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Most of us depend on the cinema for all our ideas of love and romance. Movies teach us to idealize love and to believer that good things happen to those who love. They create the hope of the proverbial "happy ending" in our lives. Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, and a few silly events and jokes later, wedding bells are chiming and love has conquered all: This is the essence of all romantic movies. Although the idea behind them is simple enough and at times even redundant, romantic movies hardly fail when it comes to impressing the audience. They make people laugh, they make people cry and they make people realize that love brings beauty to life. Whether it is walking through central park hand in hand or tearing through the English countryside on horseback, movies add visual excitement to every romantic fancy people have allowed themselves to imagine throughout their lives. The idea of the hero chasing the girl of his dreams all through the city without even knowing her name or the heroine not realizing her love for a man until the very end makes hearts thump in the exaltation of romance. People go from indifferent to in love, from pride and prejudice to "will you marry me?" in a matter of a couple hours, making the audience release a collective "aawww" when the two finally kiss and realize that they were made for each other. Romance has been the main component of many recent movies, many of which have been applauded for their heart-rending portrayal of love and all the labors it entails. "Brokeback Mountain" and "Pride and Prejudice" sent people home weeping and swept away the Academy Awards as well. Everyone has at least one romantic movie on their list of favorite movies.

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==== ==== Download No1 Top Selling Romance Novels Here, ==== ====

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