as to be the question that kept I had plans for him involving him coming up. We began planning our using it (I had a large chest that event calendar, and like a military needed some movement). But commander directing troups into wouldn’t you know it not a single

Mr & Mrs Cara lousy stinking rotten card came through my door!! I will keep my mouth shut in future. Vicars and Tarts arrived in droves for the Valentines Ball (I guess it was a novelty to welcome vicars!!!) a fab night was reported by all although I can’t remember where the Dog Collar in my top drawer came from! March: Madness was definitely beginning to kick in, if I’d heard that 17 question once I’d heard it a hundred times! Ah well never mind, the weather was getting warmer and it was time to nip over to the Costa del Rita for a quick sun-bed! Disco Inferno (Cruz 101’s longest running night) was about to celebrate its 16th Birthday so we

decided to put on a whole weekend of Disco Inferno campness. “I think we should have pink fur and rope lights every where” said a nicely bronzing Miss C so I spent a week tottering round haberdasheries in and around Manchesterford looking for just the right shade of pink fur (Note to self … keep trap shut in future) whilst Gerrard performed some of his witchcraft on our classic disco lighting. After a further week of prepping, light repairs and fur flying we had our very first Disco Inferno Classics Weekend. The Staff in 70’s costume, the club dressed in neon pink fur and rope lights and I even treated myself to an Afro (what was I thinking). April: We finally got an answer to the big 17 question, “You can drive at 17, lets give away a car for Cruz’s 17th Birthday” said Gerrard, I offered my pink Cara Car but was politely turned down (actually it was more like “who the f*** would want that old rust bucket” Off we went to Citroen to show a bit of leg and get a discount on a New Car, anyway to cut a long story short after Gerrard, rolled

MY YEAR IN TIGHTS... back down his trouser leg we had ourselves a Brand New Citroen C1 at book price (I did offer my legs but was told no!!!) Easter Weekend was a huge success Traditionally the time of year the place seems to come out of hibernation, The Village was transformed into a bunting filled paradise (Rita strikes again), and bunnies galore filled the streets. Manchester Pride 2009 tickets went on sale with a drinkies doo and if you look on the Pride website photos from the event you may see the editor enjoying himself!!! May: Cruz 101 turned 17 and could legally drive a car but instead we decided to give our brand spanking new car with private Registration plate away and ran a prize draw with all the ticket money going to the LGF raising a massive £5000. The party night was most definitely one to remember with disco legend Norma Lewis performing live on stage and the

Cruz 17th Birthday now traditional speech from yours truly, the alcohol flowed and we made merry until the wee small hours (Did any one find any car keys?)! How we will top it I am not sure but you can rest assured that no stop will be left pushed in to ensure we do, after all you only turn 18 once (as I found out a couple of years ago). June: “I cant believe its June already Pride is just around the corner, have you booked any P.A.’s yet John?” Every year it’s the same question, so off on my quest I went with a 2 month telephone marathon with the artist booking agent (thank god for Kelly Wilde) after giving her a list of about 100 artists that were Cruzable, we kept our fingers crossed.

With Gerrard once again in witchcraft mode hunting down a retro dance floor for Pride, Paul and I got on with arranging the Beach Party (that annual event when I go for LYPO and don my bikini!!) Again another huge success even though the 3 tonnes of sand I ordered got sent back, the cocktail bar, the boys in speedo’s, the sun bronzed bodies I had to go and lie down!!! July: saw the arrival in the village of the LadyBoys of Bangkok for their second year in the Sackville St. Pavilion and The Village White weekend (the second bunting fest) with events the length and breadth of the village and was a practice run for Pride without the crowds and burger vans!!! August: Manchester Pride 2009 was finally with us, the phone marathon had paid off big time as we had Sinitta headlining at Cruz on Saturday night and with the illuminated retro dance-floor and classic Disco theme combined with an electric atmosphere, Both Cruz and Manchester Pride Itself had the most successful Pride event ever! I have to say though my personal highlight of the weekend was at the official closing party here at Cruz where Lonnie Gordon

