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Message from Board John Weidert, Board Chairman

John Weidert Elected HSV Board Chairman


ello everyone! My name is John Weidert and I have just been elected by the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors (BoD) to be its Chairman. It is truly an honor and a very humbling experience to be elected by your peers to this position ... a position to which I will give 100 percent dedicated service. A little about me and my wife Connie - Connie and I have called Hot Springs Village home since 2007. We came to this part of Arkansas Paradise from Maryland. Connie is a retired nurse and I am retired military from the United States Air Force. We both had very rewarding careers, and are now very active in many facets of what goes on in the village. Our BoD is composed of six other very knowledgeable and forward thinking professionals. From the governance standpoint, what is so very refreshing is the fact that each board member is dedicated to one vision, and that vision is to make Hot Spring Village the best it

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can possibly be. That is our only agenda! Our Property Owners Association (POA) Chief Executive Officer is superb, and has an outstanding staff. The BoD’s and POA Staff all show that same level of commitment and dedication as we continually strive as a “Team” to make everything about Hot Springs Village the best it can be for all Property Owners. Fellow Property Owners, it is my privilege to serve you all, as Chairman of the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors, for the next year. 

Outgoing Chairman’s Updates, Mike Medica


pring is here and our Village offers many opportunities for enjoyment. Lesley Nalley, our Chief Executive Officer has implemented a plan to grow Hot Springs Village. The Board has worked closely with her to initiate new approaches to creating significant growth. Her use of alternative techniques to communicate our message has created intense interest from members in our community up to the highest levels of government at the local and state levels. Some early results are, we have had the highest number of newcomers in 2016 that we’ve had in several years. In 2016, we started maintenance of our infrastructure in water and sewer issues. We made very good progress and expect that year-end 2017 we should be close to being finished. We have several highway infrastructure projects scheduled for the next few years such as: • US 70 widening of lanes and safety improvements from I-30 to Hot Springs • Highways 5 & 7 will have safety improvements made. • US 70 extension to Highway 5 & 7 junction begins in late 2019 All of the above are designed to improve access to the area of Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village. I have enjoyed my year as President and even though I have another 3 years on the board, I will let someone else have fun for the coming year. Thank you for all your support. 

Greetings from CEO Lesley Nalley, CEO

Village Homes & Land office opens for business. Pictured from left to right: Linda Mayhood, Cheryl Dunson, Fern Hancock, Ella Scotty, Stephanie Heffer, Layne Wagoner, Renee Haugen and Tony Rather.

Growth and Relevancy in Hot Springs Village


y the time this Advocate reaches you, we will have launched our new real estate sales office. Village Homes & Land will be open for business! As a property owner, you should be proud of the strides being taken to resume development efforts. Our future is bright and our commitment to growth and relevan-

Photography by Renee Steinpreis and Dannet Botkin

cy is stronger than ever. But don’t take my word for it, consider a few facts for yourself. As of March 31st, existing home sales are outpacing 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 levels. There are 156 fewer homes for sale than in 2014. And, there are 15 more improved properties than at December 2016. By forming a real estate division specif-

ically devoted to selling POA-owned lots with spec and pre-sale marketing efforts, we hope to also celebrate an uptick in new home starts. For the last few years, in trying to find our way, post-developer, efforts have mainly revolved around what are termed “maintenance” activities in a community’s life cycle. These continued on page 4

Hot Springs Village Gateway To The Ouachitas Arkansas Advocate Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 895 DeSoto Blvd. Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 Telephone: (501) 922-5556 Email address: Website: Managing Editor: Linda Mayhood Editor: Linda Mayhood

Volume XLI, Number 2 PERIODICAL POSTAGE 019-847 AT HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS – Additional Entry, Little Rock, Arkansas. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Hot Springs Village Gateway To The Ouachitas Arkansas Advocate, 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. Hot Springs Village Gateway To The Ouachitas Arkansas Advocate is published quarterly, four times a year by the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association (POA), 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. The POA assesses its members $453.60 for undeveloped lots and $786 for developed lots a year, $1 of which covers the annual subscription price. The publication is distributed to 21,607 members of the POA. Periodical postage #019-847 from Hot Springs, Arkansas.



