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Welcome Back!

Allison Buchanan CEO, New Media Lab LLC Parent company of & Experience Oxford Magazine Welcome! On behalf of our team at New Media Lab, LLC, parent company of and Experience Oxford Magazine, and our advertisers, we hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine. We also encourage you to visit, our online media company, which has grown to have over 2 million unique readers (and growing) in the past year. At we provide daily news, sports, information and entertainment. Our social media presences (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) have a combined following of over 100,000 people and are growing every day. New Media Lab’s media ventures exist as real-world “new media” companies which are an excellent environment for Ole Miss students to get internship experience.

NEW MEDIA LAB MISSION STATEMENT New Media Lab LLC is a marketing and communications company with multiple ventures inspired by entrepreneurship and innovation providing enrichment experiences for students and engagement of faculty while generating financial support for the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi.

CEO Allison Buchanan Publisher Ed Meek Creative Director Hannah Vines Advertising Meggie Carter Rick Kagey Steve Vassallo Contributors John Allison Rachel Campaneria Liz Barrett Foster David. H. McBride Jim Roberts Graphic Design Intern Caleb Warren Photographers Steven Gagliano Jim Hendrix

Ed Meek Founder and President, New Media Lab LLC Ed Meek is the founder and president of New Media Lab, LLC. He is former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Relations and Marketing at the University and CEO of Oxford Publishing, a national publishing and trade show group. He is the founder of the Tupelo Furniture Market, one of the largest exhibition centers in America, a Fellow of the American Council on Education and was awarded the Mississippi Governor’s Distinguished Citizen Award. He is the author or co-author of several books. He and his wife, Becky, are loyal Ole Miss alumni and benefactors who established the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at The University of Mississippi. Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 3

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Table of Contents 8

Community Events


Why Oxford Will Always Be Home


Parks & Recreation in Oxford


The Yokna Sculpture Trail at Lamar Park


Oxford Traditions: What Keeps Customers Coming Back to Handy Andy


General Map of Oxford


Transportation Options in Oxford


Game Day Guide to the Grove


Finding Mr. Kinney: The Story of a Mississippi Delta Artist


Patios Around Oxford


How to Dine in Oxford on a Budget


Oxford Coffee Spots




Local Sites

12 16 42 On the Cover

1. Square Books 2. East Jackson Ave Photographs by Jim Hendrix

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JOIN the Ole Miss Alumni Association and get 10% OFF at The Inn at Ole Miss Sunday - Thursday!


Visit the NEW website for more info:

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JUNE & JULY 2017 Summer Sunset Series Sundays in June

Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration North June 1st - 3oth Mississippi Artist Showcase

Powerhouse Community Arts Center 9 am - 5 pm

Photo Stories Workshop June 19th - June 25th

Powerhouse Community Arts Center 9 am - 5 pm

Mississippi Encyclopedia Panel Discussion June 19th Faulkner Room at J.D. Williams Library, University of Mississippi 12 pm

6pm | The Grove Holy Ghost Electric Show (Folk Rock) June 5th Alphonso Sanders (Jazz & Blues) June 12th Luke Fisher Band (Americana/ Alt-Country) June 19th Black Water Trio (Acoustic) June 26th

Art Guild Gallery June 20th

Sugar Magnolia | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

"Mississippi 200 Years of Statehood" Exhibit Opening June 21st The Faulkner Room at the J.D. Williams Library, University of Misssissippi 5 pm

Thacker Mountain Radio Show June 23rd The Grove Stage | 7 pm

UM Museum Family Activity Day June 24th 10 am - 12 pm

Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration North Governor's Concert June 24th 6:30 pm | Ford Center for Performing Arts

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Oxford Blues Festival

July 14th - 16th

Friday - Saturday: The Square | Sunday: Foxfire Ranch

Faulkner & Sundays in Conference June Yoknapatawpha July 23rd - 27th

Midtown Farmer's Market Saturdays in July The Mid-Town Farmers’ Market is open each Saturday (7-11am) and Wednesday (7am-12pm). The first Saturday of each month is often a children’s day, with face painting and other fun activities usually beginning around 8 am. There is also live music every week!

The conference will begin on Sunday, July 23, with a reception at the University Museum, after which the academic program of the conference will open with two keynote addresses, followed by a buffet supper on the grounds of Faulkner’s home, Rowan Oak. Over the next four days, a busy schedule of lectures and panels will also make room for an afternoon cocktail reception, a picnic served at Rowan Oak, the guided tours, and a closing party on Thursday afternoon, July 27. Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 9





Oxford, MS

Home2 Suites by Hilton Oxford, MS 101 South Lamar Court Oxford, MS 38655 662-238-3400

©2017 Hilton

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WELCOME HOME TO HERMITAGE GARDENS 1488 Belk Boulevard Oxford, MS 38655


Springtime is calling and so is Hermitage Gardens of Oxford. Discover new opportunities waiting for you and get a taste of our Five Star Warmth & Hospitality. CALL TO ENJOY LUNCH AND A TOUR.

ASSISTED LIVING • MEMORY CARE ©2017 Five Star Senior Living

What will your next front door look like?


I’ll help you find the perfect home for you and your family!


(662) 419-0231 Colors bp





5.25” x 4.8125”

662.234.5621 Each Ae: jt office independently

Publication: Client:

1923 University Ave. Oxford, MS 38655 owned and operated.

Date: Five Star




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l l i W rd o f x e O Wh y ys Be Hoamneria Alwa Rachel Camp By


y whole life I was raised in the same town, went to school with the same people… year after year after year… Don’t get me wrong; I love my hometown friends. But, I was yearning for a change. After high school graduation, I moved to Oxford, an unknown territory without a single soul I knew. The small Southern town was completely foreign to this Florida girl. When I first came to Oxford in 2014, I had no idea what I was doing. Yet, I jumped in feet first.

Freshman Year

Four years ago, Ox ford, Mississ ippi, was just a city I knew nothing about. I couldn’t even te ll you where it was. No w, I call it home.

I went through recruitment and joined a sorority, one that I love with all my heart. Yes, people say this all the time, but I really mean it. Joining a sorority in college has helped me grow as a woman and educate me on proper things in life. But, most importantly, it has taught me the value of friendship, the value of diversity – that even though we are each unique, from different states, countries, ethnicities or religious beliefs – we are all there for each other with an unspoken bond of sisterhood that helps to ease the pain from being so far away from home. But even then, Oxford slowly began providing its own sense of home for me. In addition, Ole Miss offers numerous clubs and organizations, which have also allowed me to experience this diversity three-fold. Truly, there is an organization, a club, or a team that provides that sense of home that all students need.

