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Discipline is the basis for anyone to grow up and become healthy and responsible. Hence, start by disciplining your kid at a very young age because it becomes more difficult at later stages in life. Usually, along the way it comes many different challenges and rewards that might just get you into buckets of helplessness and tears. According to Katherine Lee, former editor at Parenting and Working Mother magazines, it is very important to be mindful in terms of the use of language when dealing with kids. Teach and guide with a lot of respect and not simply dictate or empower to overrule them at every instance. Remember, little kids have feelings, they also learn fast, so talk to them the way you would want yourself to be talked to. Use reasoning skills and then they will grow up adhering to the right methods and tools. Be patient with your kids as in how your parents had been patient with you all the time. Even if your kid drives you crazy, that still is what parents ought to bear with to overcome. Many experts say that disciplining children should be more about working with your child to guide him toward good behavior so that he can make good choices on his own. Here are some guides to do just that:: Tip 1: Reciprocal Action & Reactions Often get your kid to talk to you about various things and share some back. Encourage communication and responsible behaviors and reciprocal actions. For example, ask your kid to help you wash the apple or feed the cat. See towards the end, and prompt when things do not happen the way it should be in order to find the reasons why. This helps to understand the natural tendencies and behaviors of your kid. It then allows you to creatively and effectively provide for him/her the work around solutions. Tip 2: Establishing Rules Establish the basic sets of rules such as (bedtime at 9, lunchtime at 12, no pets in room, etc.) for your kids to follow. And by this, monitor closely if those rules were being followed or otherwise. Rules are built to let us see through and oblige towards the original good intentions agreeable to all. And by such, there are no further grounds for debate unless proven otherwise. Explain the need for rules to be set and once your kids knew they were nothing but plain rules (when they understood the reason for those rules), it helps them to follow through and catch up towards selfdiscipline without any problems. Tip 3: Be firm about Respect Respect is when you take a step back to review and decide the best way to provide a response despite being wronged. It is also about a constant personal upkeep that appears genuine, sincere and pleasant to others. You would want your kid to learn a lot about respect, and that is when

he/she will grow up to become liked by most people. Speak with him/her with a lot of good manners, passion, be mindful and understand the situation first in order to offer viable solutions. Remain calm and often use words of grace such as "Please", "Thank You", "May I have..", so that it becomes a natural thing for him/her. This is part 1 of Tips to Discipline your kid which I wrote based on Katherine Lee's materials. I will be writing the 2nd part soon. last but not least, it is better to always use "DO's" rather than "Don'ts". "Don'ts" are negative and they hurt sometimes, you will never know, "DO's" are positive and they suggest action, communication and compromise.


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