MY YEAR IN TIGHTS... worked the crowd like I have never seen before, wowing the crowd with an amazing performance, the place was so uplifted and the atmosphere so fun filled it made one proud to be a drag queen!!! Roll on Pride 2010. September: Brought us back down to earth (well we couldn’t keep that high up)!!! The students are coming!!! So off we went to the Student Union Building with our membership cards in hand and returned with lots of students in hand!!!! (No comment please from the editor). School Disco weekend was laid on to keep all the freshers entertained although from what own portrait, all this contributed to I saw most managed to entertain making the Halloween Ball one of each other!! our best ever. Hundreds of people got into the spirit of the event October: Halloween beckoned and really went to town on their and I have to say our design costumes. Kelly Wilde was on stage team really outdid them selves with a belting performance of her this year with scenery rivalling Halloween show, she even agreed that of Disney’s haunted mansion to stay on to help with the final of The stage set was complete the fancy dress competition, the with a secret entrance for me to winner of which walked away with magically appear on through my £200 for an amazing self creation.

I am already planning my costume for next yea’s extravaganza so beware.

the top as ever (not that there is such a thing as OTT at Christmas) It even features a life size Santa complete with sleigh and his front room too. Unfortunately due to health and safety regulations the reindeer are currently grazing in my back garden! New Years Eve tickets sales are well advanced promising to give us yet again a phenomenal event to welcome in 2010.

November: Traditionally this is one of the quieter months of the year as everyone seems to be saving for Christmas but the last weekend came and World Aids Day brought The Big Red Ball which raised hundreds of pounds for the LGF who had scores of bucket collectors on hand throughout the village. So as my year closes I would like to say to you all “May your pies be full December: We unveiled our of mince, your glasses always full superb Christmas set for 2009 and and I wish you all the merriest of in true Cruz style with a bucket of Christmases and a very Happy and glitter, a plethora of Mirrorballs Prosperous 2010. and miles of fairy lights (with the emphasis on fairy) we went over

Xmas Shopping... Need some help with a stocking filler for your loved one this Christmas? Or maybe a little something for your best mate but you really cant face battling your way through legions of increasingly desperate psychotic shoppers and irrate mothers with screaming kids. Then we might just have found the perfect solution, why not pop into Clonezone on Sackville Street. The store is packed with everything you could imagine and the new buyers have clearly spent alot of time searching out some fantastic new ranges. In store you will find; underwear, books, DVDs and sex toys that will ensure your Christmas morning gets off to a good start. Well who said only Santa gets to emopty his sack on Christmas Day?? For those of you who prefer to shop from the comfort of your favourite arm chair then you can shop to your hearts content or until you max out your credit card and the “Computer says no!” at or by phone on 0800 783 7953. Theres even a fantsatic new catalogue you can pick up instore to take home with you which, details every item thats available to purchase online so it really couldn’t be any easier.

Xmas Shopping...

After finishing their refurb of the main area downstairs and the back room lounge area AXM has now switched its attention to the upstairs old Piano Bar, and as usual has managed to create another stylish yet comfortable space, whilst losing none of the old places charm. The funky new red and black leather sofas blend in superbly with the predominant black and white theme of the room, and the addition of 4 fantastic water features and led lighting displays make this new area a very welcome addition

to what has now become one of the most visited and busiest venues in The Village. The starlight cloth that covers the entire ceiling adds a superb finishing touch of class too. There are free to access computer terminals available for those who just cant live without checking Facebook every hour (who are we kidding, we know its Fitlads really), and still to come is a new coffee bar area selling a full range of hot drinks and snacks for those who have had their fill of alcohol. Along with the new decor AXM

have also launched a couple of new nights up there, to ensure that the venue as a whole now caters to a wide variety of tastes and customer bases. The Starlight Sisters on a Friday night is a whole new cabaret experience blending live, audio and visual entertainment together. And with Panny Crayon and Viva La Diva at the controls you just know its gonna be outrageous, insulting and irreverent. Then on a Saturday you start off with Toni Lees’ Starstruck Karaoke, which gets very busy and has lots of singers good and bloody awful (that might be because of the BOGOF being on from opening at 9pm till 1am). Then right after the karaoke DJ Lollypop takes over for a harder and dancier style of music than the commercial chart pop playing downstairs. So whether its to chill out on the sofas, surf the net for that nights shag, watch the quality entertainment or just dance the night away to the very late hours, AXM’s new Starlight Bar is a great place to hang out or escape from the busy club area downstairs.

