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HotPott - September 2016


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HotPott - September 2016

This Month

Kath’s Jottings


As September opens, many will be thinking of new beginnings – the start of a fresh academic year or returning to work after summer holidays reinvigorated and anticipating the challenges ahead; some of us will continue the attempt to get our gardens in some sort of order, and wonder how we ever made the time to go to work.

rooted out can grow and lead us further away from Christ and the life we should be living in Him. There are also those plants which we enjoy having in our garden but their vigour chokes their less robust neighbours; this reminds me of those activities which are not intrinsically sinful, but occupy our thoughts and time too much, leaving us with insufficient Since I retired, I have been blessed opportunity to do those things which God wants us to do. in being able to spend more time in our garden which in the years Therefore, pruning needs to occur when Duncan and I were both in both the garden and in our lives. working has become rather In John 15:1-2 Jesus says, ‘I am the overgrown and neglected in true vine, and my Father is the places: weeds seem to be gardener. He cuts off every branch especially good at surviving and in me that bears no fruit, while thriving, and although one every branch that does bear fruit person’s weed may be another’s he prunes so that it will be even treasured flower, the same is not more fruitful.’ true of the weeds that grow in our lives – those sins which if not

Kath Matheson

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener



Kath’s Jottings


Pastoral Care


A Day in the Life of a Reservations Supervisor


Going, Going, Gone


Guild Goings On


Lieutenant Thomas Beresford Lowther

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I am reassured that God Himself is responsible for the pruning; He can 34 Regular Church Activities see what parts of me are good, and which are not; He can encourage growth by cutting out what is unproductive. I am challenged by the fact that if I

September 2016

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HotPott - September 2016


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allow Him to do that, this may be painful and my life may take a very different course than I expected. However, if I allow God to prune, my wrong attitudes and wasteful behaviour would be replaced with fruits of the Spirit: ‘love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control’ (Galatians 5:22-23). I can be confident that the God who wields the pruning knife knows me completely, and wants me to be the best that I can.

In John 15:5, Jesus says, ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.’ This reminds me that to be an effective worker for God, I must be joined to Jesus so that just as a plant draws life from the sap that flows through it, I can draw life from the Holy Spirit flowing through me; without God I am nothing.

In the King James’ version of the Bible, John 15:4 reads ‘Abide in me, and I in you.’ Abiding speaks of something enduring, permanent, unshakeable, steadfast and being upheld and supported. Jesus will never leave me if I abide in Him; I must be prepared for God’s pruning too.

Do you want to be a guest author? During the interregnum the PCC will ask guest authors to reflect on church life in place of John’s usual Jottings. If you would like to volunteer to do this for a future edition please email or speak to a member of the PCC.

Pastoral Care St. Christopher’s reputation for being a friendly and caring church is something we are all very proud of and this is demonstrated time and again by our Pastoral Care Team. Help provided can include a little light shopping, transport to appointments and home visits; even a friendly phone call can show someone in need that their ‘Church Family’ haven’t forgotten them and that they care about them. In order to provide this vital and quality service we ask that anyone willing to help in any way please contact:Jean Bennett 01625 576546 Mary Currell 01625 573735 Ivy Mosley 01625 575881 Page 4


HotPott - September 2016

HotPott - September 2016


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A day in the life of a….

Reservations Supervisor My name is Lucy Boardman but most of you supervisor of the Caribbean, USA & Canada will know me as Lucy Barton! I’m 32 and have team at a small, luxury independent tour loved travel for as long as I can remember, operator who offer five star bespoke holidays introduced by my grandparents who visited so across the world. My day to day job varies many beautiful depending on places and came whether I am in the back with office or visiting Lucy has a long connection with Pott Shrigley as a souvenirs and one of our pupil at the village school, Rose Queen and also as a fantastic destinations across past member of our choir; she was married at our photographs for North America or church last year to Tom and they are now living in me as a child. My New Mills. As you will see, Lucy has a very exciting the Caribbean. You favourite, and their job as a reservations supervisor and we thank her for see I am lucky favourite, was the taking the time to tell us about some of the fantastic enough to visit Canadian Rockies things she has done and the places she has visited on everywhere in our and I was lucky programme her travels. enough to visit because we only there in May with my new husband for our feature properties which have been viewed, honeymoon. Really a dream come true! stayed at and vetted by our thorough team – and I am one of that team! My love of travel has shaped my life and my

Lucy Boardman

career; since leaving sixth form I have worked in the travel and tourism industry in one way or another but my current career path is the one I have found most interesting and exciting by far. For the past four years I have been the

In the last 12 months I have driven a NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) car around the Charlotte Speedway track in North Carolina, been wine tasting in Napa Valley, toured the world famous (or should that be infamous!) prison Alcatraz in San Francisco and lived like a cowboy at a beautiful Mustang ranch in Utah. And this is just a taster! Since starting my job four years ago I have been to places I could only dream of and experienced things I never thought I would: sailing on private yachts in the Caribbean, flying on private planes and helicopters to remote Caribbean islands, skiing in Canada and standing on the same spot as the Wright Brothers did to make their historic first flight! But the biggest highlight for me was visiting the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba two

