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Hot Shot's Secret specializes in offering problem-specific solutions to diesel truck owners across the USA and around the world. We offer highly concentrated formulas that are much more impactful than the diluted bottled products commonly found on the retail shelf. Hot Shot's Secret products can often be used in tandem with each other to solve more challenging problems. Our Hot Shot's Secret team is made up of experienced professionals that understand the needs of diesel owners and can sort through the problem issues with you to find a solution.

Products Guaranteed to Improve Performance Stiction Eliminator Diesel Oil Additive 100% Guaranteed to Remove Stiction! Nine out of ten injector failures suffer from stiction. Before you replace your injectors, treat them with The Original Stiction Eliminator.

Diesel Extreme Concentrated Diesel Fuel Detergent & Booster Restore your diesel to its original performance power. Extreme cleaning and boost to rejuvenate your engine.

Diesel Winter Anti-Gel Cetane Boost & Lubricant Lowers pour point to -65° F and protect against winter freeze-ups.

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Original Stiction Eliminator USA  
Original Stiction Eliminator USA Hot Shot's Secret products are design by LSI Institute scientists and lubrication specialists to solve specifi...