Barman Quiz... Name - Rich Bradley (mrichie) Age - 19 Star Sign - Pisces Venue - Napoleons Quick Fire Questions: Single? Yeah :-) Top/Bottom? Versatile Gaydar/Fitlads? Fitlads Cuddle/Fuck? - Fuck then cuddle Spit/Swallow? Urgh!

Whats the worst sex you have ever had? Ive never had bad sex.. it takes 2 When did you first realise you for bad sex. were gay? Whats your ideal first date? I think I can blame gaydar for that We’d go for a drive after the and fittwink26 cinema, perhaps a few drinks then Who did you tell first? spend the night chatting and Fittwink26 .. duh perhaps a cuddle How did you tell you mum? Whats yuour ideal night out? Few bars, cruz, morning glory and She told me! Have you ever been caught back to mine.. or yours! having sex? Whats yours worst embarrasing Yeah by my boyfriend.. Joke! drunk moment? How old were you when you lost Day I turned 19, champage and your cherry? shots dont mix!! What would you change if you I was 15 I think When did you last have sex? ruled the world? Too long ago!! Its hard enough changing my Whats the best sex you have underwear let alone the world!! ever had? What have you asked santa for It involved yogurt thats all im xmas? Lloyd Daniels or Joe Mceldrry saying!!

Hot Village Listings...

Monday... Your night by night guide to Manchester’s Gay Village.

CHURCHILLS: All new Mondays from 7pm Karaoke play your cards MONDAY BARS right & new twister with Suzie BAA BAR: 80’s &90’s night with Sparkles and DJ Oggie. £2 selected Dj Nash and friends (free shot 4 drinks offers. village staff with every drink) EDEN: Early bird special, 4-7PM CRUNCH: Curry Night, 5pm till any two courses and a glass of 8pm Choice of lamb/beef/chicken wine for £12.95. Or 2 cocktails for or veggie. £7 up till 8pm everyday.

Tuesday... TUESDAY BARS Tuesday is student night!! AXM: Studentville, Cheesy tunes NEW YORK NEW YORK: 2.4.1 on and cheap drinks. VHF £2 each or 3 cocktails. 10 shots for £5. for £5. BOGOF till 1am. Free Entry. QUEER: Popsicle with DJ Ben BAA BAR: Open on both floors Hughes playing commercial pop. with with Hot Kiss rock/alternative All VHF £1.50/ Hs spirit n mixer £2 nite and lots of £1 shots on offer. THOMPSONS ARMS: Play What more could you ask? your cards right with Miss CHURCHILLS: Kash Karaoke, with Thunderpussy. Tactless Trish. 1000s of new songs VIA: Karaoke and party pop with to choose from. £30 cash prize!! Smilie Steve. Plus “teatime specials” CRUNCH: Prepop, Meet up with drinks offers 4-8pm your mates before heading to VIEW: Monday Chill, chillout with Poptastic, great tunes and plenty a bottle of house wine for £5.95 of drink offers. listen to low tempo tunes & ease NEW UNION: Karaoke with DJ Carl yourself into the week. cash prizes with a mix of modern and classic tunes. MONDAY CLUBS NEW YORK NEW YORK: Popshop, CRUZ 101: Disco Inferno, The 10 shots £5. Classic Pop/Party Village’s longest running night, tunes. DJ Dino plays an exclusive mix of QUEER: Treat yourself to classics from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s in “Trannyoke” with Jessica Barge Cruz. Expect tunes from Donna and her acid tongue!! Carlsberg Summer, Rick Astley, The Bee Gees, and VHF bottles £1.50 Sonia, Kylie & Barry White to be SPIRIT: Popcorn, Dj Martin Gunn gracing your ears with 4 decades plays the best in chart, 80s & 90s of all things Disco. Got a favourite claiming to be the best and the from the past? Challenge Dino to cheapest student nite in the Village raid his library and find it! with drinks from £1.50.