Village Homes & Land

Village Homes & Land office grand opening - Pictured from left to right: Ella Scotty, Lesley Nalley, Cheryl Dunson, Stephanie Heffer, Liz Mathis, Linda Mayhood, Renee Haugen and Fern Hancock

continued from page 3 are the status quo activities that POAs perform when development is 100% complete and fairly new. Throughout 2017, you will hear us talk also about successional development. Successional development for us is similar to a business’ succession plan and includes things like refreshing the comprehensive master plan, filling gaps in housing options, anchoring the community with a town center and strategic re-development throughout our 9 distinct villages. We will begin moving ourselves from project level conversations to completing the development work that began 46 years ago. And we will do that together, as neighbors!ď ś 4


Village Homes & Land office grand opening attendees

Money Matters

Liz Mathis, Controller

2016 Audit Report Presented at Board Meeting


indsey Baker, EGP Audit Partner, presented the 2016 audit and management letter to the Board at their April 19 Board Meeting. Most notable is that the four deficiencies, which were repeats of numerous prior year audits were eliminated. These included application of GAAP, capitalization and depreciation policies, accounting system reporting and technology controls. This year’s audited bottom line is an improvement from the preliminary results issued in January. Not only has the staff improved internal controls, accounting methodology and system utilization, but they have successfully demonstrated the ability to provide conservative projections throughout the year and understand the community’s financial health, real time. All in all, the 2016 audited financials represent a $5.9 mil improvement over 2015. The results showcase improved collection practices, a utility costing model that accounts for future repairs and maintenance needs, an assessment increase, and multiple operational efficiency gains. These efforts are the work of board, staff, and volunteers alike. Lesley Nalley, CEO, presented the March 2016 financial report. As a result of the remaining accrual cleanup performed in 2016, timing variances can be seen related to inventory, utility revenue recognition, and allocation of golf annual passes. Variances can also be seen related


YTD 2017 $7,924,098

YTD 2016 $6,647,712

Long Term Debt



Net Revenue





Net Profit/Loss Before $ (462,605) Capital

$ 637,987

Operating Expense

to insurance proceeds received in 2016. She stated that there are “no areas of concern with respect to department specific budgets.” Collections of delinquent assessments continue to improve. At the end of March there were 155 more properties in good standing and 15 more residential neighbors, as compared to December 2016. In addition, 2 POA lots have been sold, a total of 7 new home permits have been issued and 19 more homes have been sold YTD over the same period in 2016. In 2016, the Board, in conjunction with the Garland County, Arkansas Waterworks and Sewer Facilities Board (Hot Springs Village), approved the issuance of $2,045,000 in additional sewer bond funds to be used for waste water projects as identified by McClelland Engineers & RJN Group. As of March

31, 2017, the unspent balance of the Bond Improvement Funds is $1,061,074. The budgeted $921k Manhole Rehabilitation project was completed on time in March and was within the budget. Sewer Lift Station Improvements across Hot Springs Village are ongoing, and the plans and specifications for the planned improvements to both the Cedar Creek & Mill Creek Waste Water Treatment Plants are in review by staff and will be going out for construction bids upon receiving plan approvals for ADEQ. The 2016 Audit, Executive Summary, dashboard, and financial statements can be viewed at, Governance, Financials. For additional information, members in good standing may contact Liz Mathis, Controller, at 501-9225556 or at SUMMER 2017


Stars & Stripes Fest Celebrate America’s Independence in the Village

Friday, June 30

Miniature Golf Tournament at the DeSoto Family Recreation area. Sponsored by Kiwanis of Greater Hot Springs Village

Night Tennis Tournament at the Coronado Tennis Center

Radio Flyers Club Flight at Balboa Beach

Campfire Sing-a-long with Mike Bearden at Waypoint at DeSoto Marina

Saturday, July 1

Kid’s Fishing Derby at Lake Cortez Pavilion. Sponsored by the Hot Springs Village Anglers Beach Party with Inflatable Slides at Balboa Beach Firetruck Spray at Lake Balboa beach BBQ and Blues at Balboa Pavilion. Sponsored by the Hot Springs Village First Assembly of God

Sunday, July 2

Kayak and Standup Paddle Board Demonstrations at Balboa Beach 5K and Ice Cream Social at Balboa Spillway Trail and Balboa Pavilion Village Big Band at Balboa Pavilion

Monday, July 3

Anglers Club Fishing Tournament at Lake Balboa 6

Presented by Ike Eisenhauer State Farm Insurance, Terminix, Arvest Bank, Russell Hall Insurance Agency, Farmers Insurance, Monita Collins of Century 21, Walmart, Ouachita Hearth & Patio and Boomers Rock.


