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Il Volo- We are Love

Editorial Music is the best therapy! I love music, if I could I would find the best songs of my times and build a life sound track, but I don’t think I could find a gadget that would fit all the music I want. It is a good thing we can remember, and find some of them in places like YouTube, or at on-line searches, in music sites such as Spotify, Pandora, and many more that are available. The best thing about music, is the binding and the connection that establishes with time and people, making a powerful combo, and this is so common that many songs are perpetuated for that reason and many interpreters will dare to revive that same song during countless times. Sound tracks are a bundle of songs that are part of films, musicals or soap operas, that become popular and are designed to add force to a scene, a character or a moment and every time you listen to that song you will remember

it in details. Music has throughout human history, played an important part and is a point of reference to many historical moments. The Brazilian Carnaval Sound track is awaited with passion every year by the millions of Brazilians that love Carnaval’s extreme energy, and they learn all the most popular songs that get “In the People’s Mouth” like bad gossip confirming a very popular term (Na Boca do Povo). Classical Music, Regional Music, Gospel and indeed International Music that travels the world like “Garota de Ipanema” which made Brazilian Bossa Nova recognized and recorded in so many languages, a classic til today, or O Sole Mio, that has been recorded by the most prestigious opera singers like Placido Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras, and now is brought to life again by IL Volo. Each life event deserves a song, every singer de-

Friendly Advice serves a fan, and every fan deserves the right to love and admire his idol, so other people can also have the chance to do the same, sharing their music. In a recent event, I was invited to the Amway Arena to watch IL Volo live, and I was thrilled! But it exceeded my expectations three times fold, and not only me but an entire audience was amazed by the three young tenors with a vivid personality, that interact with the audience the entire time. So here it is one more life event with people that matter and great music to remember it. On this tone, I start one more edition of AboutUS, and we dedicate it to music, art, people and this great musical universe we live in. Enjoy what we prepared for you! See u next month, Have a safe one! Laiz Rodrigues Editor in Chief Hotspotorlando AboutUS Magazine

TER UM AMIGO Muitas pessoas passam por nós em nossa caminhada. Algumas delas são mais especiais pelo simples fato de existirem. A elas chamamos de Amigo. São Eles que verdadeiramente sabem nos "olhar". Percebem o que trazemos no coração, e o que nos faz feliz. Com Eles rimos; Com Eles choramos; São Eles os conhecedores do nosso lado mais obscuro e do nosso lado mais iluminado, pois nos mostramos sem medo e sem máscaras. Com Eles vivemos; Com Eles amamos; Como é bom ser "achado" por um amigo quando se está perdido. A vida fica mais fácil quando os temos por perto. Com Eles cantamos; Com Eles dançamos; Com Eles sonhamos.

Portanto, olhe em sua volta, procure um amigo. Um amigo de verdade nunca está mais distante do alcance de uma necessidade. Ele sempre estará lá, torcendo por nós, nos esperando com seu olhar de encantamento. Por

Simone Costa

A New Book Betty Kisby wrote a book! Amazing! We met in 2005, we worked together and shared our taste for Luis Miguel! She is from Argentina, I am from Brazil, she is Republican!!!! I am a Democrat! We both went to Law School. I was Catholic, she Christian, and studying, telling me I was in the wrong path. I am still a Democrat but not a Catholic anymore. I can tell you, many times she drove me crazy. When she was pregnant and her blood pressure kept her in bed for months, I missed her and I understood how brave and how much of a fighter she was and still is. And now, after all this time. marriage, kids, a house and a book! I take my hat off to her, she finally got to amaze me completelly. Please read, it is on kindle and it is good. Let’s give ver a round of applause!

Laiz Rodrigues Editor

Our Basket of Goods Our Cover - Il Volo - Gianluca Editorial- A Friendly Advice by Simone Costa A New Book-Note by the Editor Il Volo Meets Orlando LeBron James the New Ambassador for Audemars Piguet 18th Lide Business Meeting-USA Ana G. Mendez University 10 Years Anniversary in the U.S. The Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal Hispanic Heritage Month- The City of Orlando Art Installation CFBACC meets at Avanti Resort The First Annual Mahatma Gandhi Diversity Breakfast Orlando Mayor Dyer Delivers the Downtown Address Sunrail-Comming May 2014 CFBACC Business After Hours at Pasha Restaurant. Mayor Buddy Dyer attends to Conference in Brazil-Recife BeBrasil-New York City Vicky Talking a Lot Show Elita Freitas Conquers Las Vegas A Palavra e o Poeta-Nilton Bustamante Paraty- Brazil - Eco Fashion-Patricia Moura Ma Ferreira Ceramics Art- Edmundo Cavalcanti Bob Dylan New CD Collection The Orlando Music Scene-Larry Poynter Jr. Paul McCartney’s NEW Easy Culinary-Elita Freitas The New 918 Spyder Hybrid - Porsche Baumme & Mercier Special Edition The New GOPRO +

Our Collaborators this Month Ademar Rodrigues-CEO Laiz Rodrigues-Editor Amy Litter-Adviser Edmundo Cavalcanti-Art Editor Elita Freitas- between friends/Culinaria Facil Friendly Advice-Simone Costa Vicky-Vicky Talking a Lot Show Patricia Moura- Eco Fashion Brazil Nilton Bustamante-A Palavra e o Poeta Orlando Music Scene - Larry Poynter Jr.

Uma carreira cheia de recompensas

auxiliando a sua comunidade

expandindo pequenos negócios

preservando heranças

provendo aposentadorias seguras

protegendo famílias

gerando paz de espírito

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Uma carreira com a New York Life Insurance Company oferece a você um potencial de ganho significativo, além da oportunidade de trabalho em uma empresa financeiramente segura e reconhecida no mercado.

Entre em contato para mais informações com a New York Life: Hector Perez Senior Manager | Hispanic & Brazilian Markets Escritório: 407.999.0349 New York Life. A Sua Melhor Companhia®

Il Belo Canto ! We are Love. Il Volo in Orlando! The magic was in the air, this time presented by Piero Barone (19), Ignazio Boschetto (18) and Gianluca Ginoble (17), all tenors. The show was a mixture of songs of their new album We Are Love, and many favorites of all times. Taking the audience to several standing ovations, and an incomparable time travel. During the second part of the show, they performed, classical Italian, and American songs, the Mexican Hit Granada, also hits from Placido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Frank Sinatra, and Barbra Streisand. We can’t explain the effect it caused but the audience was so moved, that little by little, they were getting closer and closer to the stage, they kept waving at everyone, and speaking a little about their career and joking with each other. At the end , after they left the stage for the first time, they were called back and performed three more songs, bringing the audience to a total climax. It was magnificent to hear and to see it. At that point I thanked God to be so fortunate. It was hard to leave , and accept it was over, it is not everyday that the most beautiful, gentle and talented kids sing to you like that, with so nuch love. A show that is a must see by everyone that is a serious admirer of great music and great voices. Il Volo will now travel to Brazil, where they will make a series of appearances in Rio, Sao Paulo and in the South of Brazil Il VOLO in Brazil : Rio - November 5th - Teatro Municipal Sao Paulo - 6th, 11th, 12th of November - Teatro Bradesco Curitiba - November 8th. - Teatro Guaira Porto Alegre - Novembro 9th. - Auditorio OI Araujo Vianna

Il Volo Meets Orlando



Il Volo’s second album We Are Love is being released on November l9th, it was announced by their label Interscope Records. “We Are Love”, recorded in Los Angeles and Rome, is coproduced by Grammy-winning producer Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis. Executive producers on the new album are Ron Fair and Michele Torpedine (Il Volo's manager) for the two duets. The new CD includes guest appearances by Placido Domingo and Eros Ramazzotti. We Are Love includes Il Volo’s soaring version of the Aerosmith/ Diane Warren hit “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (“Questo Amore”) along with a new Warren song “I Bring You To My Senses”. Il Volo also performs a cover version of the U2 Hit “Beautiful Day” and the title cut “We Are Love” both in English. The group’s members are Piero Barone (19), Gianluca Ginoble (17) and Ignazio Boschetto (18). Il Volo is currently touring as special guests on the Barbra Streisand Tour and also completed a series of US dates that followed appearances on American Idol, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, El-

Il Volo New CD-We are Love len, The Talk, Rachel Ray and the final episode of the HBO hit “Entourage”.

The trio’s live performances have received standing ovations across the US and critical acclaim. “Exhilarating” by the El Paso Times and “Il Volo means flight in Italian – and it turned out to be the perfect name for a trio of teen tenors who have been soaring to new heights. Beautiful rich voices, wonderful harmonies, uplifting their audi-

ences with each moment full of emotion and drama” raved NY’s Journal News. Their PBS Special “Il Volo – Live From The Detroit Opera House” has been one of the highest rated and highest pledged shows in PBS history and is also available on DVD and CD. The special will re-air for a third time beginning November 24th on PBS stations throughout the country. Their self-titled debut CD, released in 2011 has sold

over one million copies. Complete track listing for We Are Love is “Questo Amore (I Don't Want To Miss a Thing),”“L’Ultima Volta,” “I Bring You To My Senses,” “Beautiful Day,” “Splendida,” “Historia de un Amor,” “Luna Nascosta,” “Il Canto” featuring Placido Domingo, “We Are Love,” “Cosi’” featuring Eros Ramazzotti, “Bienvenido Nuestro Amor,” and “Non Farmi Aspettare.” The deluxe version of “We Are Love” includes the

12 track album plus five Christmas songs that were originally released as an EP last year. Fans can pre-order both the standard and deluxe versions of “We Are Love” now. The group is scheduled to appear on NBC’s Christmas Tree Lighting Live at Rockefeller Center on November 28th.

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Audemars Piguet Celebrated Brand Ambassador LeBron James On The Launch Of His New Watch Joining celebrated four-time NBA MVP LeBron James were Francois-

Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet and Xavier Nolot, CEO of Audemars Piguet (North America) as well as Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick, Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy, NBC Today Show's Jill Martin, the Fugees Pras Michel, Tinie Tempah, Flo Rida with music provided by DJ Mick Audemars Piguet announced the appointment of LeBron James as the global brand ambassador in 2011. Audemars Piguet, the world's oldest watch manufacturer still in the hands of its founding families chose LeBron for his commitment to excellence, skilled technique and unwavering generosity -values shared by these two legends. The event on September 27th, marks the official launch and unveiling of his namesake timepiece. James is part of an elite roster of brand ambassadors including race car icon Michael Schumacher, international soccer star Leo Messi, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, and top professional golfers such as, Graeme McDowell, Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood. The party at the Herzog & de Meuron designed 1111 Lincoln Road was the perfect backdrop for the state-of-the art video specially created for the evening. The video culminated with LeBron driving a Ferrari 458 into the party to the delight of the 350 guests in the audience.

Special thanks to Moet & Chandon, Double Cross Vodka, and Atlantico Rum.

