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2014 Highlife® Collection & Highlife Collection NXT Spas

Grandee® NXT spa shown with Ice Gray shell / Monterey Gray cabinet

Design Innovation The new 2014 Highlife® Collection and NXT models were designed with help from the experts at BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Using a blank canvas approach, throughout the development of this exclusive line of spas. The Hot Spring® Spas design team’s skills, combined with the innovative input from DesignWorksUSA, culminated in a revolutionary new spa design.

2014 Highlife® Collection

2014 Highlife Collection Spas These thoughtful design elements enhance the way your

Good Design is Functional Design

spa looks and performs.

With meticulous attention to detail, BMW Group DesignworksUSA’s approach ensured an integrated spa design. Even the smallest elements have been considered, not only for how they look, but also for how they enhance your

Comfortable pillows accent the spa and

experience. The Highlife Collection now offers the most

provide the perfect amount of support, plus

comfortable seating possible, more useful bartop space,

they can be reversed to accommodate

jets that are easier to adjust, and the added convenience of

people of different heights.

a touchscreen wireless remote control (on select models). Simple, elegant and functional, Highlife Collection spas add beauty to your garden, and seamlessly integrate into your life.

Everwood® HD Siding The Everwood HD siding features a wood grain in contemporary colors to enhance the look of your spa from the home or garden. This latest siding innovation continues to deliver on Hot Spring’s original Everwood promise of low-maintenance and durability.

Beautiful, Comfortable Shells All Highlife Collection spa shells are spacious and help keep water in the spa. Every seat comfortably cradles your body, while the elegant bartop leaves ample room for drinks. Style footwell pattern feels great on bare feet.

The exclusive BellaFontana® water feature creates three elegant backlit arches of water – a beautiful fountain that can be enjoyed from inside or outside the spa.

Contemporary Cabinet and Shell Color Option

At each corner, a waterfall-

The colour, finish and material experts at BMW Group

like detail gives the

DesignworksUSA helped Hot Spring carefully select a

impression that the shell is

distinctive palette of cabinet, shell and cover color options.

helps visually integrate the

The unique colors have broad appeal – ranging from

shell and cabinet.

traditional to modern tastes.

Shell Colours:

Alpine White

Everwood® HD Cabinet Colours:


Ice Gray


Tuscan Sun


Monterey Gray


Wireless Remote Control The exclusive Moto-Massage® DX

(Highlife Collection Envoy® and

jet delivers an unparalleled back

Grandee® models only)

massage and now features a louvered, two-tone design that allows light to shine through, colourfully illuminating your spa.

The exclusive and innovative Wireless Remote Control lets you conveniently adjust spa functions from anywhere inside the spa, and up to 30 feet outside the spa – a great way to control lighting and music when entertaining in the garden. Using innovative touchscreen technology, this advanced control panel provides a series of simple and easy to navigate menus. The wireless remote control panel charges while resting in the bartop docking station, or can be placed in a secondary resting station also moulded into the bartop, while you relax in the spa.

Grandee® spa with Alpine White shell / Mocha Everwood® HD cabinet.

The louvered weir makes this

Jets throughout each hot tub feature a modern

typically functional component

design that combines the beauty of stainless

an attractive design element.

steel with moulded plastic, making them easier

Select models only.

to adjust underwater.

Highlife® Collection NXT models The Next Generation of Spa Design

The distinct styling of the NXT models includes:

With input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the

1. Architectural Molded Corners

stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas – Grandee® NXT,

2. Beautiful Exterior Lighting

Envoy® NXT and Jetsetter® NXT – represent the future of

3. Large On/Ready Indicator Lights

spa design.

4. Polymeric Sub-Structure 5. Polymeric Base Pan

Highlife NXT spas offer many of the same features and

Plus, all three models include the exclusive Wireless

experience as the Highlife Collection. From the sculpted

Remote Control and Tri-X®

shells and Everwood HD siding to the jets and other details, ®

these models feature the same quality components and exclusive options. What makes these spas so special is the entirely new exterior design. Through innovative technology Hot Spring have achieved a distinctive new look – unlike anything else you will find. Highlife NXT spas feature unique molded corners and an engineered polymeric sub-structure and base pan that

paired with other enhancements, make the NXT models look

Polymeric Sub-Structure The polymeric sub-structure provides structural support, while making

sleeker and more stylish than traditional spas. NXT spas from the rest of the Highlife Collection. The polymeric

Polymeric Base Pan Made from heavy-duty ABS, the base pan is recessed diagonally at each corner to ultimately create the illusion that the spa is standing on legs. In addition to preventing moisture from wicking into the bottom of the spa, the base pan is engineered with “ribs” that help minimizing contact with the ground.

Large On/Ready Indicator Lights

Architectural Molded Corners

The perfect accent to the NXT spas, a bevelled black

Unique moulded corners provide dramatic architectural styling, and

acrylic plate prominently displays your spa’s status

create an elegant waterfall-like effect as the lines of the corner meet

with large On/Ready indicator lights incorporated

the lines of the shell. Each corner features an intricate texture that

into the Hot Spring logo.

adds depth and dimension, and is moulded in shades that complement the Everwood HD siding options.

Beautiful Exterior Lighting Multi-colour LED lights illuminate the spa at each corner. The exterior lighting is controlled independently and can be adjusted for colour and brightness. Set the lights to automatically turn on and off at the same time each evening to create a beautiful focal point in your garden.

The Highlife® Collection Difference As a result of Hot Spring’s ongoing commitment to developing leading-edge technology, the Highlife Collection and NXT spas offer an unparalleled experience. Exclusive innovations in massage, energy efficiency and water care make your Highlife Collection spa easy to own and operate so you will use it often. Owning a spa is an investment in your wellness, and with features like these, spending time in your Hot Spring® spa will quickly become a favourite part of your daily ritual.

Exclusive Moto-Massage® DX Jet spa jet. Today Hot Spring are proud to offer the next generation of this revolutionary jet – the Moto-Massage DX. This innovative jet creates two powerful streams of warm water sweeping up and down the length of your back. There is simply nothing like it.

EnergySmart® Spas Hot Spring® and keep heat locked in the spa – which helps ensure operating costs are as low as possible. Highlife Collection spas feature Hot Spring’s complete EnergySmart • Highlife® Collection spas are totally insulated with multiple layers of foam insulation • The No-Fault® heater maximizes heat transfer and is covered by an unconditional 5-year limited warranty. For warranty details visit: • The SilentFlo® 5000 circulation pump constantly circulates water using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb • Commission (CEC) standards, as well as to the USA’s spas, APSP 14 • Hot Spring® manufacture their own spa covers to ensure a • A patented pump shroud captures heat from the equipment compartment and transfers it to the water

ACE® Salt Water System Owning a Hot Spring spa has never been easier. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your spa water is being sanitized, even when you haven’t given water care a thought. With the revolutionary ACE salt water system: • A patented diamond electrode produces powerful oxidizers • Cleaners are generated automatically from salt and water • Water looks great, feels great, and even smells great

100% No-Bypass Filtration Only Highlife Collection spas offer 100% No-Bypass Filtration, and up to 325 square feet of effective ®

100% of the time – even when the jets are on, which is

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