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Some say that the age of romance has passed us while others insist that it is yet to dawn. If truth be told, the beauty of the older generations' romantic poetry can perhaps never be recreated again. Words from days gone by seem to have that magical attraction that just can't be captured by today's lovers. Poetry is the language of the soul, and, thus, its beauty can never be embellished. Perhaps in the years gone by, people had deeper connections with their souls, and their inner voice reached the world through the medium of paper a whole lot faster than it does today. These were the times of the great poets "Chaucer, Frost and Shelley" whose works we cherish and admire long after they are dead and gone. Nowadays, however, lovers look upon the task of writing romance poems as a "lame and outdated" tradition that must be done away with. In this age of materialism, love and relationships have become just another means of reaching selfish ends, and romance has been reduced to a game of showing off money. Many times, romance is lost in a cloud of sexual attraction, and love never even gets a chance to show its face. On most occasions, writing witty and tasteful romantic poems is considered to be tedious and better left up to the experts at Hallmark. There are, however, those who believe that feelings cannot be expressed through another's words, and it is such people who make even the best cynics eat their words. Romantic poems that bring out the best in people's hearts are still written even though they do not receive the same attention that they used to. Poetry remains the most erudite, yet the most innocent way to woo someone. Romantic poems, even if they are just four lines, with no rhythm and no rhyme scheme, depict the true feelings of lovers. With a little effort, these few lines can be crafted into ingenious forms of wordplay that can touch a heart and create a laugh all at the same time. Even though they have lost much of their popularity, romance poems can never stop working because they form an instant bond between two hearts through the medium of language.

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==== ==== Download No1 Top Selling Romance Novels Here, ==== ====

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