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Cover- Neymar - Photo by Hotspotorlando Page 2 - Contents & Technical details Page 3 - Editorial Page 5 - Gillette International Soccer Series Page 6 - A look into the Brazil X Honduras Game Page 11 - Poetry by Edmundo Cavalcanti Page 12 - Politically Incorrect by Betty Kisby Page 13 - Elita Freitas - Thanksgiving - Portuguese Page 17 - Art Basel 2013 Page 18 - A word from the City and Orange County Page 20 - About Veteran’s Day Celebrations Page 28 - See Art Orlando Page 33 - About The Orlando Magic 25th Anniv. Page 38 - The Orlando City Soccer MLS Announcmt Page 40 - The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Event at the OCPA’s Office. Page 41 - The AACC luncheon at The Entrepreneur Center Page 42 - The Friendly Bean Club in Orlando Page 43 - About Khalid Muneer Page 44 - The Book They Don’t Speak Spanish in Brazil Page 45 - About Armando Rodrigues Page 47 - Frames & Fortune Page 48 - Festival of Masters Page 49 - Art By Rafael Rocha Page 53 - Nilton Bustamante - Um Dia Assim... Page 55 - Patricia Moura - Aurora Fashion - Brazil Page 59 - Vicky Talking a Lot Page 60 - Bio Fuel Page 62 - Miles Davis New CD Page 64 - Larry Poynter Jr Page 67 - About Shopping H&M in Times Square


Note from the Editor

In all things humans do that cause me amaze is their fast hability to judge ones action .We are all equal, but one thing that makes us different is our thinking and of course our kindness, our true heart. Being loyal, respectful, and trustworthy are actions really hard to find this days. Social media has transformed friendship in a display, where what goes in your mind and heart is shared without care, making everyone an easy target for “likes” and deslikes. The old empathy and feeling that used to draw people to each other is faint and doom to desapear. We need to be more careful. I say we because I also a fan of the Social Media, sometimes have to stop myself from criticize and express opinions where they don’t belong. Let’s reserve our opinion for the ones that deserve and ask for it, and give always the benefit of the doubt. Nobody deserves to hear from a stranger, bitterness or lack of ethics. Silence is more effective and a lot more honest.


November is a great month, and here is why, Summer hours are over, it is cooler, it is Thanksgiving month, Veteran’s month, and it is almost Christmas. November is a prelude for the end of the year approaching and everything starts with the Festival of Masters Downtown Disney. Need to say more? And if you snooze you loose, it goes fast.

There are many ways to participate, and if you are interested the City of Orlando has opportunities like classes, and volunteer opportunities to those interested. This month, the City of Orlando presented an extensive calendar to celebrate Art, Veterans and the 25 Years of Orlando Magic. We have a lot to be thankful for, we got the Major League Soccer, the New Stadium budget was approved, and all this will bring more tourists, more revenue, and more jobs. Everything to guarantee that Orlando the City Beautiful is still growing, and there is so much more we can all do to contribute.

I am an Enthusiast of everything Community, community work, commerce associations, chambers, neighborhood communities, diversity, melting pot, the whole enchilada, but I also would like to make sure we are teaching young ones to recognize the importance of Country, family, the magic of being a volunteer and participate of the Community Mayor Dyer is one of the greatest admiras whole, and not as just to be a distant ers of our City has given unconditional observer. love and support to it and all Communities involved. He is the example to folUsually today, the approach is What is low, and has always served the City of it for me? Little they know there is a lot Orlando during all the years he has been that come from giving from your time the Mayor, no doubt about it. as a volunteer. The networking is endless and the opportunities to influence So this month was a prelude to Christprogress and decisions for the wellbeing mas, The City got, the MLS, A new staof many is great. The feeling of being a dium, See Arts Orlando, Brazil Soccer part of something and to be of service of Team played in Miami and we have it all your community, brings many rewards, to you inside. as self improvement, inner growth, enthusiasm and a sense of belonging somewhere. Have a great Month! Happy Thanksgiving ! Community awareness is important . See you Around Town ! Reach out for the government, the City leaders and understand how everything works. Learning to be part of it, means how important it is to value everyone’s participation, and value your own im- Editor portance. The Community exist to ev- AboutUS & Hotspotorlando eryone and not just to some. The Majority of contributions given to the City and other associations and organizations generate waves of influence in the administration of our City.

Laiz Rodrigues

About The Gillette International Soccer Series Pitch International is a leading sports marketing agency specialising in the representation of rights on behalf of a range of organisations including sporting federations, clubs, rights holders and agencies. In partnership with clients they deliver content to a range of global media outlets from TV broadcasters and DVD distributors to media agencies and sponsors like TV Globo in Brazil.

posing to take Brazilian Soccer to many Cities in the United States and Canada. The Gillette International Soccer Series was launched in North America this month and it featured Brazil alongside some of the world’s leading footballing nations.

Cup in the last four attempts after finishing fourth in South American qualifying. The team, coached by Colombian Reinaldo Rueda, is led by Antonio Valencia (Manchester United), Jefferson Montero (Morelia) and Felipe Caicedo (Lokomotiv Moscow).

The Seleção joined by Argentina, Ecuador, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Honduras and Chile. was played across New Jersey, Miami, St Louis This time along with Relevent and Toronto. Sports brought the excitement and intensity of international soccer to Brazil came to North America after the North America by showcasing winning the 2013 FIFA Confederathe best clubs in the world through tions Cup on home soil. The Brazilpremier tournaments and events. ian side is going crazy by new FC Going beyond the game, Relevent Barcelona signing Neymar. Manprovides an innovative approach to aged by 2002 World Cup winning building international soccer pres- coach Luis Felipe Scolari and also ence by utilizing brand develop- features Paris-Saint Germain dement, grassroots planning, corpo- fender Thiago Silva, FC Barcelona rate sponsors, international touring right-back Dani Alves and Chelsea and philanthropic initiatives for the midfielder Oscar, amongst numersoccer organizations. ous other star players.

Chile, coached by Argentine Jorge Sampaoli, will make their 10th World Cup appearance next summer after finishing in third place in South American qualifying. The team is led by Alexis Sanchez (FC Barcelona), Arturo Vidal (Juventus) and Matias Fernandez (Fiorentina).

Relevent is a division of RSE Ventures founded in 2012 by Stephen M. Ross and Matt Higgins, RSE Ventures operates in four interrelated verticals: Sports, Entertainment, Digital, and New Ventures. The company’s growing roster of companies, venues and events includes the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, Sun Life Stadium, Insignia Sports & Entertainment and Relevent Sports.

Honduras and Bosnia & Herzegovina completed the Gillette International Soccer Series, having both qualified for the World Cup after very successful campaigns. Bosnia & Herzegovina brought stars Edin Džeko (Manchester City) and Asmir Begovic (Stoke City) while Honduras brought Wilson Palacios (Hull City) and Maynor Figeroa (Stoke City). These matches provided an ideal test for both sides against some of the favourites to triumph at next year’s World Cup.

Argentina, led by FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi, have already qualified for the World Cup. They have won the tournament twice and features top players such as Sergio Aguero (Manchester City), Angel Di Maria (Real Madrid) and Gonzalo Higuain Source: Pitch & Relevent (Napoli).

Ecuador recently reached Together they created the Gillette its third International Soccer Series, pro- W o r l d

About Brazil X Honduras The Game A Look Into Greatness .

with all around you. Being Brazilian comes with, loud laugh, music and voice. Comes with adding samba and carnaval to our best moments and to always be convinced our soccer team is the best regardless. Being Brazilian is that certainty that no matter what everything will be better soon, and even if it is not, we will manage, after all we are Brazilian and so is God.

In my many years of life I have learned to grow apart from my Brazilian side. Life in America can be contagious and always in the fast lane, but once you join the rat race, everything else disappears in the rear view mirror faster than you expect. If you manage after all this, to keep your heart, there is where you will find The game? Well not much to say, 5 x 0 Brazil, need to everything in a beautiful box. say more? Lots of celebrities, important people and the Brazilian Team of course the best in the world. The I wanted to experience the game as anyone would, inmagic of Neymar says it all. A record was broken when stead of using a media pass, where you get involved it was announced that we had over 72000 people, and with many other aspects of work, I wanted to live the that number was the biggest ever in a soccer gathering moment, as we all could. in Florida. Now imagine when Orlando has its own Soccer Stadium! Well, as we arrived I saw all the people, when I say all I mean a lot, my heart jumped immediately and my To finalize greatness doesn’t come cheap it is hard to be ears started recognizing the sounds of music, familfamous but yesterday we were just like everyone else, iar language and colors, lots of yellow. It was a Braone more Brazilian fan, happy to be one, after a long zilian moment at its best, everyone happy doing what time. Check the pictures they are worth a thousand they do best, being themselves is many different ways, words. but most important of all done without problems. Everyone in their best performance. Honduras fans and Brazil fans respected each other, and respectfully watched the game. The enthusiasm was great, every step of the event caused more emotions in a mix of memories and forgotten feelings, that will be forever in my heart. I needed this to remember how important it is to be whole, to be intact in your own terms and feels good to be proud, and at peace

The Match had the presence of Angels Adriana Lima, and Liu Wen both from Victoria’s Secret, and Globo TV Brazil Sport Journalist Tino Marcos.

Brasil !!!!!


e o seu coração acalmar

prosa e verso para embalar seu dia

Dar-te uma flor. Queria de dar uma flor mas não decidi que cor. Uma cor que te mostrasse todo meu amor. Uma cor com muito calor. Quem sabe as cores do Beija-flor. Ai, você ira conhecer o meu interior. Vermelha? Paixão,sentimento Branca?Muita paz. Amarela? Esperança. Azul?Romantismo. Pronto já decide então. Todas elas estão no meu coração. Vou te dar uma de cada cor. Ai sim, essas são as cores do meu amor. Edmundo Cavalcanti

Politically "in"correct - by Betty Kisby Thanksgiving King James I of England was persecuting anyone and everyone who did not recognize his absolute civil and spiritual authority, freedom of worship was discouraged to the point of death in some cases. Looking for freedom to worship God the Pilgrims left England in 1620, going to the New World, over a hundred men, women and children survived the sea, lead by William Bradford , he set up a contract, that was called the Mayflower compact, Bradford took the ideas from the Old and the New Testaments, yes, from the Bible. Finally, they arrived in Massachusetts in November. Hunger and the winter killed half of them. But the Pilgrims prayed, they trusted God to get them through and prayed, prayed for a miracle , and God provided a miracle, it was the local natives that helped them to survive, tough them what they needed to know. The governor, assigned a plot of land to each family to work and manage. And they worked hard, and they were blessed. The Pilgrims then declared a three-day feast, to thank God and to celebrate, sharing with their new friends. They really didn't know they were celebrating the first Thanksgiving. Now it was probably not turkey, cramberry sauce and potatoes that they ate, and no pumkin pie! but God was at the center of their thanksgiving, not the turkey. This year, remember this is not Fall harvest, harvest festival or turkey day. It is Thanksgiving.

REALTORS, JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY! We have the buyers and the power in the international market. With alliances all over the world and massive presence in Brazil, Piquet Realty became the International Buyers Preferred Real Estate Company.

Cristiano Piquet, center, showed a Miami Beach condominium this month to a pote ntial buyer from Brazil.

We provide: • Leads (Guaranteed) • State of Art Offces (Miami, Sunny Isles, Orlando and New York) • Advanced Commissions (Draws $$$) • Great Splits (%) | 407.909.5980 9350 Conroy Windermere Road Windermere, FL 34786

*If you don't have your Real Estate License yet, please visit

Public: An expanded sector brings the work of 24 artists to Collins Park.Curated under the theme 'Social Animals' by Nicholas Baume, Director and Chief Curator of Public Art Fund, the artworks selected for this year’s Public sector will transform Collins Park into an outdoor exhibition space. Public, a sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show, features over 30 large-scale sculptures and installations by leading and emerging international artists, including Olaf Breuning, Sam Falls, Jeppe Hein, Thomas Houseago, Alicja Kwade, Richard Long, Santiago Roose, Oscar Tuazon, and Ursula von Rydingsvard. For the third straight year the sector is produced in partnership with the Bass Museum of Art. A selection of artworks will continue to be installed in Collins Park through March 2014. The Public sector’s opening night on Wednesday, December 4 will include a special program of performances, free of charge and open to the public. The theme 'Social Animals' has its origins in Aristotle's observations about the nature of human beings. Set within the cityscape of Miami Beach, this year’s edition of Public seeks to turn a grouping of separate works by multiple artists into a temporary community of its own, with works in conversation and in dialog with each other – such as Sam Falls’ powder-coated aluminum installation with a master work by Charlotte Posenenske – as well as with the location – evident in Michelle Lopez’s towering site-specific structure.

of cut, stacked and sculptured cedar beams transforms solid material into gestural form. Mungo Thomson’s audio recording of professional musicians imitating the sound of crickets is played on outdoor speakers. Symbols of popular culture are reused and repositioned to engage with the audience, as in Scott Reeder’s three-dimensional installation of the words 'Real Fake' and Matias Faldbakken’s adaptation of the original Peterbilt 281 big rig truck which appeared in Steven Spielberg’s first feature film 'Duel' (1971). Maarten Vanden Eynde’s composition of oil peak sculptures in bronze is based on the production rates of individual oil wells and the combined production rate of a field of related oil wells. A selection of works from Public will remain installed in Collins Park for an extended run through March 2014 via tc: temporary contemporary. The city-wide temporary, public art program was initiated by the Bass Museum of Art in partnership with the City of Miami Beach in 2012. It seeks to activate the urban landscape with art and engage with residents, visitors and passers-by to encourage interactions with the city and its communities. tc: temporary contemporary is made possible through the support of The City of Miami Beach, ArtPlace, National Endowment for the Arts, Knight Foundation and Funding Arts Network, Inc. For Public Opening Night on Wednesday, Kate Gilmore has created 'Only One Like You', a new performance that builds on themes introduced in her 2011 Public Art Fund project. In this largescale performance, lining both sides of the central axis through the park, performers, who will share a number of physical characteristics, will stand on individual pedestals, wielding sledgehammers, and pounding metal cubes, creating in the process a series of destroyed sculptures.

