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We always Attract the Crowd™. Entertain customers and guests at corporate booths, hospitality suites, waiting rooms, gaming centers and more! Now you and your friends can truly share the “head-to-head” racing experience with HotSeat’s latest innovation-the HotSeat Deuce®.

Get the ULTIMATE FLIGHT SIM with FAA approved controls by Precision Flight Control and triple 22” screens for an absolutely unbelievable panoramic flight experience.

Full Motion simulation NOW available

for the most realistic racing and flying experience.

There is a fine line between the casual gamer and the obsessive gamer — and HotSeat Chassis Inc. knows how to give the necessary push over that line. Take the HotSeat Flight Sim, for example, which helps distinguish the common flight-simulator fan from the true flying ace. -   New -York NewTimes York Times ..With HotSeat’s FLIGHT SIM, you can experience the miracle of flight from the comfort of your home. The system is compatible with all major gaming systems, PC’s and DVD players; it’s designed for both the aspiring pilot and the pilot looking for a&refresher. - Plane PIlot magazine -   Plane and Pilot Magazine As I flew a series of cross country flights and made a number of ILS approaches, the sounds followed the flight - gear retraction, flap extension, throttle movement - and added to the effect. A young - Tom Benenson, pilot friend who tried out the system declared, “the Senior Editor sound fx are pretty awesome”. Flying Magazine -   Tom Benson, senior editor, Flying Magazine

Racer Reviews: “ Love it-the subwoofer makes the system” - Mark W.

Rollbar and netting Upgraded controls

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To place an order: Call 1-877-426-3879 or purchase online at

“ I love to race online and this is just the thing for me. They (my friends) think I’m crazy, but the seat is cool.” - Jason D. “ From a mom’s perspective, I think it was a great teenage gift! They are often so hard to buy for. Thanks! ” - Phyllis R. What do your friends think? “Jealous that their wives don’t take gaming as serious as they do! LOL” - Bobby C.

Any of the HotSeat products come in one of 4 available colors. If you’re a corporate customer, the HotSeat’s can be designed to your color and branding specifications. For more information, please inquire toll-free at 877-426-3879.





“ The “Wow” factor is cool! ” - Brian B.

Crafted with Pride in the USA. Patent pending U.S. and foreign

Stimulating, Simulating . . . Surround Sound Chassis.


Flight Sim Reviews:

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Surround Sound Simulation Chassis


In the air..

on the track..

Surround Sound Simulation

“Go Flyin” in a way you’ve never experienced before. With FS-X on our available PC, we deliver the “In the Cockpit Experience.™” With its 6-speaker Dolby Digital® 5.1 Surround Sound, the sound moves with your view. Flying out of your home base FBO is a great way to keep your pilot skills sharp. Includes our custom LCD stand.

Surround Sound Simulation

The Hotseat Racer puts the driver in a traditional seating position, from the pedal to the wheel. Racer provides mounting surfaces for force feedback wheels and pedals, LCD monitors and more. Experience realistic racing in Surround Sound! starting at

starting at


starting at



Monitor & controllers not included.

Stand, monitor & controllers not included.

starting at

starting at


Perfect for practicing hovering. Includes Flight Link Cyclic lll Plus, collective with throttle and anti-torque pedals.

Hotseat Extreme PC package included


Hotseat Extreme PC package included

Comfortable mounts and arm-rests for the HOTAS, puts the pilot in an authentic jet fighter cockpit. Available with dual screens for outside view and instrument panel. starting at


starting at


Hotseat Extreme PC package included

starting at

starting at


Hotseat Extreme PC package included


PS2 package

Xbox 360 package

starting at

$4,524 PC package shown with optional rollbar and netting

Hotseat Brochure  
Hotseat Brochure  

OLD brochure from 2008