WEDNESDAY... TUESDAY CLUBS POPTASTIC @ Alter Ego: Legendary student nite now in its 14th year need I say more the destination event on a Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY BARS Wind Down Wednesdays. Chill out grab some food and head for a quiet drink in the Village. AXM: Blanketyblank, the legendary tv game is back with Misty Chance and a £50 rollover jackpot. BAR BELOW: Perfect venue for a romantic date with BOGOF on all freshly made cocktails till 8pm. CHURCHILLS: Veronyka Kastle, performing live cabaret with her sexy dancer boys and special guests!! Plus tunes from Trixie Cannon and DJ Oggie. CRUNCH: Double Points Night, For every pound you spend get 40p back on your card to spend on your next round. 2-4-1 on all food 12 noon till 8pm every day. NAPOLEONS: Playing host to the busiest and longest running Tgirls night in the village open on all 3 floors till late!! Grab yourself 5 bottles of WKD red for £11. £1

entrance or free with NUS card. NEW UNION: Live Cabaret, the team at the union always know how to keep us entertained. TAURUS: A haven of tranquility perfect to catch up with friends over a bottle of wine. VELVET: Check out the early bird specials choose two courses from the entire menu for £12.95. VIEW: Warm Up, get out of the cold and relax. You and a mate share 2 pizzas and a bottle of wine for £9.95 or two winter warmer mains for £8.95.

WEDNESDAY CLUBS CRUZ 101: Pink Wednesdays, got the midweek blues? Drag yourself off that couch and let your pink pound stretch that bit further with a great offer from Cruz.

THURSDAY... THURSDAY BARS AXM: Europop, are you a fan of eurotrash pop? Head to axm tonight as every 5th track played could be referred to as gem of the eurotrash world. BAA BAR: Diva Fever staring Ria Enders and Dj Nash and special guests. CHURCHILLS: Krazy Karaoke, with Tactless Trish 9pm till late. TRIBECA: BOGOF on all £12 Cocktail pitchers 9pm till 1am plus house wine £6 bottle 4-8pm daily. EDEN: Classical guitar from 7-9pm. Head down before and enjoy the early bird special, 2 courses and a glass of wine £12.95. MANTO: Now that’s what I call the 90’s, let Mantos transport you back to the 90’s for a night of 90’s tunes and 90’s prices. Free entry with some drinks at 90p. QUEER: Funky House night, with DJs Thaddeus & Aphrodite playing all night. All VHF and bottled Carlsberg £1.50. SPIRIT: The Funky Boyz, mashing up the very best Dance and Funky house. Selected pints £1.50.

THOMPSONS ARMS: Miss Thunderpussy, live cabaret followed by a hunky stripper. VIA: Pop Goes Thursday, a mad night with mad music mad drinks offers and an even madder Rusty Springflaps hosting the night. VIEW: Live Cabaret with the fabulous Misty and DJ Paul mixing up your fave cheesy pop and chart hits.

THURSDAY CLUBS CRUZ 101: Back To Back, This is the original and only club night your Thursday should involve. John Hamilton presents “How far will you go?”, Back2Back mayhem every Thursday.

Send us your listings by email to:

FRIDAY... FRIDAY BARS AXM: Playboiz, downstairs in the main club. Open super late till 7am. AXM LOUNGE: Starlight Sisters, the newest, freshest and destined to be the best cabaret show in the village, in the newly refurbished Starlight Bar upstairs in AXM A mixture of audio/visual entertainment with live cabaret and laughs from the dynamic duo of Penny Crayon and the fabulous Viva La Diva!! BAA BAR: Camp fun with Dj Nash and great drink offers help create a great party atmosphere. CHURCHILLS: Funtime Friday, come and dance with the fabulous Misty Chance playin chart tunes, Pop and all your requests. COMPANY BAR: open till 6am always packed full of real men (well maybe) very cruisy and not one for the fag hag. CRUNCH: Bounce to the Future, Undercrunch plays chart and dance to get you ready for the weekend. Hosted by Teresa Crowd!! EDEN: Play, Indie alternative night.

Free entry 10.30 till 2am. MANTO: Eager Beaver, in the Manto lounge with the best of Manchester’s alternative DJs. Whils on the main floor DJ Martin Turner plays the best in Pop Dance and Electro from 9pm till 2am. NEW YORK NEW YORK: Lots of Camp & Cheesy party fun with resident DJs and a full on party atmosphere. QUEER: Friday Flip, with pop upstairs in Queer and dance downstairs in Glam. With DJs on both floors sexy go go dancers and great drinks offers what more could you want. REMBRANDT: If you are looking to get away from all the pop music and cheesy tunes head to the Rembrandt for a more relaxed environment. SPIRIT: Deepspirit, open on both floors with international DJ Roger Da Silva mixing it up in the lounge bar, look out for guest DJs upstairs in Audio. Open till 4am. TAURUS: Wind down after a long hard week at work with food and