Drawing on his experience of injecting public art within the urban landscape, Nicholas Baume’s selection works to activate the public park as a place for social interactions and as an extension of the diverse exchanges that take place in the environment of the art fair. In this context, Public presents Phil Wagner’s diptych of opposing chairs, largescale sculptures by Mark di Suvero and Oscar Tuazon, and two urban structures built from concrete, wood, and metal mesh by Santiago Roose. Alicja Kwade’s large-scale steel Taking the basic elements of human presence and sculpture reimagines the border lines between bodily movement as his raw materials, Ryan Mctime zones as a global electrocardiograph. Namara’s new performance 'Uncanny Liquidity' intends to tweak perceptions and provoke curiThe sector’s title likewise links to the hand-worked osity. Two performers are placed in Collins Park, surfaces and textures of many of the work’s figura- dressed to blend into the crowd. Their tive and organic forms. The varied works of Huma subtle movements betray the fact that Bhabha, Olaf Breuning, Aaron Curry, Tom Fried- something is not quite right, prompting man, Thomas Houseago, Matthew Monahan, Tony visitors to observe them more closely. As Tasset and Pascale Marthine Tayou incorporate the night goes on, their difference from figurative elements, at times alluding to Modern- the rest of the crowd grows more acute. ist and ancient totems. The use of natural mate- For 'Smoke Grid' Olaf Breuning will sirials is seen in Carol Bove’s open-form sculpture multaneously set off smoke canisters to in petrified wood and steel, Jeppe Hein’s series create a sea of colored smoke. of 'rooms' shaped by water, and Richard Long’s 12-foot-diameter installation in Dartmoor Gran- The installation transforms its environite, while Ursula von Rydingsvard’s composition ment into a swirling painterly mass of

About Art Basel

color and movement, generating unique visual effects as the smoke and pigment erupt and disperse. A new sound installation by Mungo Thomson will be created that evening. Four musicians playing different instruments – clarinet, flute, violin and percussion – will imitate the song of crickets. Recordings of the performance will be played in Collins Park throughout the rest of the week. For the fourth performance of the evening, entitled 'Santa Confessional', David Colman installs a classic Catholic confessional within Collins Park for people to confess their sins and ask for absolution. Instead of the booth being fully enclosed like a classic confessional, open-air windows cut into the design, creating a tension between yesterday’s private practice of confessing in secret and today’s more performative and secular version of confession. Public Opening Night, which is free and open to the public, takes place in Collins Park on Wednesday, December 4, from 8.30pm to 10pm. The Public sector is also free of charge and open to the public from December 4 to December 8. Collins Park is located between 21st & 22nd Street, in close proximity of the exhibition halls within the Miami Beach Convention Center and adjacent to The Bass Museum of Art. On Thursday, December 5, from 2pm to 3pm, Art Basel's Salon program will see Nicholas Baume in conversation with Kate Gilmore, Alicja Kwade and Mungo Thomson. The talk takes place in the Hall C auditorium of the Miami Beach Convention Center. Art Basel entry tickets include admission to Salon. List of 2013 Public artworks: Huma Bhabha | 'God of Some Things', 2011 | Salon 94 Carole Bove | 'Flora’s Garden I', 2012 | David Zwirner Olaf Breuning | 'Dreams/Dirt'; 'There is Absolutely Nothing to Find Up There'; 'I Don't Want to Go This Way', 2013 | Metro Pictures Aaron Curry | 'Untitled', 2013 | David Kordansky Gallery Mark di Suvero | 'Exemplar', 1979 | Paula Cooper Gallery Matias Faldbakken | 'Untitled (Duel Truck)', 2013 | Simon Lee Gallery | Paula Cooper Gallery

Art Basel hosts a series of conversations and talks on a range of subjects, including the collection and exhibition of art, understanding art from a geographical and historical perspective, and timely topics concerning the contemporary art scene. Artists, gallerists, art historians, curators, museum directors, publishers, and collectors participate in panel discussions, book signings, and interviews.

Conversations Salon Video Archive CONVERSATIONS 2013

sponding to the intensified regional presence of Western institutions? Drawing on recent experiences with global initiatives and collaborations, this panel of leading curators and museum directors will explore the benefits and pitfalls of going global. Patrick Charpenel, Director, Fundación Jumex, Mexico City; Chris Dercon, Director, Tate Modern, London; Chus Martinez, Chief Curator at El Museo del Barrio, New York; Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator, Asian Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Moderator: András Szántó, Author and Consultant to arts and philanthropic organizations, New York SATURDAY DECEMBER 7

The morning Conversations offer dynamic dialogs between prominent members of the international artworld, each offering their unique perspective on producing, collect- The Artist and the Gallerist ing and exhibiting art. The Conversations Launched at the 2013 inaugural Art Basel series is supported by Absolut. show in Hong Kong, the series titled ‘The Artist and the Gallerist' offers a peek beConversations take place daily from Thurs- hind the curtain of the unique and essenday, December 5 to Sunday, December 8, 10 tial artworld relationship between artists am to 11:30am, Hall C auditorium. Please and their representing galleries. note: This is a newly created auditorium Abraham Cruzvillegas, Artist, Mexico City; for 2013. Entrance through Lobby C, free Monica Manzutto and Jose Kuri, founders public access. One-hour panel discussions of kurimanzutto gallery, Mexico City are followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. Moderator: Mark Rappolt, Editor, ArtReview, London High-quality videos of all Conversations SUNDAY DECEMBER 8 will be available shortly after the show. THURSDAY DECEMBER 5 Artistic Practice | The Artist as Technologist Premiere | Artist Talk | Doug Aitken Offering fresh insights on dynamic modDoug Aitken inaugurates this year's Con- els of artistic practice, this panel brings toversations with a discussion about his most gether artists whose work is related to currecent project ‘Station to Station'. This art- rent ist-created nomadic ‘happening' on a train developments in technology and the realm that visited cities, towns and remote loca- of the digital. tions across America embraced constantly changing stories, unexpected encounters Among the questions: How does the inand creative collisions between artists, mu- creasing and growing relationship between sicians and creative pioneers. humankind and digital systems or maDoug Aitken, Artist, Los Angeles/New chines change our perception of art? York in conversation with Michelle Kuo, Editor, Artforum, New York How does technology and especially the inFRIDAY DECEMBER 6 ternet unleash artists local boundaries and enables them a global spectrum? In what Public/Private | Museums Go Global ways does technology and new media or Expanding the collecting and exhibiting systems catalyze creativity? mandates of many leading Western museums is accompanied by a host of unan- Cory Arcangel, Artist, Los Angeles; Cécile swered questions: What aspects of global B. Evans, Artist, Berlin; Camille Henrot, art culture should these institutions em- Artist, Paris; Robert Whitman, Artist and brace? How should museums modify their Co-Founder of Experiments in Art and approaches to collecting, programming, Technology, New York and educating? What institutional models Moderator: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Direcshould they adopt? And how are artists and tor, Serpentine Gallery, London institutions in other parts of the world re-

Art Basel-Talks


Throughout the years, our Central Florida region has joined together in historic partnerships to not only create, but to accomplish a shared vision for the future of our community. From the development of our Medical City at Lake Nona, to our worldclass community venues, to SunRail, our regional leaders' willingness to work together has resulted in several milestone accomplishments for Orlando in a short period of time.

lando have the resources they need to draw for their continued partnership. The renew events and grow the number of international visitors to our community.

We have already seen the caliber of events we can attract to Orlando with the Amway Center including the NBA All-Star Game, World Championship Boxing and NCAA Basketball Tournaments. With a new performing arts center, enhanced Citrus Bowl and soccer-specific stadium, we have the ability to host hundreds of more events Last night, we celebrated another mile- and attract millions of additional visitors stone for our community as the Orange to our region each year. County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a funding package to allow for the The visitors who attend these events spend construction of a new Downtown Orlando money at our local businesses which soccer stadium, a vital step in bringing Ma- equates to new jobs and opportunities for jor League Soccer (MLS) to everyone in Orlando and Orlando and the first MLS generates sales tax revenues team in the southeast. The that have benefits across the package also provides adentire state of Florida. In ditional funding for the addition, many of the busiOrange County Convennesses who call Orlando tion Center, Florida Cithome tell us that one of the rus Bowl, the Dr. Phillips top reasons for choosing Center for the Performing Central Florida is our high Arts, Visit Orlando and quality of life and amenities the Central Florida Sports like our hometown sports Commission. teams, community venues and the soonto-open SunRail. Approval of this funding package will I would like to thank Mayor Jacobs and the greatly benefit our region in several ways, Orange County Board of Commissioners including new business opportunities for our local companies, new jobs for our residents and by bringing even more visitors to our region. The hospitality industry remains the backbone of our economy and increasing domestic and international travel is critical to ensuring the economic growth of Central Florida. Through the ownership of Orlando City Soccer, we have a unique opportunity to bring a world of soccer fans and their economic impact to Central Florida's front door. The approved funding package also ensures that the Central Florida Sports Commission and Visit Or-

About The MLS

sults of our partnership will provide benefits for our local community for generations to come. I would also like to thank the Orlando City Council, Seminole County Commission and the leaders of our tourism industry for supporting our collective vision for a City with world-class amenities that can be enjoyed by our residents and visitors alike. Sincerely, Buddy Dyer Mayor Photo By Orange County

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved an ordinance today for a $94.5 million venues package that supports performing arts, sports, recreation, tourism and commerce. The 5-to-2 vote came after four hours of public comment and discussion with more than 100 speakers. The BCC vote included approval of the Third Amendment to the Orlando/Orange County Interlocal Agreement between the County, City or Orlando, and the Downtown Community Redevelopment OC Mayor Teresa Jacobs Agency to provide funding for the various community venues. This allows the use of Tourist Development Tax funds, better known as resort or bed tax, for Phase II construction of the Dr. Phillips Center (DPC), upgrades to the Citrus Bowl, and the construction of a soccer stadium. Commissioners also agreed to approve the Third addendum to the 2007 Tourism Promotion Agreement between Orange County and Visit Orlando providing additional marketing and advertising funding in connection with the Central Florida Sports Commission that will help create a full roster of events targeting the non-peak tourism season.

sary to complete the project being committed and available to the city. An additional $12 million for the competitive scope improvements to the Citrus Bowl based on Florida Citrus Sports contributing $6 million. A $20 million contribution for the new Major League Soccer Stadium contingent upon the certification of Orlando City Soccer as a Major League Soccer team, Orlando hosting at least one “All-Star” game, the team providing $40 million towards the cost of the stadium, a 25-year lease agreement, and the team must cover any construction cost overruns. “We are very excited about today’s approval of funds for the stadium,” said Orlando City Soccer President Phil Rawlins. “We’ve been working towards this for a very long time and look forward to entering final negotiations with Major League Soccer.” "We are very thankful for the leadership provided by the City and County in approving funding for the second phase of the Performing Arts Center, MLS soccer stadium, tourism promotion, and Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. We are excited about the future of our community and the ability to grow our portfolio as a major stadium sports tourism destination," said Steve Hogan chief executive officer of Florida Citrus Sports. Today’s public hearing was a follow-up to the August 9th Tourist Development Council workshop were funding was unanimously recommended. Earlier this month, the City of Orlando also approved the venues package.

“Each of these projects makes fiscal and strategic sense,” said Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “Each will propel diversified streams of visitors, and "Today’s vote is valued at $25 million, but the decision to help deliver each will add to our reputation as an international mecca of diver- on this promise to our community is priceless. We are about to build sity, sports, culture and entertainment.” a new legacy for Central Florida, thanks to the vote of confidence from our county commissioners and the continued support of Mayor “This Interlocal Amendment is about providing jobs for our resi- Jacobs and Orange County,” said Dr. Phillips Center President Kathy dents. It’s about creating unparalleled sports and entertainment op- Ramsberger. “Our county and city elected officials, along with the tions for our residents and visitors,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. tourism and artistic community, have reinforced the commitment “It’s about strengthening the backbone of our region’s economy, tour- to get this entire project done. We still have more work to do, but it’s ism, by attracting national and international events to Orlando and now time for us to go and do it!” it’s about bringing Major League Soccer to Orlando.” "We are grateful for the confidence our elected officials have placed The funding plan includes: in Visit Orlando and our 1,200 tourism-related companies," said Visit Orlando President and CEO George Aguel.” "Additional tourism Additional Convention Center Renovations $10 Million promotion will enhance efforts to drive future visitation and ensure Visit Orlando Sports Promotion that Orlando remains the leading leisure and convention destination (Central Florida Sports Commission) $2.5 Million that it is today." Visit Orlando $25 Million Dr. Phillips Center $25 Million “We are delighted to be a part of bringing Multi-Use Soccer Stadium $20 Million new sports events to Central Florida. We Citrus Bowl Renovations $12 Million look forward to working with Visit Orlan$94.5 Million do and all our partners to ensure success,” Commissioners also agreed to several conditions: added Central Florida Sports Commission President and CEO John Bisignano” An additional $25 million for the new Performing Arts Center contingent upon construction of the final stage of the Performing Arts Center commencing prior to January 31, 2015 and all funds neces-

About Veterans Day Weekend The City of Belle Isle presented the Orlando Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra in concert.

The Orlando Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra celebrated the American Spirit and reflects the contributions of veterans with a concert of great America Music. Music that shows the contribution of many celebrated musicians such as Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Glenn Miller, and many more.

In one amazing night of great performances and music, The City of Belle Isle - Mayor William G. Brooks, P.E. opened the The Jazz Orchestra had Tenor Saxophonist Jeff Veterans Day Ruppert and also counted on Vocals from Vocalist weekend with a Connie Brink. major event. Starting from the 50’s to the 70’s, a collection to remind us all of the jazz Music from the masters od the Big Band Era from WWI, WWII, and Vietnam War.


Orlando’s Veterans Day Parade

The 332nd Tuskegee Airmen Fighter Group, known as the Red Tails, were the first African American Air Corps in World War II. They were considered an elite group of fighter pilots that were sent to various bases in Europe and earned an impressive combat record as flying escorts for the United States bombers. The Allies called these airmen “Red Tails” or “RedTail Angels” because of the distinctive crimson paint predominantly applied on the tail section of their aircrafts. Four surviving Red Tail pilots will be this year’s grand marshals for the parade: Major Ralph Turner, Colonel Charles McGee, Lieutenant Colonel Leo

Mayor Buddy Dyer

Sponsored by Sprint, the parade had the participation of men and women from more than 100 Central Florida veteran organizations, active duty military, high school JROTCs and the UCF AFROTC. Bands include the White Plains School Blue Brigade, Florida Brass Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps, First Academy Royal Marching Band, Bishop Moore Catholic High School Band and Jones High School Marching Tigers. It was a great parade where we were amazed by the overwhelming number of kids that are already joining the Armed Forces, in a surprising superior number, that topped last year’s parade. Among all officials, All City Commissioners, Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh and his entire Office, Congressman Daniel Webster, and many beautiful Displays. The audience was present interacting and applauding everything, it was amazing, hard to describe without bringing back the high emotions.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan

About The City Beautiful

The parade kicked off with a tribute to those who have fought for our country and defended our freedom led by Mayor Dyer and local veterans. This year, the parade also paid tribute to the Red Tail Pilots of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Gray and Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Mann. The parade provides a unique way to honor and recognize the accomplishments of these airmen, and the outstanding military service that they provided to our country.