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HotPott - September 2016

years ago. I was invited, as part of a select group of just four Canada specialists in the UK, to visit the Arctic tundra and take part in activities such as snorkelling and kayaking with beluga whales and exploring the icy waters tracking polar bears as they awaken from their winter slumber and begin their quest for finding food! We stayed in a hand-made, log cabin style ranch which housed a restaurant with a roaring log fire serving local specialities such as bison, arctic char & salmon along with hot chocolate and home-made cookies to warm up chilled bones after a session on the water! The “town” of Churchill is only accessible by air and we landed in a small 10 seater aircraft along with the mail. It was a brief drive from the airport to the town via the polar bear jail (where polar bears who cause too much trouble are sent) and the abandoned aircraft “Miss Piggy” which crashed into the beach back in ’79. It truly was an inspirational trip and one which has always stayed with me – I

loved every moment of it and often think back to my time there…away from mobile phones, commercial traffic and chain restaurants – just good old fashioned fun (watch out for the polar bears though, they roam through the town and when they get too close a siren sounds, so everyone indoors!). I hope this has given you a taster of a day in my life; travel is truly a passion of mine and one I am lucky enough to indulge in every day! Lucy x

Going, Going, Gone The auction of goods and promises event took including several donations, was £2,800 to go place at the village hall on towards our new church the 25th June and it was an room which we hope to evening full of fun, have in the future. excitement and great Fund Raising News The event was a huge entertainment. Our guest success and the fund auctioneer was Chris Surfleet from Adam raising committee would like to thank Partridge Auctioneers of Macclesfield who everyone who supported us either by offering was excellent and did a fantastic job. goods and

Mary Currell

A large and varied selection of goods and promises were on offer, 90 lots in all; Chris had this clever way of persuading us to part with our money and it worked, but I guess this is all just part of the job! A very big thank you to Chris for all his efforts on our behalf and for making the evening so enjoyable as a result of which the magnificent sum raised, HotPott - September 2016

promises or by generous donations, and to those who came along on the night to join in the fun.


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Guild’s Goings On The Guild met on Wednesday 13th July. With apologies received from Georgina Wray and Roy and Eileen Stratford, Peter Frecknall opened the meeting and gave a bible reading. He then introduced our speaker, Wendy Martin, whose subject title was intriguingly ‘Milk, Moos and Magnificent Mangoes’.

said a glass of milk per day provides enough nutrition for a child.

Every family who receives a gift from ‘Send a Cow’ promises to pass on a gift to another family in need. Whether it is the first female calf, seeds, saplings or skills, each gift starts a chain of giving that continues to grow and Wendy’s talk was in fact grow. Importantly, they about an organisation called become donors themselves, ‘Send a Cow’. Developed restoring their dignity and over 25 years the pride. It is a response that Peter Frecknall organisation raise money to works. Communities are give cows to families in eastern Africa. These united and farmers have the self-belief and Holstein cows, which are in calf, provide milk skills to transform the soil beneath them. (as expected) and an even more valuable It was a really interesting and inspiring talk. product (manure) which is used to improve the land and thus improve the crops. Wendy


The St. Christopher’s Church Guild met at the Coffee Tavern, Pott Shrigley on August 10th for our annual strawberry tea. We sat down to a table groaning with goodies. We were enjoying the spread so much that two of Andrew’s other customers stopped on The sandwiches, filled with smoked salmon, their way out to ask what we were cheese, tuna, ham or beef, were delicious. celebrating! Thank you Andrew for providing Then came the melt-in-thesuch a lovely strawberry tea. mouth scones and warm scotch pancakes, followed by Please note: there is still the tempting malt loaf, with time to book a seat on the Eileen Stratford butter of course. Morecambe trip, which is taking place on TUESDAY Two very large bowls of strawberries came 13th September, starting at 09.30 from church. next with the cream, and in the centre of the


table an enormous sponge cake, beautifully decorated with strawberries and cream. Page 8


HotPott - September 2016

Remembering Lieutenant Thomas Beresford Lowther….an update. Avid readers of Hotpott with long memories planned, however I have asked that we be may remember the article in November 2015 provided with a photograph of the finished about Lieutenant Lowther and the special work, which I will pass on to you. In addition, piece of bell ringing completed to mark the and as you will appreciate, the name will not centenary of his death on the be removed from the Menin Gallipoli peninsula in June Gate Memorial until such 1915. You may recall that it time in the future when the was uncertain why Thomas, whole panel requires who has no known grave, is commemorated replacement.” on the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium rather It seems that in the disorder of the aftermath than on the Helles Memorial in Turkey. Our of the Great War, Lieutenant Lowther’s name resident First World War expert Mike was not inscribed on the most appropriate Akerman, and Harry Carlisle, one of Mike’s memorial, possibly because of confusion colleagues from the Cheshire Villages Great about which regiment he was serving with at War Society, made further enquiries to try to the time of his death. Well done to Mike for solve this mystery. The Commonwealth War spotting this anomaly, to Harry for bringing it Graves Commission (CWGC) sent the to the attention of the CWGC and to them for following: promising to rectify a mistake made so many “Further to my earlier e mail I am pleased to years ago. advise you that our Records Section have agreed that, based on the documentary evidence available, Lieutenant Helles Memorial, Gallipoli Peninsula Thomas Beresford Lowther is more appropriately commemorated on the Helles Memorial. Our records have now been changed accordingly, and in the course of time his name will be added to the addenda panel of the Helles Memorial. I cannot say exactly when this will be carried out however, as it will need to be scheduled in to the works programme for Turkey, and it may be at least 12 months plus before engraving work is next

Kath Matheson

HotPott - September 2016


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HotPott - September 2016

Letter from the Rectory Happily, the Church of England still retains some singular parish clergy. Take the parish of St James-the-Least in the county of C- for example. Here the elderly Anglo-Catholic vicar, Eustace, continues his correspondence to Darren, his nephew, a low-church curate recently ordained… On what clergy should wear on their feet…

The Rectory St. James the Least My dear Nephew Darren

leather shoes and polished marble sanctuary floors are a potentially lethal combination.