Sunset Cinema Movie on the Balboa Beach. Sponsored by Boomers Rock America’s First Responders Touch-a-Truck at DeSoto Family Recreation Area

Tuesday, July 4

Fireworks over Lake Balboa 

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tay informed. Sign up for E-NEWS today. Get the latest news and events about Hot Springs Village. Village Digest, Recreation News and Arts & Entertainment News offer information about projects,

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Attend a Village Newcomers’ Coffee Event


re you a new resident in Hot Springs Village? Then plan to attend our upcoming Newcomers’ Coffee and learn about Hot Springs Village amenities, activities, upcoming events, clubs and organizations, and governmental structure. Brochures and other printed materials about HSV amenities and activities will be available.

2017 Newcomers’ Coffees are: • 9 a.m. meetings - June 29, August 31, October 26 and December 7 • 7 p.m. meeting – September 28 All meetings are held in the Ouachita Activities Building at the Ponce de Leon Center located at 1101 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village. 



Village Development Stephanie Heffer, Director Placemaking & Development

Placemaking and Development What Does It Mean for Hot Springs Village ...


eople ask me all the time what is Placemaking, and how does it relate to Development? The simplest answer is Placemaking inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of the community. By strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, we shape our public spaces through development and renovation projects to maximize our shared values. Lesley Nalley and I spent several



days in April at the National Town Builders Association Conference, collaborating and learning from leading architects, developers and land planners from across the country on how Hot Springs Village can use these principles to develop and maintain a thriving, diverse, mixed use, walkable town center. We believe the lack of a commercial core (or heartbeat) of our community is a critical missing element. Taking full advantage of new Successional Development trends will ensure we are able to provide

important goods and services to our members, and stay relevant and marketable in today’s economy. As we move forward with this important next step in the evolution of Hot Springs Village, we will be engaging the members of our community for input and feedback on what is important to you and your family. Hot Springs Village will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2020. It’s just around the corner. We are so looking forward to the next chapter, and hope you will join us on this very exciting journey. ď ś QUICK CONTACTS EMERGENCY



Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer




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Public Works




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Discovery Center


Real Estate Sales Office


Main Number

Village Compliance SUMMER 2017


Public Works Village Compliance Preserves Property Values


he Public Works Department has added a number of new assignments as a result of separation of responsibilities within Permitting and Inspections. The newest division within Public Works is Village Compliance. The primary task of Village Compliance is to preserve property values within the Village through response to complaints related to: • RV, boat, and trailer storage • Vehicle parking on road right-of-way • Improper storage of building materials and other items • Condition of property structures • Maintenance of lawns and property. When a complaint is received, Village Compliance personnel will visit the complaint property to determine whether a violation of the Protective Covenants or Policies exists. If violations are found, personnel will first 10


notify the owner of the property to allow ten days to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected the owner will be provided a letter from Public Works stating that the violation must be corrected within thirty (30) days or assessed fines and penalties will be imposed. Property owners have the right to dispute the fines and penalties through the appeals process available by notifying the Appeals Committee and Public Works of such request. Public Works is also responsible for activities related to the Common Properties and Forest Committee. This committee issues permits for minor clearing, limited tree cutting, and annual maintenance of common property. The committee also coordinates the urban deer hunts within the Village with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Bow Hunters Association.

Lakes Village Restructures Lakes Department

“We want to balance lake use for good fishing as well as recreational use.” Lesley Nalley, CEO


n another important step as the Village transitions into phase two of its master plan for strategic growth and innovative development, the Lakes Department has been restructured. Under the Public Works Department, “Lakes has always been a department with a budget,” said Lesley Nalley, CEO, “but it deserves a stand-alone emphasis.” With more emphasis on lakes by separating the Lakes Department out of Public Utilities, better supports HSVPOA’s enterprise goal of community growth. Per Nalley, “we want to balance lake use for good fishing as well as recreational use.” Lakes Manager, Brad Meredith oversees the Lakes De-

partment, which is responsible for all matters pertaining to lakes. Top priorities include silt control, runoff, hydrilla and other evasive weed control, and fish habitats. The Public Works Department Streets Division, under the leadership of Director Bill Staggs, will continue to be responsible for common property around the lakes including trees, dam and spillway maintenance, dam safety, floodplain and watershed management, drainage and storm water management and parking lot maintenance. The Village Compliance Division will be responsible for dock inspections and compliance issues. Linda Mayhood, COO will continue to oversee the Public Works and Lakes Department.  SUMMER 2017


