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This is the latest (April 2008) Jack Reacher thriller and just as in the previous eleven, Lee Child has written an easy to get into thriller, and one that will have you busting a gut to get through. There is no doubt there is an element of "Been here before - read this before" to this one, but as someone else wrote, Lee Child could not write a bad book if he tried. Two towns in Middle America, Hope and Despair, Hope's good, Despair is decidedly odd, and of course Jack cannot depart without investigating why. Throw in the usual pretty woman, this time the policewoman herself, and if you are an avid Jack Reacher reader, you will get the picture. So it starts, and the writer begins spinning his web. I admire greatly how every single fact mentioned is later carefully entwined into the story. Mister Child is a very good writer indeed, and one to be studied closely by anyone aspiring to progress as a thriller-type writer. I know for a fact that Lee Child is responsible for bringing a whole host of new readers to the reading watering hole with this series of books, and anyone who can persuade non-readers to become so, is fine in my book. If you have read the other Reacher novels I am sure you will like this one too. If you haven't, may be there are better ones out there that you might prefer to begin with, but hey, who cares, once you start reading one, you will want to read more. Either way, this is still a cracking read and money well spent.

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==== ==== Download Second Son - Lee Child Here, ==== ====

Second Son