Photo credit: World Red Eye

Audemars Piguet presents the Royal Oak Offshore LeBron James Limited Edition -

Flo Rida-PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

Francois-Henry Bennahmias, LeBron James PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

Michael Srahan-PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

Kourtney Kardashian-PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian, Francois-Henry Bennahmias PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

LeBron James, Savannah Brinson, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick-PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

Tinie Tempah-PHOTO by: Seth Browarnik

18º Encontro Internacional-LIDE – Grupo de Líderes Empresariais-Miami-2013

18th International Meeting-LIDE-Business Leadership Group-Miami-2013

18º Meeting Internacional destaca relações bilaterais entre Brasil e Estados Unidos Na abertura do Seminário Internacional, realizado em 27 de setembro, durante o 18º Meeting International, organizado pelo LIDE - Grupo de Líderes Empresariais, Hélio Vitor Ramos Filho, embaixador e cônsul-geral do Brasil em Miami, ressaltou que os dois países estão vivendo um momento muito próspero para os negócios. “Esse evento é um incentivo para o relacionamento entre Brasil e Estados Unidos”, afirmou Ramos. O encontro reuniu 200 empresários brasileiros, norte-americanos e autoridades dos dois governos entre 26 e 29 de setembro em Miami, EUA.

disse Roberto Rodrigues, ex-ministro da Agricultura e presidente do LIDE AGRONEGÓCIOS em sua palestra sobre “A força do etanol e da laranja na exportação do Brasil para os EUA”.

“O governo quer combater a inflação e um dos fatores para evitar o crescimento da mesma é congelar o preço da gasolina, que consequentemente, aumenta o preço do etanol”, revelou o ex-ministro.

Em 2012, a balança comercial brasileira teve saldo de US$ 19 bilhões. Somente o agronegócio alcançou US$ 79 bilhões. O etanol e o suco de laranja são dois produtos que se destacam nas potenciais exportações do agronegócio brasileiro para os Estados Unidos.

Os Estados Unidos são o segundo maior mercado para nosso suco de laranja, atrás apenas da União Europeia. Hoje são 27 bilhões de litros produzidos no Brasil, com excedente de 6 a 7 bilhões de litros para exportação. “Em agosto exportamos mais etanol para os EUA do que no mesmo período do ano passado. O espaço para o aumento de negóA crise em 2008 fez o Brasil reduzir a produção cios com os EUA é formidável, mas é preciso fledo etanol e hoje não existe nenhuma usina sendo xibilizar os impostos de importação americanos”, construída. destacou o especialista.

O governador da Flórida, Rick Scott, defendeu o estreitamento das relações econômicas com o Brasil e criticou a exigência de vistos entre os países durante o primeiro painel do dia sobre “Relações econômicas, institucionais e de turismo entre Brasil - Estados Unidos”. “O problema do visto é algo significativo, pois quero aumentar o nosso relacionamento com outros países, principalmente com o Brasil”, contou o governador, que recebeu apoio do presidente do LIDE, João Doria Jr. Para o governador de Goiás, Marconi Perillo, a agropecuária goiana tem grande importância no saldo de exportações. “Goiás é responsável por 50% da produção nacional de grãos, metade dos rebanhos e 20% da cana de açúcar para produção do etanol brasileiro”, explicou. “A agricultura brasileira é de longe a mais sustentável do mundo”, Fotos Juan Guerra

Ambassador Helio Vitor Ramos Filho, João Doria Jr., Gov. Rick Scott, Artist Romero Brito

18th International Meeting highlights bilateral relations between Brazil and the United States At the opening of the International Seminar held on September 27, during the 18th International Meeting, organized by LIDE Group, business Leaders, the Ambassador and Consul General of Brazil in Miami Helio Vitor Ramos Filho, declared that both countries are living a very prosperous moment for business. " This event is an incentive for the relationship between Brazil and the United States ," said the Ambassador.

gether 200 Brazilian businessmen, and Government authorities from both countries.

President Lide USA1 Cristiano Piquet-Florida Gov. Rick ScottVice-President LIDE Brasil Paulo Uebel

Florida Governor Rick Scott defended the closer business relations with Brazil and criticized the severe visa requirements between the two countries during the first panel of the day " Economic Institutional relations, and tourism between Brazil - United States, in which he was the major speaker.

" The visa problem is something significant , because I want to improve our relationship with other countries, especially with Brazil," said the governor, who received The meeting that happened be- support from LIDE President Jo茫o tween the 26th and 29th of Sep- D贸ria Jr. tember in Miami, USA brought to- For Governor of Goias, Marconi Pe r i l l o , goian agriculture is of great importance in the balance of exports . " Goias is responsible for 50 % of Cristiano Piquet, Bal Harbour Mayor Jean Rosenfeld e VicePresidente LIDEUSA1 Rodolfo Manzon

the national production of grains, half of the herds and 20 % of sugar cane needed for the production of Brazilian ethanol," he explained. " Brazilian agriculture is by far the world's most sustainable ," said Roberto Rodrigues, former Minister of Agriculture and President of LIDE AGRIBUSINESS in his lecture on " The strength of ethanol and orange in Brazil's export to the U.S. ." In 2012 , the Brazilian trade balance had a surplus of U.S. $ 19 billion. Only the agribusiness reached $ 79 billion. Ethanol and orange juice are two products that stand the potential Brazilian agribusiness exports to the United States. The crisis in 2008 forced Brazil to

reduce its production of ethanol and today there is no new power plant being built. " The government wants to combat inflation and one of the factors to prevent inflation rise is to freeze the price of gasoline, that systematically increases the price of ethanol," said the former minister. The United States is the second largest market for our orange juice, behind only the European Union. Today there are 27 billion liters produced in Brazil, with over 6-7 billion liters for export . " In August Brazil exported more ethanol to the U.S. than in the same period last year. There is room to grow business in the U.S. , but they need to relax US import taxes ," said the expert .


meu trabalho é incentivar as pessoas a fazer e gerar negócios e empregos”. Segundo ele, houve um estudo que demonstrou que a Flórida é o terceiro estado melhor para se fazer negócios. “Queremos liderar a lista O governador da Flórida, Rick Scott, defendeu e nos tornar o melhor estado nos Estados no 18º Meeting Internacional, promovido pelo Unidos para se fazer negócios”, revelou. LIDE – Grupo de Líderes Empresariais, o estreitamento das relações econômicas com o Brasil Antes, João Doria Jr., presidente do LIDE, e fez críticas à exigência de visto para turistas, criticou intensamente a obrigatoriedade feita pelos Estados Unidos. O governador par- do visto dizendo “que não faz sentido um ticipou do painel sobre “Relações econômicas, país que adquiriu a importância do Brainstitucionais e de turismo entre Brasil – Estados sil, considerado a 7ª economia mundial, Unidos”. ter que submeter seus cidadãos a obtenção de visto para ingresso em território ameriDe olho na intensificação do comércio e no fluxo cano e vice-versa”.O 18º Meeting Internade turistas, Rick Scott ressaltou que o fim do cional reuniu 200 empresários brasileiros, visto é um assunto prioritário. “O Brasil é um norte-americanos e autoridades dos dois parceiro comercial importante para a Flórida e governos entre 26 e 29 de setembro em Mitambém para os EUA. ami, EUA. Há muitos turistas brasileiros que vêm para os EUA, e muitos americanos que viajam para o Brasil”, concluiu. Para ele, a obrigatoriedade do visto é um impedimento não só para a ampliação do turismo na Flórida, mas também para a prospecção de novos negócios. “O problema do visto é algo realmente significativo, pois quero aumentar ainda mais o nosso relacionamento com outros países, principalmente com o Brasil”, contou o governador.

Empresas participantes

O 18º MEETING INTERNACIONAL contou com a chancela de grandes empresas: AMIL, CONTAX, GOCIL SEGURANÇA Jean Rosenfield-Governor Fl. Rick Scott & Joao Doria Jr E SERVIÇOS, INVESTE SÃO PAULO, APEX-BRASIL, BOA VISTA, HSBC, PIQUET BEVERAGES, CDN COMUNICAÇÃO CORPOREALTY, SBT, AMERICAN AIRLINES, ATHIÉ RATIVA, DECOR, ECCAPLAN, FORMAG'S, WOHNRATH, AVIS, CASA COR, DELTA AIR GRUPO COMPANHIA, LEXUS, MISTRAL, PR LINES, EMBRAER, GRUPO SERSON, MAN NEWSWIRE, ST. REGIS HOTEL, TALENT, TRAVLATIN AMERICA, ODEBRECHT, SAPORE, EL ACE, UPS, VINCI e W SOUTH BEACH HOO Brasil é uma das economias que cresce mais SPIN, THE LEADING HOTELS OF THE TEL. ISTO É, ISTO É DINHEIRO, VIVER BRASIL, rapidamente no mundo, sendo o maior par- WORLD, UNIMED SEGUROS, AGAXTUR, ROBB REPORT e a revista MEETING & NEGÓCIOS são os mídia partners. ceiro comercial da Flórida, envolvendo diversos AMAZON setores como aviação, telecomunicações, alimentos, entre outros. “Desde que assumi o governo, Fotos: Juan Guerra Fonte: CDN - Comunicação Corporativa

“ THE END OF THE VISA OBLIGATION IS A PRIORITY “ DEFENDED THE GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA DURING THE 18th INTERNATIONAL MEETING BRAZIL-USA in MIAMI Florida Governor Rick Scott declared at the 18th International Meeting, promoted by LIDE - Group of Business Leaders, his position in favor to a closer economic relation with Brazil and was critical to the visa requirement for tourists, made by the United States. The governor participated in the panel of “ Economic Institutional relations, and tourism between Brazil - United States.” Observing the growing trade and the flow of tourists, Rick Scott said that the end of the visa is a priority issue . “Brazil is an important trading partner for Florida and also to the U.S.. There are many Brazilian tourists who come to the U.S., and many Americans traveling to Brazil,“ he concluded. For the Governor the visa requirement is an impediment not only to the expansion of tourism in Florida, but

also to prospect new business. “ The visa problem is something really significant, because I want to further enhance our relationship with other countries, especially with Brazil,” said the Governor . Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, being the largest trading partner of Florida, involving various industries like aviation, telecommunications, food, among others. “Since I took office , my job is to encourage people to make and generate business and jobs.” According to him, there was a study that showed that Florida is the third best state for doing business . “ We want to lead the list and become the best state in America to do business ,” he said . Before the Governor, during the panel, LIDE PresidentJoão Doria Jr., strongly criticized the mandatory visa saying “ it makes no sense that a country who has acquired the importance of Brazil, considered the 7th world economy, is subjecting its citizens to obtain an entry Visa into American territory and vice versa . “ The 18th International Meeting brought together 200 Brazilian busi-

nessmen, American authorities of the two governments and between 26 and 29 September in Miami , USA . The 18th International Meeting brought together 200 Brazilian businessmen, American authorities of the two governments and between 26 and 29 September in Miami, USA. Participating Companies

The 18th MEETING INTERNATIONAL had the support of large companies as follows: AMIL, CON-



zine are media partners.