Thank you for sending me the photograph of you having your face painted at your parish's ‘Fun Day’ - although I can't help feeling that to label an event ‘fun’ is the most effective way of draining it of all amusement whatsoever. Why on earth can't parishes continue with the traditional title of ‘Crowning of the Rose Queen and Fete’, equally traditionally grimly enjoyed to the accompaniment of thunder and torrential rain. However, the one thing that caused me the greatest concern in your photo was the fact that you were wearing sandals. Sandals are only to be worn by Franciscan monks (without socks) and holidaymakers on Blackpool promenade (regrettably, generally with socks). I know that you will argue that Jesus wore sandals. This was mainly because reliable pairs of brogues had yet to be invented, but also because He lived in a hot, dry country. We live in a cold, wet one.

I well remember as a curate when old Canon Griffith entered the Sanctuary, having just got drenched coming from the Rectory. His feet moved across the marble floor some miles per hour faster than the rest of his body. Had he landed face down, the congregation may have assumed he was reverently prostrating himself before the altar. But lying in a supine position, staring in a dazed state at the rafters, only conveyed inappropriate indolence, when he should be at work. However, do not take the alternative of wearing crepe soles. I suspect your present church will be fully carpeted - it seems to go with your sort of theology - and there will be no problem. But crepe soles and any sort of polished stone floor are a truly disastrous mixture. The slightest movement will make it sound as if you are being followed by a swarm of demented frogs.

Your loving uncle, The only appropriate colour for footwear for a parish priest is black and the only appropriate material is leather - although I will concede that can create difficulties. Wet HotPott - September 2016



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HotPott - September 2016

Cricket Club News The wet July weather left its mark with three matches cancelled and several others played on damp, soft tracks, leaving calls for a Wimbledon style roof to be erected over the ground.

Save the date: Pott Shrigley Cricket Club 2016 Presentation Evening will be held on Friday 7th October, 7.30 for 8.00pm, at Shrigley Hall Hotel. Please contact Matt Jackson, for more details.

Graham Hackney With several First XI players missing over the last few weeks results have not gone our way. The game against Tranmere summed things up. Tranmere were reduced to 59 for 5 but recovered to end on 185, with Kyle Patterson taking 5 wickets for 59. Shrigley through Jamie Hart and Matt Tarr started aggressively and at 127 for 2 looked to be well on their way to a win, but when Tarr was caught for a powerful 94 wickets started to tumble. Eventually Shrigley’s last wicket fell agonisingly only 7 runs short, seeing them drop out of the top six. The Second XI though has maintained its fourth place with several good team performances and the team is keen to push on upwards. Junior teams have been the hardest hit by the weather, losing many midweek games, but coach Andy Hart says he has been encouraged by the progress made by many of the younger players.

HotPott - September 2016


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PCC Ponderings The PCC met on 5th July for our last meeting before the summer break. There were fifteen members present. At the beginning of the meeting we had an interesting talk by David Griffiths, leader of the Church Recording Group of Macclesfield Decorative and Fine Arts Society. David described how members of his group visit churches to make a detailed record of the furnishings and internal fabric of the building including inscriptions, furniture and items of historic interest; these are all researched, photographed and documented. The information is then brought together in a hard backed book, copies of which are made available to the church as well as to local and national record offices. A copy of a completed church record was passed round at our meeting and we were all impressed by the beautiful quality of the finished article. The Recording Group is seeking permission from the PCC and the Archdeacon to make a record of St Christopher’s. There is no cost for this service. The entire exercise would take up to three years and involves volunteers working in pairs making regular visits to record different aspects of the church. The PCC was keen to go ahead with this, subject to the Archdeacon’s approval. As well as the possibility of finding out more of the history of the building, we know that a precise inventory of church contents is something favoured by our insurance company.

Ros Johnson has to continue. A request will be made for the advert to stay on the Diocesan website and we are asked to raise awareness of the vacancy when speaking to contacts outside the area. The PCC continues to be overwhelmed by the support of the congregation and the way everyone is pulling together to keep the church strong.

