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Romance novels are a popular literary genre. These literary pieces focus on the relationships of the characters, particularly the ones that revolve around the concept of love. The plot of the novel can be a quest of finding love, conquering it, or dealing with the challenges that were brought about by love. Usually, the characters are undergoing a conflict that may hinder them from pursuing their relationship. Romance novels can also exist in subgenres based in areas such as history, science, the paranormal, and even contemporary writing. Love and relationships exist in any situation and in any period, and that is why romance novels can exist in so many literary subgenres. The most compelling romance novels are only successful if the reader feels a sense of emotional satisfaction after reading it. They are a celebration of the concept of love, which, as human beings, is at the core of our existence. Erotic Books are also a subgenre of Romance Books and novels. Aside from highlighting love and relationships, they include passion and eroticism via the interaction of the characters. Sex is an integral component in this genre, and it is the central core of the character development, plot, and ending. The sexual content of these erotic novels may range from mild to explicit; however, romance is still a part of the equation. The key difference is that sex and eroticism take the center stage in the erotic genre. This factor is what sets erotic books apart from the regular romance novels. There are many aspiring writers who play on the concept of love, and sometimes, sex, to produce romantic novels and erotic books. The main problem for writers lies in marketing these stories to publishers so that they can have their book displayed on bookstore shelves and windows. A lot of these writers have the potential to be the next popular romance or erotic genre star author, however, there is so much talent out there to compete against that it can be hard to get their stories noticed. Writers should be careful to consider what publishers are looking for in terms of content for their books. In this day and age, romance books, novels, and erotic books are still very sell-able in stores, and they likely won't die out any time soon.

Carmella Borcher is the author of this article and is an avid fan of romance novels - particularly erotic ebooks and Erotic Books.

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==== ==== Download No1 Top Selling Romance Novels Here, ==== ====

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