Source: CDN -Corporate Communications Photo by: Juan Guerra

3120 South Kirkman Road. Orlando-Fl-32811

Complex Unniversitario Ana G. Mendez 10th Anniversary Ana G. Mendez is celebrating 10 years of success since their establishment in 2003, and to celebrate they inaugurated an Art Expo,” 10 Years Of Culture and Artistic Expression“, where Art and Education unite as an example of the contributions from the Institution to the development of the Hispanic Community . In their speech both Dr. Mendez and Dr. Luis Burgos, Ana G. Mendez Rector, in Florida, highlighted: From the initial 125 students and a few employees, Ana G. Mendez today employs over 480 professionals, has over 2.500 alumni, and already graduated 2.143 students that today are participants of this Nation‘s Progress. Ana G. Mendez adopted the Discipline Based Dual Language Immersion Model, the first University Level Bilingual Program in the United States.

connect students, the school and the community, an effort to confirm the magical reality that the community lives in its art. The Art Expo at Ana G. Mendez Metro Orlando Campus until October 21st and includes work of : • Soco Freire-Brazil • Angel Ivan Rivera and Pedro Brull-Puerto Rico • Julio Cesar Sanchez Matos-Born in Puerto Rico but grew up in Domenican Republic. • Carlos Alberto QuinteroColombia

Present at the event many personalities of our community, City Commissioner Tony Ortiz, Pete Clarck District 3 Orange County Commissioner, Luiz M. Martines-Alicea Director of Multicultural Affairs for the City of Orlando, Commissioner Wanda Rentas -City of Kissimmee, Diana Bolivar - HCCMO President, Laiz Rodrigues Director at Luis Zayas Vice-President CFBACC representing Presof National and Interna- ident Amy Litter tional Affairs, expressed that the Art Expo is a way to

Cutting Ribbon Ceremony for the Expo-10 Years of Culture and Artistic Expression

President Dr. Mendez and Dr. Luiz Burgos

Soco Freire-Brazil

Director of Multi Cultural Affairs for Mayor Dyer Luis Martinez Alicea and Artist Soco Freire

Carlos Alberto Quintero - Colombia

Alicia RamĂ­rez, HOLA Coordinator-Hispanic Office for Local Assistance-City of Orlando and Artist Carlos Alberto Quintero

Pedro Brull- Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


San Juan de Puerto Rico

テ]gel Ivテ。n Rivera

The Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal

Recently the Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal was the Host Sponsor for the First Brazilian Business Expo & Independence Day Celebration, presented by Bright House Networks. Attracted by the quality in the service and overall outcome of the event, AboutUS is sharing with you all the reasons why, the hotel is the success it is, among so many that visit it along the year. The Hotel has an outstanding Catering Department, with the highest level of professionals that are committed and always ready to help. The high quality food and attention to every detail was visible in every part of the event, and this is a quality not every resort can offer. The rooms are immaculate, clean, fresh, and relaxing, offering room service, flat screen TV, wi-fi, and also has plenty of space for receptions, meetings and small conferences. All this with moderate prices and a 5 stars service. The Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal is located at 7800 Universal Blvd. Orlando-Fl 32819 For reservations visit or call Phone:(407) 355-0550.

The excellent food quality and creativity in the decoration in all the dishes displayed. Photos By Hotspotorlando

5417 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819 At The Orlando Crossings Mall

Hours Mon: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sun: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Hispanic Heritage Month - Art at The City of Orlando


rt is manifestation of one about its social reality, feelings, experiences and Sensitivity. The way the artist pours its heart and his soul for everyone to see, Admire and Understand.

We are living in precious times.

Our community is full of great artists, that presented us this year with unbelievable, and valued work, in many aspects. You will notice a repetition in some of the names like Soco Freire Imagine a world without art, and we from Brazil, Carlos Alberto Quintero, would have a world without History, and Pedro Brull, they were also invited with nothing to tell about the time to expose their work at the Ana G. Menwe weren’t present, because art tran- dez Anniversary Art Expo. scends, time, age, and everything else, art is protected to be able to tell the sto- But I can assure you, their art is beauries, of a world we never met. tiful and inviting no matter how many times you see it. I hope you like our This year Mayor Dyer chose quite a few choices also. To the right artists to represent the Latin Community at the Hispanic heritage Month, and through the work presented, you can see and feel in some, the preoccupation with social issues, memories of motherland, and also a lot of romanticism, lots of talent.

Carolina Bermudez-Pelaez


Sculptures Denisse Berlingeri

Puerto Rico

Carlos Alberto Quintero


Martha Cabral


Ana Yelsi Sanchez


Brazil Soco Freire

Felipe Armando Moralez

Puerto Rico

Katiana Robles Puerto Rico

Pedro Brull

Puerto Rico

Richard Barrenechea Uruguay

Raysa Molina Dominican Republic

Janis Nunes Mexico mosaicartgallery.html

Francisco E. Sierra


Rosa Alvarado El Salvador

Happy Hour at Avanti Resort Valencia College Alumni with Professor Richard Samsone Portuguese Department at Valencia and Nelson Freitas.

On Top, Attorney Felipe Alexandre of Alexandre Law Firm and wife Glenia Alexandre with CFBACC President Amy Litter. On the photo below, Team: Margaret Simeone, Hilton Oliveira, and Lenora Oliveira

Khalid Muneer from Jupiter Properties

Avanti’s Resort, front Area, Cafe, Pool, Game Room and Gym, with all the amenities a good hotel can offer to its guests, along with great service and competitive prices. Avanti Resort is located at 8738 International Drive, Orlando-Fl. 32819 Phone # 407-313-0100 visit their website at

CFBACC-September Happy Hour

1st Annual Mahatma Gandhi Diversity Breakfast The First Annual Mahatma Gan- " I don't think Gandhi dhi Diversity Breakfast was a huge success! Celebrating Gandhi's would be happy with birthday and remembering his the world today, but he impressive life, we learned how would approve what we amazing it is to live among this colorful and diverse Community, do in Orange County". filled with great professionals and people that devote their lives to a It is an honor to be part of this great better community . Community, to be part of something so close to the heart, showing Leaders of our Community, such as that what we do is not only a gift to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Or- others but also to ourselves. ange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Tax Collector Scott Randolph, Many awards were Sheriff Jerry Demings, Orlando given to leaders of Police Chief Paul Rooney, Supervi- our Community sor of Ellections Bill Cowles, Clerk such as, Mayor of the Courts Colleen Reilly and Buddy Dyer, The many more supported the Event Visionary Award, presented by Orange County Prop- Orange County erty Appraiser Rick Singh, and Teresa Jacobs, The IACC- Indian American Chamber Vanguard Award, of Commerce. The Orlando Magic Vice President We are all different ! We come from of Philanthropy different countries, and or differ- and Multicultural ent parts of America, and we learn InsightsLinda to deal with all our differences, to Landman Gonzalez create a better environment to live received the Corand work. porate Vanguard Award, Walt Disney As Mayor Teresa Jacobs said on her World received the speech. Corporate Vision-

ary Award, Jon Morgan EsquireMorgan & Morgan P.A. received the Advocacy Award, M.P. Rama JHM Hotels received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Barbara Jenkins Superintendent of Orange County Public Schools received the Educational Achievement Award, and Anil Deshpande from Park Square Homes, received the Corporate Champion Award.

13 was the Mistress of Ceremonies and a great moving lecture about Gandhi was given by Dennis G. Dalton, PH.D. Closing remarks by the Honorable Rick Singh, CFA-Orange County Property Appraiser. We now have to wait, anxiously for the next year’s breakfast that for sure will be doubled in attendance.

Marla Weech Anchor from Chanel

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Property Apraiser Rick Singh

Orange County Mayoer Teresa Jacobs, Linda Landman GonzalezOrlando Magic, Orlando Mayor Dyer and Giorgina Pinedo

Monica Correa -Bright House, Diana Bolivar President HCCMO O.C. Property Apraiser Rick Singh, CFBACC President Amy Litter

O.C Property Apraiser Rick Singh

Asian Chamber-Dahlya Hales, Coco Johnson, Amy Litter(CFBACC) and friend

Marla Weech Chanel 13 Anchor

“Hispanic Attorney, Euri Cerrud, announces candidacy for Orange County Commission District 4.” Cerrud is happily married to Karen and has two sons who currently attend public school in Avalon Park. Cerrud is proud

counsel and equal access to to representation in the legal system. Cerrud stated, “It is my privilege to answer the calls of so many of who hoped for a higher standard of ethics and a clearer vision to improve the quality of life and promote new jobs to District 4. For these reasons, it is time for a change, your voice will be heard and I hope to earn your vote in August.” Cerrud, better known as “Euri” was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico January 26, 1972. After attending middle and high school in Puerto Rico, Cerrud moved to Central Florida to attend college. He graduated from Rollins College with a Mathematics degree with a Concentration in Numerical Modeling and a minor in Business Administration. Cerrud attended New England Law in Boston where he graduated in the top 25% of his class and was recognized with the CALI Award by his professors in Business Planning and Advanced Corporate Taxation.

to announce his candidacy in Orange County District 4. He has a long track record of being a champion of the community in an honest and ethical way opposing bullying and striving to give small and medium sized businesses legal

Cerrud met his wife, Karen, while attending Valencia Community College in Orlando, and have been together over twenty years. She moved with him to Boston where they started a family just a stone-throw away from the Kennedy Library. After completing his Juris Doctor degree Cerrud returned with his newly expanded family back to Orlando, where his second son

was born. Cerrud continued his spirit of giving and volunteerism by immediately throwing himself into local charities and causes. He became a Board Member of Christian Help; and, through his education, has been serving on the UCF Small Business Development Center Advisory board and the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund Advisory Board.

Cerrud is well known for giving legal advice and his involvement with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. Cerrud has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce on three separate terms, Chaired Pack 25 of Troop 25 of the Cub Scouts at Good Shepherd Catholic School and continues to serve the

Orange County community. Currently, Cerrud serves as Vice-Chair of the City of Orlando Civil Service Board, as an Ambassador to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as liaison to the Food and Wine Festival Committee, and member of the editorial board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Vision Magazine.

Above with Attorneys Scot Silzer, Felipe Alexandre, Ana Francolin, and Alexandre Piquet, During a CFBACC Immigration Panel

City Commissioner Tony Ortiz, Euri Cerrud and Alex Piquet

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Delivers 2013 State of Downtown Address Reflecting on a Decade of Accomplishment and Setting a Course for the Future of Downtown Orlando

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer delivered his annual State of Downtown address to hundreds of Downtown residents, business owners and community leaders gathered on the floor of the Amway Center.

us for the future,” noted Mayor Dyer. “Ask yourselves, is there any other downtown in America experiencing this much activity?” Among the successes are: CORNERSTONE PROJECTS “The first of five major objectives outlined by our task force was to re-energize the core of our City by implementing what we called “Cornerstone Projects” that would create jobs, spur development and generate economic impact.”