The magazine continues to attract favourable comments for its content and professional appearance. The magazine team would ideally like to produce it in colour, particularly as the quality of the black and white photographs and adverts has been deteriorating. At present, however, the cost of colour photocopying cannot be justified so as a first step it was decided to arrange a service for the existing photocopier so the quality of copies is improved. Up to now the income and expenses of the magazine have been included within David Garton brought us up to date on the general church finances, but Peter, the search for a new incumbent. At the time of treasurer, confirmed that from the beginning writing there is an interested candidate and of this year HotPott funds have been identified further enquiries are being made; Bishop Libby separately in the accounts so it will be possible is offering advice and support. There was discussion on what steps to take if the search Page 14


HotPott - September 2016

which are obscuring the view of the church and recommended that these be gradually removed. This does not necessarily need to be carried out by the tree surgeons, although they could remove debris if they are doing other work. to have a more accurate picture of how well the magazine is doing. David circulated a report from the tree surgeon who inspected the churchyard; this comments on the state of the ancient lime trees, some of which are hollow. The advice is to implement a maintenance strategy to keep these trees alive by reducing their size gradually over 10 – 15 years and maintain them as pollarded trees. The report also identified rhododendrons and woody shrubs

HotPott - September 2016

It was agreed that any unsafe trees should be dealt with as soon as possible. A tree management policy will be drawn up by the tree surgeon free of charge on the strength of a verbal commitment to use their company for the work contained in the plan. Since the firm in question is the diocesan tree surgeon, it was agreed that this commitment can be given. By doing this we hope to put in place arrangements which can be followed into the future to look after the churchyard for coming generations.


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HotPott - September 2016

Coffee Break Across 8 Where the ark of the covenant was kept for 20 years (1 Samuel 7:1) (7,6) 9 One of the parts of the body on which blood and oil were put in the ritual cleansing from infectious skin diseases (Leviticus 14:14–17) (3) 10 Uncomfortable (3,2,4) 11 ‘Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have — ’ (Malachi 1:3) (5) 13 Where Paul said farewell to the elders of the church in Ephesus (Acts 20:17) (7) 16 ‘Jesus bent down and — to write on the ground with his finger’ (John 8:6) (7) 19 Prophet from Moresheth (Jeremiah 26:18) (5) 22 Comes between Exodus and Numbers (9) 24 and 2 Down ‘Then Elkanah went home to Ramah, but the boy ministered before the Lord under — the — ’ (1 Samuel 2:11) (3,6) 25 There was no room for them in the inn (Luke 2:7) (4,3,6)

borne?’ (Isaiah 49:15) (6) 7 Can be seen in a dying fire (Psalm 102:3) (6) 12 ‘Send me, therefore, a man... experienced in the — of engraving, to work in Judah and Jerusalem’ (2 Chronicles 2:7) (3) 14 Second city of Cyprus (8) 15 United Nations Association (1,1,1) 16 One of the women who first heard that Down Jesus had risen from the dead (Mark 16:1) (6) 1 Rough drawing (2 Kings 16:10) (6) 17 Braved (anag.) (6) 2 See 24 Across 18 — of Evangelism, outreach initiative in 3 Underground literature (including the 1990s (6) Christian books) circulated in the Soviet Union 20 ‘Woe to those who are wise in their (8) own eyes and — in their own sight’ (Isaiah 4 Lo, mash (anag.) (6) 5:21) (6) 5 The Bible’s shortest verse: ‘Jesus — 21 ‘Neither — nor depth... will be able to ’ (John 11:35) (4) separate us from the love of God’ (Romans 6 ‘Can a mother forget the baby at her — 8:39) (6) and have no compassion on the child she has 23 What Jesus shed in 5 Down (4) HotPott - September 2016


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HotPott - September 2016

HotPott - September 2016


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The Staffordshire Way Leek to Abbotts Bromley At the end of our last instalment of the Staffordshire Way we had got as far as Leek; we thought we’d have finished the walk by now, but our progress is slow and we don’t cover many miles at a time and we stop at nearly every point of interest. So we stretch a walk that some people would do in a couple of long weekends into a year or more’s worth of bite sized journeys.

Kingsley via a field next to St. Werburgh’s church. When we arrived they were still selling off their harvest festival produce, the church was beautifully decorated and there were lots of local English fruit and vegetables and the cakes, chutneys and jams made from them as Lydia is a lover of any type of homemade or foraged produce we left with the rucksack considerably heavier than when we set out.

Thus it was nearly a year ago that we left Leek and headed through Cheddleton past the flint mill following the lovely Churnet Valley alongside the steam railway track and river until we eventually entered the village of

The next section took us from Oakamoor through Dimmingsdale and after an enormous piece of homemade lemon meringue to fortify us at the Ramblers Retreat (our half way point for the day) the way next sent us out towards Alton, home of the famous theme park. The village is delightful and is set in what’s known as Staffordshire’s Rhineland due to the steep wooded valleys of the area. We followed an old disused railway track which originally had a line that linked Alton to Macclesfield during the Edwardian heyday of the original ‘pleasure gardens’ before the roller coasters of today were introduced. The railway line had colossal fencing and CCTV cameras which we were at first puzzled by, then we realised they were the outer boundary of the park.

