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The first Jack Reacher novel I read was "One Shot." Immediately after I finished reading it, I started "The Hard Way" by Lee Child. I know I need to go back and read some of the earlier books of the series, and I plan to, but these were available. I really like Jack Reacher as a thinking action hero, and how Lee Child writes his thriller suspense tales. I enjoyed "The Hard Way" just as I enjoyed "One Shot." There were a number of things I figured out before they were revealed in the story, but that is okay. There were still enough plot twists to keep the book entertaining. I enjoyed reading along as Reacher figured things out. I am not a stranger to violence, but I have to admit, as the father of a little girl, I could not wait for the demise of the lead bad guy, Lane, in this story for what he suggested with the potato peeler. The book is not for the squeamish. Besides the potato peeler, the descriptions of the torture in Africa make you feel for the men who underwent such sickening treatment, even if they were not really "good" men to start with. Regardless, in the end, you really want to see the bad guys pay for the atrocities they had a hand in, and for what they plan to carry through. Bottom line, this was a good, enjoyable, action tale about a hero I find myself liking more and more as I read about him. I plan to read more Jack Reacher novels and hope Lee Child continues to write them.

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==== ==== Download Second Son - Lee Child Here, ==== ====

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