During his speech Mayor Dyer highlighted the work of the Downtown Strategic Transition Team which was formed 10 years ago to develop a plan to revitalize and modernize Downtown Orlando. “As I look back at the strategy set forth by our community in the fall of 2003, I am proud of the successes we’ve achieved, the challenges we’ve overcome and the position our center City is in today,” said Mayor Dyer. “This task force created 166 recommendations to better our downtown. Today, 136 of those are complete or in progress.” Today Mayor Dyer announced a new task force, Project DTO, which will help create the strategic plan for the next 10 years. Mayor Dyer also reaffirmed his commitment to Parramore noting that a strategic focus area of Project DTO will include continuing to make a meaningful impact in the Parramore community. Similar to each State of Downtown address, Mayor Dyer provided the community with an update on facts, figures and new developments in Downtown Orlando. “I want everyone to think about what’s happening right now in Downtown and how it positions

Project Update Since 2003, 47 major projects representing $1.86 billion in investments were completed. Today, 9 projects are underway in Downtown Orlando that will add 566 residential units, 119 hotel rooms, 18,300 square-feet of retail space, 398,700 square-feet in office space representing $1.27 billion in investment. Projects include: Aloft Hotel, NORA, Sky House, Church Street Streetscape, LYMMO Expansion, Coalition for the Homeless Men’s Service Center, Gertrude’s Walk, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and SunRail. 6 projects are proposed to break ground in the next year in Downtown Orlando representing an additional $345 million investment, more than 900 residential units, 260 hotel rooms and 35,000 square-feet of retail space. Projects include: 420 East Church Street, 800 North Orange Avenue, Central Station, Citrus Bowl Reconstruction, Residence Inn and The Sevens. 7 projects are also proposed for the future of Downtown representing a more than $2 billion investment and include: 315 West Concord, 331 Cathcart Avenue, 801/811 North Magnolia, Cambria Suites, Creative Village, Interstate 4 Improvements and Trinity Lu-

theran CDC. TRANSPORTATION “Another pillar of our strategic plan was transportation… making downtown a more pedestrian-friendly destination and expanding public transportation options.” Car Share Program The program launches today, Thursday, October 10, 2013. Bike Share Program The City released an RFP for a bike share system in June 2013 and the program is expected to be operational in summer 2014.

Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness will launch the “Rethink Homelessness” campaign. The goal of the campaign is to change the misconception of homelessness and help our community understand that the majority of homeless in the Central Florida region are families and children. The Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness is currently working to align local, state and federal resources; stakeholders and advocates to work together collaboratively to bring results and solutions for the Central Florida homeless population.

LYMMO The new Parramore BRT “Lime Line” will be operational by spring 2014. The new East/West Expansion, the “Grapefruit Line” will be operational by spring 2014. Orlando Amtrak Station Rehabilitation The project is currently under design and construction will begin early 2014 with an expected completion in summer 2014. Sligh Boulevard The project is under design and is expected to be complete in spring 2014. SunRail Under construction now, the 32mile first phase of SunRail will serve 12 stations with operations expected to start in second quarter of 2014. QUALITY OF LIFE “We believed then, and still believe today, that more than any single amenity, superior quality of life is what draws employers, workers, residents and visitors to Downtown.” Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness Today, Mayor Dyer will join with the

Watch Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s 2013 State of Downtown address on the City’s website at www.



Making Orlando a Better Place to Work and Live

The Sunrail is designed to carry Bicycles, it is Handicap friendly and it is a smoke free environment

Business After Hours MACC and CFBACC @ Pasha Restaurant Pasha was the venue of choice for the Joint Business After Hours between the Moroccan and Brazilian Chambers. The result was a business event with lots of networking, friendly people, and many connections. Service and great food was also an important key for the success. Lots of Brazilian and Moroccan entrepreneurs, also speaking about the First Annual Festival, that will celebrate, the Moroccan Heritage, Music, Food and Art, where other cultures will also be celebrat-

ed. The Moroccan Festival will be in Downtown Orlando at The Festival Park, by the Milk District, on November 10th, an all day event. To improve the night Pasha provided guests with entertainment ; a belly dancer to grace all present with her beauty and rhythm .Our thanks to Pasha Restaurant for preparing such a great event to all. Pasha is located at 4104 Millenia Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839 Phone:(407) 7303222.

Yulissa Arce - Property Apraiser Rick Singh’s Office Community Cordinator and CFBACC Vice President Lis Sommerville

Khalid Muneer and Cassim Owner at Pasha Restaurant

Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce President Ali Yche and Executive Board

Janise 53rd Bank and Armando Insphere

Osmar & Julie from Pirate’s Town

Luiz & Taina Piquet with CFBACC Director Laiz Rodrigues

Lisa Christman-MONAVIE & friend

International Association of Science Parks World Conference Recife, Brazil Mayor Dyer leaded a Metro Orlando EDC best practices and international business mission to Recife, Brazil. The mission coincided with the 30th annual meeting of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) which gathers researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers from science parks throughout the world to discuss the contribution of these environments to build more creative and habitable cities. The conference also hosted in an area of

Recife known as Porto Digital, a mixeduse urban neighborhood centered around innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and knowledge, a neighborhood similar in nature to the planned Downtown Orlando Creative Village. The mission team met with state and local elected officials in Brazil and also with various representatives of Porto Digital to discuss how its development and cluster of technology companies can be used as a model for the City of Orlando as it moves forward with its plan for Creative Village.

Rick Weddle, President of the Metro Orlando EDC is currently serving as President of IASP. The mission team also experienced the IASP conference in order to assess if the City of Orlando and our entire metropolitan region should bid for hosting a future IASP conference, possibly as early as 2016.

of Research and Commercialization at the University of Central Florida.

Mayor Dyer is joined on this mission by Rick Weddle, President of the Metro Orlando EDC; Brooke Myers, President of Emerge Real Estate Ventures, LLC and partner of Creative Village Development, LLC; and Dr. M.J. Soileau, Vice President

Porto Digital Recife

Brazil invites New York and the world to “Be Brasil” Weeklong experiential immersion in NYC displays the country’s innovation and creativity Brazil’s most creative professionals and innovative companies are in New York from October 15th through October

tecture, Design, Food and Drink Experience, Sustainability, Aerospace, Film, Music, Technology and the Arts – and celebrates products and lifestyle brands developed by Brazilians. “Be Brasil is an experiential platform that brings the contemporary Brazilian narrative to life,” said Mauricio Borges, President of Apex-Brasil. “We want New York and the world to see what makes Brazil a uniquely innovative, competitive and sustainable country. With the Be Brasil brand we highlight the talent of our people, and show the world how Brazil innovates and amazes,” he added. The Be Brasil venue was created by Brazilian urban architects and designmasterminds Guto Requena and Mauricio Arruda. They took over an 11,000 square-foot retail space in Soho and transformed it into a virtual Brazil.

22nd., to display the country’s creativity at Be Brasil, a weeklong experience that takes over a hub at 372 West Broadway in SoHo. Organized by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), Be Brasil is an initiative that captures Brazil’s unique point of view and innovation in Fashion, Beauty, Archi-

Curated by Antonio Haslauer da Costa, the hub features a concept pop-up store providing a Brazilian retail adventure where visitors can acquire exclusive and innovative products; the digital hall on the ground floor showcases a visual Brazil immersion that includes a visit to Inhotim, Brazil’s renowned contemporary art foundation; and on the 2nd floor, The Botequim, a traditional Brazilian bar presents the latest trends in food and beverage by Brazilian brands.

We designed a space that offers a glimpse of the Brazilian creative spirit and its connection to digital culture, said Requena. “It’s meant to inspire and engage,” he added. The two Brazilian urban architects are among the powerful list of Be Brasil speakers and presenters that are part of the unique pop-up festival along with world famous Brazilian, Chef Alex Atala. Be Brasil has partnered with organizations, companies and brands in a variety of fields. The weeklong Be Brasil event calendar also features remarkable individuals that are breaking ground in their fields and taking Brazil into the future. Presentations, business panels, talks and tastings will be part of the experience. Innovators • Cristiana Arcangeli, Entrepreneur and creator of Beauty’In • Mauricio Arruda, Architect and Designer • Alex Atala, Chef • Alexandre Herchcovitch, Fashion Designer • Guto Requena, Arquitect and Designer All Photos By Rick Gilbert Photography

Brands • Amazonia Viva • Amazoo Açaí (Globalbev) • Art da Terra • Ateliê • Aurora • Baggio Café • Banzai Studios • Bauducco • Beauty’in • BEI Books • Braskem • Camocim Coffee Institutional Support • ABEST • Brazilian Publishers (CBL) • Brazilian Furniture (Abimóvel) The Arts • Inhotim, Brazil’s open-air modern art museum will be featured at Be Brasil through virtual visits. • The Public Art Fund, Inc. has partnered with Be Brasil to bring artist Iran do Espirito Santo’s “Playground” public art installation to the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in New York, on view through

February, 2014.

• Stefanini



• Embratur (Brazil Tourism Board)

• U-Rock Chair

Be Brasil is free and open to the public at 372 West Broadway in Soho. For hours of operation, Information on Be Brasil, please visit: or follow us on Twitter @BeBrasilNYC.

• Valduga

• Catupiry


• Doiselles

• Chefs do Brasil

• Emana

• Organics Brasil (IPD)

• Embraer

• TexBrasil (ABIT)

• Garibaldi

• Wines of Brasil

• Weber Hauss • Brazilian Beauty

• Havaianas • Louloux • Maria Oiticica • Maricota • Melissa • Miolo • Moovex • Mundial Impala • Natural Fashion • Novo Fogo • O2 Films

• Salton • Samba

All Photos By Rick Gilbert Photography

All Photos By Rick Gilbert Photography

Vicky@AboutUS By Hotspotorlando

Galerinha essa coluna esta cheia de grandes acontecimentos e muitas emoções e eu vou tentar passar um pouquinho de tudo isso aqui para vocês! No dia 30 de Setembro eu tive o prazer em conhecer e entrevistar o artista plastico Victor Hugo na exposição "The Colors of the Pantanal" na Casa do Brasil em New York City, la o artista expôs suas obras e falou sobre o seu projeto com as crianças, um trabalho muito bonito e que vale a pena ser conferido.

NYC, numa cerimonia emocionante pudemos conhecer a historia da menina Olivia Gillier uma americana que tinha leucemia e pode ser curada através de um transplante de medula, o doador um brasileiro nato Sr. Sidney Barbosa também esteve la e mais uma vez pudemos ver que não importa a nacionalidade quando o assunto e solidariedade. Abaixo Airam da Silva "Presidente da Fundação, Olivia e Sidney

E eu, fui presenteada com a minha fotografia pintada a óleo por esse talentoso artista confesso que fiquei muito feliz com esse presente e com certeza ele sempre estará em um local especial em minha casa.

No dia 14 de outubro estive fazendo o Red Carpet da Blue Horizon Foundation esse foi o segundo evento de Gala idealizado por Karina Tyler, e reuniu vários médicos e artistas em prol de uma boa causa, que é o desenvolvimento no estudo de células tronco e no auxilio a milhares de crianças carentes e enfermas. Entre as celebridades que la estavam dando seu apoio e contribuição pude entrevistar o Dr. Brian Melhing fundador da Blue Horizon e Blue Horizon Foundation, a First Supermodel Janice Dinckison, a Ms. New York Stephanie Chernick entre muitos outros.

conferir no meu web site www.vickyshowusa. com Beijinhos e ate a próxima edição.

Dia 4 de Outubro a empresaria Kaira Costa inaugurou a Paganini II uma escola de Danças e Artes Marcias localizada no numero 109 Monroe St. Suit 201 - Newark - NJ eu estive la no coquetel que contou também com a presença de outros empresários locais e uma belíssima apresentação do Ballet, sucesso Kaira.