Commissioner Tony Ortiz

Mayor Buddy Dyer invited Central Florida residents and visitors to join him and his Veterans Advisory Council to honor the courageous men and women of our armed forces at the 14th annual Orlando Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 9, 2013, in Downtown Orlando.

Rick Singh OCPA

OC Sheriff Jerry L Demings

On this day we had a chance to witness the Veterans saluted not only for our City Officials, but also the Military, the general public and all ROTC High School uniformed students. It was also the moment to see the Orlando Police, The Sheriff ’s Department, all Military present to salute the American Flag, and render their homage to all that sacrificed themselves to protect our freedom. It was as usual an extremely emotional parade, that showed us all America has conquered in its History not only in the past but also until today. It awakes the Civil spirit in all of us.

Commissioner Ings

Commissioner Samuel B. Ings

Commissioner Robert F. Stuart

Congressman Daniel Webster

Commissioner Daisy Lynum

Orlando Science Center, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioner Robert Stuart, Vision of Flight and 12 Red Tail Pilots Unveil A Firstof-its-Kind National Monument for Veterans On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2013 at 10 a.m., Orlando Science Center with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioner Robert Stuart, Red Tail pilots, Vision of Flight and many guests dedicated the first monument in the nation to honor the Red Tail pilots of the Tuskegee Airmen. The iconic monument is located outside the east entrance to the Science Center and welcomes visitors with its 12-foot spire and inspirational message. The ceremony will also included a flyover by a P-51 Mustang — the same type of plane flown by Red Tail pilots during World War II — courtesy of Kermit Weeks, founder of Polk City-based Fantasy of Flight. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, District 3 City Commissioner Robert F. Stuart, Orlando Science Center President and CEO JoAnn Newman, Vision of Flight President Mike McKenzie, and 12 Red Tail pilots will attend.The monument is made by possible by Syd Levy of United Trophy Manufacturing, Inc. The monument welcomes guests into the Science Center and engages them in the exploration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts and careers, including aviation science. While there are several monuments dedicated to the Tuskegee Airman, the statue at Orlando Science Center is the first in the nation to specifically honor the Red Tail pilots. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-American military aviators in the U.S. armed forces. There were 932 pilots trained at Tuskegee, Ala., of whom 356 airmen were considered an elite group of fighter pilots that were sent to various bases in Europe. Flying escort for heavy bombers, the pilots earned an impressive combat record.The Allies called these talented airmen “Red Tails” or “Red-Tail Angels” because of the distinctive crimson paint predominantly applied on the tail section of the unit’s aircraft. Today, there are fewer than 33 surviving Red Tail pilots. Article Source Orlando Science Museum/ Photos by Hotspotorlando

About a Monument For the Veterans

About the Tower of Light ORLANDO MAYOR BUDDY DYER HOSTS “TOWER OF LIGHT” ILLUMINATION CEREMONY The Orlando chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women raised more than $52,000 to fund public sculpture’s renovation Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer was joined by a dozen city leaders and more than 100 members of the community during the well-known “Tower of Light” sculpture’s illumination ceremony. The Orlando chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women, or CREW, launched the revitalization and fundraising initiative to mark the organization’s 25th anniversary. • Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer • Former Orlando Mayor Bill Frederick • Thomas Chatmon, Downtown Development Board and Community Redevelopment Agency Executive Director • Maya Hatchette, CREW President • Doris Wasson, CREW Project Manager for the “Tower of Light” Restoration and Director of Operations for Owens Realty Services The 63-foot glass-and-steel spire renovation included the installation of 650 watts of programmable, full color spectrum LEDS, data cabling and a wireless controller. The controller can be programmed with numerous presets (length and color of display) and can be accessed via the Internet on computer, phone or tablet. The “Tower of Light,” by artist Ed Carpenter, was commissioned and installed in 1992 under the leadership of then Mayor Bill Frederick. The original halogen lighting failed in 1994. Many attempts at funding a relighting project were discussed in the interim but none came to fruition. Knowing that the City’s SEE ART ORLANDO project was slated for debut in late 2013, the Orlando chapter of CREW pledged to raise a minimum of $50,000 to renovate and light. Sitting on the Plaza in front of City Hall, the sculpture celebrates the intersection of private and public interests in the City of Orlando and is a symbol for the aspirations of our community.

Continuing with SEE ART Events SEE ART ORLANDO HOLDS COMMUNITY UNVEILING EVENT Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the SEE ART ORLANDO Board of Directors invited the Central Florida community to “Sculpting the Future of Downtown,” the official unveiling event of Orlando’s permanent, contemporary sculpture collection on Monday, November 18, 2013. The eight iconic sculptures that are part of the SEE ART ORLANDO collection are designed to enhance the aesthetic experience and cultural image of Downtown Orlando. The community kick-off celebration featured music, entertainment for all ages, food and prizes. Festivities began at the Seaside Bank Plaza at 5:30 p.m. and continued at the History Center and Lake Eola Park un-

ally renowned artists, including one from Central Florida, were selected to create works of art inspired by various elements of Orlando and embodying the diverse fabric of the city. Pieces in the collection are of all different sizes and are crafted from a variety of mediums ranging from After more than 180 submissions stainless steel to limestone with feafrom 16 countries and 36 states tures that incorporate kinetic enerwere reviewed, eight internation- gy, solar power and LED lights. til 7:30 p.m . Supported by private philanthropy, SEE ART ORLANDO is thought to be the largest permanent sculpture collection of different pieces by different artists under construction at one time.

Orlando Magic Announces Hall of Fame Team gets ready for 25th anniversary season in grand fashion By John Denton, Photos By Fernando Medina & Garry Bassing

Eager to honor and celebrate the great players, coaches and executives who have been a part of their illustrious 25-year history, the Orlando Magic are planning to create a Magic Hall of Fame that will be on display at the Amway Center.

ange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs issued proclamations on Friday at the Amway Center to celebrate the Magic’s 25 seasons in Orlando. Dyer lauded the Magic’s success on the court and their tremendous willingness to make a difference in the community. He pointed out the Magic’s giving of approximately $18 million to Magic CEO Alex Martins made the announce- nonprofit ventures through the years. ment on Friday morning – just hours before the Magic’s home-opener to begin the 25th an- “I can’t think of a better ownership group in niversary season – that the Hall of Fame will be professional sports than the Orlando Magic,” a way to help bridge the past with the future of Dyer said. “They have been significant contribMagic basketball. Initial plans are for it to be utors with youth programming. A lot of what designed so that Magic fans can enjoy the ex- we’ve been able to do in the Parramore area has hibits on game nights at the Amway Center. been because the Magic. They have been true community heroes and partners.” “We’ve been trying to find a way to recognize the great players who have played for us that in Martins, Dyer and Jacobs made a point on some way memorializes them within the build- Friday to recognize Magic Senior Vice Presiing for our fans,” Martins said. “We feel like dent Pat Williams, the leader who along with this is the perfect way to do it. It will be a nice original owner Jimmy Hewitt, was influential recognition for players, coaches and executives in the NBA picking Orlando as an expansion who have been a part of our history.’’ franchise. Williams was delighted with the announcement that the Magic will be creating a City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Or- Hall of Fame exhibit and he said he’s looking

About The Orlando Magic forward to the Magic having a place where it can honor all of their great players and coaches from the past. “It will be like a scrapbook. All of these players that we drafted or acquired in some fashion, here they are and we’ll have a parade of them… right in front of our eyes,” Williams said of the Magic’s plans to honor great players throughout this season. “I think it’s going to be so enjoyable for our fans. And personally it will mean a lot to me seeing a lot of the guys that I was a part of drafting or trading for. It will be great fun.” Nick Anderson, the first player ever drafted by the Magic and now a community ambassador for the franchise, made a strong push right away for Williams to be the first inductee into the Magic Hall of Fame. Anderson lauded Williams for being a father figure and a motivator for him, and he said there would be no Magic in Orlando if not for the legendary vision of Williams.

The Orlando Magic get ready to tip-off the 25th anniversary season presented by Marriott Vacation Club with silver T-shirts on each of the 18,846 seats in the Amway Center) for thehome opener against the New Orleans Pelicans. As part of the celebration, the team held a tip-off event to announce the new Magic Hall of Fame that will take shape this season and gave a sneak peek into the Magic’s pregame festivities slated for tonight. Photo taken by Fernando Medina.

“You go all the way back to the start and you can’t begin a Hall of Fame without Pat Williams,” said Anderson, who played for the Magic for 10 seasons. “He was the leader and the one who made this all possible. He has to be the first one in (the Hall of Fame).” The Magic will honor Tracy McGrady, a four-time All-Star and a two-time NBA scoring champion during his four seasons in Orlando from 2000-04, on Friday night during the home-opener against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Magic also announced on Friday that they will hold a similar ceremony next week for Anderson, the second-leading scorer in franchise history. Anderson said he is still honored today at all of the respect and support that the Magic and fans in Central Florida have shown him since he joined the team in 1989. “I didn’t expect any of this, but it is an honor and a privilege and I’m thankful and grateful,” said Anderson, who is a lock to also be in the Magic’s Hall of Fame someday. “When I was drafted, it was to come down here and play basketball and didn’t expect any Orlando Senior Vice President and Magic co-founder Pat Wilaccolades. But all that has liams, Magic Community Ambassador and the team’s first ever happened shows me the re- draft pick Nick Anderson and Magic CEO Alex Martins at the Magic's 25th anniversary tip-off event in the Amway Center. spect that the fans and organization have given me for so long. They’ve given me inspiration and drive.” Martins was also a part of the Magic as the public relations director for the inaugural squad in 1989. He’s been with the Magic franchise for more than 20 years and said he has his own list of personal favorites who he hopes will someday be inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame. “I would imagine someday that someone like (FOX Sports Florida’s) David Steele would be there as the only voice of the Magic for 25 years,” Martins said. “It will just be a great place over the course of time for fans who come along during the next 25 years who didn’t see certain players or coaches and get an opportunity to recognize the contributions that they made to our team.” Martins acknowledged that there is a difference between a Hall of Fame induction and the retirement of a player’s number. In its history, Orlando has only retired the No. 6 jersey as a nod to Magic fans being the team’s Sixth Man. Martins said the franchise is still considering what numbers for individual players could be retired in the coming years. “Jersey retirement for a player is the highest of honors for a player and a franchise,” Martins said. “It’s to celebrate the players, who over the course of time have made the most impact on the team and the league. That will always be a consideration and we’ll continue to evaluate who and when we do those kinds of things. We have a list of criteria that we will always use as the measuring stick, and we’ll go from there.”

Pictured left to right: CEO of Marriott Vacation Club Steve Weisz, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Magic CEO Alex Martins at the Magic’s tip-off event to announce the new Magic Hall of Fame that will take shape this season. The event also gave a sneak peek into the Magic’s pregame festivities as the team gets ready for its home opener (Nov. 1) vs. the New Orleans Pelicans. Photo taken by Gary Bassing.

About Giving Back To The Community Magic Make One Local Boy’s Wish Come True as Team’sFirst “Magic Maker”

From his position near the Amway Center court 10-year-old Caleb Dominguez looked on with great interest as Magic standouts Victor Oladipo and Maurice Harkless went through vigorous stretching exercises prior to their pregame shooting sessions. It was then that Caleb told his father, Marco, and his mother, Angela, that he could relate to the highly skilled NBA players because he too has to go through similar stretching exercises. Born with cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair most of his life, Caleb goes to therapy twice a day in the hopes that he can someday soon walk with the assistance of a walker. Angela Dominguez said that after seeing Oladipo and Harkless in action, her son – who has always fashioned himself as a ballplayer because of his love of playing with balls – can’t wait to work on stretching and strengthening his legs at his next therapy session. “He was watching the Magic guys stretch just like he does. They have to stretch out their legs just like he does because he’s trying to get up and walk,” said Angela Dominguez, whose family lives in East Orlando. “That helps show him that the players work hard to do what they do and he has to work hard in therapy, too.” Added Marco: “Caleb told me, ‘Dad, they’re out there working just like I do. Now I have to work and stretch like they do so I can become a basketball player, too.’” Caleb, a fifth grader, got to experience a life-long dream last Friday night when he was invited by the Magic to the Amway Center for a VIP experience. The Dominguez family got courtside tickets for the game and Caleb got a personalized jersey to wear. Topping off the experience, he was greeted before the game by Magic standouts Tobias Harris, Oladipo and Harkless and Community Ambassadors Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw. The current and past players signed autographs, joked around and slapped high-fives with Caleb. “It’s just such a great feeling to see a kid like Caleb smiling and

having fun,” Harkless said. “It’s also humbling to realize how fortunate we are as NBA players to do what we do. So if we can do just a little bit to make someone’s day, it’s so important.”

In celebration of the Magic’s 25th anniversary season, the organization will be granting “25 Magic Makers” for local youth in the Central Florida community who have had or are suffering from lifethreatening medical conditions. The “Magic Makers” program will be fulfilled on 25 occasions throughout the 2013-14 Magic season.

Harris, Oladipo and Harkless.

