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Another day has begun and I am doing my usual pep talk in front of my two Bruce Lee posters. They are my go to guys for motivation in one persona. Working for myself as a freelance writer has its daily goals and challenges. I will tell you how this morning ritual began and why it serves the purpose of waking up the creative juices and firing up the old determination drive. The fulfilling life I lead to day almost never happened. Two years ago, while packing to move; I came across my Bruce Lee posters that I had not looked at in over a decade. They reminded me of the mindset they inspired and the dreams I vowed to forge into reality. It also made me painfully aware of how unhappy I was with my then job. I felt way off track and defeated. My life was molded by more circumstances than design. It took everything I had to get up and go to work each day. All it took were two Bruce Lee posters from my childhood to awake the sleeping giant in me. I decided to take action for change. Bruce is an unlikely hero for this sort of tale. I am inspired by the most prolific people in history. From Albert Einstein to Zulu tribe leader Shaka, for various reasons of course. Bruce stands out to me because of his work ethics and insistence on being the best he could be every day. I have had a very long teacher/student relationship with Mr. Lee. As a child I studied martial arts for quite a few years, in a dojo filled with Bruce Lee posters and dedicated his teachings. We were constantly reminded why he became famous in martial arts. He put all his energy from child hood into martial arts and in perfecting not only his fighting skills but also his mind. I immediately liked this concept and always remember the first time I heard "Fluidity is the way to an empty mind". I hear those words every morning I look at my Bruce Lee posters over my work area. If you knew the full story behind the man on those Bruce Lee posters of mine; I am certain he would inspire and motivate you to be the best you can every day.

Jason Banks is an avid Bruce Lee fan and credits his daily success to being fired up by his posters each and every morning. Could you use an inspirational boost? Bruce Lee posters [] can do for you what they do for Jason everyday. Get motivated today:

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