Lydia and Simon Potts

Leaving the wooded valleys where we’d seen beautiful countryside and small one-pub villages but not much else in the way of civilisation, we headed out through Denstone past the JCB factory at Rocester into flat grasslands and meadows. Denstone has a gorgeous farm shop associated with Denstone College and a plant nursery (another one of Lydia’s vices!). The JCB factory is enormous Page 20


HotPott - September 2016

and as we pulled up on their car park to look at the gift shop a shift change was taking place. The scene was like something out of a Lowry painting with crowds of people leaving the factory and caused us to reminisce about the long gone days of manufacturing that ended in the 80’s when we first started work when towns like Bollington, Macclesfield, Leek and even my home town of Biddulph had textile mills employing hundreds of local workers.

folk dance dating back to at least 1226; the dance involves reindeer antlers, a hobby horse, Maid Marian and a fool. We ended this section of the walk with an overnight stay at a lovely little tea room/bed and breakfast in Abbotts Bromley called Marsh Farm run by a little old farmer and his wife that served a very traditional afternoon tea. Psalm 121:1-2

I lift up my eyes to the hills— where does my help come from? Abbots Bromley, the next town on the route, My help comes from the Lord, is known for its annual Horn Dance, an English the Maker of heaven and earth.

Going for Gold This month has seen the eyes of the world in the semi-finals of the 400 metres. About focus on the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Games. 250 metres from the finish his hamstring A number of New Testament letters make tore. He fell to the ground in pain and reference to Olympic sport including stretcher bearers came over to him. Hebrews: ‘Therefore, However, Redmond since we are surrounded wanted to finish the race by such a great cloud of and so he started hopping witnesses, let us throw off Vicar of St Peter’s Halliwell, Bolton toward the finishing line. everything that hinders Suddenly Jim Redmond, and the sin that so easily entangles, and let Derek's father, ran out of the stands towards us run with perseverance the race marked him. ‘You don't have to do this,’ he told his out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the son. ‘Yes, I do,’ said Derek, to which his father author and perfecter of our faith’ (Hebrews said, ‘We're going to finish this together.’ 12:1-2). They completed the lap with Derek leaning

Paul Hardingham

The Christian life is compared to a race, but although we face struggles and obstacles, there is a great crowd of witnesses cheering us on. We have a heavenly Father who loves us and a Saviour who has run the race before us. If we keep our eyes fixed on him, he will ensure we finish the race.

on his father's shoulder. As they crossed the finish line, the spectators rose to give Derek a standing ovation. Although he didn’t win an Olympic medal, Derek Redmond finished the race with his father at his side. Let’s not forget the encouragement we have to finish the race!

During the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the British athlete Derek Redmond was running HotPott - September 2016


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Missionaries Matter sorely missed and the McCleans badly need additional help. Leanne Yu, a lady from Hong Kong who works as a pharmacist in Bath, is going out to help on August 22nd - but only for three weeks. They are having a student camp “Amazing Race: Amazing Grace” for three days in early September: please pray as they plan the camp activities, and also pray that a lot of students will sign up to go. Kat became a Christian as an undergraduate at St. Andrew’s and is now doing an engineering Masters at Chula University in Bangkok. She McClean family - Thailand was very involved with the group last year, and has just had the opportunity to speak to new Many people seemed very moved and International students at their ‘Welcome impressed by Johnny McClean’s visit to St. Week’ at Chula. She didn’t find any Christians Christopher’s on June 26th; as most of you will among the 100 new students but two, one know, we help to support Johnny and his wife from Vietnam and the other from Burma, want Ann in their missionary work amongst to know more about the Christian faith. Pray international students in Bangkok. The family that Kat or Johnny will be able to spend time are now back in Thailand as the universities with them and lead them to the Lord. start the new academic year, and Ann returns Ann’s school had a new building put up over to her teaching post on August 15th. The the summer and has a new head, Dr. Alfonso; Macleans begin their new period of service 50 to 60 new students are with full financial support but expected this term. Ann is need to raise extra funds to head of history and replace their faithful old truck safeguarding lead; pray that with a reliable car; prayer and donations more her leadership will be a real blessing to those than welcome! she works alongside and also that she is able to Ruth Duffin, who has worked alongside the raise awareness of safeguarding issues, as McCleans in Bangkok, has been accepted for these are often not recognised in Thailand in long-term service with UFM (United for the same way as they are in the UK. Pray for Mission, the society the McCleans work with) her witness to students, staff and parents to but will spend the coming year at OMF bear fruit. Also, remember the McClean missionary school in Lopburi, central Thailand, children: Matthew (Y10) is starting his iGCSE for language and cultural studies; her courses while Bethan and Joshua are in Y8 and contribution to the Bangkok ministry will be Y6 respectively. Pray for them to be clear in their own faith as well as enjoying all the challenges and privileges of an international school education.

