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Traditional romance novels account for over 1/2 of all paperback books sold in North America. This genre sold more books than any other except for the inspirational/religious variety. Of course, most readers of romantic fiction are women. The following is a believe it or not statement: Almost 10% of the readers of romance novels are men. Why are they so popular? Strong female heroines and nearly all of the stories have happy endings. One contemporary writer, Jayne Ann Krentz, edited her fellow writer's comments about the modern romance novel in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women; Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance. When people read any type of fiction - and human nature being what it is - the reader nearly always puts herself in the position of the main character. Enter the personalized romance novel. Thanks to modern computer technology the reader can now actually read about her adventures and love life as the lady of the castle in a set in medieval times - Or traveling damsel being swept off her feet by a seafaring pirate of the 17th Century. This new type of novel is put in print by the purchaser providing 20 - 25 characteristics of the heroine, the hero, and the heroine's best friend - even her cat or dog. This information is woven into the plot of the story and out comes the personalized romance novel. The book is a professionally bound paper back. These are usually about 200 pages in length. A photograph of the heroine and her hero can even be included on the back cover. A picture of the main characters in costumes of the time lends reality to the story. Personalized romance novels, also known as customized romance novels, make memorable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and especially Valentine's Day. Here is a sentimental present from the romantic who wants to provide an unforgettable gift for his sweetheart. A personalized romance novel is not an everyday present - a real conversation piece for the family coffee table or carefully displayed on the den bookshelf. They also provide a few hours of pleasant escape for the lucky "heroine" of the story.

Dwight Zimpel is the host of Personalized Novels website. He travels extensively and enjoys a good story. He also hosts Your Vietnam Tour Guide website.

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==== ==== Download No1 Top Selling Romance Novels Here, ==== ====

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