“Basketball is everything to him when it comes to sports,” Marco said. “He’s usually like, ‘ball, ball, ball,’ and if you give him a ball he’s happy. And if it’s a basketball, it’s even better. And getting to experience this night with the Magic, he’s still letting it all sink in, but he’s Marco Dominguez said the Magic should be lauded for making a dif- loving every second of it.” ference in the community and fulfilling the dreams of children in Central Florida. “This is an awesome experience that the Magic are providing for Caleb and I think it’s great to know that they are about so much more than just the games,” Marco said. “They are about the kids and the next generation. They are showing them that they can be something special. For the Magic to reach out to kids with special needs and let them know that they are here and that they can be a part of something like this, it’s extraordinary. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for doing this for Caleb and others.” The courtside experience for the Dominguez family was the first time that Caleb has ever been to a game at the Amway Center. Described by his father as “an extrovert who has never met a stranger,” Caleb usually becomes quite vocal when watching Magic games on television. Basketball has always been his favorite sport and the Magic will forever be his favorite team following Friday’s meet-and-greet with

Dear Community Leader, "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do,” said one of the world’s greatest soccer legends, Pele. Last night, our community experienced another tremendous success when Orlando was awarded a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise, the 21st MLS team in the league and the only franchise in the southeast United States. Like all of our community’s successes, the most recent is no accident. This endeavor took hard work and perseverance from everyone involved. There were countless votes before numerous boards and commissions and dozens of presentations given by our Orlando City Soccer Lions to the community. Central Florida studied and quickly learned what a tremendous impact a Major League Soccer team will have on Orlando. That’s why the City of Orlando, Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties all voted in favor of funding a new soccerready stadium to bring this MLS franchise to Central Florida. We also learned Orlando City undeniably has the most supportive fans of any team in any soccer league. Thank you to all of you who came together in a united show of support that the time has come for Orlando to have a MLS team. A MLS team is about much more than another professional sports team calling Orlando home. It’s about pride and love for our community. It’s about coming together to cheer on a hometown team. It’s about drawing more international tourists. It’s about uplifting our economy and bringing jobs and opportunity to our residents and businesses. This success is no accident. It is the result of this community’s hard work, perseverance and love of soccer, our City and the Lions. I would like to once again thank the many team players who made this dream a reality including Orange County, Seminole County and Osceola County and the Orlando City Council who have supported this effort from the beginning. And, thank you to all of you for your continued support and for being a member of the team helping to shape Orlando’s great future. Buddy Dyer Mayor

About The Orlando City Soccer

About The Orlando City Soccer The MLS is Here! Orlando City Soccer MLS #21-2015 Being Part of Something Great! At 6 PM the crowd entered the Hall. The same fans that moved the Citrus Bowl during the last years, had also hoped and dream for the MLS campaign to become a reality. Now the MLS is finally here and honored by all the ones that worked so hard to conquer it. The voices again united spoke loud to the hearts that are in tune with this magic moment. The Orlando Lions fans are very dear to us, we have been following the team for two consecutive years and there is no words to describe the realization of a dream. The World is watching! Since 1994 when the Orlando Lions was created, Phil Rawlins was there to lead a team destined to great accomplishments. Now looking back, the Orlando Lions has written a history of victories and Glory. From then til now, they have experienced one of the greatest journeys a soccer team could wish for. With their beloved coach Adrian Heath, a new modern multi-purpose stadium in the near future, and the dream of being part of the Major League Soccer turning into reality, the sky is the limit ! The PRO Team is really achieving all they can. In the stage were, Governor Rick Scott, Mayor Buddy Dyer, All City Commissioners, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, OC Commissioners, Dr. Darryl Osbahr M.D. from Orlando Health,

Coach Adrian Heath, President Phil Rawlins, and Flavio Augusto da Silva, the one who gave the final push to make it all happen.

ment came and after that everything was absolutely crazy. A night to remember, just the beginning with a lot more to come. The History s still on the make and will not stop here. Great When the Orlando Lion’s President things are coming. Phil Rawlins entered the stage he had an ovation, in his speech he spoke about their long time dream, each stone that built the foundation to raise this great project, and today everything comes to a decision. He said “A lot of people believed in this dream and made it a reality”. President Phil introduced Flavio Augusto da Silva as the man who came from Brazil and gave the final kick to their dream realization, even with so many that still didn’t know Flavio , it was clear that his popularity is already on the rise and he has the respect of the team leaders and many in the Community. The man who came from Brazil to change the way Orlando plays soccer.

We are a part of History, we made it happen! This is very important to the City and to all of us, we have been expecting this announcement for a long time. what are we going to do with this? We came to win !” The crowd went crazy, among them were screams asking for Kaka’ the Brazilian soccer player. Flavio promised to take the plane to Europe and speak with a player in the near future but didn’t mention names. The MLS Commissioner Don Garber came into stage and recognized everyone’s hard work, he said ” These two Mayors are really cool!” after a few considerations the announce-

About Networking Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour at Orange County Appraiser’s Office

in one event such as The Brazilian American Chamber, The Asian American Chamber, and The Puerto Rico Chamber, demonstrating that we are in the right path for growth and development.

Mr. Rick Singh Orange County Appraisal and his Office opened its doors to the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, in a welcoming event offering, friendship, learning and networking.

Mr. Singh spoke of the services the Orange County Appraisers Office has improved, his state of the art website that has won the certificate of Excellence from IAAC for its superior quality, friendly use and level of information, reached by thousands of people every day, also part of the commitment they have to Serve our Community in every aspect they can.

In a speech in the beginning of the ceremony Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amilcar Cordova spoke a few words and introduced the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce President Maria Luyanda that spoke about her upcoming Executive Board of Directors, her positive impressions about the event, and most of all how pleasant was to see Chambers together

One of his first priorities after being sworn, was to ensure full transparency and efficiency, the implementations of new services, and the attention to minorities, and he is showing that support-

ArtistSanchez P.R. CC President Maria Luyanda Attorney Euri Cerrud and Attorney James R Auffant, PRCC Executive Director Amilcar Cordova,Roberto Acevedo

ing smaller Chambers, the Hispanic vision to make OCPA more customer Community and hiring employees that and user-friendly is also evident. can speak other languages to help citizens with language barriers. Delivering essential services faster, increasing efficiency to save taxpayers A tour was provided to all that attend- money, and updating maps and records ed the event, giving all the opportunity are all taking place right now. Rick valto see all the installations in each de- ues citizen feedback and has adopted an partment and all the progress they are open door policy. This all means better, achieving, using the integration of new faster service delivered at lower costs to technologies and innovations, property residents of Orange County. appraisal assessments are now more accurate. Thanks to mobile technology, The Office also Presented Art from rereal-time property assessment is being nowned Hispanic artist, that were also done quickly and efficiently in the field. present and received a commendation from Mr. Singh. The Artists were, FranIn information given by his staff, “In cisco E. Sierra, Felipe Morales, and Julio Rick’s first six months in office, OCPA Sanchez . It was for sure a great event, has granted more Homestead exemp- thanks to all the efforts at The Orange tions than all of last year, and generated County Property Appraisal Office crew about a million dollars in revenue by re- and Mr Rick Singh ” Your Property Apcovering money from false claims. His praiser”

OCPA Chief of Staff Brian Mills, OCPA Rick Singh, Attorney Euri Cerrud

Julio Sanchez “Taino Bird” Artists Julio Sanchez, Francisco Sierra, Felipe Morales, with OCPARick Singh

CFBACC Vice President Lis Rejane Sommerville and OCPA Rick Singh

From the right Yulissa Arce Aimee Berchal and and Sandra Aganovic

Attn. James Auffant, PRCC Exec. Director Amilcar Cordova, PRCC President Maria Luyanda, MCAA Director Khalid Muneer, Att Euri Cerrud, CFBACC Director Laiz Rodrigues

About Networking

Asian American Chamber of Commerce Lunch at The Entrepreneur Center The Lunch at the Entrepreneur Center in Orlando today was a success, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce organized the event providing lunch and a speaker from Merrill Lynch- Wealth Management Advisor John T. Mai, also Vice-President Internal Affairs. We can assure it was not like every investment presentation. It was kept interactive, interesting with many factors about our economy that are relevant, and worth learning.

of investment markets. A transforming world, like John called. It was for sure a very informative seminar. As the year ends all Chambers gather and join each other in events making a powerful statement of how diverse is our community, leaving us with the best feeling about it. What we do is important, it matters, and we can also make important changes.

John T. Mai- Wealth Manager Advisor

Our world is evolving, Attorney Ana Francolin and Nasi Paroo and many of the economic aspects in each country, adapt to the many changes in how the strong economies around the world also change. Members of AACC

From the left, CFBACC VP Lis Sommerville, Monica Correa Bright House Networks, Director Laiz Rodrigues, CFBACC President Amy Litter, AACC President Coco Johnson, and AACC VP -John T. Mai

This factors will determine how the market shifts and where to invest with success. Today matters like energy control, longevity, emerging countries, diversity, inflation and a strong productive middle class , can be important factors, strong enough to change the course

AACC President Coco Johnson, Kathryn Llamas-AACC VP and friends

About Friendship The Friendly Bean Club In Orlando for the Second Consecutive Year. Feijoada is a Saturday tradition in Brazil. Black Beans, rice, pork, Collard greens, farofa, orange and cachaça with lime. In America when you say Thank God It’s Friday, In Brazil we say it is finally Saturday! Let’s gather with friends, and have a Feijoada . Based in the great centennial tradition, we are all friends of the bean. A Brazilian table is not complete without it and friendship is much more celebrated with Feijoada, Samba and a lot of friends. For this the Friendly Bean Club was for the first time reunited in 1980, with already founding President Michel Tuma Ness, a man who values friendship much more than everyone else, and recognizes it as the strongest bond among human race, if respected.

to exist for the last 32 years. A Club destined to promote understanding, friendly gathering, enhance humanity, and help you find a little more understanding among this crazy world. The Bean Friends ( Feijoeiros ) meet not only in Brazil but also in many countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, France, Portugal, Spain, the USA (Miami, New York and Orlando) Russia and South Africa promoting friendship, and building a tradition everywhere it goes.

So Today, when we gathered at The Ramada Gateway In Kissimmee, and ate Camila’s Restaurant great Feijoada , having a great time, we have to thank God for the Friendly “He says himself : Everything passes only friendship stays. No road is too Bean Club to come all the way from long when we have the company of a friend. And it is at The Friendly Bean Brazil and teach us about friendship and trust. Club that I find the friends to follow my journey.” Thanks to all the services provided, volunteers and food for the event, and also thanks to Marcelo Mattos for the dedication, and Michel Tuma Ness for the best lesson Mr Tuma- Michelão for everyone he knows, has the hardest job, and the in life. biggest challenge, to keep the Friendly Bean Club faithful to its main reason Michel Tuma Ness The Friendly Bean is an open Organization, no rules, no Bylaws. It is based in respect, friendship, and a hand shake means more than a signature. Old principles, to sustain the oldest rule in the world, but so hard to find this days.

About A Business Profile

Khalid Muneer

Khalid is one of the most well known Realtor in Central Florida. He is the CEO at Jupiter Properties and also a Board Member at MACC - Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce, Asian American Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce, and a Member at the CFBACC-Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce.

He was born in England where he lived for many years and went to school, speaks 5 different languages. He is married, devoted father, grandfather and a great friend. Khalid is someone you meet and never forget because he always leaves a great impression, he is loyal to his friends and clients, above all, his greatest asset is his honesty and positive attitude. Khalid has established himself in the area of Commercial Real Estate which gives him flexibility to dedicate himself to his family, and to the Central Florida Community that he loves so much, always promoting networking events, and spreading his business across the world. He visits Dubai several times per year and has just visited the Bahamas in a successful business trip. Khalid’s motto is:

“Real Estate cannot be Lost or Stolen, nor can it be carried away, paid for in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world” Safe and sound advice, given by Khalid that stands by his business practice and has built a solid reputation among his colleagues. Also very active in many Realtor Associations, and in several Counties he is a well known realtor also in Volusia, Flagler and Osceola Counties, besides Orange. He is a member of The Flagler County Association of Realtors, Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors, TheOrlando Regional Realtors Association, and serves at the Orlando Regional International Council’s Strategic Com mittee. One of his great powers is the ability to thrive and succeed with any Nationality, and he is also a great admirer of the Diversity in our Community, the greatest melting pot which Central Florida has become, with so much to offer to the avid business entrepreneur. To reach out to Khalid you can visit his Facebook at

Khalid and The Orlando Magic representative in a recent brazilian event (top His Website: left).Above Khalid with a Board Director at the Asian American Chamber and to the left, with Maria Luyanda President of the Puerto E-mail : Rico Chamber of Commerce and Amilcar Cordova Executive Director at The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, along with performer Maria Gimmeshimmy


BR ZIL A Guide to Life, Management, and Taxes for Doing Business in Brazil

Joseph H. Low III and Cláudia Brito Low Foreword by Dr. Mark P. Jones of Rice University

A Guide to Life, Management, and Taxes for Doing Business in Brazil

“They Don’t Speak Spanish in Brazil” is the go to resource for learning the culture and for conducting business in Brazil by Joseph and Claudia Brito Low. Joseph Low is a Florida based strategic marketing and management professional with over twenty-one years of experience leading cross-cultural teams focused on Latin American business development. Since 1992, the majority of Mr. Low’s career has been keenly focused on Brazil. He has held numerous leadership roles with large multinationals such as Nokia, Research In Motion, and Challenge Air Cargo (later acquired by UPS) and numerous smaller enterprises such as Celistics and SFE - all with offices in and strategically important operations focused on Brazil. While living in São Paulo as an expatriate with Nokia for over four years in the late 1990’s, Mr. Low co-founded Nokia do Brasil and was instrumental in the hiring of most of the office’s first Brazilian employees. Innumerable business opportunities have fortuitously allowed Mr. Low the opportunity of visiting and working within most of Brazil’s twenty-six states.

And, most importantly to Mr. Low, his work with Brazil has presented him with the invaluable lifetime gift of learning from the Brazilian peoples’ “glass half full” energy, tireless entrepreneurial spirit, and internationally recognized business acumen.

Prior to UPS, Claudia worked with KPMG Peat Marwick in Sao Paulo and, for many years, also owned her own tax consulting practice in San Diego, California. Claudia is very much renowned for making the often times challenging areas of Brazilian taxation and fiscal incentives that much more understandable and ultimately Mr. Low maintains Bachelor of Arts degrees in applicable for non-Brazilian business persons. History and Latin American Studies from the University of Kansas, graduate course work in Claudia Brito Low possesses a law degree from Latin American Studies from the University of Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo Florida, and a Master’s in Business Adminis- located in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Mrs. Low also tration with a focus in International Marketing served as a federal tax judge within the 1º Confrom the University of South Florida. Mr. Low is selho de Contribuintes in Brasilia (US Tax Court both fluent in Spanish and Portuguese in the United States) - the youngest judge to ever have been selected to serve there in the history of the body. Claudia Brito Low, a Brazilian bar (Ordem dos Currently, Mrs. Low is pursuing an LLM in tax at Advogados do Brasil - Paulo ) registered attorthe University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. ney who is internationally recognized for being an expert in the field of Brazilian taxation, cur- Mr. Low will be in Orlando Friday, January 10th, rently is a Latin America focused tax executive 2014 signing books and giving a speech for the with UPS (United Parcel Service) based out of Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Miami, Florida. Commerce Monthly Breakfast at the Florida Hotel.

About Armando Rodrigues and his Advice We met about a year ago during a Network event at CFBACC. Armando is rare, a sound advisor, excellent professional always with an angle to target the community as a whole and not just a few. He is a family man, dedicated to his son and wife, and loves the Company he represents, Insphere, and appreciates all the help he can give through it. A Brazilian with an American mind that deserves all the success it is coming to him. So for all these reasons, we wanted to touch base and ask a few questions, so you can also get to know him. • Where in Brazil were you born and grew up? I was born and raised in São Paulo in a very interesting multi-cultural neighborhood called Brooklin, yes with an I not a y. The American, German, Italian and Portuguese influences always enticed me with the idea of living abroad. • How was your trajectory to Orlando and why was Orlando your choice? I consider myself, in a positive way one of the many casualties of 9/11. Married and with a 3 months old little boy, I had an ascending career path working for an IT division of a major US airline carrier but, as we all know, the airline businesses started to shrink and contain expenses and after the company started to outsource globally, filled with uncertainty and terrified with the fact that I had to provide for my family that had just grown 50%, I started to search for options and one of them was to apply for an immigrant visa lottery and possibly maintain my job and benefits in the industry that I had chosen and had a passion for. We knew very little about the whole process and it took literally 3 years to hear from American immigration officials congratulating us as new candidates on this life changing opportunity. We landed in Miami on September 12, 2005

and quickly discovered that Miami is for tourists and that we would have a far better life quality in Central Florida, definitely Orlando was the best choice, after all everybody has Orlando in their bucket-list, right? Quickly I found a heartwarming Brazilian community that under different circumstances elected Orlando as their own, always going above and beyond leaving a legacy for generations to come. • In which way has the Insurance Business impacted your professional life? When we moved to Central Florida, I was recruited by Sprint (land line division) to be a DSL technician in Altamonte Springs where I stayed for 6 years, again working my way up the chain I was able to achieve great recognition and the "jeitinho brasileiro" (Brazilian way) always got me where I wanted and needed to be, however, I was becoming a very frustrated professional, Corporate America was once again being ungrateful and I was being forced to start over, and over, and over again, merges and acquisitions set me on a personal quest for a life-changing career, that is when I found Insphere Insurance Solutions under the corporate guidance of Health Markets, one of the many companies of the Blackstone group.

