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April 2012 Issue # 2

Hotpots Irelan d is a n on -profit m u ltim edia an d creative learn in g n etwork su pportin g You th Services program m es in Irelan d. Ou r goal is to con vert you n g people from bein g passive ‘Digital Users’ in to active ‘Digital Creators’ in today’s m u ltim edia society. Th e Hotspots Program m e is based on th e In tel Com pu ter Clu bh ou se Network' s con stru ctivist m odel of learn in g. Th e program m e was establish ed in 2 0 11 by a con sortiu m of partn ers.

Welcome Back! The Easter holidays have ended, we hope you enjoyed your time off and no doubt are busy settling in after the break. We had an exciting few weeks with the roll out of the new initiatives, which you can read more about further on. Some highlights this month are the Coordinators introductions, followed by a preview of the new Hotspots logo. It's also youth survey time and we need your help! Read on for your April news from around the Hotspots Network!

THIS MONTH'S INTRODUCTIONS Let's have a drum roll for the talented Coordinators around the country, leading the Hotspots Programme. Thank you for sending in photos - it truly brings life to the Hotspots community! And for those of you who missed the short deadline, please get your photo ready for the May edition. The Hotspots C


Thanks for sending through the extra information about your programme. We hope to profile a different Coordinator each month for a Q&A session about their programme and practice. If you would like to be the first please get in touch with Janice. Please note your photo will uploaded to the Coordinator's album on

Please note your photo will uploaded to the Coordinator's album on our Hotspots Facebook page. Please email if you do not want your photo included on Facebook or would like to be profiled.

New Hotspots Logo This month we are delighted to showcase the new logo for the Hotspots Programme. Many thanks to Robbie Richardson, a graphic designer who volunteers with Steven in Camara Education Guidelines for the use of the Hotspots logo will be circulated soon.

Hotspots Network Update DUBLIN TO HOST THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE INTEL COMPUTER CLUBHOUSE NETWORK The global Computer Clubhouse conference takes place in Dublin the week of 30th April. Over 150 guests from around the world are attending. We have been invited to present the Hotspots Programme at the conference as an example of how to expand the Computer Clubhouse model widely in a country. This year's theme is "Kaleidoscope Visions: New Shapes for the Future". The Annual Conference is a yearly opportunity for the Computer Clubhouse's global community to come together, share ideas, reflect on experiences and plan for the future. As the Hotspots model is built upon the Computer Clubhouse model of learning, it is great acknowledgement from the Network to be invited to present at the conference. Hosting the conference is also great kudos to the strength of the Foroige and SWICN Clubhouses within the global community. We are delighted you are helping to achieve our vision to to grow the model throughout Ireland.

Update on New Initiatives HOTSPOTS GOOGLE APPS Steven recently emailed you with details of how to access Hotspots Google Apps, set up through your Hotspots usernames. For those who have yet to login your username is set as Your password is "hotspots", which you will be prompted to change on first logging in. You can log into your account at If you are already signed into another Gmail or Google Apps account you can easily sign into multiple Google Accounts at once in one browser. The link below explains how:

You can also set up your account to automatically forward any Hotspots email to another account. The link below explains how:

If you have any questions or technical issues please email

COORDINATOR'S SUPPORT VIA SKYPE GROUP CHATS Ciaran was in touch with you all over the last week. Unfortunately we haven't managed to meet online for the inaugural 'Hangout' session due to a number of reasons. However, please know we're endeavouring to make it happen as soon as possible. It will be a great resource for everyone once up and running! There are lots of free tools available to get young people creating content tried and tested by the Computer Clubhouses. You will learn more about these through these support chats with Ciaran. Please contact Ciaran if you have any questions about participating in the Skype meeting:

PROJECT CHALLENGE - 'HOMES OF THE FUTURE' Have you checked out the first Hotspots project challenge? An exciting way to introduce new project ideas to your young people! The project challenges your young people to imagine and build 3D models of futuristic homes using Google SketchUp. It will be the first project run across the Network, which is really exciting! Comprehensive training materials were emailed to your Hotspots account in March so please check them out. The deadline for ' Homes of the Future' is Tuesday, 1st May 2012. Please contact Ciaran if you need advice or support on the project challenge:

Latest News SAVE THE DATE: 7th - 11TH MAY HOTSPOTS YOUTH SURVEY WEEK! Measuring the impact of the programme is key to the growth and success of the Hotspots Network. We need your help! It will also help you to continue providing breakthrough learning experiences using video, multi-media, digital art, web, animation and audio tools. These tools enable young people to develop digital skills, explore and comment on their world and be part of the global youth media movement. Please encourage all young people who have participated in your Hotspot to complete this online survey. We will be in touch closer to the date with a link and more details about different ways to run the online survey with your groups. Deadline is Friday, 11th May.

NEW OPPORTUNITY - CODER DOJO Coder Dojo is an exciting new initiative that enables young people step into the world of some seriously smart youth work. It's a youth club where young people learn from expert mentors to develop apps for smart phones, computer-based games and websites. The Blanchardstown Computer Clubhouse began it's very own Coder Dojo in early April. The young people are busy creating apps

for iPhones and iPads. We are exploring how we can introduce Coder Dojo to other youth centres and projects around the country. If you are interested in exploring this very smart youth work, please let us know? For more information please contact us at

Get Social With Us! You can do three things right now to get social with us: 1. Become a fan of Hotspots Ireland by clicking the logo above and 'liking' the page. 2. Upload a project story, photo, videos, animations, music. 3. Share some best practice tips with Coordinators around the Network. THIS MONTH'S FEATURED VIDEO We'd like to say thanks to Nicola in Youghal for sharing Darragh's 1st Pivot Animation. Darragh impressively set up his own YouTube channel called 616shuffle. Please promote this within your Hotspots and help him to get lots of views! Come on... we'd love you to get social with us and post some projects!

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And for those of you who missed the short deadline, please get your photo ready for the May edition. THIS MONTH'S INTRODUCTIONS Some highlig...