All my friends from home were going to the University of Florida or Florida State University together, but I didn’t want that. I wanted to experience life outside of my comfort zone. So, off I went, having no idea this move would not only impact myself as a person but how I saw others.

All the Feels for Food

During freshman year move in, I was greeted by so many different people from so many different places, all going through the same thing as me. The Southern charm of the red brick buildings, the warmth of the sun and smell of azaleas, and the strangers that smiled and said “Hotty Toddy” as they walked by helped to melt my anxiety and surround me with a feeling of acceptance. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone anymore. Weeks went by, friendships were made and my floor mates soon became some of the greatest friends to treasure, even to this day.

Then, there’s the food. You can’t live in Oxford and not like the food. This is Southern at its best! From “chicken on a stick” to “Sinfully” delicious gourmet cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches at midnight, breakfast fit for a king, elegant cuisine, endless crawfish, grits upon grits upon grits and the best sweet tea you can imagine, Oxford has it all. And it’s always served with a huge grin, a “Howdy, y’all” and Southern hospitality that is uniquely its own. But when I feel homesick, I go to Ajax Diner on the Square. They have the best home-cooked meals, like meatloaf

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and mashed potatoes… just like my mom makes. It’s meals like these which remind me of home hundreds of miles away.

The Square Oh yes, the Square… some drive through it, or around it I should say, but don’t. You must walk the Square to get the oldtime hospitality and charm of its history. Besides, this is where we, as students, proudly hoisted the goal post after walking two miles from the stadium the night we took down Bama. That night will live on forever in my mind. I was there. I lived it.

Game Day is Everything Which brings me to the fall, that time of year when all of Oxford is game day ready. It doesn’t matter if you went to Ole Miss, go to Ole Miss or dreamt of Ole Miss… Oxford IS Ole Miss during football season! Everyone, young and old, has their game day attire on, red and blue fills every store window, school flags proudly hung from upstairs porches, banners in front lawns, and chants of Hotty Toddy are sung down red brick pathways. Oxford comes to life on game day. The beautiful Grove, the tents, the people: one cannot fully appreciate college football game day unless one gets to experience Oxford’s own. The crystal chandeliers and red and white checkered tablecloths, bow ties and starched shirts, high heels and dresses, pearls and baseball caps, bone china and plastic cups, football jerseys and cutoff jeans… the Grove is tailgating at its best. With thousands of my closest friends dressed in our chosen game day attire, walking under hundreds of Oak Trees, cheering on the Rebs as they pass through the Walk of Champions, chanting my school’s “Hotty

Toddy” chant as loud as we can and then locking the Vaught right before we watch our Rebs play, these are memories I could never forget.

For the Love of Oxford It is these memories that I have experienced in Oxford these past few years that I will treasure dearly after I graduate. I can tell you all about the first time I ate a crawfish, the late-night runs to Papa John’s my freshman year, the endless spring parties, where I was standing when we beat Bama, storming the field after we beat Bama, studying in the Grove during spring time, having snowball fights in the Grove when school was canceled for a week, oldies night at Funkys, Double Decker weekend… and through it all, the many friendships that have prospered because of one common thread: The love of Oxford, a town that opens its arms to thousands of young souls each year and helps them find themselves in a home away from home. Making the decision to come to Oxford was a huge step in my life. It is where I grew, away from my comfort zone. It is where I became a young woman. I made lifelong friendships and experienced things I couldn’t have anywhere else. Oxford is the place I grew up. It is where I came of age and made personal achievements that will forever alter my perception of life. Oxford is more than the place I chose to go to school, it’s the friendly people who say “y’all,” it’s that feeling of family on game day, it’s the unfaltering Southern charm with porch swings and sweet tea. And because of all this, Oxford will always be a place I return to years from now. It will forever be in my mind. It will always be home to me. Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 13

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PLAN YOUR OXFORD BICENTENNIAL What better time to take a stroll in Oxford and take in a history lesson or two than during the Bicentennial Concert Celebration June 24. Check out the itinerary below for inspiration.

Stroll Around the Historic Oxford Square

Since Oxford's incorporation in 1837, the Square remains the center of culture and the town's economic hub. Throughout the years, the Square has been home to a variety of boutiques, bookstores, art galleries and restaurants. A former film theater, the Lyric serves as a concert venue featuring some of today’s biggest acts and was once a livery stable for William Faulkner’s family prior to becoming an entertainment venue.

Take a History Lesson at the University of Mississippi

The state’s first public university opened its doors to eighty students in 1848 and has since become a major landmark of Oxford. With a walk around campus, visitors will encounter stately academic buildings with a range of architectural designs including the Greek Revival Lyceum, Victorian Romanesque Ventress Hall and the Georgian-inspired Croft Institute. Barnard Observatory is one of the oldest buildings on campus and the first regional studies center in the country. It houses the Gammill Gallery, an exhibit hall devoted to documentary photography of the American South.

Tr i p

Venture to Rowan Oak and Faulkner’s Grave

Renowned author William Faulkner resided in Oxford for the majority of his life, drawing inspiration from the town’s local people and places for his fictional world of Yoknapatawpha County. Rowan Oak, his antebellum mansion and the accompanying grounds, is open for tours year-round. Just across the Square, Faulkner is interned at St. Peter’s Cemetery.

Reflect on the Civil Rights Era

Behind the Lyceum is a monument of James Meredith, the university’s first African American student.

Get the Oxford Blues

Discover the region’s blues history with a visit to the world’s most extensive collection of blues recordings and related material at the university’s J.D. Williams Library. The Mississippi blues archive is comprised of three major collections and open to the public. The B.B. King Collection alone includes more than 7,000 recordings ranging from classic blues to big-band jazz, films, photographs and other promotional materials. Information provided by Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 15


&Rec in Oxford

A guide to the best places for excercise, recreation, and relaxation in Oxford

Walking Trails


Bike Friendly

Avent Park Avent Park is home to an impressive community-built playground. The park offers lighted tennis courts, a walking trail, baseball field, frisbee golf course, and a pavilion furnished with picnic tables.