cocktail happy hour 4pm till 7pm. TRIBECA: Half price single cocktails 9pm till 1am . Or choose any 2 dishes from house specials list for £10!! VELVET: This oppulent sophisticated bar turns up the heat at the weekends with resident DJs playin some seriously cool funky tunes to get you in the mood. VIA: Some great drinks offers for the after work crowd followed by a full on club atmospere as the night progresses with resident DJs playing a real mix of seriously funky tunes. VIEW: Camp Attack, with resident DJs playing some of the best tunes around and some seriously good drinks offers too. Open till 4am.

FRIDAY CLUBS CRUZ 101: Big Gay Fridays. The only place to kick off the weekend - guaranteed packed out every week and absolutely guaranteed attitude free fun filled clubbing for Manchester. Miss Cara kicks open the doors every week with

Manchester’s very own superstar DJ’s Almighty Donald & Spook on the main floor with tunes you will never hear anywhere else. 4th Friday of the month gets a special outing for classic trance with Rob James digging deep and dusting off the best of vocal trance. Music Policy: Cruz - The latest pop and chart tunes and exclusives you will never hear anywhere else! Sub - funky & electro house: 4th Friday Sub - classic vocal trance. ESSENTIAL: Friday Flip, mixing things up with Nicksy and the gang playin Pop and chart hits in the main arena with things gettin just a bit downright dirty in the pop lounge. No1 CLUB: HotDog, Gay Manchester’s coolest brand new night for a young and up for it crowd. Phil Perry, Anthony Crank, Rod the Priest, Phil Baksted plus guests play a soundtrack of Pop, Indie Pop and Disco!! Free entry B4 11.30pm. £3 afterwards. Selected bottles£2

SATURDAY... SATURDAY BARS Party on boys and girls the village really does know how to put on a good party on saturday nights! With lots of venues open well beyond 3am clubs open till 6am and beyond and some really good after parties well on into the daylight hours. You really will be spoiled for choice as to where to party till you drop! There really is way to much going on for us to pick out any for a particular mention. Why not check out: for up to the minute listings of whats happening, have a fantastic night girls and boys remember to play safe and drink responsibly, and when you finally decide its time to go home make sure you choose a taxi from a reputable company, Manchester cars on bloom street just by all the takeaways, and next to the Village Off License offer a safe and reliable service and are extremely gay friendly!

SATURDAY CLUBS POPTASTIC: Legendary student nite held at Club Alter Ego. Two

rooms to choose from one playing commercial pop and cheese and the other for all you indie kids always busy and loads of cheap drinks. CRUZ 101: “DRAMA QUEEN” The Ultimate Saturday night out in Manchester’s Gay Village. 4 DJ’s on rotation playing the best pop, disco, dance in Cruz. Downstairs in Sub Little Miss Natalie & the Superchoons crew play Uplifting Trance & Bouncy House. Lots of drinks offers. ESSENTIAL: Bender, by far Essentials busiest night of the week open on all 3 floors. With the Essential all star DJs. No1CLUB: Freakshow, from the creators of Federation and Uni Challenge 11pm till 6am. £7 before midnight £8 afterwards LEGENDS: One for the guys that like things just a little bit sleazier. AXM: Starstruck Karaoke, Toni Lee brings his inimmitable irreverent style as customers good and bloody awful step onto the stage to belt out some classic Karaoke tunes B.O.G.O.F from 9pm till 1am and open very late.


ORGANIC @ AUDIO, Spirit) Gay Manchester’s longest running Saturday night afterhours party. Afterhours every Saturday night/ Sunday morning from 3am till 8am. The official Freakshow after party. Featuring The Organic Resident Dj,s On Rotation: Nik Denton/ Gregg Holden/ Ross Homson/ Baby Jane/ Ben Hamilton Paul Furley/ Daz G/ Danny Phillips. The Price: £5 entry B4 4am. Discount entry with Feakshow stamp or student ID. Free entry for Village Staff. MORNING GLORY @ QUEER: Keep your Saturday night pumping with adrenalin fuelled bouncy house downstairs and uplifting vocal house upstairs in Queer brought to you by the Essential All Stars. Plus guest DJs on rotation. Entrance via Richmond St. 4am till 10am. £7 Entry or £5 with wristband if purchased in Essential. REMIX @ AXM LATE: Afterhours late nite clubbing with a twist. Top tunes and all your favourites re mixed and belting out till 7am with DJs Dino and Paul Mcavoy. Its a fabulous mix of modern, cheesy and camp tunes.