Dr John Ryley


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HotPott - September 2016

away on home assignment and some longterm missionaries have recently retired; Megumi asks that we pray for more people to be called to join them in God’s work in Malawi. There are different ideas concerning the ministry and future of EBCoM being considered currently; some feel the college should concentrate on practical vocational training while others think the emphasis should be on a higher, more academic education. Megumi chose to teach on the Chichewa Certificate course - considered by some as lowly, and even redundant - because his students have few other places they can go to for a structured study of God’s word and training for pastoral ministry, while those with a good secondary school education and ability Fazakerley family - Malawi to study in English can choose from many As the next academic year at the Evangelical alternatives to the EBCoM diploma or degree Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) does not start courses. Megumi asks that we pray that the until the end of September, Megumi and Helen EBCoM staff can understand each other’s Fazakerley have taken the opportunity to differing viewpoints and work together in come home today (August 15th) for four harmony. weeks to be with their children at crucial Along with Megumi’s prayer letter was a letter stages in their lives. They will be here for son from Steve Smith, UK Director of SIM (Serving Joshua’s graduation with a degree in Human in Mission), the missionary organisation the Geography on September 9th; there is no news Fazakerleys work with though the substance of yet as to what he will do next. Daughter the letter equally concerns our support for the Elizabeth is nearing the end of her nursing McCleans too. The pound has lost value degree and is applying for jobs at hospitals on against many currencies over many months so the Wirral so she can live at home. Daughter if missionaries are to continue to receive the Mary’s A level results come out on Thursday same living allowances in their local currencies, and they need to help her decide the way Steve Smith estimates they will have to raise ahead in the light of these. approximately 10% more in sterling for the Helen and Megumi have just enjoyed a week at the Malawi team’s Spiritual Life Conference at Kamuzu Academy, some 450km north of Blantyre; the speaker came from All Nations Christian College in the UK. Apart from the long and tiring drive on hazardous roads, they enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with other team members; this was especially useful for Helen who has responsibilities for missionary health and welfare. A number of people were HotPott - September 2016

coming year. Most missionaries live frugally and many would rather reduce their allowance than ask supporters for more. Steve Smith wants to see mission workers flourish and maintain a minimum standard of living. He also wants to see them make adequate pension provision and plan wisely for the future, and asks that we prayerfully consider the level of our support.


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HotPott - September 2016

HotPott - September 2016


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The Persecuted Church In the West, we are concerned about atrocities carried out by individuals or small groups who are “extremists”, or who have been “radicalised” but often persecution of Christians springs from large mobs or even the general populace rather than radicalised individuals.

The Egyptian government and constitution now seem happy to have a minority Christian presence in the country, and say officially that they will allow the building or repair of churches. Christians however continue to suffer as some Muslim gangs regard them as responsible for the suppression of the Moslem Brotherhood. On July 16th a mob burned down five houses belonging to Christians in Minya province; other attacks took place in Qaryat Al Bayda (June 17th) and in Kom Al Lufi (June 29th), where four Christian homes were burned. All the attacks were incited by rumours that a building under construction would be used as a Christian place of worship. In a separate incident on July 16th, the interior of the only church building in Madamoud, east of Luxor was destroyed despite Muslim and Christian villagers working together to extinguish the blaze before the firefighters arrived; the cause of the fire is being investigated. Pray for God’s protection of Egypt’s minority Christian population. Give thanks for the Muslims who helped extinguish the blaze in Luxor and pray that more Muslims in Egypt will be supportive of, rather than hostile to, their Christian neighbours. On June 30th, a minister in Egypt’s northern Sinai, Raphail Moussa, received four gunshot wounds to the head as he returned home following a church service. Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for his murder,

posting that "Islamic State soldiers were able to successfully target the priest Moussa Azmi, known as Rafael, who fights Islam." Bridget Agbahime, the wife of a church pastor, was murdered in a market square in the city of Kano, Nigeria, while her husband watched powerless to intervene as a gang of Muslim youths attacked her in broad daylight; they later claimed she had insulted Muhammad. Less than a month later, on July 10th, another pastor’s wife, Eunice Elisha, was murdered in Abuja as she shared the Gospel in her local neighbourhood; the following week a mob of more than 100 attacked a church on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital. Since then, the wave of violence against Christians has continued.

Dr John Ryley

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According to World Watch Monitor, on 5th July unknown men armed with guns and machetes looted homes, stole livestock and killed at least nine people in three Christian communities near Oicha, a town in the predominantly Christian eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). World Watch Monitor adds that, according to local non-governmental organisations, over 1,000 people have been killed, nearly 1,500 abducted and more than 34,000 forcibly displaced in eastern DRC between October 2014 and May 2016. Women and children have also been the target of sexual violence. On the night of July 15th, during the attempted military coup in Turkey, two church buildings were targeted in areas linked with previous murders of Christians. In Malatya, damage was caused to the glass panels in the door of the Protestant church; Tim Stone, the pastor, said he thought the unidentified


HotPott - September 2016

attackers had a grudge against the church and were taking advantage of the general unrest. Malatya is infamous as the place where three Christians were tortured and killed in 2007, leading to a long court case against five suspects. In Trabzon on the Black Sea coast, a group of about ten people smashed the windows of the Santa Maria church and attempted to break in using hammers until they were driven away by local Muslims. This church is where Catholic priest Fr Andrea Santoro was murdered in 2006. For Turkey's Christians, these latest attacks on churches have been a painful reminder of their vulnerability, particularly during periods of unrest. In Sri Lanka, Christians are suffering at the hands of Buddhist mobs but on May 31st, in an incident in the Ampara district, a Hindu mother murdered Janani, her 21-year-old daughter, for converting from Hinduism to Christianity. Janani was questioned about her conversion during a visit to her mother; an argument ensued, leading to her mother attacking Janani with a wooden plank, killing her instantly. She

HotPott - September 2016

buried Janani in land behind her house and reported her missing but confessed during the police investigation and was arrested. Pray that out of this tragic situation God will work powerfully in the life of Janani’s mother and lead her to repentance and salvation. Pray too that all Christian converts from Hinduism or Buddhism in Sri Lanka who are now suffering hostility from family and friends will stand firm and be faithful witnesses of God’s love. Christians seeking refuge in Sweden are not necessarily safe from persecution. Many Christian asylum-seekers are reporting threats from the Muslim asylum-seekers they are housed with; some have had to flee the “shelters” and find accommodation in churches or elsewhere. The situation is widely recognised by those who work in the shelters, the police, some parliamentarians and other authorities but Anders Danielsson, Director General of the Swedish Migration Board, whilst recognising their vulnerability, has refused to give Christians separate housing. Please pray for a change of provision for our brothers and sisters in Christ!