Armando Rodrigues and his family

I was introduced to the Insurance Business at an older age and have to confess much less aggressive then some of my colleagues but I knew that the time was right, I summed the values and principles acquired throughout the years to the corporate life experience that I had collected under my belt and discovered a whole new world filled with excitement and a burning need to change every single life I had the opportunity know, I had found THE BEST and also my last career.

the consumer's needs and budget, that's when a knowledgeable broker is a must and Insphere Insurance Solutions is ready for the task, educate and guide clients is our main objective. Individuals and families still have the opportunity to enroll in an insurance policy under the traditional mode until December 14th, at carrier discretion these policies will be in place for the following 12 months. Individuals and families with pre-existing conditions must enroll under the new minimum coverage mandate and be sub• At this point has Obamacare ject to the new rules. created any extra inquires or new clients to your firm? • Is there such a thing as the Wow, don't get me started (laugh- most comprehensive coverage, ing), I've been in the industry for only a few years and yet have followed such dramatic changes that have affected politics, products, people's lives, and impacted directly in the decision I took to live and respect the core values that I vowed for. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare is law, and there is nothing that anyone can do to change it, at this point consumers are confused and need help. Enrolling in the marketplace is easy but when it gets to apply government subsidy to the one available health plan that will fit

About Armando Rodrigues and his Advice

is there a secret? Yes, an experienced broker with core values well set and with the right mind set can narrow down to the bare necessities of a client and tailor together a plan that will cover most bases.

• What is Insphere main Goal as a Company inside the Brazilian Community? To reach out to as many people as possible, understanding their needs and fears, bringing to the table a real and present " reality check" avoiding the unthinkable and preventing a life-changing scar in their family history. We are here to listen and help! Armando Rodrigues

Dia Nacional de Ação de Graças-Thanksgiving Olá amigos, o fim do ano se aproxima, o ano voou, e agora aqui na América temos o Thanksgiving, é hora de agradecer. Agradecermos aos amigos, a família, os bens que adquirimos e a essa dádiva maravilhosa que se chama Vida. Diariamente temos um presente quando abrimos os olhos, que nos é dado embrulhado de varias maneiras, o nosso novo dia, algumas vezes ainda na cama, começo o meu dia agradecendo a essa forca maravilhosa que se chama Deus, Buda, Jeová, Maomé, não importa o nome que usamos para invocá-lo.

barco até que acabasse o inverno, porém viviam em extremas condições de sobrevivência, sendo que a metade da população não sobreviveu ao escorbuto, e doenças contagiosas.

Ao mudar-se para terra firme, os sobreviventes receberam a visita surpreendente do índio Squanto da tribo Pawtuxet. Squanto falava Inglês fluentemente pois havia sido sequestrado por um capitão inglês e vendido como escravo. Este nativo trouxe a salvação ao pequeno grupo de peregrinos, pois os ensinou a cultivar os frutos que Como é bom estarmos em uma cresciam na América, a pescar cama quentinha (quando muitos e como encontrar comida nas não tem), estarmos com saúde, florestas. rodeados de pessoas que amamos e que também nos ama.... Não No outono de 1621, os peredeveria existir um dia para agra- grinos colheram com sucesso decer e sim todos os dias serem a sua primeira safra de milho, dia de agradecimento! No Bra- feijão e abóbora, então orgasil, esse dia é conhecido como o nizaram uma grande festa em Dia Nacional de Ação de Graças, Novembro, para celebrar o ótiporém não tem tanto significado mo resultado que tiveram na e não é comemorado como aqui plantação. A celebração ficou nos Estados Unidos. conhecida como o primeiro Thanksgiving, representando A Origem do Thanksgiving o agradecimento a Deus por tê-los guiado durante aquele ano, Em setembro de 1620 o navio e marcava a apreciação que tiMayflower deixou a Inglaterra nham pela ajuda oferecida pelos com 102 passageiros a bordo. índios. Esses passageiros hoje conhecidos como peregrinos tinham A festa durou três dias. O bancomo destino os Estados Unidos, quete histórico foi preparado o Novo Mundo que lhe permiti- com tradicionais temperos indíriam praticar as suas crenças li- genas e ofereceu peixes, frutas, vremente, sem a perseguição que milho, feijão e muito mais. Não sofriam no Reino Unido. se sabe se o famoso peru foi realmente servido na primeira festa A viagem demorou mais de três de Ação de Graças. meses, e quando aqui chegaram se depararam com um inverno Obtendo ainda mais êxito nos muito rigoroso. Por causa do anos que vieram, os peregrifrio extremo, resolveram ficar no nos continuaram a tradição do

Thanksgiving, sempre agradecendo pelo sucesso e graças atendidas. No decorrer dos anos, essa tradição se enraizou na sociedade Americana, e hoje faz parte da cultura dos Estados Unidos, sendo um feriado tão importante quanto o Natal. Além de ser uma oportunidade para refletir por todas as bençoes alcançadas, é uma data para ser celebrado em família.

dos rezassem pelas pessoas que foram afetadas pela Guerra Civil que atingiu os Estados Unidos entre 1861 a 1865. Desde que nos mudamos para a América, há dezesseis anos, eu e a minha família sempre festejamos o Thanksgiving, essa data já está incorporada em nossas vidas.

Espero que vocês tenham um HaO feriado de Thanksgiving foi ppy Thanksgiving junto aos seus proclamado pelo Presidente familiares e amigos!!!!..... Abraham Lincoln em 1863, du- Um beijo e até o próximo mes. rante a Guerra Civil. O Presidente pedia na declaração que o País refletisse nesse dia e que to-

Elita Freitas

Happy Thanksgiving from Elita & Family

About Frames & Fortune

Frames and Fortune Premier Event First showing of Frames and Fortune Episode 1 On October 23, 2013, Frames and Fortune conducted a private premier showing of its 1st Episode. Frames and Fortune will be airing on Bright House Networks, channel 1900, known as Infomás. Frames and Fortune is an art and travel based TV show that follows the life of the host, Alice McLaughlin and her co-host, her Maltese Motica! Alice’s mission is to bring art to collectors’ frames. She travels the world searching for amazing artists with the aim of making them a fortune along the way!

Iris Gonzalez, Alice MacLaughlin, Luis Martines and Monica Correa

Pedro Brull and welder Lea Fales

The episode begins when Mayor Buddy Dyer of the City of Orlando gives Alice a mission to find some art for the new Doctor Phillips Performing Arts Center located in downtown Orlando. Alice ventures to Miami and explores some options including Romero Britto, Nina Surel, and Enzo Carnebianca. Who knows where she will go next!

Laiz Rodrigues, Artist Beatriz Ramirez and Monica Correa

About The Festival of Masters Downtown Disney Todos os anos em Downtown Disney, acontece o “Festival of Masters”, que traz ate Orlando o maior numero de artistas plásticos, pintores, fotógrafos e artesãos reunidos em um só evento. A novidade desse ano foi o extenso pavilhão ao ar livre da loja Michaels, o patrocinador do Festival promovendo a criatividade e artes. Todos os participantes afiliados de Downtown Disney, como lojas e restaurantes, também participaram com barracas de comida, musica ao vivo e tudo para atrair não só turistas mas também visitantes locais. Umas das mais fortes atracões todos os anos são os trabalhos em giz, feitos por artistas jovens vindos de diversas partes da Florida. Foi com certeza um ano positivo, com muitos artistas e com um numero de visitantes superior aos anos anteriores. Twitter:@EdCavalc @TomboBandAzul

As cores de Rafael Rocha Por Edmundo Cavalcanti

O que me chamou atenção neste jovem artista, Rafael Rocha, foram as cores fortes e alegres, sua criatividade e os temas abordados, com os quais eu particularmente me identifico muito. “A arte me leva, me traz, me inebria, me realiza. A arte fala por mim.” “A arte sempre esteve no meu sangue, perto de mim, ela dá a oportunidade de me expressar de uma forma muito minha, transcrevo para a tela o cotidiano, os sonhos, a poesia do existir…”, revela o pintor. Nascido no dia 10 de Novembro de 1975, em Recife, Pernambuco. Seus trabalhos são mais realizados na técnica acrílico sobre tela, mas em seu acervo existem obras realizadas na técnica óleo sobre tela. Iniciou sua trajetória na música, mas nos anos 90 já dava suas primeiras pinceladas. No ano de 2010 decidiu a pintura como profissão.

presentes em suas obras, costuma intitular-se um poeta que pinta. Tem paixão por cores fortes, acredita que estas tragam boas energias para os seus apreciadores. Acredita que a arte é o espelho da sua alma e tem que ser livre sem limites, fronteiras ou correntes. Ultimamente vem sendo bastante requisitado como palestrante motivacional com ênfase em artes em várias Capitais brasileiras. Participou de exposições coletivas pelo Brasil, em São Paulo pela Galeria Mali Villas Bôas e em Florianópolis no Centro Cultural Brasil Portugal. Presença constante na mídia Nacional e Internacional por conta da forte identidade dos trabalhos, Rafael Rocha já foi capa de revista no México e vencedor de vários concursos que participou. Sua arte ganhou projeção Internacional e já faz parte da decoração de residências no Japão, Nova Zelândia, Chile, Estados Unidos e Europa. No Brasil seu trabalho vem ganhando uma grande dimensão se espalhando por várias capitais. Pessoas ilustres já contam com obras de Rafael Rocha em seu acervo pessoal como a Presidenta da República Dilma Rousseff.

O expressionismo, cubismo O público em geral e profise figurativismo estão sempre

sionais da área como arquitetos e decoradores tem demonstrado um grande interesse em suas obras. Convites para exposições na França e Nova York completam sua trajetória atual.

About Brazilian Art

Rafael Rocha

Como e quando se dá o seu primeiro em minha mente. Meu professor iniciou eu posso está preparado para dormir e um trabalho de natureza morta realista, me vem à cabeça uma obra, um tema, contato com as Artes? Costumo dizer que arte é o combustível das minhas veias. Desde muito cedo eu já sabia qual era a minha missão na terra. Era fazer arte. Sou amante das artes de uma forma geral, cinema, teatro, música, artes plásticas toda forma de expressão artística me encanta. A prova disso é que já transitei por vários seguimentos, teatro, televisão, música e artes plásticas.

Você fez Licenciatura em Educação Artística...? Como surgiu ou você

mas eu não me identificava com aquilo. E disse para ele. A resposta foi imediata do meu professor. O que você quer? Do que você gosta? E com a ajuda dele fui tentando mostrar e consegui. E ele me respondeu. Você já tem um estilo e o sua obra me remete a algo de Modigliani. Eu na época não conhecia a obra de Modigliani.

descobriu este dom? Não fiz Licenciatura em Educação Artística, na verdade fiz um curso técnico de pintura em tela no ano de 2009, mas foi muito rápido. Na verdade costumo dizer que meu professor na época me falou “Isto é luz, e isto é sombra”, agora é com você. RS Bom, como falei anteriormente transitei por vários seguimentos nas artes e durante muito tempo da minha vida trabalhei com música (Intérprete), A música me deu uma experiência muito grande e amadurecimento de uma forma geral. Em meados dos anos 90 Já dava minha primeiras pinceladas, porém nada profissional. Mas aquela forma de exFui pesquisar e me identifiquei muito pressão já me chamava à atenção. Mas realmente. Por isso que falo que foi algo profissionalmente mesmo eu só investi inconsciente. Hoje percebo em minha nas artes plásticas no ano de 2009 obra não só tem algo de Modigliani, mas Quais são suas principais influên- como de Picasso aliada ao certo regioncias? alismo de Wellington Virgolino. Acho que na verdade as minhas influências foram meio que inconscientes. Como é o seu processo criativo em Quando entrei no curso de pintura exsi? istia algo dentro de mim e me faltava a Meu processo criativo é muito natural, técnica para expressar aquilo que estava

uma poesia que quero transcrever para tela em forma de pintura. Tudo me inspira... um ato, um sonho, uma realidade. A vida é o meu maior processo criativo. As pessoas, as coisas, os gestos o sentimento. Sou um poeta que pinta a vida.

Quando você começou efetivamente a produzir ou criar suas obras?

No ano de 2009 para 2010. Foi tudo muito natural, não existiam pretensões maiores de minha parte. Tudo foi acontecendo de uma forma muito rápida. A minha obra, o meu estilo, a minha forte de expressão. O público foi se identificando muito rápido com aquilo tudo. E a minha arte foi ganhando espaço e admiradores.

A arte é uma produção intelectual primorosa, onde as emoções estão inseridas no contexto da criação, porém na historia da arte, vemos que muitos artistas são derivados de outros, seguindo técnicas e movimentos artísticos através do tempo, você possui algum modelo ou influencia de algum artista? Quem seria?

Identifico-me muito com o movimento modernista, e hoje percebo que minha obra tem algo inconsciente de Modigliani, Picasso e Virgolino. Rafael Rocha é uma mescla disso tudo. Gosto do cubismo dialogo com cálidas cores. Pinto o que está dentro de mim. Sem rótulos, correntes ou linhas. Hoje pinto assim...··.

Como meus primeiros contatos com as artes veio da música do teatro, tinha como referencias grandes intérpretes como Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, atores como Fernanda Montenegro e por aí vai... Mas não tive alguém próximo que me levou as artes. Sempre soube o que queria o que gostava e para onde iria.

Você tem outra atividade além da pintura?Você da aulas, palestras etc.?

No momento só tento como atividade principal a pintura, pois foi um Contato: corre corre muito grande por conta de muitas obras sob encomenda para tudo quanto foi parte do mundo. Foi tudo tão rápido que não tive como aceitar os vários convites que recebi para exposições, pois me faltava material. Mas estou recebendo muitos convites para fazer palestras em 2014. Estarei agregando as palestras no próximo ano a minha rotina profissional.