Bailey Branch Park at FNC Located at the corner of Hwy 7 South and Office Park Dr., this park includes a pavilion, playgrounds, and a walking path.

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Pet Friendly

Picnic Tables

Bailey Woods Trail 3/5 mile

The Bailey Woods Trail connects the University Museum to Rowan Oak and is a great place for visitors to walk, run, or geocache (bikes are not permitted). It is open from dawn to dusk and takes about 20 minutes to walk one-way.

Blackburn-McMurray Outdoor Sports Complex The intramural fields are for students who want to play traditional or nontraditional sports without being on a professional team. Anyone can get to the fields from campus by using the sidewalk or bike lane once they cross Chucky Mullins Drive.

Bailey Woods Trail

South Campus Rail Trail Oxford Depot Trail

Avent Park

Clear Creek Campground The campground site is only a short drive to Sardis Lake, allowing its visitors to enjoy watersport activities. Clear Creek has 52 sites with electric hookups, some even have water hookups. It is also located near the scenic Clear Creek Trail. More information can be found at

Lamar Park

Clear Creek Trail 8 miles

This trail is located near Clear Creek Landing beside Sardis Lake, a 30 minute drive from Oxford. The trail is a thrill for bike enthusiasts, with plenty of downhill fast sections. Find out more at

FNC Park A 75-acre park with 4 softball, 5 soccer, and 10 baseball fields; 8 with synthetic turf infields. It also has a walking track as well as the Oxford Ortho Indoor Practice Facility with 6 retractable batting cages. This massive park is located at 328 Old Sardis Rd. For more information, visit

FNC Tennis Center This center, located at 400 Price St., has 20 lighted hard tennis courts, and is the largest hard court tennis facility in the state. The courts are open year round to the public. Visit for more information. Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 17

Garden Terrace Park Located on the west side of town on Thacker Rd, this park is a 0.5 mile, 10-foot wide walking trail. It's also an interactive park which allows parents to download an app and track where their children play and how many times they visit.

John W. Kyle State Park This park is located in Upper Sardis Lake at 4235 State Park Rd. in Sardis, MS. The facility on site includes tons of services and utilities such as boating, cabins, fishing, golf, volleyball, water skiing and so much more. Visit for more details.

Lamar Park 1.5 miles Outfitted with new art sculptures on the Yokna Sculpture Trail and complimented by blooming greenery, the park welcomes all Oxonians (and their pets, of course) with open arms. Located at the corner of College Hill and Country Club Rd.

Oxford City Pool Located at 200 Washington Ave. and is open Monday - Saturday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm, and on Sundays from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. A $3 admission fee applies to patrons under the age of 54. Visit for more information.

Oxford Depot Trail 1 mile This trail stretches from Molly Barr to the Oxford Depot; it's 10-feet wide, paved, and has bathrooms and water fountains available. A pedestrian and bike bridge that goes over Jackson Avenue brings you to the Depot.

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Oxford Skatepark Not only is Oxford's state of the art skatepark 10,000 square feet, it also has a playground and a pavilion. The skatepark stays open from 5:00 am until dusk, and is located on Bramlett Blvd.

Price Hill Park This park includes a pavilion, baseball/ softball field, basketball court, and a playground. It is the only park in Oxford with a spray pool and now features a community garden. You can find it at 101 Price Hill Cove.

River Hills Park Located on Pegues Rd. in Oxford, this park features two outdoor basketball courts, a playground, and an open air pavilion.

South Campus Rail Trail 2.8 miles The South Campus Rail Trail is part of a network of trails linking the community of Oxford. The entrance is located on Chucky Mullins Dr., and there are many dirt trails that branch off of the main portion. More details can be found at

Stone Park Right across the street from the city pool, stone park has a playground, a recreation center, a baseball field, and a park pavilion.

Woodlawn Park The Woodlawn Davis Nature Center is located at the corner of Anderson Rd. and West Oxford Loop. It is an educational park that focuses on conservation and sustainability.

Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 19

The Yokna Sculpture Trail at Lamar Park

Photographs by Steven Gagliano


eaturing a rotating exhibit of 18 large-scale sculptures by locally, regionally and nationally renowned exhibiting artists, The Yokna Sculpture Trail is the first outdoor sculpture program of its kind in North Mississippi. Nine sculptures are located at Lamar Park on Country Club Drive; four pieces are featured at the Powerhouse Sculpture Garden on University Avenue; and five sculptures are located at Rebel Sculpture Park in front of Meek Hall on The University of Mississippi campus, home to the department of art and art history. Team Work Makes the Dream Work The trail is a collaboration between the city of Oxford, The University of Mississippi and The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council. “By working together, the city, the university and the Arts Council have helped make this dream a reality for the people of Oxford and Lafayette County,� 20 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from

says Earl Dismuke, a local sculptor who worked closely with Durant Thompson, associate professor of art at The University of Mississippi, and Wayne Andrews, executive director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, to create the trail.

one of a kind “The trail adds to the quality of life in our community,” Dismuke says. “Public art like this levels the viewing field of art. Someone who would not feel comfortable going to an art gallery or a museum can view art in a location where they do feel comfortable.” “There’s nothing like this anywhere else in our part of the state,” Andrews says. “This is sure to become yet another reason people choose Oxford to live, work and visit.”

“There’s nothing like this anywhere else in our part of the state,” Andrews says. “This is sure to become yet another reason people choose Oxford to live, work and visit.” - Wayne Andrews, Executive Director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council

Trail Information A guide to the trail, including a map and information about each sculpture and artist, is available at Visit Oxford, The Chamber of Commerce, The Powerhouse and other locations around the community. Members of the Rebel Sculpture Society at The University of Mississippi helped install the sculptures under the direction of Thompson. “Having The University of Mississippi’s art students assist the artists with their installations and speak firsthand with them about the mechanics of survival in the professional field provides those students with invaluable knowledge that is hard to recreate within the classroom,” Thompson says. For more information about the Yokna Sculpture Trail, visit yoknasculpturetrail. com, follow the trail on Facebook, call (662) 236-6429 or email yacdirector@ Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 21


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1715 University Ave 662.236.1199 Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 23


FROCK 201 n lamar blvd | 662.234.1360

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tudents and Ole Miss alumni

who ate BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, fried hotdog sandwiches or homemade fried pies decades ago seem to find their way back to Handy Andy years later. A fixture in Oxford since the early ’70s, Handy Andy located on North Lamar has served up local flavors for generations of students, residents and alumni. Long time owners, the late Buck and Dot Zinn and Richard and Sue Carwyle are fixtures in the minds of many Handy Andy fans.