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We are pleased to remind you of our popular

2nd Friday of every month, 6pm ‘til 9.30pm

Serving Locally Brewed Real Ale & Speciality Lagers Easy parking, comfortable surroundings and good company.

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HotPott - September 2016

Recipe Of The Month Danish Golden Cake This recipe was given to me many years ago by Meringue Annemarie, our Danish friend, and has been Whisk the egg whites until stiff. used for our family celebrations ever since. Add sugar and whisk until peaks form

Jean Ferguson

Divide the meringue between the two tins of uncooked mixture Spread to roughly cover the mixture Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the meringue is cracked and golden Slide out of the tins onto a cooling wire, meringue side uppermost.

Ingredients for the sponge 2oz margarine 2oz sugar 3 egg yolks 6 tablespoons of milk 3oz plain flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Ingredients for the meringue 3 egg whites 6oz sugar Suggested ingredients for the filling

When cool choose the best looking half to be the top of the cake Turn the other half upside down onto a serving plate. Spread the sponge with the mix of whipped cream into which you have folded the fruit and chocolate of your choice Place the other half of the cake on top, meringue uppermost.

300ml whipping cream with sliced strawberries and crumbled chocolate flake; or sliced banana Serve and enjoy. and chocolate chips; or pineapple pieces and grated dark chocolate Method Heat the oven to 180oC/Gas 4 Grease 2 x 8inch flan tins

Thinking of getting married at St Christopher’s?

Sponge Mix margarine and sugar until creamy Add egg yolks, one at a time Add milk, flour and baking powder Mix well Divide the mixture between the two greased tins and set aside

Please contact Pam Cooke who will be pleased to advise.

01625 575010

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HotPott - September 2016

This Month’s Services Prayers

September 4th. 8:30am

Holy Communion

10:45am Morning Worship

Galatians 6:11-18; Matthew 6 :24-34 Pamela Hardman Revelation 1:9-20; Revelation 2:1-7 John Ryley

Pam Cooke

11th 8:30am

Holy Communion

Jeremiah 17:5-8; John 15:5-8 Keith Ranger

10:45am Holy Communion

Jeremiah 17:5-8; John 15:5-8 Keith Ranger

Steve Murphy

18th 8:30am

Holy Communion

Ephesians 4:1-6; Luke 14:1-11 Lynne Bowden

10:45am Holy Communion

1 Timothy 2:1-7; Luke 16:1-13 Bishop Libby Lane

Sandy Milson

25th 8.30am

Holy Communion

10:45am Family Service

1 Corinthians 1:4-8; Matthew 22:34-46 Lynne Bowden TBC Anne and Steve Murphy


It is possible that the services and lessons above may change

The magazine team hope you enjoy this edition of HotPott; please keep your articles and photos coming as they make HotPott so much more enjoyable (and my job so much easier!). The magazine team and PCC are looking at the financial feasibility of printing the entire magazine in colour. In the meantime, please access HotPott on-line by visiting to see this month’s edition and all back issues at their best in full colour.

HotPott - September 2016


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This Month’s Sidespeople (readers in bold)

September 4th 8:30am Holy Communion 10:45am Morning Worship

Extra Readers

Mr. K. Ardern Mr. M. Akerman + Mrs. J. Bennett

11th 8:30am Holy Communion 10:45am Holy Communion

Miss G. Mosley Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. R. Lofthouse + Mrs. E. Buffey

18th 8:30am Holy Communion 10:45am Holy Communion

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. & Mrs. P. Frecknall + Mrs. C. Taylor

25th 8:30am Holy Communion 10:45am Family Service

Miss G. Mosley Mr. S. Heathcote + Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan

“Your magazine needs you. ” Please send your contributions to no later than midnight on ...

Sunday, 18th September

From The Register Weddings Congratulations to: Wed 22nd June 11.30am Jonathan Hutton & Elly Waterworth Saturday 6th August 1pm Daniel Gillen & Maria Ashton Wednesday 10th August 2.30pm David Cooper & Briony Young

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HotPott - September 2016

Chores and Chains Cleaning Evette 0161 439 9979

Sept 2nd Sept 9th Sept 16th

Mrs Meecham, Mrs Winstanley Mr & Mrs Akerman (wedding 9th Sept, 13.00) Mr & Mrs Ferguson (wedding 17th Sept 12.30)

Sept 23rd Mr & Mrs Currell (wedding 24th Sept 13.00) Sept 30th Mrs Bennett, Mr R Lofthouse Oct 6th Mrs Harper, Mrs Plant Oct 13th Ms Bunting, Mr & Mrs Stratford