Rafael Rocha

“A arte me leva, me traz, me inebria, me realiza. A arte fala por mim.”

Todo artista tem seu mentor, aquela pessoa a quem você se espelhou que te incentivou e te inspirou a seguir essa carreira, indo adiante e levando seus sonhos a outros patamares de expressão, quem é essa pessoa e como ela te introduziu no mundo das artes?

The colors of Rafael Rocha By Edmundo Cavalcanti

What caught my attention to this young artist, Rafael Rocha , were the strong and cheerful colors, his creativity and themes, with whom I personally identify a lot. "Art takes me , brings me, intoxicates me , fulfills me . The art speaks for me. "

" Art has always been in my blood , near me , it gives the opportunity to express myself in a very personal way, it transcribes tothe canvas the everyday lives, dreams , and the poetry of existence ... " says the painter . Born on November 10, 1975 in Recife, Pernambuco. His works are held in a technical acrylic on canvas , but in its collection are works done in oil on canvas . He began his career in music, but in the 90s already gave his first strokes . In 2010 decided to take paint as a profession . Expressionism, Cubism and figuration are always present in his works, often calling fimself as a poet who paints. Has a passion for strong colors, believes theybring good energy. Believes that art is the mirror of your soul and must be free without limits, boundaries or chains . Lately has been in demand as a motivational speaker with an emphasis on arts in various Brazilian Capitals. Participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil, in Sao Paulo by Gallery Mali Villas Boas and Cultural Center in Florianópolis Brazil Portugal. Constant presence in the national and international media because of the strong identity of his work, Rafael Rocha has been

a magazine cover in Mexico and the arts in 2009 winner of several competitions What are your main influence? which he participated. I think actually my influences were kinda unconscious . When His art has won international I entered the painting course projection and is already part of there was something inside me the decoration of homes in Ja- and I lacked the technique to expan, New Zealand , Chile , the press what was on my mind. My United States and Europe. In teacher began a process of realBrazil his work is gaining large istic still life , but I do not idenspreading in the capitals. People tify with that. And he said to him have already distinguished works . The response was immediate of Rafael Rocha in his personal from my teacher . collection as the President of the What do you want ? Do you like ? Republic Dilma Rousseff. The And with his help I was trying to general public and professionals show and managed. And he ansuch as architects and designers swered me . Have a style and his have shown a great interest in his work reminds me of something works . Invitations to exhibitions Modigliani. I did not know at in France and New York com- the time the work of Modigliani pletes its current trajectory . . I have been searching and idenLearn a little more about this tal- tified myself really . That's why I ented young artist. say that something was unconHow and when you gave your scious. Today I see in my work first contact with the Arts ? not only has something of ModiI often say that art is the fuel gliani , Picasso but as allied to my veins. From early on I knew certain regionalism Wellington what my mission on earth was Virgolino . making art. I am a lover of the How is your creative process itarts in general, cinema , theater self ? , music , visual arts all forms of My creative process is very natuartistic expression enchants me. ral , I can ready to sleep and comes The proof is already transitioned to my mind a work , a theme , a several segments, theater, televi- poem I want to transcribe screen sion, music and visual arts . in painting. Everything inspires Do ypu have a degree in Arts Ed- me ... an act, a dream, a reality. ucation ... ? Or How did you dis- Life is my biggest creative procovered this gift ? cess. People, things, gestures, Did a Degree in Arts Education, sentiments. I am a poet who actually did a technical course paints life . painting on canvas in 2009, but When did you started to proit was very fast. In fact I often duce or effectively create ? say that my teacher at the time  In the year 2009 to 2010. It was told me " This is light, and this is all very natural, there were no shadow ", now it’s with you. major claims on my part . EveryWell, as I said previously tran- thing was happening very quicksitioned several segments in the ly. My work, my style, my strong arts and for much of my life I expression.The audience was worked with music ( Performer ), identifying too fast with it all. The music gave me a really great And my art was gaining ground experience and maturity in gen- and admirers . eral . In the mid-90s already gave Art is an exquisite intellectual my first strokes, not profession- production, where emotions are ally. But that form of expression embedded in the context of crehas called me the attention. Even ation, but in art history, we see I only professionally invested in

that many artists are derived from others, following technical and artistic movements through time, you have any models or influences some artist? Who would they be? I identify a lot with the modernist movement, and now I realize that my work has something unconscious of Modigliani, Picasso and Virgolino. Rafael Rocha is a mix of it all . Like Cubism dialogue with warm colors. Paint what is inside me. Without labels, chains or lines.

Every artist has his mentor , the person to whom you mirrored that you encouraged and inspired you to pursue this career, going ahead and taking your dreams to new heights of expression , who that person is and how it introduced you to the art world ?

As my first contact with the arts of music came from the theater, I had great references from interpreters such as Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, actors like Fernanda Montenegro and so on ... But I had someone close to me that took me to the arts. I always knew what he wanted and what he liked where he was going .

Do you have another job besides painting ? Are you giving lessons, lectures etc. . ?

At the moment just primarily engaged in the painting because it was a go go process too big, because of many works on demand. It happened so fast I did not have to accept the many invitations I received for exhibitions because I needed more paintings. But I am receiving many invitations to lecture in 2014. I'll be adding the speeches next year to my work routine . contacts : Facebook : rafaelrochartista

“A Palavra e o Poeta”, a poética do amor querendo falar mais alto...

Um Dia Assim...Por Nilton Bustamante Um dia assim como não se quer outro sonho, fazer nada, a não ser viver. Mágico tapete que traz o frio de outros cantos, outros encantos, Um dia assim, persianas semiaber- outros amores. tas para manter-se um certo ar, ... Um certo segredo... Quando o motivo é lançado no esUm certo jeito em que a penumbra paço, num impulso na procura bué bem-vinda. merangue Ficar sentado no sofá, jogado sem Querendo o retorno de algo, ou alforças pra mais nada, guém, A não ser pensar, pensar, pensar... É busca, é querer suprir algo, o alimento que a fome necessita e muiUm dia assim como não se quer to mais, fazer nada, a não ser viver. É preciso sair de si. Deslocar-se do Entender o que se busca, mesmo ego ensaiando para entrar em outsem querer... ros campos Para adaptar-se, qualificar-se ao Não ser cego, mas não enxergar, sonho do sonhador. como pode ser? Estar-se acostumados a ver o co- Um dia assim como não se quer mum, mas o comum sempre some nada a fazer, a não ser escrever. ao cotidiano dos olhos. Deixar alguma marca, algum regFoca-se demasiadamente os exteri- istro, algum sinal de fumaça para ores. quem quiser ver... Ou por medo, ou por costume, não se aprofunda, não se desce as esca- Um dia assim, misturando claridas, dade, noite e sonhos Deseja-se facilidade pra tudo, cor- Esquecer-se dos minutos que rimãos... avisam, avisam, e não esquecem, Melhor sentar na grama, meditar, Procura-se saber sobre o solo, so- jogar tudo fora, bre as raízes, E quem sabe, contradizer-se, busMas não se pesquisa o quanto da car fotografias mentais para não se seiva precisa para manter uma fol- esquecer da própria existência. ha. Sentir-se personagem de muitas Busca-se o beijo, como se cada beijo estórias, na história dos tempos e fosse a própria cama. Mas, o beijo é dos acontecimentos,

Ser apenas folha rolando com a ajuda do vento... Somente para ser algo, ser alguém... Quanto da vida ainda, inflando os pulmões? Quantas letras caindo dos céus? Quantas meditações em azul néon? Quantos suspiros entregando-se à ampulheta sem mais grão algum? O que parecia que nunca iria passar, torna-se tão sem sentido. Tão esquecido. Com você foi tão assim, Naves marcianas, pirilampos e fadas, algo que a mente escrava dos mortais não poderão entender... Um dia assim, da alma persianas semiabertas para manter-se um certo ar, Um certo jeito em que a penumbra deixa penetrar alguns filetes de luz se aventurar... Fazer de si tela de cinema, luz mostrando partículas de pó do tempo em suspensão E seguir até aonde for possível, até aonde vai dar... Um dia assim, persianas semiabertas, Como não se quer fazer nada, a não ser viver... de amor

Aurora Eco Fashion - Pernambuco - Recife- Brasil Foto Patricia Moura

Patricia Moura - Eco Fashion projeto pela Funcultura (Governo do que criou uma coleção com os resíduos Nas duas colunas passadas, abordei Estado de Pernambuco), chega à con- de coleções passadas”, destaca Nestor. sobre o Paraty EcoFashion, evento de sagração da primeira edição oficial. O Lounge Orgânico, a Feira Orgânimoda sustentável que nasceu há três anos em Paraty, no Rio de Janeiro e que A bela e poética Rua da Aurora, que ca e a Aurora Store, com artigos dos tive a felicidade de participar de duas margeia o Capibaribe, é referência estilistas e designers locais à venda, turística, tema de canções e inúmeras prometem ser atrativos simultâneos das três edições. obras artísticas e lugar escolhido pelo durante as atividades que acontecerão Hoje, mais uma vez, volto aqui para fa- produtor do evento, Nestor Mádenes em vários pontos da Rua da Aurora, a lar de moda sustentável, pois nos dias para a realização do Eco Fashion, que partir do cinema São Luis ao obelisco 23 e 24 de novembro, acontecerá aqui realizará duas séries de desfiles e at- passando pela escultura do carangueem Recife/PE, o Aurora Eco Fashion. rações como pocket shows, exposição jo, rampa de skate, pista de cooper e O que tem diferenciado esses tão jo- fotográfica, intervenções urbanas, monumento Tortura Nunca Mais. vens eventos eco fashion de valoriza- ações sociais, palestras, workshop e ção da moda sustentável de um fashion um roteiro gastronômico excluweek convencional, é que no primeiro sivo para o final de semana:


a moda não vem sozinha, como objeto de consumo. Há um comprometimen- “O Rio Capibaribe é um dos to com a qualidade de vida, com o am- cartões postais do Recife e a Rua da Aurora é bela também porque biente, o social e o intelectual. é contemplada por ele, queremos Há a informação e o estímulo a no- chamar a atenção para a sua imvos e mais saudáveis hábitos que cer- portância através de uma manitamente promoverão o melhor viv- festação artística, junto à valorier e a maior razão de trazer para os zação dos trabalhos locais com leitores da ABOUT US uma terceira a proposta da consciência do coluna abordando a mesma temática, conceito sustentável”, informa é mostrar que em diferentes propos- Nestor, lembrando que no dia tas, podemos promover ações que vão 24 de novembro será o Dia do além do convencional e que estimulam Rio Capibaribe, segundo a Lei nº uma necessária reflexão sobre como 14.011” temos vivido neste mundo de recursos E continua: “Nomes memoráveis da Moda Pernambucana serão retão esgotados. unidos, como Melk Z-Da, Xuruca Bem, vamos ao evento que tenho a Pacheco, Manoel Ozi e Patrícia honra de ser madrinha: O Aurora Eco Moura, além das marcas Calma Fashion acontecerá no dia do rio Capi- Monga/ Reciclobike, Cidiz, Acre, baribe e a edição oficial apresentará Anunciada, Etiqueta Verde e dez desfiles, além de mais de 20 atra- Club Noir. ções. O tema sustentabilidade continua como mote da segunda temporada do evento, que foi realizado como projeto piloto no ano de 2011, com o apoio de inúmeros profissionais, intitulado Edição Zero. Agora, com a aprovação do

Teremos muitos momentos especiais, entre eles o desfile do estilista Eduardo Ferreira que fez história no movimento manguebeat nos anos 90, e o da Club Noir

foto Carlos Cajueiro

- foto Renato Filho

foto Carlos Cajueiro

foto Carlos Cajueiro

Aurora Eco Fashion----------------------------------------------

foto Carlos Cajueiro

Outra atração fixa será a exposição fotográfica do Renato Filho, que fará uma homenagem a várias personalidades que moram na Rua da Aurora, de artistas a gente simples não menos notória no local. Acompanhe a programação: 23 DE NOVEMBRO | SÁBADO 14h | Início do Evento / Abertura Solene no Lounge Oficial 14h30 | 1° Desfile Calma Monga/ Reciclobike - Sala Caranguejo 15h | Workshop > Preparo Alimentar Sustentável – Chef Leandro Ricardo 15h30 | 2° Desfile Manoel Ozi - Sala Cooper 16h | Palestra 1 - Cristiano Carrilho > Economia Sustentável 16h30 | 3° Desfile Etiqueta Verde - Sala Skate 17h | Show Banda D'Raulis 19h |4º Desfile – Cidiz - Anfiteatro 19h30 | Palestra 2 foto Marco Pimentel

- Girar > Ludmila Valença > Políticas Sustentáveis 20h | 5° Desfile Anunciada – monumento Tortura Nunca Mais 20h30 | Show Dj Dolores 22h00 | TÉRMINO 1° DIA 24 DE NOVEMBRO | DOMINGO 14h | Passeio Ciclístico Aurora 15h | 1° Desfile Xuruca Pacheco - Sala Rio 15h30 | Workshop > Oficina de Brinquedos Recicláveis com Odília 16h | 2° Desfile Club Noir Sala Casario 16h30 | Lançamento do Livro Eu Capibaribe/ Degustação Cachaça Sanhaçu 17h | Show Banda Joseph Tourton 18h30 | 3° Desfile Patrícia Moura - Sala Anfiteatro 19h | Mesa Redonda - Patrícia Moura + Mayara Pimentel + Prazeres Accioly 19h30 | 4° Desfile Acre - Sala Tortura Nunca Mais 20h30 | 5° Desfile Eduardo Ferreira - Sala Obelisco 20h30 | Show Dj Felipe Machado 22h | Encerramento 2° Dia – Final Do Evento Durante todos os dias 23 e 24 de novembro das 14 às 22 h acontecerão: Lounge Orgânico com Dj Hiptonik Aurora Store Palestras Workshops Shows e Djs Sala de Imprensa Praia da Aurora, com cadeiras

foto Marco Pimentel

de praia na areia para o descanso dos convidados Feira Orgânica Roteiro Gastronômico Exposições de Fotografia e Artes Intervenções Urbanas Gravação do Documentário Aurora Walking Tour Ações Sociais Diversas Para você que é leitor da ABOUT US, empresário dos mais variados segmentos, produtor cultural e de moda, lojista e consumidor dos bens que o planeta oferece, deixo a sugestão e as boas ideias que apresentei aqui, nessas três últimas colunas publicadas pela revista. Vamos repensar nos formatos de seus eventos? Volto no próximo mês para contar e mostrar tudo sobre o Aurora Eco Fashion. Até lá.