No dia 2 de outubro, eu estive fazendo a cobertura da festa de Gala da Fundação Icla Da Silva que aconteceu no Ritz Carlton em

E para finalizar quero aproveitar para contar que no inicio de outubro eu gravei a voz da menina CAMILA, ela e a personagem de um desenho animado que se chama Super Wings e estará na tv americana em 2014. E agora no inicio de novembro vocês poderão me ver no comercial de um brinquedo chamado Furby que sera exibido no canal Nickelodeon a partir da primeira semana de novembro. Mês que vem tem muito mais novidades! E todas as entrevistas e fotos vocês podem

This month our column is full of great events and many emotions and I will try to show a little bit of it all just for you guys! On September 30th I had the pleasure to meet and interview one of our plastic Brazilian artists Victor Hugo in the exhibition "The Colors of the Pantanal " in the House of Brazil in New York City. We spoke about his work and his project with the children, worth being checked. I was presented with my picture painted in oil by this talented artist and I confess that I was very happy with the gift and I can assure it will be in a special place in my home .

On October 2 nd, I was covering the Foundation Icla Da Silva GAla Ball at the Ritz Carlton in NYC, a thrilling ceremony where we learned the story of Olivia Gillier a girl who had leukemia and was cured through a bone marrow transplant. The donor a Brazilian Mr. Sidney Barbosa present and once again we saw that no matter what nationality when the subject is solidarity. Bellow,Airam da Silva " President of the Foundation , Olivia and Sydney.

In October 4th the Entrepreneur Kaira Costa inaugurated the Paganini II a school of Dance and Arts Marcias located at number 109 Monroe St. Suit 201 - Newark - NJ. I was in the opening cocktail that also had the presence of other local business personalities and a beautiful Ballet presentation, we wishKaira lots of success .

Vicky’s News

On October 14th the Red Carpet of Blue Horizon Foundation was the second event Gala designed by Karina Tyler, and I met several artists and doctors working to-

wards a good cause, which is the development in the study of stem cells and aid in the thousands of sick and underprivileged children . Among the celebrities who were giving it their support and contribution could interview Dr. Brian Melhing and founder of Blue Horizon Blue Horizon Foundation , the First Supermodel Janice Dinckison, Ms. Stephanie Chernick New York among many others . On the photo above a change of places I was interviwed during the event! And finally I want to make mention that in early October, I recorded the girl's voice CAMILA, and her character in a cartoon called Super Wings and 'll be on American TV in 2014 .

And now in early November you will see

me in a commercial for Furby ! It will air on Nickelodeon during the first week of November . On the Hall of Fame this Month!

Isabella Lima, Vicky Show, Love Melzinha Maia, Mel Maia, Sarah Dias, Equipe Maisa, Mel Maia, Victoria Alexandre Flor, Jordhana Mariana and Fernanda Karani, and above Fab Marinho. Obrigada pelo carinho! And all the interviews and photos you guys can check out my website Kisses and until the next edition .


Elita Conquista Las Vegas !

Ola amigos, gostaria de contar para vocês sobre a minha mais recente viagem. Desta vez, estive em Las Vegas, por uma semana......Gente! Quantas luzes! Quanto glamour! Como dizem por ai “A cara da riqueza”.

Las Vegas é um lugar ímpar, maravilhoso, cada Cassino é uma viagem, um êxtase, de repente você esta em Nova York e daqui a pouquinho esta em Veneza, na Itália, ou mesmo em Paris. Eu gostaria de aproveitar esse espaço, para dar algumas dicas de como gastar pouco e se divertir muito!!!!!!!! Pra começar, ao escolher o Hotel, não es-

colha o mais luxuoso, o mais caro, pois o dinheiro que você economiza, use para assistir a shows, que são maravilhosos e não são poucos! Afinal você só precisa do quarto para um banho e uma cama limpinha para dormir....E poucas horas ainda por cima.......Acredite! Todos os hotéis na Strip são ótimos, alguns mais antigos com preços bons, porem limpos e confortáveis. Chegando ao aeroporto, não pegue um táxi e sim uma van que deixa os passageiros em qualquer hotel da região. Existem varias opções, nos escolhemos o BellTrans por ter o melhor preço $ 13,50 (ida e volta) p/pessoa. Além dos shows pagos, existem vários gratuitos, e outros com a opção de compre 1 e ganhe 1, procure na front desk do seu hotel eles lhe informarão onde comprar os ingressos. Em cada Cassino que você chegar procure fazer o cartão de membro, assim você terá direitos a vários brindes, como almoços, shows, etc.

Voce também pode comprar o bilhete de ônibus normal para andar na Strip, pois os Cassinos são uns ao lado do outro, mas tem que andar muito......... Eles são imensos., Você paga o bilhete por duas horas US$ 6,00 dólares (que eu não vejo

nenhuma vantagem), ou então compre o bilhete para 24 horas por US$ 8,00 dólares. Tem ainda o Hop-In - Hop-On que faz um tour, onde um guia vai mostrando e contando coisas interessantes da cidade, por exemplo, o lugar onde o Elvis Presley e Priscilla (nome que escolhi para a minha querida filha. Que já não esta aqui comigo) se casaram, e também o CAESER’S Palace que tem um total de 6.500 apartamentos, imagine! Uma cidade! Ah! e preste atenção as pequenas capelas, onde acontecem casamentos de todas as maneiras possíveis

e imagináveis, vimos uma dupla casando no drive-thru de bicicleta. Não deixe de assistir a dança das águas na frente do BELLAGIO, a erupção vulcânica no MIRAGE diariamente das 18 as 23 hs..(de hora em hora), e o show de luzes e raio laser na Freemont Street (Old Las Vegas), visite a loja da M&M’s, são quatro andares de pura diversão e prazer, no IMPERIAL PALACE, shows diários entre 11 e meia-noite de meia em meia hora, você verá covers de Elvis Presley, Madonna e Cher entre outros, e no CIRCUS CIRCUS, shows circenses diários entre 11 e 24 horas a cada

meia hora,todos gratuitos. Sobrevoe LAS VEGAS em um dos passeios noturnos de helicóptero, existem vários na cidade, e se você gosta de fortes emoções, pule no STRATOSPHERE SKY em uma altura de 855 FT.... WOW baby!!!!!!!! it’s amazing. Assistir ao Cirque de Soleil, é uma experiencia incrível, fui ao show dos Beatles LOVE....é simplesmente maravilhoso, e também como saudosista que sou, assisti um espetáculo em homenagem aos BEE GEES, onde as musicas me levaram de volta aos meus dezesseis. Existe prazer e diversão para todos e para qualquer idade, e não para ......Se voce gostar, faca uma fezinha nas maquininhas, se você não ganhar nada, ao menos pode contar que jogou em uma slot machine, ah e você sentada em qualquer uma delas, pode pedir o drink que quiser e sem pagar nada :).....uma cidade maravilhosa onde com certeza irei voltar!!!!!!

Elita Freitas

Elci Neves in Las Vegas

A Brazilian Discovering Las Vegas

Elita Conquers Las Vegas !

Hello friends! I would like to tell you about my most recent trip .This time, I was in Las Vegas for a week ...... Celebrities! Many lights ! And glamour! As the saying goes " The face of wealth ."Las Vegas is a unique

place, wonderful, each casino is a journey, an ecstasy , suddenly you are in New York and in a little while in Venice, Italy, or even in Paris! I would like to take this opportunity to give you some tips on how to spend very little and have fun . To begin, choose the cheaper Hotel, do

not choose the most luxurious or the most expensive because the money you save, you can use to watch shows that are wonderful. There are quite a few hotels and all you need is a room for a nice bath and a good clean bed to sleep a few hours .... And for just a few hours a day... Believe me!

ship card so you will have rights to various gifts such as lunches, concerts, etc. You can also buy the normal bus ticket to walk the strip because the casinos are next to each other, but you have to walk far . They are immense, you pay the ticket for two hours U.S. $ 6.00 U.S. dollars (which I do not see any advantage ), or buy a ticket for 24 hours for $ $ 8.00 .

All hotels on the Strip are great, some older with good prices, however clean and comfortable. When arriving at the airport, do not take a taxi but a van that leaves passengers at any hotel in the region. There are several options, we chose the BellTrans they have the best price at US $ 13.50 ( roundtrip ) p / person . Besides the paid gigs, there are several that are free, and others with the option to buy 1 and get 1 free, look at front desk of your hotel they inform you where to buy the tickets. In every casino you go, get a member-

Be sure to watch the dancing waters in front of the BELLAGIO , the volcanic eruption in the MIRAGE daily from 6 to 11 PM ( every half hour ), and the light and laser Show at Freemont Street ( Old Las Vegas). Visit the M & M' Store with four floors of pure fun and enjoyment, at The IMPERIAL PALACE, daily shows between 11 and midnight every half hour, you'll see Elvis Presley covers, Madonna and Cher among others, and CIRCUS CIRCUS, circus shows daily between 11 and Midnight every half hour, all free . Fly over Las Vegas in a night time helicopter ride, there are several in town, and if you like strong emotions, don’t miss the STRATOSPHERE SKY at an altitude of 855 FT .... WOW baby ! ! ! ! it's amazing pure adrenaline . Watch the Cirque de Soleil, it is an amazing experience, I went to the Beatles show LOVE .... is simply wonderful, and as I am nostalgic, I watched a show in tribute to the BEE GEES, where the music took me back to my sixteens . There is pleasure and fun for everyone and for any age, and it doesn’t stop! You can even gamble a little, if you do not win anything , at least you can say you played on a slot machine, and you if you sit in any of them , you can order a drink without paying anything :) ..... That is it ! A wonderful City where I will return for sure ! ! !

You also have the Hop -In - Hop -On option that makes a tour where a guide will show and tell interesting things around the city, for example, the place where Elvis Presley and Priscilla ( name I chose for my dear daughter who is no longer among us) were married.The Caeser's Palace has a total of 6,500 apartments, imagine ! A city! Ah ! and pay attention to the small chapel where weddings take place in every way imaginable, we saw a couple getting married at the drive- thru in a bike .

Elita F reitas

“A Palavra e o Poeta”


Charlotte Rampling Autor: Nilton Bustamante Eu não falarei de seus olhos, de seu olhar, juro. Dessa insanidade de quem olha e acha que tudo sabe, Tudo vê, sabendo da alma tudo que ela esconde, Não, não farei isso com você... Tanto que meus olhos não conseguem nem mesmo se mexer Nem mesmo sei dizer, nem sei o porquê... Ah, essas pessoas que ficam paralisadas Imaginando filmes dentro dos olhares, Isso é mesmo loucura, comigo, sei, não vai acontecer... Essa estática profundeza dos olhares felinos Querendo caçar, talvez se divertir, Talvez ir embora sem nada dizer, Ah, isso é tirar a razão de quem tem os pés no chão, Comigo, não... Eu não falarei de seus olhos, de seu olhar, juro. Nem direi desse fascínio, dessa vontade de tocar

Seu silêncio que finge que tudo sabe, tudo vê, Só não sabe desses anos todos que me apaixono toda vez Que essa cor quente-fria me vira do avesso, me tira o ar... Sei que outros mil e mais mil se tornam milhões por aí, Hão de lhe falar, hão de indagar desse inquebrantável suspense Que esconde a indisfarçável maturidade do ser Deixando sutilezas nuas, incertezas como quem precisasse mostrar-se mulher Que sabe olhar tudo por dentro, dando vida aos meus suspiros e desejos... Eu não falarei de seus olhos, de seu olhar, juro. Nem mesmo quando outra vez esse quente-frio me tocar... ...

