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It can be hard to think up new romantic anniversary ideas. But believe me, its worth making the change from the usual "dinner and a movie" routine.. An anniversary is the best opportunity of the year to show your partner how much they mean to you. Here are some great romantic anniversary ideas to keep you from getting stuck in a romance rut. Or maybe even help rekindle an old flame. 1. Take them out for a romantic nighttime picnic. Find a spot that overlooks an amazing view, like a natural lake or cityscape, or the top of a tall hill. Create a beautiful backdrop with the view you choose. Pack your picnic full of goodies that you know your partner loves. Like wine, chocolate covered strawberries, hot chocolate, cookies, a salad or some homemade sandwiches. 2. Make them a home cooked candlelight dinner. Try these tips to make it extra special: * Enhance the mood by playing romantic songs in the background * Dim the lights and have candles create a romantic glow * Fill the room with their favorite type of flowers * Scatter rose petals on the dinner table 3. Bring back fond memories by taking your partner back to the place that you had your first date. Recreate it. Make everything that you do the exact same as that special night. Recreate all of the tiniest little details, such as music you listened to, places you went, the car you drove, etc. Pay close attention to all the small details. The more thought your partner will know you put into it. 4. Secretly take your partner on a surprise romantic weekend getaway. To make it a surprise, make it seem like you're taking them on a usual day trip that's not very exciting. Then take them to the airport and surprise them with the tickets to the romantic destination of their dreams. To make it all run smooth, you can pre-pack their things, and arrange for them to have time off at work.

5. Gather up all of the old pictures ever taken of the two of you and make a romantic photo album or scrapbook. This gift is very thoughtful, and can be done by you alone, or you can spend an evening making it together. When you're done, the album should be full of special memories the two of you can cherish forever. 6. Take your partner to the neighborhood that they grew up in. Let them see their old home, where they went to school, and any other places they have mentioned over the years. This should bring back a flood of precious memories for them that they can share with you. 7. Show up at their work with an oversized box of chocolates and flowers. Do it right in front of everyone so they will all see. But only do it if they will like the special attention. Don't do it if they are the type of person that will get embarrassed. 8. Create a romantic bedroom makeover. Its probably something your partner will never expect. Use soft and silky fabrics, rose petals, scented candles, romantic music, and top it all off with an intimate sensual massage. 9. Go for a romantic photo shoot together. This will give you sensual and romantic photos that will last a lifetime! (A common favorite are black and white photos). You can make them as sexy, or romantic as you like. There are lots of photographers to choose from. So search around until you find one that suites what you're looking for. 10. Print some free romantic love coupons to give to your partner. They're fun and flirty, and you can find them for free (see the website below). Or you can purchase them at any love store. Not only are they thoughtful, but you can customize them and choose to print off whichever romantic gestures you like. I hope these romantic anniversary ideas have helped you find the best way for you to show your love. No matter what you choose to do, or how you do it. If you do it for them you can't go wrong!

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