Aurora Eco Fashion Recife Brazil AURORA ECO FASHION

In the past two columns , I discussed about Paraty EcoFashion, sustainable fashion event that began three years ago in Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro and I was fortunate to attend two of the three editions . Today, once again, I come back here to talk about sustainable fashion, as on the 23rd and 24th of November, here in Recife-Brazil , will happen The Aurora Eco Fashion . What has these distinguished events such as young fashion eco fashion sustainable and a conventional fashion week, is that the first one does not come alone, as just an object of consumption. There is a commitment to quality of life , the environment, social and intellectual . There is information and stimulating new, healthier habits that will surely promote the best life and the biggest reason to bring readers to ABOUT U.S.

titled Zero . Now, with the approval of the project by Funcultura ( State of Pernambuco ), arrives at the consecration of the first official edition . The beautiful and poetic Aurora Street, which borders the Capibaribe , is tourist reference , theme songs and numerous artistic and place chosen by the event producer, Nestor Mádenes to achieve the Eco Fashion, which hold two series of parades and attractions such as pocket shows, photographic exhibition, urban interventions, social activities, lectures, workshops and gastronomic unique to the weekend " the Capibaribe River is one of the postcards of Recife and Aurora Street is also beautiful because it is covered by it, and we wanted to draw attention to its importance through an artistic manifestation, with the valuation of the proposed work with local awareness sustainable concept , "says Nestor, recalling that on 24 November will be the Day of Capibaribe River, according to The Law No. 14,011 "

This is about the third column addressing the same subject, it is to show that in different proposals, we can promote actions that go beyond the conventional and stimulate a necessary reflec- He continues: " Memorable tion on how we have lived in this Names in the Fashion of Pernamworld of resources so depleted . buco will be gathered as Melk Z - Da, Xuruca Pacheco , Manoel Well, let talk about the event that Ozi and Patricia Moura, beyond I am honored to be godmother: brands Calm Monga / RecicloAurora Eco Fashion will take bike, Cidiz, Acre, Announced, place on the river Capibaribe Green Label and Club Noir. and official edition will present We will have many special moten parades, and more than 20 ments, including the parade of attractions. The sustainability designer Eduardo Ferreira, who history in manguebeat theme continues as a theme of made ​​ the second season of the event, movement in the 90s, and the which was conducted as a pilot Club Noir which created a collecproject in 2011 , with the support tion with Waste past collections , of numerous professional edition "said Nestor .

The Lounge Organic and Aurora Organic Fair Store, with articles of local designers and stylists for sale, promise to be attractive during simultaneous activities that take place at various points of Aurora Street , from St. Louis to film past the obelisk sculpture crab, skate ramp , jogging track and monuments Torture Never Again . Another attraction will be the fixed photographic exhibition of Renato Filho, who will pay tribute to various personalities who live in Aurora Street , artists simple people no less notorious spot . Follow the schedule: NOVEMBER 23 | SATURDAY 14h | Event Start / Solemn Opening of the Official Lounge 14h30 | 1st Parade Calm Monga / Reciclobike - Room Crab 15h | Workshop > Sustainable Food Preparation - Chef Ricardo Leandro 15:30 | 2nd Parade Manoel Ozi Living Cooper 16h | Lecture 1 - Cristiano Carrilho > Sustainable Economy 16:30 | 3 ° Green Label Parade Room Skateboard 17h | Show Band D' Raulis 19h | 4th Parade - Cidiz - Amphitheatre 19.30 | Lecture 2 - Rotate > Ludmila Valencia > Policies Sustainable 20h | 5 ° Parade Announced Monument Torture Never Again 20:30 | Show Dj Dolores 22h00 | END DAY 1

Toys Recyclable with Odilia 16h | 2nd Parade Club Noir Room Casario 16:30 | Book Launch I Capibaribe / Cachaça Tasting Sayaca 17h | Show Band Joseph Tourton 18.30 | 3rd Parade Patricia Moura - Hall Amphitheater 19h | Roundtable - Patricia Pimentel Mayara Moura + + Pleasures Accioly 19h30 | 4th Parade Acre - Room Torture Never Again 20:30 | 5 ° Parade Eduardo Ferreira - Room Obelisk 20:30 | Show Dj Felipe Machado 22h | Closing Day 2 - The Final Event  Throughout the 23th and November 24th from 14 to 22 h will happen:  Organic Lounge with Dj Hiptonik Aurora Store lectures workshops Shows and DJs Press Room Aurora Beach with beach chairs in the sand for the rest of the guests Organic Fair Gastronomic script Exhibition of Photography and Arts Urban Interventions Documentary Record of Aurora Walking Tour Several Social Actions

For you who is reader ABOUT U.S. entrepreneur in all industries , cultural producer and fashion , and consumer goods retailer that offers the planet , let 's suggestion and good ideas I have presented here , these last three columns published by the magazine . Let's NOVEMBER 24 | SUNDAY rethink the formats of your events? 14h | Aurora Cycle Tour I'll be back next month to show 15h | 1st Parade Xuruca Pacheco and tell all about Aurora Eco - Living River Fashion . 15:30 | Workshop > Workshop See You There.

AboutVickyTalkingaLot ! Galerinha, como o ano passou rápido ja estamos quase no Natal e eu gracas a Deus continuo aqui com coces fazendo parte dessa família que tanto amo!

grama da atriz Ingrid Guimaraes no Canal GNT Brasil, dia 6 de Janeiro de 2014 estreia o programa Alem da Conta e eu fui a primeira convidada de Ingrid, o programa sera dividido em 8 episódios a cada semana Ingrid estaVamos aos acontecimentos das ul- ra conversando com um artista que também veio aqui para Nova York para gravar com timas semanas! ela, o tema do programa e sobre Consumo “ de variadas formas”, e eu e meus convidados No final de Outubro os EUA recebeu pela pri- que participamos do primeiro programa esmeira vez a Banda Capital Inicial, que com mais tavamos la falando sobre consumo infantil, de 30 anos de carreira nunca havia se apresen- espero que voces possam ver e gostem! tado por aqui, o show foi um grande sucesso, o publico lotou o local do espetáculo e o cantor Quem me conhece sabe que sou fã apaixonaDinho matou a saudade dos brasileiros aman- da pelo cantor Thiaguinho, ainda não tive a tes do Rock e das lindas canções românticas da oportunidade de entrevista-lo mas no inicio

desse mês eu tive uma grande alegria que foi conhecer a linda Ellen Caroline, irma do cantor Thiaguinho que esta aqui nos EUA estudando e quando soube da minha admiração pelo seu irmão fez a gentileza de me conhecer e eu fiquei muito feliz em ganhar mais uma amiga!

banda. Quem também esteve por aqui “mais uma vez” foi o DJ Marlboro, considerado o DJ nº1 do Brasil Marlboro esteve nos EUA para alguns compromissos e aproveitou a viagem para tocar em uma casa de shows na cidade de Newar

Dia 17 de Novembro eu estive no concurso Miss Brasil Mirim USA 2013 lindas meninas em busca de um sonho, foi um evento muito bacana, criativo e organizado pelas empresarias Claudia Cascardo e Tharika Reis, minha parte foi bater um papo com as candidatas e faze-las mais conhecidas do publico enquanto eram apurados os votos. Quero parabenizar a todas as participantes e em especial as vencedoras. No cantinho dos Fans, esse mês o destaque vai para Gabriel e Fabiana Marinho, ambos fans do Brasil e muito queridos. Mais uma vez obrigada pelo carinho e dedicação de voces.

Para a galerinha que me acompanha ai do Brasil, quero avisa-lo e convida-los a assistir ao pro- Bem, pessoal eu vou ficando

por aqui mês que vem estou de volta com mui-

tas novidades e tudo sobre os acontecimentos do mês. Para ver todas as entrevistas e so visitar o meu site Beijos. Vicky!

Boeing, GOL Airlines Announce Collaboration to Increase Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Supply in Brazil

About BioFuel

Gallard, vice president of Sales for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, signed a memorandum of understanding for biofuel collaboration at the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) Airline Leaders Forum 2013. "Because of its continuous improvements in technology that result in ever-lower fuel consumption, the Boeing Next Generation 737 is the only airplane that GOL flies," said Paulo Kakinoff, chief executive officer for GOL. "Boeing's focus on fuel efficiency helps us all operate in a more sustainable fashion, and the expansion of our partnership with this new project will further advance the effort to expand biofuel use in Brazil. It also will serve as an example to the world of what is possible today and in years to come." "Boeing is very pleased to work with GOL on this key project to advance the use and availability of biofuels," said Gallard. "As Brazil's leading low-cost carrier, GOL is showing great leadership in its efforts to conduct lowercarbon flights." GOL plans to use sustainable biojetfuel on 200 flights during the major sporting event in Brazil in 2014 and to incorporate biofuel into 20 percent of its flights during the major sporting event taking place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Boeing will work with GOL to identify and select the most promising feedstocks and refining technologies and then will play a leading role in the approval process for new fuel pathways to ensure the fuel meets safety and performance standards.

Boeing, GOL Airlines Announce Collaboration to Increase Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Supply in Brazil Lower-carbon fuels to support flights during upcoming major sporting events Boeing and GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A., GOLL4 and GOL) will work together to speed the research, development and approval of new sources of sustainable aviation biofuel in Brazil. Their collaboration will support GOL's plans to use this lowercarbon jet fuel on more flights during upcoming major sporting events and also will benefit long-term development of a new sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Brazil. Paulo Sergio Kakinoff, chief executive officer of GOL, and Van Rex

The agreement between Boeing and GOL is a significant new step in efforts to advance an aviation biofuel industry in Brazil. On Oct. 23, Brazil's Aviator's Day, GOL conducted Brazil's first commercial biofuel flight in a Boeing 737-800 powered in part by sustainable aviation biofuel made from waste cooking oil and blended by Petrobras, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Following the flight, aviation industry stakeholders including GOL and Boeing, as well as Brazilian officials and research institutions, announced a national effort called the Brazilian Biojetfuel Platform to establish a sustainable biojetfuel industry with research and development in several regions of the country. If the Platform is successful, Brazil, which has already established a biofuel industry could be the first nation to establish a sustainable aviation biofuel industry from biomass production to flight.

Boeing, e GOL Airlines anunciam ration é o único avião que voa GOL ", uma colaboração para o aumentar disse Paulo Kakinoff, diretor executivo da GOL. a aviação sustentável com O foco da Boeing em eficiência de biocombustíveis no Brasil combustível nos ajuda a todos opeCombustíveis de baixo carbono para apoiar vôos durante os próximos grandes eventos esportivos A Boeing e a GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes SA vão trabalhar em conjunto para acelerar a pesquisa, desenvolvi mento e aprovação de novas fontes de biocombustível de aviação sustentável no Brasil . Sua colaboração apoiará os planos da GOL para usar este combustí vel de jato menor emissão de carbono em mais vôos durante os próximos grandes eventos esportivos e também irá beneficiar o desenvolvimento a longo prazo de uma nova indústria de biocombustíveis de aviação sustentáveis​​ no Brasil. Paulo Sergio Kakinoff, presidente da GOL executivo-chefe, e Van Rex Gallard, vice -presidente de vendas para a África, América Latina e Caribe da Boeing Commercial Airplanes, assinaram um memorando de entendimento para a colaboração de biocombustíveis na América Latina e Caribe Air Transport Association ( ALTA ) Airline Leaders Forum 2013.


Por causa de suas contínuas melhorias na tecnologia que resultam em consumo de combustível cada vez menor, o Boeing 737 Next Gene-

lecionar as matérias-primas mais promissoras e tecnologias de refino e, em seguida, irá desempenhar um papel de liderança no processo de aprovação de novos caminhos de combustível para ram de uma forma mais susten- garantir o combustível atende aos patável , e a expansão da nossa parceria drões de segurança e desempenho. com este novo projeto vai avançar ainda mais o esforço para expandir o uso O acordo entre a Boeing e a GOL é um de biocombustíveis no Brasil. Ele tam- novo passo significativo nos esforços bém irá servir como um exemplo para para fazer avançar uma indústria de o mundo de que é possível hoje e nos biocombustíveis de aviação no Brasil. próximos anos". A Boeing está muito satisfeita em No dia 23 de outubro, dia do aviador trabalhar com a GOL neste projeto no Brasil, a GOL realizou o primeifundamental para o avanço da uti- ro vôo de biocombustível comercial do Brasil em um Boeing 737-800 alimentado em parte por biocombustível de aviação sustentável feita a partir de óleo de cozinha usado e misturado pela Petrobras, com o apoio do Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID).

" "

lização e disponibilidade de biocombustíveis ", disse Gallard." Como líder aérea de baixo custo no Brasil, a GOL está mostrando uma grande liderança em seus esforços para realizar vôos de baixo carbono". GOL planeja usar biojetfuel sustentável em 200 vôos durante o grande evento esportivo no Brasil, em 2014, e de incorporar biocombustíveis em 20 por cento de seus voos durante o grande evento esportivo que acontece no Rio de Janeiro em 2016. Boeing vai trabalhar com a GOL para identificar e se-

Após o vôo, as partes interessadas da indústria da aviação, incluindo a GOL e a Boeing , bem como as autoridades brasileiras e instituições de pesquisa, anunciaram um esforço nacional chamado Plataforma Biojetfuel Brasileira a estabelecer uma indústria biojetfuel sustentável com pesquisa e desenvolvimento em diversas regiões do país. Se a plataforma for bem sucedida, o Brasil, que já estabeleceu uma indústria de biocombustíveis pode ser o primeiro país a estabelecer uma indústria de biocombustível de aviação sustentável de produção de biomassa para vôo.