Escritor e Poeta Nilton Bustamante bustamantepoeta(Twitter) Website

Paraty Eco Fashion 2013

Paraty EcoFashion- Rio de Janeiro-Brasil Photos and Article By Patricia Moura

Na coluna anterior, mostrei para vocês a rica programação da terceira edição do Paraty EcoFashion, que aconteceu no período de 26 a 29 de setembro último. Agora venho contar e mostrar um pouco dos meus dias na belíssima Paraty, quando estive completamente envolvida com a proposta sustentável do evento. Como forma de contribuição pessoal para promoção de uma vida melhor, anualmente desenvolvo uma ação social voluntária e a desse ano foi possível graças, ao Instituto Colibri a Associação Cairuçu, e

ao apoio fundamental de duas empresas parceiras já de longas datas, a Sisalsul, indústria de fibras naturais que doou uma generosa quanti-

dade de fibras naturais e a Natural Joias, hoje, a maior loja brasileira de insumos naturais, que também doou boa parte do material usado durante e pós o curso que ministrei.

Patricia Moura-expert em Capacitação, consultoria e criação de biojoias e acessórios naturais, com base nos princípios da sustentabilidade. Facebook

resultando em peças inusitadas e belas.

Cheguei na cidade de Paraty-Rj, no dia 22 de setembro para na manhã do dia 23, iniciar o desenvolvimento da capacitação na produção de bio joias com o primeiro dos dois grupos que estaria capacitando nos quatro dias seguintes: Instituto Colibri e Associação Cairuçu. Foram dias cheios de informações e técnicas compartilhadas, superação e surpresas num esforço coletivo desenvolvido em dias de muito trabalho, cujos resultados me encheram de orgulho e alegria. Nos primeiros dias de aprendizado, recebemos Dorly Piske, que mesmo com uma agenda cheia de compromissos, veio dos USA para aprender novas técnicas que serão compartilhadas com os voluntários do projeto desenvolvido com estudantes americanos, “Jovens em Ação – Bio joias para o Câncer de Mama”, do qual já falei aqui. Nos dois grupos, encontrei um público heterogêneo. Algumas pessoas que já tinha capacitado numa outra ação que desenvolvi no ano de 2011, durante a primeira edição do Paraty EcoFashion, artesãs que já desenvolvem o trabalho artesanal e outras que nunca exercitaram as manualidades, assim, além da troca de experiências e técnicas, pudemos também agregar o trabalho de várias delas ao que estávamos desenvolvendo na capacitação,

O final dos dias de capacitação foi também o inicio da terceira edição do Paraty EcoFashion e a produção resultante do aprendizado ganhou espaço especial para ser comercializada no Feira Criativa, uma das ações do evento, visando já a geração de renda para os participantes do curso. Na Feira, além das bio joias dos grupos capacitados, havia uma diversidade incrível e bela de trabalhos produzidos dentro do conceito sustentável e da economia criativa. Materiais inusitados que são comumente tratados como descarte natural ou industrial, resgate de técnicas antigas como o crochê e bordado e o envolvimento de muitos grupos e projetos sociais de todo o Brasil. Eu queria ser muitas para

conseguir acompanhar todas as ações, palestras, mostras, desfiles e oficinas promovidos simultaneamente pelo evento que a cada ano cresce em conteúdo, público e envolvimento da comunidade e artesãos locais, mas como me dediquei, durante os dias do evento, à participação de minhas criações em alguns dos vários desfiles, oficina desenvolvida na Tenda Criativa e ao espaço Colibri, onde também expus minhas criações em bio joias, pude conhecer melhor e me encantar com o trabalho dos muitos criadores brasileiros que lá expuseram e que mostro aqui para vocês. Ao final de minha semana em Paraty, voltei com ainda mais convicção de que o Brasil é solo fértil para a já plantada semente de um mundo melhor, mais saudável, justo e inclusivo. Exemplo a ser seguido pelo mundo afora.

Paraty Eco Fashion-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

In the previous article , I spoke about the Paraty EcoFashion third edition, which took place in Paraty-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil from 26th to 29th of September. Now we will show you a bit of my days in beautiful Paraty, when I was fully involved with the proposed sustainable event .

As a way of personal contribution to promote a better lifestyle, I develop an annual volunteer social action and this year it was made possible thanks to the Hummingbird Institute and Association Cairuçu, with the fundamental support of partner like the Sisalsul www., natural fibers industry who donated generous amounts of natural fiber and natural Jewelry, www. today, the largest store of Brazilian natural elements, which also donated much of the material used during and after the course I taught. I arrived in the city on September 22 to start on the next morning, on the development of skills in the production of bio-jewelry with the first of two groups that would be empowering the next four days : Hummingbird Institute and Cairuçu Association . The days were full of information and techniques shared, and lots of surprises, overcoming the

collective effort developed in days of hard work, the results of which filled me with pride and joy.

In the early days of learning, we learned from Dorly Piske , that even with a busy schedule , came from the US to learn new techniques that will be shared with the volunteer project developed among American students, “ Youth in Action - biojewels for Breast Cancer , “ which I have already spoken here (http:// thehotspotorlando. com/2013/08/20/ youth-in-actionbiojewels-for-breastcancer-by-patriciamoura/ Both groups found a heterogeneous public. Some people who had already qualified in another action that was developed in the year of 2011, during the first edition of the Paraty EcoFashion, artisans with craft work already underway and others that have never trained before beyond the exchange of experiences and techniques. We also add the

zil. I wanted to multiply to keep up with all actions, lectures, exhibitions, parades and workshops promoted by both the event that each year grows in content, audience and community involvement and craftsmen site, but as I dedicated myself during the days of the event, to share some of my creations at various parades, the workshop developed at the Hummingbird Tent and Creative space, which also exposed my creations at biojewelry . I could better understand and admire all the work of many Brazilian Designers who exhibited and I show them here for you. At the end of my week in Paraty, I came back with even more conviction that Brazil is fertile soil for the seed already planted a better, healthier, and inclusive fair, example to be followed worldwide.

work of several volunteers that were developing their training, resulting in beautiful and unusual pieces . The end of days training was also the beginning of the third edition of the Paraty EcoFashion and the resultant production of learning gained special space to be marketed in a Creative Fair, one of the event actions, generating income for the course participants . At the Fair, besides biojewelry trained groups, there was a beautiful and amazing diversity of work produced within the concept of sustainable and creative economy. Unusual materials that are commonly treated as natural or industrial disposal, redemption of old techniques like crochet and embroidery and the involvement of many groups and social projects throughout Bra-

A Arte Cer창mica de Ma Ferreira

Por Edmundo Cavalcanti -Art Editor

Queridos leitores, sou muito sincero em confessar a vocês, que descobri Ma Ferreira e seu talento, através das redes sociais, vasculhando o feed de noticias de minha pagina, quando de repente vejo uma postagem da artista, as cores e formas de seu trabalho, seu enorme talento como ceramista, seu cativante sorriso, próprio de uma pessoa de bem com a vida e com muita sensibilidade. Daí prá frente virei admirador diário de seus trabalhos e suas postagens, então pensei preciso mostrar a todos este talento, e não guardar somente prá mim. Ma Ferreira (Marlei de Fátima Boldorini Ferreira) graduada em pedagogia, artista plástica, ceramista, desenvolve com vi gorosa individualidade  sua arte, trabalhando com o material mais antigo conhecido pelo homem, a argila.

mais ou menos seis anos atrás. Foi por acaso. Nada programado. Fui movida pela curiosidade em conhecer o processo. Como surgiu ou você descobriu este dom? Eu nunca achei que tivesse dom para artes. Foi por acaso mesmo, Queria fazer um curso para ocupar a minha mente, já que vinha saindo de um processo de depressão. A cerâmica ocupou a minha alma por completo. Amo o que faço. Quais são suas principais influências? Sou mais intuitiva. Não sei dizer se fui influenciada por isso ou por aquilo. Foi um processo de descoberta. Descobri meu caminho experimentando. A cerâmica oferece infinitas possibilidades. Quais os materiais que você utiliza em seus trabalhos? Para a criação da peça utilizo a matéria mais antiga conhecida pelo homem: o barro, a argila. No processo de criação da arte da pintura eu utilizo esmaltes que já compro pronto. Nacionais, importados. Utilizo relevos, vidros etc.

Seu trabalho se destaca pela dinâmica das cores e formas que compõe suas obras de forma harmoniosa e contagiante, rebuscando a magia e o encanto de nossas memórias materializadas pela nobreza da cerâmica. Como e quando se dá o seu primeiro contato com a Cerâmica? Meu contato com a cerâmica aconteceu a

Como é o seu processo criativo em si? Não tenho fórmula pré-definida. Sou intuitiva. Se você fosse resumir em poucas palavras o significado das Artes na sua vida. O que diria? A Arte é o alimento da minha alma. Não busco de definição pelo intelecto. A arte esta

em SENTIR. A arte é uma produção intelectual primorosa, onde as emoções estão inseridas no contexto da criação, porém na historia da arte, vemos que muitos artistas são derivados de outros, seguindo técnicas e movimentos artísticos através do tempo, Você possui algum modelo ou influencia de algum artista? Quem seria? Não posso dizer que sofri influencia, como eu disse sou intuitiva. Lógico que existe um trabalho de pesquisa. Mas mais como alimento. Mas entre os pintores posso dizer que Miró e Picasso me encantam. O que a arte representa para você? A arte me alimenta. Representa a leitura que cada faz do mundo que o rodeia. A minha poesia é o otimismo, a alegria. Quais as técnicas que você usa para expressar suas ideias, sentimentos e percepção a cerca do mundo? Sou mais criativa do que técnica. Faço aulas de torno, modelagem, pintura. Estou sempre em movimento. Todo artista tem seu mentor, aquela pessoa a quem você se espelhou, que te incentivou e te inspirou a seguir essa carreira, indo adiante e levando seus sonhos a outros patamares de expressão, quem é essa pessoa e como ela te introduziu no mundo das artes? Que me introduziu não. Foi um processo de crescimento. Mas como mentora, aquela pessoa que me incentivou para que eu as-

sumisse definitivamente as cores em meu trabalho foi a Pris Spaluto. Mas não posso deixar de citar o nome do Flavio e de Lucia Eid. Frequento ainda hoje a Olaria Paulistana e o Centro de Cultura Cerâmico para aulas e aperfeiçoamento. Procuro sempre estar presente em congressos, whork-shops, etc. Durante algum tempo pratiquei o sumiê, uma arte de origem chinesa ..... Cite algumas principais premiações que você recebeu. E exposições mais importantes. Já participei de diversas exposições, dentro e fora do Brasil China, Argentina, França. Diversas Mostras aqui no Brasil. Recente mente estive expondo no Espaço Arte da Livraria Cultura da Avenida, Paulista – São Paulo-Brasil. Criei um conjunto de obras inspiradas na obra e história de Vinicius de Moraes. Posso dizer que foi um sucesso e que fiquei muito feliz em poder divulgar a minha arte e a arte cerâmica naquele espaço voltado totalmente a educação e cultura. Ma Ferreira, muito obrigado pela entrevista e sucesso.

