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The American Heritage Dictionary defines attraction as:

The act or capability of attracting. The quality of attracting; charm. A feature or characteristic that attracts. A person, place, thing, or event that is intended to attract.

Attraction is a key component in any romance. Some attraction is instantaneous, often referred to as love at first sight, or simply physical attraction. This type of attraction is typically characterized by one person noticing something striking about another person. For example, He was mesmerized by her cobalt blue eyes, would be an example of physical attraction. This type of attraction can occur in any setting. Another type of attraction, one that takes longer to develop, is intellectual attraction. This type of attraction is not instantaneous as it takes time for a person to get to know someone else on an intellectual basis. Interaction between the two parties over an extended period of time could lead to intellectual attraction. Often, this type of attraction is displayed in a business setting. A third type of attraction that is often mentioned in tales of romance, is emotional attraction. Over time, couples feel that their love for one another grows, adding to their attraction for one another. The feeling of support and caring they receive from their partner adds to the level of attraction they feel. This type of attraction is typically witnessed in long-term relationships. A final type of attraction often shown in romance is spiritual attraction. This term can be used in the religious sense, but this is not always the case. A character's spirit is often described using words such as strong, courageous, timid or battered. These words evoke an image of the character in the reader's mind. These descriptions allow us to relate to them on more than a physical level. Be sure to include at least one type of attraction in your romance story. The reader wants to know why the characters are drawn together. What makes them interesting to one another? Is it purely physical? Spiritual? Or a combination of several types of attraction? Make sure the reader isn't left wondering what drew these characters together, and what sustains the relationship.

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