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After reading the two newest Jack Reacher novels, "61 Hours" and "Worth Dying For," at the beginning of this year, I went back to read one of Lee Child's earlier novels that I hadn't read yet. (I came into the series in the middle, and am slowly working the earlier books into my reading list) "Tripwire" by Lee Child is the third in the series about former Army MP, turned drifter, Jack Reacher, and it's definitely a fun and suspenseful ride. The book begins with Reacher in Key West, but quickly moves North with much of the story taking place in New York. This is an earlier Reacher tale, published in 1999, so it is always sort of funny reading things about New York that reference the World Trade Centers, but besides that, the New York setting is fitting for the adventure that follows, and an adventure it is. The book is full of action as Reacher investigates a missing in action Vietnam helicopter pilot and certain events that are related to that disappearance years ago. The villain is cruel and tough and presents a formidable adversary for the hero Reacher, and the characters designed to assist the plot along work very well. For me, the entire story worked, and I enjoyed reading it all the way from cover to cover. The twist at the end came as a surprise, and I hadn't figured that coming, but it worked well to conclude the story. There were a couple places that could have been explained a bit more, such as some of the villain's connections, and what happened to the other victims that were being manipulated by the villains. A couple characters were woven into the story quite well, but then we never got to see what happened to them at the conclusion. There are also a few areas that will most likely be picked up in the next book, and I'm looking forward to reading it to see where Child takes different characters and situations to get Reacher to where I know he is going since I've read some of the later books. I find the Jack Reacher series by Child to be fun, entertaining, thrillers. They are quick reads with a cool tough guy action hero. You don't want to analyze them too deep, just enjoy the ride, and I did enjoy this one, and look forward to reading the next ones in the series that I have yet to read.

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==== ==== Download Second Son - Lee Child Here, ==== ====

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