Edmundo Cavalcanti Editor de Artes.


The Ceramic Art of Ma Ferreira Dear readers, I will confess to you that I discovered Ma Ferreira and her talent through social networks, looking through the news feed of my page I saw a post from the artist, the colors and shapes of her work, the enormous talent, her captivating smile, with great sensitivity . Since then I became a daily admirer of her work and posts, and I felt the need to share her talent with others and not only save it for me .

gether. I Love what I do . What are your main influences ? I'm more intuitive . I can not tell if I was influenced by this or that. It was a process of discovery. I found my way experiencing . Ceramics offers endless possibilities . What materials do you use in your work? I use the raw oldest material known to man as argil (clay, Mud). In the process of creating the art of painting I use different glazes, and textures, glasses etc. .

How and when did you have your first contact with ceramics ? My contact with the ceramics happened about six years ago . It was by chance . Nothing scheduled. I was driven by curiosity about the process . How did you discovered this gift ? I never thought I had a gift for art. It was by chance even wanted to do a course to occupy my mind since coming out of a case of depression. The pottery took my soul alto-

Do you have any model or influence of any artist ? Who would them be? I can not say that I suffered influences, like I said I am intuitive. Of course there is a research paper. But more like food. But among painters I can say that Picasso and Mir贸 enchant me .

How is your creative process itself ? I have no pre-defined formula. I am intuitive . If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of the Arts in your life. What would you say ? Art is the food of my soul . I do not seek a definition by the intellect. Art is in the FEELING . Art is an exquisite intellectual production, where emotions are embedded in the context of cre-

Several shows here in Brazil. Recently I was exhibiting at the Art Space Bookstore Culture of Avenue Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil . I created a series of works inspired by the work and history of Vinicius de Moraes. I can say it was a success and I was very happy to disclose my art and ceramic art in that space devoted entirely to education and culture.

What does art mean to you ? Art feeds me. Representing the reading that each one makes of the world around you . My poetry is optimism, joy . What techniques do you use to express this ideas, feelings and perceptions about the world? I am more creative than technical. Do lessons about modeling, painting. I'm always on the go.

Ma Ferreira (Marlei Fatima Ferreira Boldorini ) is a pedagogy graduate and an artist, ceramist as well, developing her art with vigorous effort, working with the oldest material known to man, Clay . Her work stands out for its dynamic colors and shapes that are present in every piece in a smooth, contagious magic and charm also our memories materializing by the nobility of pottery.

ation, but in art history , we see that many artists are derived from others, following technical and artistic movements through time .

Every artist has his mentor, the person to whom you mirrored, you're encouraged and inspired to pursue this career, going ahead and taking your dreams to new heights of expression, who that person is and how it introduced you to the art world ? Nobody introduced me it was a growing process. But as a mentor, the person who encouraged me to assume the colors in my work was Pris Spaluto. But I can not forget to mention the name of Flavio and Lucia Eid .Today I attend to the Paulistana Pottery and Ceramic Culture Center for lessons and improvement. I always try to be present at conferences , work -shops , etc. . For some time practiced Sumie, an art of Chinese origin ..... What are some major awards you received. And most important exhibitions. I have participated in many exhibitions within and outside Brazil, China, Argentina, France .

Ma Ferreira, thank you for the interview and success.

Edmundo Cavalcanti Art Editor .

Site: Facebook:

Ma Ferreira Exclusive Jewelry

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nalyD boB Bob Dylan

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What’s good Orlando? y Larr

Jr. r e t oyn


This month I wanted to talk about city unity as it relates to Orlando artist, producers and promoters. We need to stop talking about what we should do and start to do what we need to. We say we work together but do we?? It might be just me but we still are too clicked up. Profit is only meaningful if its long term. What I mean by that is if we are only worrying about right now money, small chump change

just to pay the bills type of money, then you will STAY local. Collectively we should invest in our business between each other.

more FREE events for the public. Our base of potential market share is as big as ANY city right now but we don’t know how to collect it.

of the city. Wouldn't it be better if our little piece was attached to a much bigger market share. SCR is ready to do what it takes, so count us in.

We don’t utilize local talent as often as we should. That will help our small music business thrive. We need to cross promote between labels and camps to combine fan bases and not be so concerned with an immediate return.

South Coast Records is willing to sit down with ANY label, management company, ENT. Company or artist and start to lay the ground work for a MAJOR push that will solidify our working artist, producers, and promoters.

We should better organize our events and add

We all work very hard to control our little piece

As always we appreciate the readers taking the time to read what we have to say at AboutUS Orlando. If there is anything we can do to help the process, hit us up. Follow us @southcoastent or contact me directly at

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Culinária Fácil by Elita Freitas

Queridos amigos, esse mês resolvi trazer uma receita de um bolo de brigadeiro, delicioso, como já estamos no outono nada melhor do que um bolinho de chocolate para aquecer o nosso "tummy" yummy...... Entao vamos la aos ingredientes

Para a Massa 03 ovos na temperatura ambiente 01 xícara de óleo 01 xícara de leite 01 xícara de açúcar

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aos poucos os líquidos. Misture bem e leve ao forno em 180 C por aproximadamente 40 minutos, em uma forma untada e enfarinhada.

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car magazine “Sport Auto,” was on hand as an independent observer of the recordbreaking runs. The two sports cars, which both deliver an output of 887 hp (652 kW), were equipped with the optional “Weissach package” to increase driving dynamics and the standard Michelin tires developed specifically for the 918 Spyder. For Porsche apps: http://www.porsche. com/usa/entertainment/apps/

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

Baume & Mercier Introduces Its First Limited Edition Worldtimer Watch Exclusively For Tourneau troduction of this limited production Worldtimer. This distinguished 44mm, steel watch was not only made with the highest level of craftsmanship, but its rich blue dial separates it from others in its category. Technical details The Capeland 10135 is a stainless steel, 44 mm automatic timepiece with a 24 time zone indicator. It features a blue dial, arabic nurmerals, “Breguet”-type hands with a sapphire crystal “This beautiful, emblematic watch was de- case back. The case back also indicates “Limsigned for the sophisticated gentleman looking ited Edition 1 out of 100” engraving. Its case for a handsome, comfortable watch that also is a polished and satin-finished steel with an keeps him on time while he travels the globe,” anti-glare face. It is finished with a premium stated Rudy Chavez, President, Baume & quality black alligator strap with a pin buckle. Mercier North America. To join the conversation, please visit: The Capeland Worldtimer #10135 will retail for $8,300 available at select Tourneau stores nationwide since October 2013. It will be con- sidered the ultimate holiday gift for any man who has a deep appreciation for travel as well as classic, elegant timepieces. Global watch brand, Baume & Mercier, known for its strong heritage of offering classic watches for today's men and women, is raising the bar yet again. After the success of its first limited-edition watch at US Tourneau stores in 2012, the brand poises to introduce its first limited-edition Capeland Worldtimer, reference #10135, this October. This watch features a stunning blue dial and will have the unique capacity to convey 24 time zones. The Capeland collection continues to be one of Baume & Mercier’s most popular; and now this esteemed men’s collection of sport-chic watches is elevated even further with the in-

In addition to this new Capeland Worldtimer, Baume & Mercier launched two other Capeland Worldtimer watches -- steel and red gold -- in May 2013. These handsome watches for men ref #10106, #10107 are currently available at select retailers nationwide and online at:

Go Pro HERO3+

GoPro today announced the availability of its new HERO3+ line of cameras, featuring a 20% smaller and lighter design and 30% better battery life than previous models. These upgrades, combined with an improved lens and convenient new video capture modes, to produce the most advanced and easy-touse GoPro, yet. In addition, GoPro announced several new mounting accessories that further enable immersive content capture during any activity. The HERO3+ line of cameras and accessories are now available at and at select retailers worldwide. GoPro is enabling people to capture and share life experiences in a way that was never before possible. Prior to GoPro, it was very difficult for anyone to capture content of themselves doing anything without having the help of someone else to film them. GoPro has enabled a new era of self-documentation whereby people can now easily wear or mount miniature ultra wide-angle GoPro cameras to record themselves doing just about anything, anywhere. The result is a surge of immersive user-generated and professional content made possible by the versatility and affordability of GoPro’s cameras and accessories. An average of three GoPro “tagged” videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and GoPro is used by the world’s leading production companies to help produce some of today’s most engaging film and television content. Video: The HERO3+ Black Edition Camera – Smaller, Lighter, Mightier Still In addition to being the best-selling camera globally in consumer markets*, GoPro’s HERO3 camera has also been the best-selling camera to professional production companies, on a volume basis. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently awarded the HERO3 camera an Emmy for its contributions to filmmaking and television production. “We have used GoPro cameras in some of our big-

gest productions, like Survivor and The Bible. GoPro has allowed us to capture and share fascinating new perspectives that previously weren’t possible or were too costly, which in the end makes for better story telling. We are always excited to see what GoPro is working on next,” remarks award winning producer, Mark Burnett. “The HERO3+ illustrates GoPro’s commitment to innovation. We took the world’s best-selling ultra compact camera and made it better because we’re relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best possible user experience to our customers. We saw that we could make the HERO3+ significantly smaller and lighter while at the same time increasing battery life 30%. We saw the opportunity to design a sharper lens, so we did it–improving GoPro’s already highly regarded image quality. And we thought up exciting new features like SuperView, which enables the world’s most immersive wide-angle video. These are all features that we as passionate GoPro users want for ourselves, and we’re excited to share them with our customers around the world,” said Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro. The HERO3+ Black Edition – The Most Advanced GoPro Camera Yet. Innovative new housing yields a 20% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m)30% longer battery life, 4x faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer and playback of photos and videos from your HERO3+ camera to your mobile device when using the GoPro App SuperView is a new video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for varying lighting conditions A new lens for sharper video and improved image quality The HERO3+ Black Edition camera has a sug-

gested retail price of $399.99. The HERO3+ Silver Edition – 2x More Powerful. 2x faster image processor than the HERO3: Silver Edition.Enables 1080p60 and 720p120 fps video Innovative new housing yields a 15% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m) 4x faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer and playback of photos and videos from your HERO3+ camera to your mobile device when using the GoPro App

The HERO3+ Silver Edition camera has a suggested retail price of $299.99.

* Source: The NDP Group Digital Imaging and Camcorder Report & Internal GoPro Sales Data

New Mounts, More Versatility, Better securely grips irregular shapes and suContent per slim objects thanks to its innovative design. GoPro is the world’s 2nd largest cam- Junior Chesty (Chest Harness)– A era accessory brand* thanks to its smaller version of our adult-sized industry-leading line of wearable and Chest Harness. Perfect for kids ages gear-mountable accessories. Mounts 3+, the Junior Chest Harness is great and accessories are key to enabling the for capturing immersive footage of

life-capture creativity of millions of GoPro customers around the world. GoPro announced today several new mounts, including: Jaws: Flex Clamp – A quick way to clamp your GoPro camera to a variety of objects. Use the optional opposable neck to achieve a wide range of camera positioning and adjustability. Jaws

a child’s world from their perspective—from skiing and skateboarding to slides and swings. Head Strap + QuickClip – The QuickClip is a new accessory that now comes bundled with GoPro’s Headstrap. The QuickClip enables ultra-compact, low-profile mounting to baseball hats, belts and other objects ranging in thickness from 3mm to 10mm.