“’Nanner pudding’ is what I remember,” said Wade Southerland of Oxford, while Matt Uecker of Denver asked, “Do they still have those apple pies?” For Michael Crockett, who lived in Oxford for a time but now resides in Norfolk, Virginia, Handy Andy “became a convenient Slurpee bicycle stop in the summertime, especially after a paper route in the hills around Avent Park.” Judi Adams Deterly, who also grew up in Oxford but now lives in Jackson, Mississippi, said she has been eating Handy Andy burgers, BBQ and Dot


“You never knew who you were going to sit next to [at Handy Andy]. . . it might’ve been a federal judge or an Ole Miss great,” said Jenn Hall of Oxford. While most remember Handy Andy for BBQ and burgers, Donna Faulkner of Oxford recalls the “fried hot dog sandwich with slaw… a little burned.” Others recall the taste of something a bit more sweet. Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 25

Zinn’s famous friend peach pies for as long as she can remember.

The Hangout

Handy Andy has been a local hangout for many, including groups that have met at the restaurant weekly for years. “I am a member of a group of about 20 who have met at Handy Andy for 20 years,” said Bill Dabney of Oxford. Buster Clark, a retired UM employee and Oxford resident belongs to a group of “mostly retired men, who gather there every morning to drink coffee and solve the world’s problems.” “I have been doing so for nine plus years, and some were meeting before I joined them,” Clark said. Buck and Dot Zinn, W. D. Gray and “Mr. Richard” are fondly remembered by many alumni who also worked at Handy Andy while going to school.

Long-Lasting Friendships

“Mr. Richard Carwyle was one of the greatest men I’ve ever known. You didn’t wipe his tables off against the grain,” said Jason Burns of Oxford. “He couldn’t see well enough to tell who was calling his name from across the street, but he could sure spot an area on the floor that wasn’t mopped properly.” Burns said he took many trips with Carwyle in an old yellow Jeep to deliver Handy Andy breakfast to the inmates who were awaiting the new jail to be built. “I never saw a crossword puzzle that Mr. Earl Boatright couldn’t completely finish. 26 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from

I am forever grateful for the friendships that were made there,” Burns said. “You can catch Momma Sue, little Richard and Janet Carwyle Hopper there on any day practically.”

The Safe Spot

Several fans, such as Errol Castings of Oxford, believe the good food is matched with a fully safe environment. “Handy Andy could win the title for the ‘least likely to be robbed’ because of all the law enforcement folks who favor eating there,” said Flo Yoste, a retired Air Force ROTC professor from Oxford. “I took all my senior cadets there once a month.” Customers over the past couple of decades remember the unique tabletops that dot the dining room floor. Business cards and advertisements from local merchants, salesmen and service providers are laminated under a heavy clear coating promoting both the richness of Handy Andy and those advertised. “A man from Booneville did these for us starting maybe 20 years ago,” Sue Carwyle said. Loyal Handy Andy fans have shared the news of good cooking and food far and wide. If you’re not convinced, check out the recommendations on Burger Beast, Holly Eates, Zomato, Menuism, Menu Pix, Food Spotting, Trip Advisor, Eating Oxford and a host of other foodie sites and publications.

662-801-8400 2146 Jackson Ave W | Oxford, MS

• Fitness Kickboxing • Circuit Training • Muay Thai • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

FIRST WEEK FREE Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 27 • 662-915-7041

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Courtesy of

Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 29

A community whose heart is rooted as much in the promise of its future as in the richness of its past.


Hurry, schedule your tour and apply online today.

Campus Creek is perfect for sophomores, transfer students and anyone who likes individual leases, resort style amenites and so much more—ALL RIGHT HERE!

101 Creekmore Blvd, Oxford, MS 38655 | 662.513.4980

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Working with buyers and sellers of Oxford’s premium properties is my expertise. Getting results routinely is my experience in exceeding expectations!

Steve Vassallo, REALTORÂŽ The Neighborhood Watch Dog

985-852-7745 Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 31


E ssential Oxford Contacts City Clerk's Office 662-236-1310

Fire Department 662-232-2418

Human Resources 662-232-2453

Oxford Public Library 662-234-5751

City Court 662-232-2320

FNC Park 662-236-1012

Mayor's Office 662-232-2301

Oxford Conference Center 662-232-2367

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Oxford Park Commission 662-232-2380

Parking Division 662-238-2793

Oxford University Transit 662-234-3540

Visit Oxford 662-232-2477

Police Department 662-232-2306

Volunteer Oxford 662-236-6662

Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 33

Taxis There are about 10 taxi services offered in Oxford, and while prices vary, the ease and convenience is worth the price. Taxi services include Angel Taxi, Austin Taxi, Rebel Taxi, Oxford Taxi, among a few others. Simply google “list of taxis in Oxford, MS” and a list, along with the number for the taxi service will appear. Prices may vary but are usually about $10 per person. The City Council sets acceptable rates for the taxi services to prevent price-gouging on Ole miss Game day weekends.

Uber Uber has entered the Oxford community for the second time in the past few years. Under a new Mississippi law, Uber has been available in Oxford for a year or so now.


Apartment Shuttles There are a few apartment complexes in Oxford that provide free shuttles to and from The Square on weekends for their residents. This option is very convenient for students given the cost efficiency. Who doesn’t love a free ride? Locations that offer this service are The Hub, Highland Square, and The Retreat. Just in case you’re all out of money for transportation.


“Uber approached the city of Oxford a few years ago wanting to become a “vehicle for hire,” but didn’t want to follow the guidelines that have been set on other vehicles for hire in the state according to Oxford Board of Aldermen member Robyn Tannehill of Ward II.”


Highland Square offers free shuttles on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and runs from 9 p.m. until an hour after the bars close.

Pedi Cabs If you want a unique open air experience, try catching a ride with D one of Oxford’s Pedi R OXFO Cabs or The Flying Tukk. These little peddling cabs are positioned along the square and are willing to take you on a cruise to nearby locations. So, sit back and enjoy the night air.

