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Before Beth Kery started writing for a print publisher in Berkley she was writing eBooks. One of her stories that grabbed me was Exorcising Sean's Ghost published through Ellora's Cave Romantica publishing. This story is a touching one. Belle's lover Attorney General Sean Ryan is murdered by terrorists and she is forced to mourn in secret because Sean had made her promise if anything ever happened to him she wouldn't reveal their relationship. The only man she has ever responded to was Sean, so when she started to respond to a stranger in Jack Caldwell it scared and upset her. She couldn't shake the feeling that they were one and the same man, however improbable that might be. Every time she was convinced it was really Sean and confronted him about it he convinced her she was being silly and it was just that she missed Sean so much that was swaying her this way. Jack couldn't afford to have his real identity revealed but he loved and missed Belle so much that he presented himself to her in his new identity and tried to win her over as Jack. But Belle was persistent and Jack was faced with the fact that he really might have to let her go if she couldn't accept him as he was now. I loved this story, so moving. However I wanted to clobber Jack sometimes when he kept insisting that Belle was imagining things. Great read and I give it 4 stars in my reviews.

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==== ==== Download No1 Top Selling Romance Novels Here, ==== ====

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