Check out other new mounts and ac- team. Now anyone can easily create cessories at: professional-looking videos, making ucts it more fun than ever to GoPro. Awesome Edits Made Easy: GoPro Studio 2.0 While HERO3+ cameras and accessories make it easy to capture incredible footage, GoPro Studio 2.0 makes it easy to edit and share incredible videos. New to Studio 2.0 are GoPro Edit Templates–customizable templates of some of GoPro’s best videos made available for free to users. It’s as easy as picking out a GoPro video you like and dropping your own GoPro clips into the pre-made edit template. Killer soundtracks are included and all the edits are stylishly timed to the music by GoPro’s famous production

Studio 2.0 Simple to use storyboard-based video editing software for Windows or Mac Manually create a video with transitions, titles, and soundtrack, or Use GoPro Edit Templates to quickly create professional-looking videos based upon edits originally produced by GoPro’s acclaimed production team Studio 2.0 is available for free download on

GoPro® lança HERO3+®, uma evolução menor e mais leve da câmera campeã de vendas GoPro possibilita uma nova era para a captura de conteúdo pessoal & compartilhamento A GoPro hoje anunciou a disponibilização de sua nova linha de cameras HERO3+ , apresentando um design 20% menor e mais leve e uma vida de bateria 30% mais longa em relação aos modelos anteriores. Essas atualizações, combinadas com uma lente aperfeiçoada e modalidades de captura de vídeo novas e convenientes, produzem as câmeras GoPro mais avançadas e fáceis de usar até agora. Além disso, a GoPro anunciou diversos acessórios e suportes novos que, por sua vez, permitem a captura de conteúdos incríveis durante qualquer atividade. A linha de câmeras e acessórios HERO3+ está agora disponível na e em revendedores selecionados de todo o mundo. A GoPro está equipando pessoas para a captura e compartilhamento de experiências de vida de um modo jamais antes possível. Antes da GoPro, sem ajuda de uma outra pessoa era muito difícil capturar conteúdos de si mesmo fazendo qualquer coisa. A GoPro possibilitou uma nova era de auto registro, em que as pessoas podem agora facilmente portar ou instalar miniaturas de câmeras GoPro de ângulo ultra aberto para gravarem-se fazendo qualquer coisa, em qualquer lugar. O resultado é o surgimento de conteúdos gerados por usuários e profissionais, graças à versatilidade e acessibilidade de preço das câmeras e acessórios da GoPro. Uma média de três vídeos “marcados” com GoPro são colocados no YouTube a cada minuto e a GoPro é usada por importantes empresas de produção para ajudar a produzir alguns dos filmes e conteúdos televisivos mais envolventes da atualidade. Video: a camera HERO3+ Black Edition – menor, mais leve e mais poderosa Além de ser a que mais vende globalmente nos mercados consumidores*, com base em volume, a câmera HERO3 da GoPro também é a mais vendida para empresas profissionais de produção. A Academia Nacional de Tele-

visão, Artes & Ciências (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) recentemente premiou a câmera HERO3 com um Emmy por suas contribuições a produções cinematográficas e televisivas. “Nós usamos câmeras GoPro em algumas de nossas maiores produções, como Survivor e The Bible. A GoPro nos permitiu capturar e compartilhar novas e fascinantes perspectivas que anteriormente não eram possíveis ou eram caras demais – o que, no final, contribui para um melhor relato da história. Nós estamos sempre ansiosos para ver o que a GoPro está preparando de novo”, observa o premiado produtor Mark Burnett. “A HERO3+ ilustra o empenho de inovação da GoPro. Nós pegamos a câmera ultracompacta que mais vende no mundo e a aperfeiçoamos porque nós não descansamos em nossos esforços para entregar a melhor experiência de usuário a nossos clientes. Vimos que podíamos tornar a HERO3+ significantemente menor e mais leve, e ao mesmo tempo elevar a vida da bateria em 30%. Vimos a oportunidade de criar uma lente mais nítida e assim o fizemos –melhorando a já altamente respeitada qualidade de imagem GoPro. E elaboramos novos e excitantes recursos, como o SuperView, que permite o vídeo de ângulo amplamente aberto mais envolvente do mundo. Esses são todos os recursos que nós, como apaixonados usuários GoPro, queremos para nós mesmos e temos o prazer de compartilhá-los com nossos clientes de todo o mundo”, disse Nicholas Woodman, fundador e CEO da GoPro. HERO3+ Black Edition – A câmera GoPro mais avançada de todos os tempos Nova e inovadora caixa fornece uma apresentação geral 20% menor e mais leve, quando a câmera está instalada na caixa (à prova d’água, até 40m) Vida de bateria 30% mais longa Wi-Fi f 4x mais rápido ou rápida transferência e reprodução de fotos e vídeos de sua câmera HERO3+ para seu aparelho móvel, usando o aplicativo GoPro SuperView é uma nova modalidade de vídeo que captura a mais emocionante perspectiva de ângulo de abertura ampla

O modo Auto Low Light inteligentemente ajusta taxas de frame para condições de luz variáveis Uma nova lente para vídeo mais nítida e qualidade de imagem melhorada O preço de varejo recomendado para a câmera HERO3+ Black Edition é de US$399.99. HERO3+ Silver Edition – 2x mais poderosa. Processador de imagem 2x mais rápido do que a HERO3: Silver Edition Habilitada para vídeos fps de 1080p60 e 720p120 Caixa inovadora fornece uma apresentação geral 15% menor e mais leve quando a câmera está instalada na caixa (à prova d’água, até 40m) Wi-Fi f 4x mais rápido ou rápida transferência e reprodução de fotos e vídeos de sua câmera HERO3+ para seu aparelho móvel, usando o aplicativo GoPro O preço de varejo recomendado para câmera HERO3+ Silver Edition é de US$299.99. Novos suportes, mais versatilidade, melhor conteúdo A GoPro é a segunda maior marca mundial de acessórios para câmeras*, graças à sua linha de acessórios portáteis e kits de montagem líderes da indústria. Suportes e acessorios são fundamentais para a criatividade de captura da vida de milhões de clientes GoPro de todo o mundo. A GoPro anunciou vários novos suportes de instalação , incluindo: Jaws: flexibilidade de apoio – Uma maneira rápida de fixar sua câmera GoPro para diversos objetos. Use o alongamento opcional do lado oposto para conseguir uma larga variedade de posicionamento de câmera e ajuste. Graças ao seu designer inovador, Jaws (um suporte de garra flexível) seguramente crava formas irregulares e objetos superfinos. Junior Chesty – Uma versão em tamanho menor da cinta peitoral para adultos, para portar a câmera no peito. Perfeito para crianças acima dos três anos de idade, a Junior Chest Harness (cinta peitoral júnior) é fantástica para a captura de sequências incríveis do mundo infantil e a partir da própria perspectiva da criança — seja esquiando ou andando de skate, escorregando ou se balan-

çando. Head Strap + QuickClip – O QuickClip é um acessório novo que agora vem junto com o Head Strap(suporte capacete) da GoPro. Com espessuras de 3mm a 10mm, o QuickClip assegura um discreto e ultracompacto suporte para bonés de basebol, cintos e outros objetos. Conheça novos suportes e acessórios em: Facilitando edições incríveis: GoPro Studio 2.0 Enquanto as câmeras e acessórios HERO3+ facilitam a captura de sequências emocionantes, o GoPro Studio 2.0 facilita editar e compartilhar vídeos incríveis. Uma novidade para o Studio 2.0, GoPro Edit Templates – modelos personalizáveis de alguns dos melhores vídeos da GoPro – está gratuitamente disponível para os usuários. É tão fácil quanto pegar um vídeo GoPro que você gosta e inserir seus próprios clipes GoPro nos moldes pré-editados. Trilhas arrasadoras estão incluídas, com todas as edições elegantemente sincronizadas com tempo da música pelo famoso time de produção da GoPro. Agora qualquer pessoa pode facilmente criar vídeos de aspecto profissional, tornando a opção pela GoPro mais divertida do que nunca. Studio 2.0 Software de edição de vídeos para Windows ou Mac fácil de usar com base em storyboard Crie vídeos manualmente, com transições, títulos e trilhas ou Use modelos de edição da GoPro para rapidamente criar vídeos de aspecto professional com base em edições originalmente produzidas pela aclamada equipe de produção da GoPro Studio 2.0 está disponível para download gratuito em FONTE GoPro

GoPro® HERO3+

Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, regarded as two of the creative industry’s leading artists within image-making and film have been asked to live their distinctive approach with PerrierJouët. This collaboration has ended up to a 360° communication where the user is guided to a journey through their vision of Perrier-Jouët’s artistic heritage and unique wine style. An alluring journey into Enchanted Nature resumes the whole concept of their inspiration “where everyday life – the essence of enchantment – is suspended in the realms of our subconscious and our imagination, which is projected into our own interpretation of nature and the art within life”. Taking a prestigious cuvee Belle Epoque as a starting point, Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones made a whole world out of it, where each element, the model, the light, the garden is interpreted relying on the different facets of the brand’s heritage. Each detail, from the choice of the dress to the mood of the set scene is inspired by enchantment and freedom.

Digital users will be able to live the enchanting experience of PerrierJouët on the brand new website. Relying on the major assets of this modern website – full screen pictures, trailer video , animated hot spots – Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton’s result confirms their more painterly than photographic approach.

To discover the experience, please visit:

You tube:






O mundo encantado e artístico da Perrier-Jouët através das lentes dos grandes produtores de imagens Warren du Preez e Nick Thornton Jones

Belle Epoque como um ponto de partida, Warren du Preez e Nick Thornton Jones criaram todo um mundo a partir disso, em que cada elemento - o modelo, a luz, o jardim - é interpretado com Thornton Jones, considerados base nas diferentes facetas da dois dos mais criativos artistas tradição da marca. do setor de produção de imagens e filmes, foram solicitados a apli- Cada detalhe, da escolha do vescar sua abordagem inconfundív- tido ao astral do cenário, é inspiel na campanha da Perrier-Jouët. rado no encantamento e na liberdade. O trabalho de colaboração terminou em uma comunicação de Os usuários digitais podem viver 360 graus, em que o usuário é a experiência de encantamento guiado em uma jornada, através da PerrierJouët no novo website da visão deles da tradição artísti- da marca. Com base nos princica e do estilo único do vinho da pais recursos desse website modPerrier-Jouët. erno, como fotos em tela cheia, vídeo-trailer, "pontos quentes" Uma jornada sedutora à Nature- animados, o trabalho de Warren za Encantada resume todo o con- du Preez e Nick Thornton confirceito de sua inspiração, "em que ma a abordagem mais pictórica a vida cotidiana -- a essência do que fotográfica deles. encantamento - é suspensa nos reinos de nosso subconsciente Para descobrir essa experiência, e de nossa imaginação, o que é por favor, visite: projetado em nossa própria interpretação da natureza e da arte dentro da vida". Tomando um prestigioso cuvée

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