When Oxford police made the announcement in 2016 that Uber would return on its Facebook page, it was met with an overwhelming reaction of 601 shares and well over 700 reactions ranging from “likes” to “love” to “wow!” You can access Uber through the Uber app that can be downloaded on your phone. Type your pickup location into the search bar, and an uber should be coming your way! Payments are taken via PayPal or by entering your credit card information.

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The O.U.T. Bus The Oxford’s Public Transit system (OUT bus) runs many routes around Oxford as well as Ole Miss. Fare for a single ride is $1, and students may ride for free. For a schedule of transit routes visit

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BILL GEARY, CFA Managing Director Complex Manager Raymond James // Jackson MS T 601.368.2200 // TF 800.366.4904 ©2015 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC 15-BR3LK-0023 VC 6/15

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The Circle

The Grove

Each Lane in the Grove is Marked with a Sign Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 37

Finding Mr. Kinney The Story of a Mississippi Delta Artist By John Allison


moved to Mississippi from New York five years ago when my dad, musician Mose Allison, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the governor’s office in Jackson, Mississippi. I work for the Department of Rehabilitation Services, and we have an office I happened to be visiting in Cleveland, Mississippi. That day in Cleveland, I ate at the Starving Musician’s Bakery, stopped in on the Bank and later saw a friend at the Direct TV/Security Store. In each of these locations, I noticed strangely beautiful paintings on the walls at each location, all signed by a Mr. Kinney. Something about the vivid colors, the technique and the uniqueness in these paintings struck a chord with me. I had to have one of these paintings. So, I made it my mission that weekend to find this Mr. Kinney. Seems everybody knew him, but nobody knew where he lived or how to reach him.

Meeting Mr. Kinney The following day, I got an early start 38 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from

and was determined to find Mr. Kinney. I drove 125 miles back to Cleveland. I got a lead on his neighborhood, then his street and then to his house. He was not home. A kind neighbor, Ruben Smith, offered to drive with me to visit his local haunts. Eventually, I was successful in finding Mr. Kinney. We were introduced. I gave him a down payment on a painting and just a few days later, he called me with a completed painting. It was a gleaming nighttime scene of Po’ Monkey’s Lounge. It was beautiful, and I needed to know more about this artist. The following week, I arranged for another visit to sit and talk to Mr. Kinney at his home in Cleveland. This is what I learned.

Getting Discovered Melvin Kinney grew up in Rosedale, Mississippi. He was from a family of 12 children, five other brothers and six sisters. He was drawing when he was in grade school. He described to me the day he was in the Oak Street Store in Pace, Mississippi, and noticed an older white woman sitting in the back, painting on

an easel. He was drawn to her. When asked by the woman what he was doing, little Melvin replied, “I make pictures, too.” That woman was Mrs. Dooley Miller whose husband ran the store. Mrs. Dooley took a keen interest in young Melvin, buying him canvas to paint on and pushing him along with words of encouragement. Melvin told me, “She was my inspiration; she put me on my way.” It wasn’t long after that, he was selling paintings to locals including, TY Trice, the principal of his grade school there in Rosedale.

Back to the Delta After graduating high school, Melvin spent time living and working in Oakland, California, and many years in Milwaukee, where he had a brisk business pin striping and painting on fast cars and tricked out motorcycles. When his girlfriend got pregnant, they decided to move back to the Delta, closer to his family and where it was a safer environment to raise a child. “I live a fantastic life,” Melvin tells me relaxing in his make shift living room/art studio in Cleveland. He is a people person and everyone in town seems to know

him. Together, Melvin and I strolled downtown along Cotton Row. We went into Abraham’s Clothing Store, the Delta Meat Market, 10/24, The Bakery, Jane’s Frame Shop and more. Each store we walked into, we received a warm reception followed by conversation and comradery. They all had Mr. Kinney’s original paintings proudly hung on their walls. Melvin Kinney loves people, and he loves to paint. I felt fortunate to have shared part of my afternoon hanging out with Mr. Kinney. He is a conversational entertainer and a very special and unique artist that only the Mississippi Delta could have produced.

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t I

A l l A bo 's

Eating Oxford is a special section in Experience Oxford that is your source for all things food in Oxford and surrounding areas. This section includes articles, recipes and insight into the culinary mecca of the South.

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Patios Around Oxford

Seen in Picture: Green Roof Lounge, Rooftop of the Courtyard Marriott

Summer is upon us, and what better place to enjoy it than one of Oxford's many outdoor dining spaces? Grab a friend, grab a chair, and kick back at any of these 50 patios around Oxford. Around the Square Boure Cabin 82 at The Graduate City Grocery The Coop at The Graduate The Growler Frank & Marlee’s High Point Coffee The Library Mesquite Chop House t s e N ew Oxford Canteen : Addition Pita Pit or's Chancell Proud Larry’s e s H ou Rafter’s Rooster’s Blues House Round Table on the Square Soulshine Pizza Factory South Depot Taco Shop The Summit

On University Ave McAlister’s Deli Newk’s Eatery Oby’s Soul Food Kitchen The Taco Shop

On Jackson Ave Abner’s Beagle Bagel Boneheads Buffalo Wild Wings Casa Mexicana Chick-fil-A Cups an Espresso Cafe Green Roof Lounge El Mariachi El Milagro Newk’s Express Café Noodle Bowl Panera Bread Rebel Barn Salsarita’s Sonic Starbuck’s

On Lamar Blvd Fat Eddie's Jinsei Neon Pig Phillip's Grocery Snackbar Volta Taverna

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Off the Beaten Path King's Mr. Feather’s Pizza Den Ravine

Spring into TWO NEW Newk's Pizzas. Oxford - Galleria 2305 W. Jackson Ave. #217 662-238-2727 Oxford - University 1309 University Ave. 662-513-5303

For a

Hawaiian Pizza


Summer Squash Pizza with Chicken

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How to Dine in Oxford on a Budget The Best Deals Around Town

Going out to eat with friends is always a good time... until you're a little strapped for cash. Do not fret. There are many places in Oxford with daily specials and all around great prices that you can go to -- without having to break the bank.