Flowers Gill 01625 829819

Sept 4th Sept 11th Sept 18th Sept 25th Oct 2nd Oct 11th

Tea & Coffee Sept 4th Sept 11th Sept 18th Sept 25th Oct 2nd Oct 11th

Vacant Wedding of Freda & Michael Wedding of Alison & Ian Wedding of Lisa & Peter Sue & Mike Akerman, in memory of Mike’s parents Vacant

Collective Worship

Ros & Sheila Rita & Carol Margaret & Doreen Jenny & Helen Peter & Eileen Ros & Sheila

12th Sept 19th Sept 26th Sept 3rd Oct

Sandy Steve Sue & Mike Sandy

Weddings Contact - Pam: 01625 575010 Fri 9th Sept 1pm Michael Tait & Freda Chio Sat 17th Sept 12.30pm Ian Greenwood & Alison Preston Sat 24th Sept 1pm Peter Robertson & Lisa Brown We wish them joy in their preparations

Proof Reading

October 2016

Jacky Malyan (27th September)

Thanks to Mary Currell for proof reading this issue and to Mike Akerman for printing it. HotPott - September 2016


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Regular Church Activities Weekly: JUNIOR CHURCH - Children of three years and older - held during the 10:45am service. Meets in church for the first part of the service and then goes over to the Village Hall for bible stories, songs, craft activities, prayers and fun. CRECHE - Held during the 10:45am service in the tower vestry. HOME GROUPS - Five groups offering fellowship, worship and bible study: Rainow - Monday 8:00 - 9:30pm, Verona House, Spuley Lane; Sheila Garton, 573492 Adlington - Monday 8:00 - 10:00pm, 2 Wych Lane, Adlington; John Ryley, 829595 Pott Shrigley (North) - Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 3 Green Close; Sally Winstanley, 574545 Bollington - Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 14 Silver St, Bollington; Anne Murphy, 575768 PRAY TOGETHER - Tuesday 7:15 - 8:00pm in the tower vestry; David Garton, 573492 PRAISE AND PLAY - Children up to school age. Thursday 09:30 - 11:30am in church for stories and activities; Celia Fraser, 665054 BELL RINGING - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00pm, meet in the bell tower; Duncan Matheson, 574983

Monthly: CHURCH GUILD - Fellowship, speakers, outings and tea. Meets the second Wednesday in the month 2:30 - 4:00pm in church; Georgina Wray, 615547 HOME GROUPS Day Lighters - Contact Ian Clarke, Hill View, Shrigley Rd; 574131 The list above was last revised on 23rd January, 2016. All telephone numbers are prefixed with 01625. Please give corrections and additions to

Thinking about advertising in this magazine? For commercial or private advertising, please contact us for free advice and very reasonable rates:

A bishop visited a primary school in his full episcopal attire – with his mitre, robes and bishop’s crook or crozier. A little lad’s mother asked him later what he had thought of the bishop’s visit to his school. The little boy replied: ‘It was great – now I know what a real crook looks like!

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HotPott - September 2016

HotPott - September 2016


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Directory Priest-in-charge:

Vacant – Contact Churchwardens if necessary


Dr John Ryley (Reader Emeritus), 2 Wych Lane, Adlington, SK10 4NB


Parish Assistant:

Gillian Mosley, 129 St Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, SK10 3NY



David Garton, Verona House, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

573492 Duncan Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

574983 Verger:

Stan Heathcote, Lilac Cottage, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

PCC Secretary:

Ros Johnson, 54 Shrigley Road South, Poynton, SK12 1TF

875902 PCC Treasurer:

Peter Kennedy,


Gift Aid & Planned Giving:

Sally Winstanley, 3 Green Close Cottages, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG



Mary Currell, 61 Crossfield Road, Bollington, SK10 5EA 573735 David Garton, as above


Weekly Bulletin:

David Gem, Ridge Hall Farm, Ridge Hill, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0LU

Electoral Roll and Safeguarding officer:

Kath Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

Tower Captain:

Duncan Matheson, as above


Pastoral Care Team:

Jean Bennett, 33 Dyers Court, Bollington, SK10 5GG


Church Guild:

Georgina Wray, 14 Paladin Place, Bank Close, Macclesfield, SK11 7HE

615547 574983 Children’s Ministry:

Anne Murphy, 14 Silver Street, Bollington, SK10 5QL

575768 Praise and Play:

Celia Fraser, Rose Cottage, Bull Hill Lane, Rainow, SK10 5TQ

665054 Parish Council Clerk:

Joyce Burton,

Wedding Coordinator:

Pam Cooke,


Head Teacher:

Mrs Mel Walker Pott Shrigley Church School SK10 5RT


head@pottshrigley.cheshire Website:

Tess Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

PCC Members:


(please prefix numbers with 01625)

Dr John Ryley, Duncan Matheson, Sally Winstanley, Peter Kennedy, Ros Johnson, Andy Phillips, Pam Cooke, Eileen Buffey, Ian Clarke, Mary Currell, Mike Akerman, Sheila Garton, Ian Malyan, David Garton, Vicky Smith, Sandy Milsom, Gill Mosley, Ivy Mosley, Anne Murphy, Kath Matheson.

This directory was updated on 16th June 2016. Please give corrections and additions to

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HotPott - September 2016

HotPott September 2016  

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