About Music Miles Davis' The Original Mono Recordings Collects Nine Of Miles' Earliest Columbia Albums, Recorded 1956 To 1961 Landmark box set presents nine albums remastered in original, brilliant sound, as they were intended to be heard in the 1950s and '60s

Available everywhere November 12, 2013, through Columbia/Legacy. Nine of Miles Davis' earliest albums on Columbia Records, encompassing music that he recorded for the label in monaural sound from 1956 to 1961 (and released from 1957 to 1964), will be issued together on CD for the first time as Miles Davis:The Original Mono Recordings. This historic box set, comprising nine CDs in mini-LP replica jackets, will be available everywhere November 12, 2013 through Columbia/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Pre-order at milesmono_amzn. On November 29(th) in celebration of Record Store Day, Columbia/Legacy will follow up with vinyl mono editions of Kind Of Blue, Miles & Monk At Newport, and Jazz Track--capping a series of recently released mono LPs including 'Round About Midnight, Miles Ahead, Milestones, Porgy and Bess, Sketches of Spain, and Someday My Prince Will Come. Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings is a true landmark collection, with every album newly remastered in 2012-13, from the

original analog master tapes. CD consumers will be able to hear Miles' early music in mono, the way virtually all popular music was recorded, marketed and intended to be heard in the 1950s and early 1960s. Mono was the norm before the home, broadcast and film stereo era began to develop fully in the mid'60s, leading to stereo's allencompassing takeover by the early '70s. The Original Mono Recordings by Miles Davis includes: -- The six albums that trace the development of Miles' "first great quintet" at Columbia, all notably featuring John Coltrane, namely 'Round About Midnight, Milestones, Jazz Track, Kind Of Blue (at 4-times RIAA platinum, the greatest selling jazz album of all time), Someday My Prince Will Come, and Miles And Monk At Newport; and -- The three albums that placed Miles (and various group members) in sophisticated orchestral settings at Columbia, all notably arranged and conducted by Gil Evans, namely Miles Ahead, Porgy And Bess, and Sketches Of Spain. Two of the albums included in The Original Mono Recordings are exciting rare editions that have never appeared in any Miles Davis CD collection in the U.S., and have not been generally available for many years: -- Jazz Track, presenting 10 improvised tracks that Miles recorded in Paris with European musicians in 1957, for director Louis Malle's film Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (Elevator To the Gallows), combined with three tracks by Miles' own sextet in New York--featuring Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb--from their only other studio recordings of 1958, prior to the Kind Of Blue

sessions in '59; and -- Miles And Monk At Newport, featuring four jazz classics recorded live by the Miles Davis Sextet at the jazz festival in 1958, followed by two classics recorded at the festival in 1963 by Columbia's newlysigned Thelonious Monk Quartet. The Original Mono Recordings will be housed in a slipcase similar to Bob Dylan's The Original Mono Recordings box released in 2012. The new box will contain a fully-annotated 40-page booklet with complete discographic information including personnel and production details, plus a 2,000word essay by author and Wall Street Journal writer Marc Myers. The liner notes add in-depth, album-by-album comments on the new remastering processes, as told to Myers by three-time Grammy Award速-winning mastering engineer Mark Wilder. Over the course of these nine albums, whose principal recording spanned barely a half decade (from June 1956 to March 1961), The Original Mono Recordings presents a clear vision of Miles' evolution as musician and bandleader, and as a composer graduating from hardbop to modal creations. He was famously signed to Columbia Records by George Avakian in the summer of 1955, after the A&R staff producer witnessed Miles' showstopping solo on a jam session of "'Round Midnight" at the Newport Jazz Festival. Jazz critics acclaimed the performance as the "return of Miles," who was considered a difficult artist to work with, who did not even have a regular working

group at the time. Two months after the Milestones sessions, the quintet (sextet) was back in the studio for a day of recording with a new Columbia staff producer, Cal Lampley. The session yielded four classics, three of which, due to length, made Side B of Jazz Track: Miles' original "Fran-Dance," and two American Songbook standards, "On Green Dolphin Street" and "Stella by Starlight." (The fourth, "Love for Sale," running over 11 minutes, is included on Columbia/Legacy's Kind Of Blue 50(th) Anniversary sets.) The year before (December 1957), Miles had temporarily disbanded his group and gone to Paris to perform. There he was hired to create a soundtrack for French film director Louis Malle's suspenseful murder mystery Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (Elevator To the Gallows in the U.S.). Miles and several European jazz musicians improvised the music while seeing the film on a screen. The music, barely 25 minutes, was issued on LP in France in 1958, and was subsequently coupled with the three Lampley tracks on Columbia as the cleverly titled Jazz Track, one of Miles' most elusive and collectible LPs. The Original Mono Recordings follows in the tradition of the eighttime Grammy Award速-winning Miles Davis Series of multiple-CD box sets that began in 1996. The series culminated in the 2009

box set of 52 mini-LP replica jacketed albums, The Complete Miles Davis Columbia Album Collection, whose contents were all heard in stereo. The Original Mono Recordings was produced for release by multiple Grammy Award速-winners Steve Berkowitz and mastering engineer Mark Wilder, who have overseen the Miles Davis Series since its inception more than 18 years ago, and the Miles Davis Bootleg Series since it was introduced in 2011. The Original Mono Recordings by Miles Davis (Columbia/Legacy 88883 75664 2) Disc One: 'Round About Midnight by The Miles Davis Quintet (originally issued March 4, 1957, as Columbia CL 949) Selections: 1. 'Round Midnight (recorded 9/10/56) * 2. Ah-LeuCha (10/27/55) * 3. All of You (9/10/56) * 4. Bye Bye Blackbird (6/5/56) * 5. Tadd's Delight (6/5/56) * 6. Dear Old Stockholm (6/5/56). Disc Two: Miles Ahead by Miles Davis + 19 (originally issued October 14, 1957, as Columbia CL 1041) Selections: 1. Springsville (recorded 5/23/57) * 2. The Maids of Cadiz (5/6/57) * 3. The Duke (5/6/57) * 4. My Ship (5/10/57, from the Broadway musical, Lady in the Dark) * 5. Miles Ahead (5/10/57) * 6. Blues for Pablo (5/23/57) * 7. New Rhumba (5/23/57) * 8. The Meaning of the Blues (5/27/57) * 9. Lament (5/27/57) * 10. I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (By Anyone But You) (5/27/57). Disc Three: Milestones by Miles Davis (originally issued December 1, 1958, as Columbia CL 1193) Selections: 1. Dr. Jekyll (recorded 3/4/58) * 2. Sid's Ahead (3/4/58) * 3. Two Bass Hit (2/4/58) * 4. Miles (2/4/58) * 5. Billy Boy (2/4/58) * 6. Straight, No Chaser (2/4/58). Disc Four: Jazz Track by Miles Davis (originally issued October 19, 1959, as Columbia CL 1268) Selections: 1. Generique * 2. L'assassinat de Carala * 3. Sur l'autoroute * 4. Julien dans l'ascenseur * 5. Florence sur les Champs-Elysees * 6. Diner au motel * 7. Evasion de Julien * 8. Visite du vigile * 9. Au bar du PetitBac * 10. Chez le photographe du motel * 11. On Green Dolphin Street (recorded 5/26/58) * 12. Fran-Dance (5/26/58) * 13. Stella By

Starlight (5/26/58). (Tracks 1-10, music from the Louis Malle film, Ascenseur pour l'echafaud, recorded in Paris, 12/4 & 5/57.) Disc Five: Porgy And Bess by Miles Davis (originally issued March 9, 1959, as Columbia CL 1274) Selections: 1. The Buzzard Song (recorded 8/4/58) * 2. Bess You Is My Woman Now (7/29/58) * 3. Gone (7/22/58) * 4. Gone, Gone, Gone (7/22/58) * 5. Summertime (8/18/58) * 6. Bess, Oh Where's My Bess (8/4/58) * 7. Prayer (Oh, Doctor Jesus) (8/4/58) * 8. Fishermen, Strawberry and Devil Crab (7/29/58) * 9. My Man's Gone Now (7/22/58) * 10. It Ain't Necessarily So (7/29/58) * 11. Here Come de Honey Man (7/29/58) * 12. I Loves You, Porgy (8/18/58) * 13. There's a Boat That's Leaving Soon for New York (8/18/58). Disc Six: Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis (originally issued August 17, 1959, as Columbia CL 1355) Selections: 1. So What (recorded 3/2/59) * 2. Freddie Freeloader (3/2/59) * 3. Blue In Green (3/2/59) * 4. All Blues (3/2/59) * 5. Flamenco Sketches (4/22/59). Disc Seven: Sketches Of Spain by Miles Davis (originally issued July 18, 1960, as Columbia CL 1480) Selections: 1. Concierto de Aranjuez (recorded 11/20/59) * 2. Will o' the Wisp (3/11/60, from "El amor brujo") * 3. The Pan Piper (3/10/60) * 4. Saeta (3/11/60) * 5. Solea (3/11/60). Disc Eight: Someday My Prince Will Come by Miles Da-

vis (originally issued December 11, 1961, as Columbia CL 1656) Selections: 1. Someday My Prince Will Come (recorded 3/20/61, from the Walt Disney film, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs) * 2. Old Folks (3/20/61) * 3. Pfranc足ing (3/7/61) * 4. Drad-Dog (3/7/61) * 5. Teo (3/21/61) * 6. I Thought About You (3/21/61). Disc Nine: Miles And Monk At Newport (originally issued May 11, 1964, as Columbia CL 2178) Selections: 1. Ah-Leu-Cha * 2. Straight, No Chaser * 3. Fran-Dance * 4. Two Bass Hit (tracks 1-4 by the Miles Davis Sextet, recorded 7/4/58) * 5. Nutty * 6. Blue Monk (tracks 5-6 by the Thelonious Monk Quartet, recorded 7/4/63). SOURCE Legacy Recordings

About The Orlando Music Scene What's good Orlando? I really missed you guys this past month. This month I wanted to talk about the 3 components of Hip Hop which is Rap, Dance and Graffiti. I had the pleasure of going to a show this past week at a location called "The Garage" on Commerce St in Orlando Fl.

Edward Seymour II and Family Gang promoted the event that we performed at and Edward is a soldier for the Hip Hop movement in Orlando. I get really excited when I talk about our city because it has to be one of the most diverse places to be in regards to music.

It was an actual warehouse that was converted into the coolest Hip Hop type of shop that I've ever seen. This place even sold spray paint for artwork. If you are in Orlando or plan to visit soon and you love hip Hop then you have to go there.

There was some really good artwork being displayed at this event. One of our artist Some Kosher Yuppy performed that night and as a young artist, Yuppy had a chance to see how Hip Hop shows used to be.

As usual, I appreciate each one of you that read this month's The address is 5519 COMMERCE DR. UNIT# 4 ORLAN- issue of AboutUS and we all hope that you LOVE our city DO, FLORIDA 32839. My company is proud to be apart of as much as we do. Until next, Real talk, Real Music, South the Orlando Hip hop scene and its venues like The Garage Coast Records. Larry Poynter Jr. that help pump life into our scene.

Real Talk, Real Music South Coast Records

About Shopping H&M, Hennes & Mauritz, one of the world's largest retailers known for offering fashion-forward apparel and quality basics, is excited to announce the opening of its new Times Square store in the heart of New York City. The Swedish retailer will enter this bustling iconic destination on Thursday, November 14th at 12:01 a.m. with a ribbon cutting and lighting of the H&M logo on the top of 4 Times Square by global fashion superstar, Lady Gaga. “This is truly a milestone moment for H&M, to have a footprint at the crossroads of the world and own a piece of the NYC skyline with our brand illuminated on top of this impressive building,” says Daniel Kulle, U.S. President for H&M. “With over 7,000 square feet of LED screens, and a 53 foot glitter wall in this ground breaking location, we knew we had to partner with a star who shines as bright as the store.” This dynamic store embraces modern technology with a digital runway: a virtual catwalk projecting images of guests onto exterior screens that brighten the backdrop of the city that never sleeps. This unique content can also be accessed in real-time through the customers’ social media platforms. The store interior features other digital components such as LED screens, a charging station equipped with iPads, interactive mannequins and much more. Fluorescent fixtures and geometric metal installations further complement the futuristic, tech savvy store design. The approximately 42,000 square foot store will offer collections for ladies, men, young ladies and young men, with separate “shop in shop” areas for accessories, lingerie, sports apparel, maternity and the brand’s plus-size line, H&M+. This location will carry the Swedish retailer’s fantastic children’s collection, which features quality clothing for kids of all ages, from newborn to fourteen years. This will also be the first store worldwide to debut the Isabel Marant for H&M collection to the public. In honor of the launch of Lady Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, H&M Times Square and over 175 stores nationwide will sell her CD for an exclusive price of $9.95 while supplies last. This store is located at 4 Times Square and is the 12th store in Manhattan, New York 10036, NYC has the largest concentration of H&M stores in the country, employing over 1400 people. The store can be reached by phone at 212.221.1709. Store hours will be Monday through Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. For further information Web Site:

H & M, Hennes & Mauritz , um dos maiores varejistas do mundo, conhecida por oferecer fashion forward o fato e fundamentos de qualidade, tem o prazer de anunciar a abertura de sua nova loja Tempos Square, no coração de Nova York. A varejista sueca vai entrar este destino icônico movimentado na quinta-feira 14 de novembro às 00:01, com um corte da fita e iluminação do logotipo H & M no topo de 4 Times Square por astro mundial da moda, Lady Gaga. "Este é realmente um momento marcante para H & M, que tem uma pegada na encruzilhada do mundo e dono de uma parte do horizonte de Nova York com a nossa marca iluminada no topo deste edifício impressionante ", diz Daniel Kulle , o presidente dos EUA para a H & M. " Com mais de 7.000 metros quadrados de telas de LED, e uma parede de brilho 53 pés neste local inovador , sabíamos que tínhamos uma parceria com uma estrela que brilha tão brilhante como a loja. " Esta loja dinâmica abraça a tecnologia moderna com uma pista digital: uma passarela virtual de projetar imagens de pessoas em telas exteriores que iluminam o cenário da cidade que nunca dorme. Este conteúdo exclusivo também podem ser acessados em ​​ tempo real por meio de plataformas de mídia social dos clientes. O interior da loja apresenta outros componentes digitais, tais como telas de LED , uma estação de carga equipado com iPads , manequins interativos e muito mais. Luminárias fluorescentes e instalações metálicas geométricas complementar ainda mais o design da loja experiente futurista, tecnologia.

Os cerca de 42 mil quadrados loja pé vai oferecer coleções para mulheres , homens, jovens senhoras e homens jovens , com "loja em loja" separado áreas de acessórios, lingerie, roupas esportivas , maternidade e linha plus-size da marca , H & M + . Este local vai levar a coleção da varejista sueca fantástica infantil, que apresenta roupas de qualidade para crianças de todas as idades, desde recém-nascidos até 14 anos . Esta também será a primeira loja no mundo inteiro para a estréia do Isabel Marant para a H & M coleção para o público. Em homenagem ao lançamento do novo álbum de Lady Gaga, artpop , H & M Times Square e mais de 175 lojas em todo o país vai vender seu CD por um preço exclusivo de R $ 9,95 , enquanto durarem os estoques. Para comemorar o dia da abertura , H & M Times Square estará aberto por 24 horas com uma contagem regressiva digital de anunciar ofertas por hora para toda a família! Os primeiros 1.000 compradores em linha receberá um acesso à Moda Pass, avaliado

entre US $ 10 a US $ 1.000 , e muita diversão brindes ! Vinte vencedores receberão um bilhete dourado concedendo-lhes um " meet and greet " com Lady Gaga e acesso antecipado na loja para loja. Esta loja está localizada em 4 Times Square e será a 12 ª loja em Manhattan , New York 10036, Nova York tem a maior concentração de lojas H & M no país , empregando mais de 1.400 pessoas. A loja pode ser contactada pelo telefone 212.221.1709 . De Segunda a Domingo 09h00 - 01h00 Para mais informações , visite

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A Digital Magazine in English and Portuguese, about, Art, Music, Sustainability, People, fashion and much more!

Aboutus by hotspotorlando #24  

A Digital Magazine in English and Portuguese, about, Art, Music, Sustainability, People, fashion and much more!