Gus's Fried Chicken Tender Salad

MONDAY The Blind Pig: Burgers under $10 (everyday), and an Oxford Favorite- Trivia Night! The Coop at the Graduate Hotel: $2 tacos Gus’s Fried Chicken: Chicken Tender Salad – $5.99 Lenora's: Half-price ravioli Local's Restaurant & Bar: 50-Cent Wings (4 pm – Close) 44 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from

Tacos from South Depot

The Levee Bar & Grill: Taco Tuesday – $1 tacos (7:30 – 10 pm) Soulshine Pizza: Daily Lunch Special (11 am–2 pm): Personal Pizza (choose from five popular pies) + a drink only $7.99 South Depot: $3 Specialty Taco (Everyday!)


Coyote Blues: Burger, Fries, and a Drink: $9 Greenline: Build Your Own Salad or Wrap: $7.99 (Everyday!) Gus’s Fried Chicken: 4-Wing Plate: $6.99 Old Venice: 1/2 Off Single Topping Pizzas (4 pm - 7 pm ) The Levee Bar & Grill: $5 Chicken Finger Basket (5 - 7:30 pm)

Angus Border Burger at Coyote Blues

Mugshot's Country Fried Steak


The Coop at the Graduate Hotel: Discounted appetizers (4- 7 pm) Coyote Blues: Fried or Grilled Po'boy, fries & drink: $9 Gus’s Fried Chicken: $4 Appetizers Mugshots: Country Fried Steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, grilled veggies, & texas toast – $7.99 (Everyday!)

FRIDAY Coyote Blues: Shrimp & Crawfish Burrito: $9 Greenline: Build Your Own Salad or Wrap: $7.99 (Everyday!) Gus’s Fried Chicken:

Catfish platter $7.99 The Levee Bar & Grill: 25-cent Wings (4 – 7:30 pm.) Newk's: All Specialty Sandwiches Are Under $10 (Everyday!) Build your Own Salad at Greenline Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 45

305 E Jackson Ave Oxford, MS 662-638-6017

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100 Things to Eat in Oxford DATE



6 N Tubbs • Bagels • Pizza Ajax Diner • Ajax salad • Red Bean Rolls • Black-Eyed Peas & Catfish Cakes • Greek Pimento & Cheese • Country Fried Steak • Grilled Andouille & Onion Po-boy • Sweet Potato Casserole B's Hickory Smoke BBQ• Brisket • Ribs Bacchus• Porkchop • Crab Claws Big Bad Breakfast - The Secret History Bim Bam Burger & Wings• Wings • Philly Cheesesteak Blind Pig- Reuben Sandwich Bottletree Bakery- Blueberry Brioche Boure• Black-eyed-pea Hummus • Reuben • Tomato Pie Canoodle- Breakfast Tacos Dickey's BBQ Pit- Jalapeno-Cheddar Kielbasa Marquis Chevron- Chicken on a Stick Chick-Fil-A- Waffle Fries City Grocery- Shrimp & Grits Dominos- Philly Cheesteak Sandwich



El Milagro- Ceviche Fat Eddies- Tiramisu Greenline- Salads Green Roof Lounge: Cheese Toast Grit- Sweet Potato Gnocchi Gus's- Fried Chicken Handy Andy• Jumbo Cheeseburger • BBQ Nachos Jinsei- Kadoma Tuna Kabuki• Yaki Soba with Chicken • Spicy Tuna Roll Lusa Pastry• Breakfast Sandwich • Jesuita Pastry Maharaja Indian Cuisine- Malai Kofta Mama Jo's Country Cookin• Fried Chicken • Pot Roast McEwen's- Farmer's Plate Mesquite Chop House• Lobster & Jumbo Lump Crabcakes Neon Pig• Smash burger • Slaw Burger Newk's- Tomato Basil Soup Noodle Bowl• Rice Paper Rolls • Spicy Basil Shrimp Oby's• Rotel Waffle Fries • Oyster Po-boy • Shrimp Salad Old Venice Pizza- Lasagna CONTINUED >> Visit for news, arts, sports, and fun! | 47

100 Things to Eat in Oxford (Continued) DATE



Oxford Grillehouse- Ribeye with Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese Panera Bread- Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Papitos- Chips & Queso Phillips Grocery• Philly Cheesesteak • Cheeseburger & Fried Pickles Pita Pit- Awakin' with Bacon Breakfast Pita Pizza Den- Stromboli Proud Larry's- BBQ Pizza Rafter's• Fried Green Tomatoes • Shrimp Po-boy • Babineuaux Burger Ravine• Creme Brulee • Fried Oysters Rice & Spice•Pad See Ew • Drunken Master with Chicken • Crispy Catfish Salad Saint Leo• Butternut Squash Bruschetta • Pizza Sizzler Steakhouse- Corn Nuggets Snackbar• Truffle Parmesan Frites • Lobster Mac & Cheese Soulshine Pizza• Cajun Bread • BBQ Nachos • Tomato Basil Pizza South Depot Taco Shop- Steak Nachos 48 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from



Tarasque Cucina• Linguine with Shrimp in Cream • Garlic Bread • Rigatoni with Sausage & Peppers The Cakery- French Macaroons The Coop at The GraduateBLT Tacos The Landshark- Crawfish The Rib Cage- BBQ Quesadilla The Taco Shop- Tongue Tacos The Wine Bar• Chicken & Waffles • Reuben Egg Rolls Volta Taverna• Labneh • Hummus • Hotty Toddy Balls • Greek Pimento and Cheese • Chicken Stew Zaap Thai Kitchen• Chicken Fried Pineapple Rice • Nua Nam Tak Zaxby's- Nibblerz

1002 Van Buren • Oxford Square • 662.234.7829 Offering salads, wraps and soups made with the freshest ingredients.

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1. Bottletree Bakery 2.

923 Van Buren Ave, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 236-5226

400 N Lamar Blvd, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 234-3031

3. Cups Coffee

#103, 1501 Jackson Ave W, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 380-5027

4. High Point Coffee 265 N Lamar Blvd, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 513-0905

5. Starbucks

1804 West Jackson Ave Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 281-3964

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Looking for a place to worship? Visit for a list of places to worship around Oxford!

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Jimmie Rodgers, Elvis, and Me By David H. McBride Enjoy our “Reflections” post — one of many vignettes and stories featuring memories of days gone by.


he 14th day of July, 1952 was a milestone in my young life. I turned 15 years old that day. Just after breakfast, and after the usual Happy Birthday greetings, and a gift of some sort, most likely a shirt or a new pair of blue jeans, my father instructed me to put on a nice shirt, comb my hair and come with him, as we were going to get me a driver’s license.

