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I really enjoyed the newest Jack Reacher novel, "The Affair" by Lee Child. It's a good addition to this tough guy, former military cop, action series. However, this book goes back to right before Jack Reacher gets out of the Army, and you get to see why he left, and the book hints at the things to come in Child's first book, "Killing Floor." While he is a bit younger, and still in uniform (well sort of, he does go under cover), this is the same Jack Reacher I've enjoyed throughout this series. (I admit, there are a few I still have to go back and read) The story is similar to many Jack Reacher tales, it takes place in a small town that Reacher drifts into, finds adventure, mystery to solve, and of course, racks up a body count. (thought not as large as some books) The major difference in this novel is that instead of just drifting in, he is still under orders of the U.S. Army. The love interest in this story is a bit stronger than some of the other book, with an interesting female character in Sheriff Deveraux, a former Marine, and a good pairing with Reacher. Seems the love scenes were a bit more explicit that some of the other books, but I didn't feel they were overly done. It fit with the story and the times. People attracted to each other in a stressful situation might just act the way these two did. The book has plenty of action, and Child tells this in first person, so we are living what Reacher is living as we read the tale, and Child introduces the story with a scene, then goes back a few days to catch up up, and then continues from that introductory scene. The technique works well for this story. The tension and suspense continue throughout, and there is enough action and twists to keep the reader wanting to turn pages. And this book had one of my favorite lines from a novel in a long time, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Yes, Jack Reacher is a character I really like, and this book was a very enjoyable read. And that is what this kind of novel is for. It's an action packed, suspenseful, fun, escapism yarn that allows you some relaxation while reading about a tough guy hero, in a tight situation, with a beautiful woman, and a direct tough guy way to solve problems.

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==== ==== Download Second Son - Lee Child Here, ==== ====

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Download Second Son by Lee Child Here