DRAMA QUEEN @ CRUZ101 Open till 6am every Saturday. Cruz floor: Pop/Disco/Dance & RnB anthems. Sub level: Superchoons Cocal dance/Trance & Bouncy house with Little Miss Natalie.

SUNDAY... SUNDAY BARS “The day of rest” – Yeah Right! Here are some of our “Must Do’s” for those who don’t mind starting Monday with the hangover from hell. TAURUS: Famed for its Sunday lunches, Taurus enjoys an enviable reputation for serving some of the best food in the Village. Perfect venue to enjoy a relaxed Sunday afternoon if your lucky the imimitlable Polly will be presiding over the Sunday service. EDEN: “Cross the Bridge and sample the delights” Why not try Eden’s famous Sunday lunch served all day from 12 noon. Choose 1 course for £6.95, 2 for £12.95, choice of 3 roasts and a veggie option. Look out for the Open Mic Nights on the first Sunday of the month plus quiz night on the last Sunday of every month. VELVET: Perfect for a chilled drink on a Sunday, gorgeous decadent bar and a fabulous restaurant too, its almost too easy to spend the whole afternoon in there.

VIA: Stars on Sunday, there’s a fabulous new look for autumn/ winter at VIA on sundays with Smilie Steve launching his Tribute Night with some fantastic tribute acts of your favourite stars lined up for the coming weeks and regular monthly appearances from David Dale with his personal tributes to all the show business greats!! THE REMBRANDT: Traditionally the home of Manchester’s “Bear and Cub home. This venue is always always busy on Sundays, look out for Camp Bingo and lots of line dancing. QUEER: Sabbath, Essentials legendary night now at Queer playing funky house and dance anthems in Queer with Pop and party tunes downstairs in Glam. With some cheeky drinks offers for those of you who spent a bit too much on Friday and Saturday. NEW YORK NEW YORK: Sambuca Sundays, one of the busiest venues on a Sunday, starting mid afternoon till very late and always packed to capacity. No doubt

COYOTES... Tracey will be about with a bottle of Sambuca. COMPANY BAR: Popular basement bar on Richmond Street the villages only men only space. Need I say more!! it’s always busy and full of real men! AXM LATE: The new home of Sugar Pops a nite of outrageous cabaret from the one and only Viva La Diva herself and some great pop tunes from the rest of the Poptastic team. Free entry and open till 5am with BOGOF on all drinks before 1am it has to be the way to end your weekend..

SUNDAY CLUBS CRUZ 101: A mash up of edgy pop and funky house to round off the weekend. You can scream as much as you like! Requests played all night from the Village’s greatest selection of cheesy pop, disco, dance & RnB upstairs from DJ Spook.

Open Athletics


Open athletics is an organisation for the promotion and development of LGBT athletics in the broadest sense including track and field, fell and trail running, and race walking.

Manchester Stingers

Womens Football Club. Players of all levels welcome. Training every Wednesday. For full details check out:

Manchester Vixens Ladies FC

This is the newest LGBT football club

with the emphasis put on fun. Front Runners A weekly running group for people of all abilities. Village Manchester Football Club

One for the lads, VMFC runs weekly training sessions and plays regular GHAP Badminton matches in the local league. If you prefer to play for fun and fitness in a friendly and supportive environment then this is the group Village Spartans Rugby Club for you. They play every Monday and They hold weekly training sessions open to all: Wednesday from 6pm till 8pm.

Northern Flight Badminton

Manchester Sharks

Looking for competitive badminton? Northern Flight is a competitive Badminton club for experienced players.

This mixed team train once a week on a Thursday at Miles Platting Pool frm 7pm till 8pm. Open to all abilities however it is important to be a confident swimmer.

Scottish Country Dance Group

Northernwave Swimming Club

Classes are held weekly with an emphasis on teaching the dances and formations as well as having a great social aspect to the group.