Family Errand Boy I had been driving for at least a year, albeit with no license; so off we go to downtown Laurel. The driver’s license office was on the back side of the Civic Center, on Ellisville Blvd. The state trooper who manned the little office greeted my father by name, and said, “what can I do for you?” Pointing to me, my father said, “My son turned 15 today, and he needs to take over as the family errand boy. I have been teaching him to drive, and he is a calm good driver.” The trooper handed me a little booklet of about six pages and said, ”Read this.” When I finished, he gave me a little test on what I had read, then we went outside to the car and drove around the block and parked at the curb, went back inside, and he wrote out a paper driver’s license card. 54 | Sign up for Daily Headlines from

I was a legal driver and the official errand boy for the McBride family, Mother to work, Granny to the drug store and beauty shop, my older sister to all sorts of social events (even though two years older, she could never cope with the cranky old stick shift Ford), younger brother to Boy Scouts, etc., younger sister to ballet lessons, etc. I was one happy teenager, with a full schedule of trips every day.

i love rock and roll Having a radio in our car was very important to teenagers in the ’50s. There were several radio stations in the LaurelHattiesburg area, (this was before the advent of FM Radio), so we could twirl the dial and find our favorite station. The local stations all went off the air about 10 or 10:30 p.m., then the real stations came on the airwaves, 50,000 watt clear channel stations blasting all over the South, playing the beginnings of Rock and Roll, WLAC Nashville (always the favorite) WLS Chicago, KWKH Shreveport La. KAAY Little Rock Ar. And best of all XERF, the voice of Del Rio Texas, which was so powerful, they had to move it across the border into Via Acunia, Mexico. But still broadcast as Del Rio Texas, these stations played the music we wanted to hear, Rock and Roll, mostly black artists. We had to wait till ‘late nite’ to hear our music, Big Joe Turner, The great Johnny Ace, Ivory Joe Hunter, Little Richard, Chuck Berrry, Fats Domino, Ike Turners band with Jackie Brenston singing ”Rocket 88” was the first real Rock and Roll song.

Arrival of the King But then in July of 1954, the real deal burst upon the scene, uninvited and unannounced, Elvis Presley hit like a tornado, a wild-eyed, twisting, howling, monster: every parent’s worst nightmare… hips swiveling, Royal Crown Pomaded, a nightmare to all good staid church-going folks, sounding like a wild man, flailing around, hair flying singing and playing “That’s all Right Momma” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” We were done in. We were sold. Our Moses had arrived. In early May, 1955, I graduated from high school and had a few days to loaf before going to work for the summer, when one of my buddies pops up with a handout flyer telling about the third annual “Jimmie Rodgers Memorial celebration” on May 25 and 26 in Meridian, Mississippi, honoring the “Father of Country Music” the great Jimmie Rodgers. “Ok, but why do I care?” Was my flippant reply. “Look,” my pal pointed down the page, Elvis Presley will be there and play at the American Legion Hall that night.

Road Trip Wow. He had my full attention. Wednesday the 25 is a Barbecue with Elvis playing that night, Thursday the 26 is a parade, and Elvis will play at the Junior College Stadium later. I was sold, since Meridian is only about 60 something miles up highway 11 North, and I had made the trip several times, and it was an easy one-and-a-half hour trip. We began making plans, three of my buddies wanted to go so we split the gas four ways, and I took my 1950 Ford, and early Wednesday morning headed out. After an uneventful trip, we found the area where the celebration was held; however, so had 10,000 other people. All the barbecue was sold before we got any; so we settled for a Coke and a pack of nabs for lunch, but as luck would have it,

we wound up close to where Elvis and his group were hanging out. Elvis had on a Gold Lame’ suit (which matched his Gold Cadillac) with a gold lame’ tie and white buck shoes. His hair was slicked down and combed over to the side. I was surprised that he and I were about the same height, approximately six foot. I had thought he was taller. He had several zits on his face. I guess at age 19 that was not unusual, but I had thought he would be perfect. Later, we went to the American Legion Hall for the show. Elvis put on a great show, did encore after encore, did “Baby Lets Play House,” “I’m Left, You’re Right, Shes Gone,” “Milkcow Blues Boogie,” “You’re a Heartbreaker” and many others. We stayed till the last encore, and straggled out, vowing to be back the next day for the noontime parade.

The King Can Wait The next day, a girl I had been trying to get a date with, showed up at a friends house; and after some conversation, agreed to go out with me. So, I called my pals and canceled the Meridian trip. I rationalized that Elvis might be a flash in the pan, and I could see him around most anytime I chose, and he would always be available to his local fans. Oh well, shows what I know about the career of a world-class entertainer. The next time I got to see Elvis in person was at the Hilton International in Las Vegas, and cost several hundreds of dollars instead of the $1 I paid at the door of the American Legion Hall in Meridian, Mississippi at the “Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Celebration” on May 25 of 1955. Later, I learned that 60,000 people showed up in Meridian on Thursday the 26 for the Parade and show.

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Photo by jim Hendrix

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Photo by Oxford Park Commission

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Campus Creek 101 Creekmore Blvd (662) 513-4980

Mississippi Federal Credit Union Bank 1101 Jackson Ave W (662) 236-9099

Cambridge Station 801 Frontage Rd (662) 638-0356 Faulkner FLats 2998 Old Taylor Rd (662) 638-0357 Hermitage Gardens Assisted Living 1488 Belk Blvd (662) 234-8244 Lafayette Place Student Housing Center 1711 Anderson Rd. (662) 513-6222 Lexington Pointe 2000 Lexington Pointe Dr (662) 628-0175 The Retreat at Oxford Student Housing Center 2405 Anderson Rd (662) 550-2003 University Trails Student Housing Center 900 Whirlpool Dr. (662) 281-1335

Automotive Belk Ford/Oxford Toyota 447 Highway 6 West (662) 234-4661 (888) 340-3228 Sheldon’s Towing 433 Hwy 6 W (662) 638-3713

Raymond James & Associates Investments 1013 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-3414