Golf Update Tom Heffer, Golf Director

Tom Heffer Named Village Golf Director


am proud and excited to be named the Director of Golf for Hot Springs Village, and look forward to serving all our members and the many guests who enjoy playing golf on our beautiful courses. I grew up in Caledonia, New York, and attended Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania on a golf scholarship where I was a Division II All American my senior year. In 1991, I turned professional and became a member of the PGA of America. My first position as a golf professional was at Lake View Country Club in Erie. I moved to Arkansas in 1997 and was hired as the Head Golf Professional at Greystone Country Club in Cabot, AR. After two years at Greystone, I was offered the Head Professional job at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Lit-


Downloa Apps



tle Rock. I was there just over a year when a job opening in Hot Springs Village came open. Like so many others, I was immediately impressed with not only the number and quality of golf courses, but the beauty of Hot Springs Village. I knew then, this was a place I could call home. I was hired in 2000, and have served as Golf Professional, Sectional Manager, and Director of Golf Operations. This new role is an honor and one that I look forward to excelling in for years to come. My vision for golf in Hot Springs Village is to provide an excellent golfing experience for Members and their guests while making Hot Springs Village a destination for new golfers. I believe once they come to our beautiful community, they will want to stay. 

Hot Springs Village has teamed with Troon Golf, the industry’s leader in upscale golf courses. As part of the Troon family of golf destinations, HSV delivers an exceptional golf experience! Download one of the Troon apps, which are available for seven of the nine HSV courses. Benefits include: Scorecards, Facebook link, GPS caddie and pro tips, range finder, swing tips, weather, Troon special offers and the ability to book tee times! Download today! 

“My vision for golf in Hot Springs Village is to provide an excellent golfing experience for Members and their guests while making Hot Springs Village a destination for new golfers.” - Tom Heffer, Golf Director

Invite Friends and Family to Visit HSV During Upcoming State Weeks Jun 5-11: Georgia Jun 12-18: Nevada Jun 19-25: Virginia Jun 26-Jul 2: W. Virginia Jul 3-9: Kentucky Jul 10-16: Alabama Jul 17-23: Texas Jul 24-30: Tennessee Jul 31-Aug 6: Indiana Aug 7-13: Missouri Aug 14-20: Oklahoma Aug 21-27: Arkansas Aug 28-Sep 3: Kansas Sep 4-10: Colorado Sep 11-17: Wisconsin Sep 18-24: Utah Sep 25-Oct 1: Arizona Oct 2-8: Washington Oct 9-15: Hawaii Oct 16-22: California Oct 23-29: New York Oct 30-Nov 5: Michigan Nov 6-12: Minnesota Nov 13-19: Texas Nov 20-26: N. Carolina Nov. 27- Dec 3: Florida Dec 4-10: Pennsylvania Dec 11-17: N. Hampshire Dec 18-24: Wash. D.C. Dec 25-31: Vermont NOTE: Group packages are not available. Individuals and tee times booked 1-5 days in advance. 

Visitors Play at Discounted Rates during State Weeks!

For more information on HSV State Weeks, go to SUMMER 2017


Upcoming Events JULY 1: Colt and the Old 45’s, 7:30 pm – Coronado Community Center Come relive the 60’s with Colt and the Old 45’s, the premier cover band in the area!

JULY 20: World Tour of Wine Australia 6 pm – Coronado Community Center This is the 6th in a series of wine tastings from around the world. This installment will showcase wines from Australia, home to more than 60 wine producing regions. During the course of the evening, Australian food will be paired with the wine for your enjoyment. Come join us on this trip “down under.”  14


To purchase tickets for upcoming events in Hot Springs Village, go to

Discover Hot Springs Village, Arkansas • 9 Golf Courses • 13-Court Tennis Facility • 11 Lakes for Boating, Fishing, Kayaking and Paddleboarding • Two Full-Service Marinas with Boat Rental • 30+ Miles of Nature Trails • 8 Pickleball Courts • Duplicate & Party Bridge – 23 Games Per Week • Indoor Pool • Library • Lawn Bowling & Bocce Ball • Fitness Center with Massage Therapy • Performing Arts Center • Dog Park • RV Park • Over 200 Clubs & Organizations • Numerous Restaurants • Ample Health Services • Grove Park: Green Market, Artisan Market and Rock Porch Sessions 

Connect with Us at ExploretheVillage SUMMER 2017


Hot Springs Village

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The 2017 TRI-the-Village Sprint Triathlon is set for Saturday, June 10. Presented by Lefler Dental, TRI-the-Village is one of the top rated Tri’s in Arkansas. Tons of volunteers, user-friendly course, and great post race events. ď ś

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Hot Springs Village Summer 2017 Advocate  

Summer 2017 Advocate published by the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association

Hot Springs Village Summer 2017 Advocate  

Summer 2017 Advocate published by the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association