Is open to all with regular training sessions.

Northern Aces Tennis Group

Play tennis in a social yet competitive environment and benefit from The emphasis is on fun and the group professional coaching. is open to all. They run two sesisons on a Wednesday, beginners at 8pm Northern Jump Vollyball Club and then improvers at 9pm. Just turn Meets once a week on a Wednesday up at Trinity High Dance Studio. open to all.

LGBT Latin & Ballroom Dancing

Prairie Dogs Line Dancing

They provide line dancing sessions for people of all levels and run two To get your group listed here please send details to us by email: sessions a week.

10 p p e r m in

Ch a t to 10 0 s o f ch a vs !

08712 33 00 7066 30 08712 33 or text SCALLY to 88211

Sc al ly st or iz ; 09 09 7 90 89 78 Over 18’s only. Calls to 08712 cost 10p per min. Calls to 09097 cost £1.50 per min. Mobile calls may vary. 88211 costs 50p to send txts, 25p to receive profiles, 50p to respond to profiles & 50p to receive responses to your profiles. Your first £5 usage is FREE, billed £5 in segments. Customer Service: 0844 243 0071. Service provided by All Points North Publications.


Copyright Maps in Minutes/Lovell Johns Limited 2006

19. Company 28 Richomnd St, M1 3NB 0161 237 9329 20. Vanilla 39 Richmond St, M1 3B 0161 288 2727 21. Napoleons 33 Bloom St, M1 3LY 0161 236 8800 22. Thompsons Arms 21 Sackville St, M1 3LZ 0161 228 3012 23. New York, New York 94 Bloom St, M1 3LY 0161 236 6556 24. AXM Late 105 Princess St, M1 6DD 0161 228 1666 25. Cruz 101 101 Princess St, M1 6DD 0161 950 0101 26. Club Alter Ego 105 Princess St, M1 6DD 0161 236 9266 27. Tropeiro 46 Sackville St, M1 3WF 0161 228 1002 28. Tribeca 50 Sackville St, M1 3WF 0161 236 8300 29. The Outpost 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW 0161 236 5400 30. Legends 4-6 Whitworth St, M1 3QW 0161 236 5400 31. Monroes 38 London Rd, M1 2PF 0161 236 0564 32. Queens Hotel 34 London Rd, M1 2PF 0161 236 1010 33. Drip Coffee 57 Hilton St, M1 2EJ 0161 235 5100 34. Basement Sauna 18 Tariff St 0161 236 8131 35. Fifty 7 57 Hilton St, M1 2EJ 0161 228 7813 36. Lemars 27 Hilton St, M1 2EJ 0161 237 9058


A. Clone Zone 0161 236 1398 B. The Fringe 0161 236 5554 C. Funky Crop Shop 0161 237 1032 D. Village Off Licence 0161 236 1788 E. Pure Tanning 0161 236 1788 F. Olive 0161 236 2360 G. RoB Manchester 0161 236 6222

1. The New Union 111 Princess st, M1 6JB 0161 228 1492 2. Spirit 63 Richmond St, M1 3WB 0161 237 9725 3. Manto 46 Canal St, M1 3WD 0161 236 2667 4. Eden Amazon House, M1 3PW 0161 237 9852 5. Villagio 44 Canal St, M1 3WD 0161 244 5222 6. Bar Below 34 Canal St, M1 3WD 0161 236 5757 7. The Rembrandt 33 Sackville St, M1 3LZ 0161 236 1311 8. Via Fossa 28 Canal St, M1 3EZ 0161 236 6523 9. Crunch 10 Canal St, M1 3EZ 0161 236 6005 10. View 40 Chorlton St, M1 3HW 0161 236 9033 11. Churchills 37 Chorlton St, M1 3HN 0161 236 5529 12. Queer 4 Canal St, M1 3HE 0161 228 1360 13. Velvet 2 Canal St, M1 3HE 0161 236 9033 14. Taurus 1 Canal St, M1 3WD 0161 236 4593 15. Essential 8 Minshull St, M1 3EF 0161 237 5445 16. Coyotes 14 Chorlton St, M1 3HY 0161 236 4007 17. Paddy’s Goose 29 Bloom St, M1 3JE 0161 236 9709 18. Baa Bar 27 Sackville St, M1 3LZ 0161 247 7997

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