Food/Dining Bottletree Bakery 923 Van Buren Ave. (662) 236-5000 The Blind Pig 105 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-5119 Chick Fil A Student Union Dr. 2307 Jackson Ave W (662) 232-8787 Coyote Blues 2535 Jackson Ave W (662) 638-3680 Gus’s Fried Chicken 306 S Lamar Blvd (662) 638-3420 Greenline 1002 Van Buren (662) 234.7829

Newk’s Downtown 1309 University Ave (662) 513-5303 Newk’s W. Jackson 2305 W Jackson Ave Galleria Mall (662) 238-2727 Papa John’s Pizza Delivery 1506 Jackson Ave W (662) 234-8648 South Depot Taco Shop 1004 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-7886

Hotel/Lodging Home2Suites by Hilton Extended Stay Hotel 101 S Lamar Court (662) 238-3400 The Inn at Ole Miss 120 Alumni Dr. University, MS (662) 234-2331

Insurance Alfa InsuranceFreddie Pinion 1614 University Avenue (662) 268-4401

Green Roof Lounge 305 W Jackson Ave (662) 638-6017

Tom Davis- State Farm Insurance 1015 University Ave (662) 236-2281

McEwen's 1110 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-7003

Health & Fitness

Mugshots Galleria II 1400 Merchants Dr. (662) 380-5054 Ole Miss Tailgating 203 Paul B Johnson Commons West (662) 915-7041

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Dr. Brenda Fowler Dental Services 2408 S Lamar, Suite 3 (662) 513-4619 Dawkins Family Dental 440 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-5725

Oxford Fitness Kickboxing 2146 Jackson Ave W. (662) 801-8400 Pure Ryde 319 N Lamar Blvd #102 (662) 638-3244

Real Estate Kessinger Jan Cauthen 209 Old Taylor Rd Suite 201 Office: 662-234-5555 Cell: 662-801-1815 Oxford Commons 112 Mulberry Lane (662) 236-0060 Premier Properties of Oxford Steve Vassallo (985) 852-7745 RE/MAX Mary Aquino 1923 University Ave Office: (662) 234-5621 Cell: 901-692-884 Blake Cannon 1923 University Ave Office:(662) 234-5621 Cell: (662) 380-7144 Joey Mistilis 1923 University Avenue Office: (662) 234-5621 Cell: (662) 816-5343 Chris Suber 1923 University Avenue Office: (662) 234-5621 Cell: (662) 419-0231

Services Alice & Company Beauty and Salon 1729 University Ave (662) 234-3896 C-Spire Wireless Services 1608 Jackson Ave (855) 277-4735 Design Gallery Alterations & Furniture 1603 University Ave (662) 665-0500 Live Well Therapeutic Massage 2621 W Oxford Loop (662) 549-7010 Oxford Conference Center Meetings and Events 102 Ed Perry Blvd (662) 232-2367 Oxford Super Tan 1715 University Ave 662-236-1199 Sitters, LLC Adult Care, Child Care, & Cleaning Services 4500 Interstate 55 North Frontage Rd #210, Jackson, MS 39211 (601) 981-3661 Truvy's Beauty Spot Beauty & Salon 2704 West Oxford Loop Suite 113 (662) 236-1884

Shopping Barnes and Noble/ Ole Miss Bookstore 1111 W. Jackson Ave. (662) 915-5894

Cat Daddy’s/Ink Spot Ole Miss Apparel 1301 N Lamar (662) 236-2639 Frock Fashions Women's Apparel 201 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-1360 Hemline Women's Apparel 1106 Van Buren Ave (662) 638-3633 Hollywood Feed Pet Supplies 2210 W Jackson Ave (662) 638-0435 Malco Movie Theatre/Bowling 206 Commonwealth Blvd (662) 638-0365 Miss Behavin’ Women’s Apparrel 107 N Lamar Blvd. (662) 513-4177 Neilson's 119 Courthouse Square (662) 234-1161 Oxford Home Furnishings 1925 University Ave (662) 638-3522 Snooze Mattress Company 2202 Jackson Ave W, Oxford (662) 701-5880 Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall Antique Collectibles 1919 University Ave (662) 234-6330

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GNC 2214 Jackson Ave W, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 234-5687


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107 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-1310

Lafayette County Detention Center 711 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-6421

Oxford City Hall Visitor Information Available inside City Hall 107 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-1310

Oxford Fire Department Fire Chief, Cary Sallis 658 N Lamar Blvd (662) 232-2418 (662) 232-2412 (662) 232-2413

Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce

Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society 413 McElroy Dr (662) 236-7631 (662) 236-7633

Yoknapatawpha Arts Council Lafayette County & Oxford’s Arts Agency 413 S 14th St (662) 236-6429

U of M Museum

Kinard Hall Wing C, Floors 2 & 3 (662) 915-7234

Malco Theatre Oxford Studio Cinema 1111 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-4962

First Baptist Church of Oxford

Day & Night Walk-In Care 1487 Belk Blvd (662) 234-1090

U.S. Postal Service

University Police Department

440 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-4265

Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford

Oxford Police Department

Plastic, Cans, Newspaper and Mixed Paper 719 Molly Barr Rd (662) 232-2745

United Way of Lafayette/Oxford/ University

Malco Theatre

The UPS Store

Recycling Drop Off

2535 W Jackson Ave (662) 238-2606

Exhibits Art & Historical Artifacts University Ave & 5th St (662) 915-7073

Businesses & Visitor Info 299 W Jackson Ave P.O. Box 147 (662) 234-4651

Chief of Police, Joey East 715 Molly Barr Rd (662) 232-2400

Office Depot

Mailing, Packaging & Delivery Services 1739 E University Ave (662) 236-3800

Stamps, Boxes, Mailing Services & Pick-Up 401 McElroy Dr (662) 234-5615 1 Student Union Dr (662) 234-1316 505 Jackson Ave (662) 281-8329

Baptist Memorial Hospital Emergency Services 24/7 2301 S Lamar Blvd (662) 232-8100

Oxford Commons 206 Commonwealth Blvd (662) 638-0365

800 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-3515

North Oxford Baptist Church 304 County Road 101 (662) 234-1101

Oxford-University United Methodist Church 424 South 10th St (662) 234-5278

First Presbyterian Church 924 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-1757

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church 403 University Ave (662) 234-6073

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 113 S Ninth St (662) 234-1269

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City of Oxford

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July 2017  

Experience Oxford

July 2017  

Experience Oxford